General Sir Mike Jackson
Military Industrial Complex

[Good punches from Morgan to army Psychopath.]

[2013 July] Piers Morgan: ''I went to Sir David Frost’s annual garden party and immediately bumped into Alastair Campbell chatting to General Sir Mike Jackson, head of the British Army. It seemed very odd to see Jackson at a party like this while the war was still raging, and even odder to see him in a conspiratorial buddy-buddy scenario with Downing Street’s chief spin doctor.
‘Now here’s someone who needs reconstructing,’ Campbell sneered, ‘General, have you met Piers Morgan, the anti-war editor?’
Jackson eyed me with undisguised fury and contempt. ‘No, haven’t had the dubious pleasure. You must be very proud of yourself.’
I wasn’t going to take this c**p.
Not as proud as you must be of waging an illegal war, General,’ I snapped back. ‘What are you doing with Alastair, getting your new orders to go and bomb Iran and Syria?
I thought he was going to punch me. ‘What would you possibly know about war?’ he snarled.
I know we haven’t found any WMD yet, and forgive me but I thought that’s why we did it in the first place?’
‘Listen to me, Morgan,’ he spat. ‘Let me explain: bad guy got slotted. OK? What’s your problem, for God’s sake?’
My problem, General, is there are lots of bad guys out there and we can’t just march into all their countries slotting them or the world will end.
His eyes screwed up. ‘What a load of typically sanctimonious Left-wing b******s! Saddam Hussein was a tyrant and the world is a safer place now he’s gone.

Kay Griggs  2010] The sign of sodomy or the KEY of illuminati  Sodomic mind control