Mass Murder Inc  Russian 1918-1923 Civil War

The Genocide You Never Hear Of

March 25, 2011

The massacre of about two million people, the Russian Christian elite, by Bolshevik (i.e. Illuminati) Jews between 1917-1919 represented the genocide of Russian Christian civilization.

(An estimated eight million died during the period 1917-1924.) The following description comes from Vicomte Leon de Poncins, "The Secret Powers Behind Revolution" pp. 147-152.  Parts are so horrific that they could not be reproduced here. There is only one explanation for why this genocide is repressed, and why no holocaust museums have been erected in its memory. The spiritual descendants of these satanist Bolsheviks run the world today. Anti-Illuminati anti-Communist Jews must take a stand or be blamed for these, present and future Illuminati atrocities.  

"The Commission of Inquiry of Deniken on Bolshevist proceedings during the period 1918-1919, in an account of the Red Terror, computed 1.7 million victims.

Professor Sarolea gives in The Scotsman of 7th November 1923 the following official figures published everywhere: 28 Bishops, 1219 priests, 6000 professors and teachers, 9000 doctors, 54,000 officers, 260,000 soldiers, 70,000 policemen, 12,950 property owners, 535,250 members of the intellectual and liberal professions, 193,290 workmen, 618,000 peasants.

Better than any dry statistics, the following description by a witness will give an idea of the scale upon which these butcheries are made. When the Rohrberg Commission of Enquiry entered Kief, after the taking of that town by the Volunteer Army in August 1919, it found the execution hall of the Cheka in the following state:

"All the cement floor of the great garage (the execution hall of the departmental Cheka of Kief) was flooded with blood. This blood was no longer flowing; it formed a layer of several inches; it was a horrible mixture of blood, brains, of pieces of skull,of tufts of hair and other human remains. All the walls riddled by thousands of bullets were bespattered with blood; pieces of brains and of scalps were sticking to them....

We found in the corner of the garden another grave which was older and contained about 80 bodies. Here we discovered on the bodies traces of cruelty and mutilations the most varied and unimaginable.

Some bodies were disemboweled, others had limbs chopped off, some were literally hacked to pieces. Some had their eyes put out and the head, face, neck and truck covered with deep wounds. Further on we found a corpse with a wedge driven into the chest. Some had no tongues. In a corner of the grave, we found a certain quantity of arms and legs...

Juri Lina Youtube - The Truth About Communism



Comments for "The Genocide You Never Hear Of "

Krister said (March 26, 2011):

One of the best writings on the Jewish coup d'état of Russia in 1917, if not the best, is history researcher Jyri Lina's book "Under The Sign Of The Scorpion".

The book describes such details as which American bankers financed the false-flag 'revolution' and later on sent the telegram order to Lenin, to assassinate the Tsar family. It's therefore heavily suppressed and as an example Amazon today lists the book, as only 2 pc. available to a price of $157,95). However the book can be ordered by sending $40 to the authors agent in North America:

Mr. Reino Trass, 50 Old Kingston Road 5-116, Scarborough, Toronto, Ontario M1E 4Y1, Canada, Phone: + (416) 724 55 16

More information on this book can be reached by Googling on the title. There is also a a short synopsis on the book on YouTube:

Jerry said (March 26, 2011):

For those interested in odd events, according to the 1966 version of the Guinness Book of World Records and if the Tunguska Meteorite of 1908 which destroyed 850 square miles of forest had occurred 4 hours and 47 minutes later it would have obliterated the city of St. Petersburg the beginning point of the Bolshevik Revolution!!!

Now that has to be significant surely!!!! Brings to remembrance in fact the account in Revelation 8:8-11 which increasingly is looking as if this generation will be the recipient of this madness.

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