Major George Jordan

MAJOR JORDAN'S DIARIES: Proof the Cold War was a Hoax?

A 131-page PDF of Racey Jordan's Diaries can be viewed HERE

During the Lend Lease period, circa 1941 W.A. Harriman was appointed the Administrator of Lend Lease to Russia. The Lend Lease program was only supposed to allow the flow of military goods, however, government records reflect that extraordinary amounts of industrial equipment were also shipped to Russia. Amazingly, the Russians even received plates and ink for the German occupation currency redeemable in U.S. dollars.624 It was estimated the redeeming of that money printed by the communist Russians cost the American citizens 250 million dollars.625 Even more amazing was the revelation of Major George Racey Jordan that Lend Lease was used to secretly supply the Russians with our atomic secrets along with 2.2 pounds of uranium.626 The total U.S. stock of uranium at the time was only 4.5 pounds.  [2012 Book] 9/11–Enemies Foreign and Domestic by Edward Hendrie

From Maj. Jordan's Diaries: The Man Who Sent the A-Bomb to Russia
Major George Racey Jordan was in charge of shipping U.S. war materials to Russia during World War II. In this address, he tells how he was instructed by the White House and State Department to deliver parts for the atomic bomb to the Soviets – at the same time the nation was worried about Russia stealing A-bomb secrets. At first, Congress did not believe him, but his diary filled with dates, shipping manifestos, and names of pilots who flew the missions, removed all doubt. 55 minutes.

Former Air Force Officer George Racey Jordan Testifying before House Unamerican Activities Hearing