Weather weapons  Orgonite

Greening the North American Desert 

by Don  Croft Feb 2013

I finally took a good bite out of the desert, last week, after many years of working around the periphery.  Fortunately, Andy was there with his camera to record one of the effects, which was to get rid of the smog in Imperial Valley, which is sometimes called California's Sahara.   I did that with my small orgonite aircraft cloudbuster as a half-hearted joke to impress my fellow pilots at a fly-in at Salton Sea.

The last time I used an orgonite cloudbuster to get rid of smog was in April, 2001, in Florida, after we'd built our first one.  The rest of the time we just aimed our CBs higher to affect adverse weather, or try to Cool  --I never was much concerned about chemtrails after we figured out that they're no longer coming down to the ground. Ultraviolet light in the stratosphere, where they spew the stuff,  destroys organic pathogens quite fast, which is why they needed the stuff to drop quickly and get into people's lungs in order to damage their vital organs through repeated exposure in the early years.

The Imperial Valley is one of the most horrid-feeling places I know, especially around the city of El Centro, which is south of the Salton Sea near Mexico.  The valley is also one of the last places in North America that I've seen dense, brown smog, too.  Before we all got the momentum going in this unorganized orgonite-flinging movement nearly all of North America was covered in dense smog and that was even before the sewer rats suddenly erected millions of death towers around the planet in late 2002.  That's how it was when Carol and I traveled across country in the spring of 2001 with our first orgonite cloudbuster aiming forward through the windshield of the Zapporium, our pickup camper.  We plowed a blue path all day long, just about every day, and even cut a clear swath through lines of ruinous thunderheads during tornado season.  

That's when we discovered that tornadoes don't naturally happen within many miles of an orgonite cloudbuster.  The HAARPies (USAF in North America) can overcome that defense but it evidently requires such a massive effort and expense that they can't do it very often.  I now think that tornados can't develop near a CB simply because the formation of very tall cumulus formations (thunderheads) are not possible.  When a cloud reaches a certain saturation point near a CB the rain just falls gently and the cloud is gone.  I'm sure it also relates to the absence of nearby lightning strikes in general.

I bet a lot of people who now make orgonite cloudbusters would love to see that 'blue furrow' miracle for themselves but since there are many thousands of orgonite cloudbusters, now, their fields of effect in the stratosphere mostly connect, so there just aren't many opportunities like that, any more.  We do see evidence of occasional blue holes but I wonder if these are simply the locations of orgonite cloudbusters in regions where the death towers are still operational.  

There might be potential 'blue furrow' opportunities to witness this in China, which is the only country where this information is successfully suppressed any more. People who visit China have told me the energy of the atmosphere is still horrible, there, at least in the cities.  It's easy to confirm that by watching popular films made in Chinese cities. Films made just about anywhere else in the world now generally show smog-free cities.  I'm pointing out the obvious--I bet you haven't noticed it Cool

When I left Imperial Valley and got into Los Angeles I thought I was in the middle of an immense gold course because all the hillsides were as green and grassy  as Ireland in the spring. Those hillsides used to have no grass; just sage brush and other desert plants on bare sand.  We've tracked this over the years and the improvement has been steady since 2002 when Don Bradley had single-handedly flipped ten thousand or so of the death towers in LA County and Ventura County. I think that's still the record for what one person has accomplshed.  Steve Baron and Friends distributed tens of thousands of orgonite pieces throughout the Toronto metropolitan area and that exceeded DBs effort in terms of scale but there were a lot of people doing it under Steve's tutelage and with his financial backing.  Group efforts are special and inspiring in their own way, as our East African cohorts are demonstrating so well.

The sewer rats in China specifically prohibit the importation of orgonite cloudbusters from Japan and  people in China are afraid to look for this information online because the sewer rats (the ancient Triad Sewer Rat Society, we reckon)  successfully intimidate them away from it.  Hopefully, it will get on Twitter, soon, if it hasn't yet.  The sewer rats tried and failed to regulate, surveile or shut down Twitter (or even Ai Wei Wei), which is to say that the sewer rats' days are now numbered in China.  They can't afford to fail, any more than the CIA, NSA, FBI, MI6 or the Mossodomites can afford the failure that they've all been experiencing for several years at an increasing rate.  

Our collective survival and even relative prosperity is proof that the sewer rat agencies (corporate enforcers) are failing.  Remember when it was a lot easier for them to eliminate people who especially do good for humanity?  I think the Triads are wound up a lot tighter than their subordinate sewer rats (mentioned above) are. Maybe enough of the billion Chinese are spring loaded to take this liberating information and run fast with it Wink . I bet Ai Wei Wei would do something astounding with orgonite, for instance, if he knew about it.  He's savvy enough to survive, too.

I'm still seeing no brown smog in LA and I've been there often since that was achieved near the end of 2002. I see some white haze but that's just water in teh atmosphere.  On any day you can see mountains in any direction across the city. I remember when you couldn't see ot the end of the block on most days, anywhere in the huge Los Angeles Basin.  It was that way since the 1930s, in fact.

The dramatic effect we witnessed in Imperial Valley immediately after I gifted the 'rainward' side of the Sawtooth Mountains directly west of the rained-on area was most likely made possible because of the cumulative, previous effects of scores of orgonite cloudbusters in the region, also Dr Reich's original work there,  and a whole lot of effective orgonite-distribution in Southern California immediately to the west (Los Angeles Basin and San Diego)

I had half-jokingly erased the smog in obvious stages, witnessed by a couple of other pilots,  in the valley the day before with that ridiculously small orgonite cloudbuster.  You can see the pre-molested smog in Andy's first film of the week.  I did the CB work the following day.  His second film. which he's editing,  will show the valley, all around,  smog free two days later.

The same 'bleedthrough' effect on the barrier's edge in Imperial Valley, though a lot more dramatic, is now seen throughout  the San Joaquin Valley, which stretches much of the length of California in the middle and was a complete desert until this movement got its momentum a few years ago:

Several years ago, the notoriously nasty corporate baboons (US Congress) had cut the water supply from a very big part of the cultivated areas and the land reverted to desert quite fast. Huge orchards are now dead and the valley threatened to turn into a dust bowl, which is what criminal class (Congress) intended, no doubt.  

In the late 1800s some private investors had financed the irrigation of most of the valley and that's where nearly all of America's produce came from until recently.  The irrigation project coincided with the availability of refrigerated railroad cars.  Before that, the US Government wanted to keep it a desert for 'conservation.'  Dr Reich knew, of course, that deserts are not natural; they're created and are essentially a disease that can be cured, as he demonstrated in 1953 and 1954.

These typical hillsides in that valley's western boundary used to be covered with sage brush and bare sand. There was no grass. The brown smog was so dense all the time that those hills would have been invisible, by the way.  Carol and I 'did' a massive HAARP array in Delano (in the south part of the valley) on the same day that Richard from Reno did a similar array near Sacramento in the north (he and we discovered later) and on that day the smog disappeared.   Ten years later, the smog hasn't returned. Dr Reich knew that smog is created by a positive-charged (deficit of free electrons) static electrical field.  I've been telling customers that for years and only learned about Reich's much earlier (late 1930s) discovery of this observable fact last week while reading his biography by Sharaf.

Now, there are large herds of cattle grazing on many of these greened areas and there are even crops growing on non-irrigated parts of the valley. I aw some bare patches with whitish crust and I assume that the soil is too salty for anything to grow in those spots. Most of the valley floor has green grass, though, and the desert shrubs are dying and piling up in great mounds along the fences as tumbleweeds.

Some farmers seem to have a sense for when a risk like this (planting in unirrigated soil in a former desert) will pay off.  We saw this happening in the semi-arid areas of Western Washington State within a year after we set up our first cloudbuster in that area in 2001 and the following summer there were two hay harvests instead of one, which was the norm.  Before we arrived in that area with our cloudbusters in June, 2001 that region was also bone-dry, without grass and covered with desert plants, mostly sagebrush. The next summer there were flowers throughout the season all over that area and a lot of grass was growing.  Non-irrigated farming takes place in a narrow north/south band between that semi-desert and the Bitteroot Mountains.  That prairie is called The Palouse. It only took one or two orgonite cloudbusters to produce that result and it happened immediately, before the death towers proliferated.  We learned in our work in Florida that the USAF's weather warfare apparatus relies on the death towers as well as on their primary weaponry such as HAARP and whatever the hell they're using against humanity that's broadcast from underground.

I overheard a farmer in the summer of 2002 sayng that the soil used to be moist only a few inches deep but now (2002) it was moist for over two feet down. He was complaining that the hay was still green in July, delaying the first harvest.  Thanks to the regular rainfall there were two harvests that year, though.  That was when the environmentalist nazis were proclaiming that 'the drought would continue to worsen over many years to come.' They wish.  

We know that an orgonite cloudbuster causes changes in atmospheric moisture so that rain soaks into the ground instead of running along the surface.  The latter is what causes flash floods during a rainstorm. This curious atmospheric effect of orgonite may be the reason that Africans who plant in former desert conditons require less rainfall than before to bring a crop to harvest.  This might be a simple matter of changing the static electrical field of the atmosphere to 'negative' charge, which has an overabundance of free electrons.  That also describes the condition inside the healthy human body (slightly alkaline).

I always knew that orgonite's effects complement the effects of our zapper circuit, which is simply a way of supplying an overabundance of free electrons into the body.  I lately learned that Dr Reich learned about this principle before he was drawn to recognize orgone's dynamics. That was very  encouraging and confirming for me.  The funny thing is that if I'd read about his work ten years ago, after our zapper business was already thriving due to customer reerrals, I'd probably be unable to understand most of it--that's pretty funny.   I guess I had to learn about orgone dynamics by direct observation, first, then it became easy to understand how Dr Reich worked.

I was struck by the notion, while driving home through San Joaquin Valley this week,  that hundreds of orgonite cloudbusters in California since 2001 and 2002 have been exerting steady pressure in the stratosphere to allow rain to reach the desert in spite of what obviously are artificial inhibitors along the mountain ranges.  The San Joaquin Valley is the first 'stage' of desert downwind from the coast.  

The Imperial Valley is obviously a special case, as Reich also knew.  After he'd caused grass to grow in Southern Arizona he still wasn't generating rainfall so he suspected that there is an artificial barrier near the coast, upwind of Arizona.  I now know that Dr Reich was able to see subtle energy because he said so when he was in Sweden, doing the research that led to his discovery of orgone.  He clearly saw the energy in a dark room, just like our psychics can do.  So he evidently saw the barrier on the western edge of Imperial Valley, took a cloudbuster to a mountain pass in the middle of it and temporarily obliterated it in the spring of 1954.  

He was only three miles north of the Mexican border.  Before I went there last week I asked Carol to dowse the map to find that barrier or me and to estimate how much orgonite I'd need to drop on it from the air.  She found that Reich had set up his CB right in the middle of it and that it only stretched 30 miles in each direction (north and south) from there, along the Sawtooth Mountain range in the north:

and a similar range in Mexico:

That single mountain on the left is far east of the barrier and near the US border.  It was hard for me to just get a shot of the barrier's range in Mexico without including that single mountain.

The north part was photographed a few hours earlier when I was on my way to gift behind it; the rainclouds you see downwind in the photo of the Mexican barrier are a result of what I had just done to the north.  There was no rain downwind of the 'untreated' Mexican barrier but it's hard to see that in the photo. To the naked eye the contrast was stark that day.  You've probably also often noticed immediate, dramatic positive effects from a significant orgonite distribution effort.  We look to longer range results for confirmations that count, though it's always fun to make dramatic weather happen in the short term Cool .  I think that some folks who get excited about making a rainstorm get offended when I suggest that the long term results are more significant. Dr Reich would certainly agree, though.  The short term results are good teasers for getting us to move to the next stage.

When Carol and I first started working on that desert in late 2001 we saw no confirmations at all.  We had hidden one of our early orgonite cloudbusters in an energy vortex in the Chocolate Mountains at the western edge of Imperial Valley, just beyond that huge area of sand dunes. We dropped orgonite in several key vortices, restoring their vitality,  and got their energy spinning the right way.  I call that, 'taking it back from the corporate/occult pirates.'   In other areas of formerly complete deserts, such as northern Nevada, the sand dunes are disappearing under foliage, now.  We did succeed in greening Death Valley several years ago after three visits, there.  It was the first area in the surrounding region to become green, in fact, and it was also the driest, before.

You can see, from a long distance, the rain and snow clouds piling up at the north part of the barrier:

and that cloudless sky is typical for Imperial Valley.  Some lovely Sylphs showed up over the fly-in the next morning for a little while but I forgot to photograph them.

When Reich was there I think the boundary between forest and desert was more distinct.  As you can see in the following photo, there is now grass growing thickly on the downwind slopes just beyond the barrier and the clouds now extend a little beyond it, too:

As I drove higher it began to snow and pretty soon I was in a blizzard.  I was surrounded by ancient pines but if I'd taken a photo all you'd have seen would be snow Wink

I took this shot just before entering the forest, though:

The conditions were pretty severe but I was driving a good car for snow, fortunately, and the roads were being plowed often.  That highway is well traveled and populated. It  goes along near the top of the Sawtooth Range so it was almost as good as dropping orgonite along the crest. I might need to go back and do that, though--also along the barrier crest in Mexico.  Carol discovered what looks like an anchor point just north of those mountains but I don't think there are passable roads, there, so it will need to be done from the air.  I didn't have a ground crew for safety and I'm too inexperienced with this new aircraft to attempt to fly in the mountains. I wished I'd brought a plane but there's no hurry--we'll probably do a thorough job next summer.

I'm happy to report, though, that other pilots noticed and took an interest in what I was doing and they didn't react the way that people used to react to Dr Reich--in his day one risked being immediately hanged or crucified for challenging the Pajama People's profound slumber but now people are a lot 'lighter' in general--a sure sign of human progress in just six brief decades in my opinion. PJ folks are less tenacious about remaining ignorant, now. Still, I think we represent about a hundredth of one percent of humanity who are happy to be accountable for putting information like this to work and to be committed to follow it through to completion.  That's how Dr Reich worked with new discoveries, as you hopefully know.

For reasons that I won't go into right now I'm unable to drive into Mexico so I didn't have an opportunity to do 'the other end' of the barrier, yet.  I made tentative arrangements with Ixma, a prolific gifter from Mexico City, to coordinate with us from the other side of the alleged border in the not-distant future.  

Here's the view looking out from under the barrier toward Imperial Valley as I'm descending through the mountain pass where Dr Reich had set up his cloudbuster:

I tossed a towerbuster every half mile down to the valley from the top of the pass.  I had distributed them every half mile along the highway behind the barrier before that (about 80 TBs there).  About half way down to the desert I tossed six TBs in rapid sequence to do a death tower array and an official vehicle got on my tail after the driver obviously saw me tossing them. I slowed down to a crawl but he stayed on my tail, so I sped up, exited the highway when he was out of view and hid under an overpass for a moment in case he had reported me to the dreaded Green Boots for littering Cool

As I drove across the desert along Interstate 8, which is close to the Mexican alleged border,  I saw heavy rainfall to my north and no rain at all over Mexico.  It evidently rained only downwind from the line that I tossed orgonite along; it didn't even rain where the fly-in was beside the Salton Sea but that was just north of the downwind range of the sortie, after all.  It will be interesting to return there next summer and see if the conditions of the valley have improved from what I did.

We ought ot keep reminding ourselves, though, that dramatic results are often the result of cumulative effects topped off by our more recent efforts.  Carol had the impression, for instance, that the area immediately around where Reich had done his work still has very positive energy, sixty years later.

The Africans are reversing deserts by distributing orgonite to farmers over wide areas. The simple act of burying hudnreds of orgonite pieces in a field, repeated by many farmers in a region, is getting it done in a systematic way.  We haven't yet caught the interest of many farmers in North America, though that's likely to happen before long.  I hope to God they'll opt to refuse to plant GMO crops, too, since that stuff is evidently genocidal on purpose.  The farmers are easy suckers for a fast buck in most cases.  I don't think they were like that, so much, before the Raw Deal turned most of them into 'businessmen.'  

The easy way that this information is spreading, though, makes me appreciate the social barriers that Dr Reich had to overcome in order to get his research done. In those days many of hte people he had to rely on ended up betraying him in brutal ways and he saw it coming in many cases.  He had to get it done, though, and they were the only help available.  Fortunately for us, we don't need the approval of institutionalized scientists to accomplish our goals because we don't need funed research.  The world is our laboratory and neaerly all of us pay our own expenses. A few of us pool our reports on this international forum and it's nice to have at least one public record of the progress of this miraculous, unorganized movement, don't you agree?

How different do you think Dr Reich's life would have been if the internet were available in his lifetime? I guarantee that the US/UK/Israel Alleged Government won't try to burn anyone else's books now that we have the internet to expose and destroy them with.  They can't even pull off a convincing false flag attack, any more Cool