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Guilt By Association

by Jeff Gates

Guilt by Association explains how the U.S. was deceived by elites and extremists to wage war in the Middle East. It also describes how both deception and self-deceit were essential for this criminality to succeed. This first book in the Criminal State series makes treason transparent so that national security can be restored and financial security protected from the transnational criminal syndicate chronicled in this account. The book also shows how guilt by association was deployed to discredit the U.S. by its entangled alliance with the state of Israel. And how association is routinely used as a political tool either to accredit or discredit.

[Chapter 4 pdf] McCain Family Secret: The Cover-up  John McCain’s father covered up the Israeli killing of 34 Americans aboard aU.S. Navy ship during the Six-Day War of 1967. As senior naval officer for Europe and the Mediterranean, Admiral John S. McCain, Jr. helped President Lyndon Johnson deceive Americans about that little known incident involving the USS Liberty. This chapter reveals that family secret.