I'm An Extremely Nice Friendly Half-Reptile...Ask ..me a question and I'll do my best to help.


1. In answer to your first question - 'reptiles' wouldn't get anywhere if it weren't for all the 'little Hitlers' working for them ratting on their fellow man and trying to screw everyone they can to have a slightly easier life. Take the reptiles out of the equation and you know what - the high school bully, the psychopath boss, will still be there, making your life miserable. The best way to deal with thse people is to reconise them for what they are and not play their game.

This is not to say the rich and powerful don't network with each other and marry into each other's familes and consolidate their resources, connections and influence. Freemasons do this, Jews do this, Muslims do this, so does the Mafia, Amish, Greeks and Gypsies and many other people who feel separate and isolated from others in their society. They use this intermarrying as a defensive technique - us against the rest of the world. That doesn't mean they come from another planet and drink blood. In the case of the rich and powerful, the results have much more impact on their fellow man and create a great deal more (justifiable) resentment.

I to am against the 1% making the lives of the 99% a form of slavery. I too want to see this ending NOW. But I'm not sure it's entirely down to alien races fromanother dimension. Maybe a little bit, but not entirely.

2. Icke conclusions I don't agree with. Well, I did a detailed response of this which winked out. So far, I see serious flaws in Icke's asserions that Charlemagne was an 8 ft. tall giant with abnormal strength (measurements of his bones say he was 6 ft. with strong but not super-human bones). He places a great deal of his conclusions on Stitchin's interpretations of Sumerian, which a number of academics in the filed have very patiently tried to explain can't be correct because the Sumerians left dictionaries and so Stitchin's assetrions that there are many different intepretations just doesn't hold water. Icke also places a great deal of faith in Credo Mutwa whose prophesies are rubbish - look them up yourself. I do like a good conspiracy theory myself but in this case, I was very, very disappointed that none of these held water. On the surface, Icke's ideas eem very compelling and I admired his work until I actually bought a book which covered many of the areas i'd already looked at exhaustively myself and found they were not properly cross-referenced and peer reviewed as I would've done myself.

3. Influence of reptilians over humanity. I do believe there is a dark energy descending over earth, and I do believe this may be extra-dimensional. There are indeed people like Michael Aquino and the military intelligence community who seem to have made an extra effort to take crowley's Amanranth working where he called up the entity LAM, and Kenneth Grant's work, plus Jack Parson/L. Ron Hubbard's Babalon working - leading to the Philadelphia and Montauk projects - to open portals in another dimension (HAARP also) in the present day. I am extremely concerned about this and the connections to the transhumanist movement, which I'm desperately trying to call attention to.

Hidden in plain sight, with the results all around us.

1) We seem to just instinctively 'know' when we encounter each other. With some, there is a sort of cordial detente between us. It's all polite nods. Don't fully understand why they'de be nice to me, but they are. Others - hate me on sight and I think they'd kill me if they could. I really, really don't like them either.

2) I love almost all bright colours, and my favourite changes from time to time. When I was younger it was green. Now it's gold.

I think the sun sign is a bit too much personal information for a forum. Almost - almost - all my planets are in Cancer, Leo, Virgo, if that helps.

Actually, I feel I know a reasonable amount about how this works. That's why I'm here, to help explain and demystify all this so people have a clear understanding and are no longer afraid or enraged. With a little basic knowledge most people should be able to prevent themselves from being controlled or oppressed.

To say I'm half reptile is in some ways not quite correct. My mother seems to come from a fairly pure Merovingian bloodline where it seems, up until the early 1900s, the family went to a great deal of trouble to maintain it's purity. Just picking out family names/Houses in the genealogy chart going back to about 1300, there are five which are considered Merovingian. All other names are close cousins. It's a tangle of Royal Houses with many very good people amongst these names and others who were not. This particular branch of the family often got into trouble with their cousins over protection of ordinary people - coming up against the Vatican during the Inquisition, for example - and other similar incidents before which caused schisms and a splitting off of the Houses as other alliances were formed.

My impression of my mother's family were that some members were very, very kind and humble people, whilst one or two were almost demonic, with great psychic powers. Icke would have us believe all my family members would be blood-drinking Satanists, but it seems to me that through the generations there's always been one or two really evil people, one or two very kind people, and the remainder generally neither one nor the other but very screwed up by the behaviour of the bad apples.

I do find I can easily pick up the energy of those with this particular bloodline if it's pure enough. There's this sense of our having no shielding from each other - it's incredibly easy for us to read each other's energy and we'll know instantly where the other stands. So as strangers we can instantly recognise each other in crowds and nod. I used to find that rather unnerving when I was yonger, having these strangers come up out of a crowd, exchange a word or two of ackowledgement, and then disappear. Now that I'm older I'm used to it and I nod back. With the few really nasty pure evil types, I tuck myself out of sight pretty quick. I don't want their bad vibes. I recognise and understand their energy but I sure don't want it sticking to me if I can help it.

The evil types feed off other people's energy. They are psychic Vampires - and have the ability to alter their energy signature so that it matches that of their prey, then once they've tuned in, they can go straight through that person's shielding and drain them of their psychic energy. That's why Dave, a few post previous, was asking me what my favourite colour is (tied in with my aura colour) and what my astrology sign is. He's read somewhere this is how it's done. Dave has a problem though as he appears to have no shielding and it looks to me like he's been drained dry by other psy-Vamps on this forum. I guess I shouldn't be surprised by how many there are here, but this might explain the listless, somewhat distracted and emotionally skewed posts I'm seeing on this forum. Psy-Vamps feed off negative emotions. The high level of anger and resentment on this particular forum would present them with the equivalent of Christmas dinner, every day of the year. On more mellow, laid-back forums, I've not seen a single Vampire ever. They would starve to death.

I don't personally know any psy-vamps or Satanists so it's hard for me to determine, but my reading of it is that they place a very strong emphasis on bloodline - though there are few who have such powerful lineages - and perhaps many others have some of this DNA which gives them a predisposition to this type of occult practice. They are very strongly into hierarchy, with those at the top feeding off those lower down. Can't see the attraction myself, but I guess I'm jut not reptile enough for that sort of thing.

The idea that my mother's family are reptilian to some degree also has quite a bit to do with all the really powerful negative energies in our household - like something out of an extreme horror movie. And once or twice I thought I saw my mother turn into something...something else.. and once, when I was very small, a wooden panel in the wall behind my head when I lay in bed opened and a long, thin scaly arm withwhat looked like maybe three fingers came out of the wall and stroked me on my head. The arm was wearing my mother's glove and ring.

I feel sorry for my mother because she was born this way and she's never known happiness. I don't think I've ever met a reptile who seemed to actually experience happiness. Love, happiness - my impression is that they are jealous and afraid of these emotions. These emotions are like rat poison to these people. They can feed off human hatred and anger, but love and happiness freak them right out.