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The History of the Illegitimate British Monarchy

Lord Chancellor Greg Hallett talks in an interview with Jörn about
the British Monarchy and the History of the British Monarchy,
which shows that the current monarchy has no right to be on the Throne .
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Transcript from HALLETT REPORT NO. 3

The History of the Illegitimate British Monarchy

True Crime Solving History

Text from the movie above

Transcript from the Interview on the 5th of November 2011
Lord Chancellor Greg Hallett, Jörn

Hello, my name is Jörn, and this is the first part of Chapter 2 of our interview together with author, historian and active history maker Greg Hallett from New Zealand. And in this chapter we are going to talk about the British Monarchy and the History of the British Monarchy. Today’s date is the 1st of November 2011.

Lord Hallett, can you please tell us about the British Monarchy in general.

Lord Chancellor Greg Hallett:
Perhaps we should start with Queen Victoria being named ‘The Grandmother of Europe’ and her son King Edward VII being named ‘The Father of Europe’. (New research to come . . .) Queen Victoria needed to sire a child, get married and sire a child with a legitimate prince, which she did. The legal age for marriage and conception in those days was 12, and she was 14 when she conceived, got married and gave birth. She never divorced, and in a later chapter we will talk about who that prince was. She never divorced, and when she married Prince Consort Albert, it was a bigamous marriage, and Prince Consort Albert was a homosexual. And he was illegitimate, his mother was Princess Louise and his father was a stable boy called Alex Hanstein who later became Baron von Hanstein and the Count of Polzig. And Alex Hanstein was the illegitimate son of Baron Karl von Hanstein.

So we have Prince consort Albert being illegitimate, and being bigamously married to Queen Victoria, and then Prince Albert wore what was called a ‘Prince Albert’, which was a chain pierced through his penis, drawn up with a chain wrapped around his waist, so his penis was always vertical, but he couldn’t conceive a child.

So the conceptions for births that Queen Victoria did were done by Lionel Nathan Rothschild who was Nathan Mayer Rothschild’s son. So that meant that King Edward VII was the firstborn son officially, and he was born in a bigamous marriage and he was illegitimate as were the 9 official children of Queen Victoria.

Valenti/Vladimir Putin

Queen Victoria's and Prince Consort Albert's
9 children were all illegitimate,
because Queen Victoria had never
divorced her first husband.

Queen Victoria had a son who was 6 ½ years older than King Edward VII and after she had finished breeding with Prince consort Albert, Prince consort Albert was killed in what was labeled ‘Pneumonia’, and then Queen Victoria took up a relationship with John Brown and had a daughter called Louise Brown. So the 9 children were married quite young, generally about age 18, 19, to other princes right across Europe, and that created an illegitimate family tree in England and right across Europe. And illegitimacy is a common theme in the British Royal Family.

So, we’re faced with a situation where we have to question, why are they Royals, who are the Royals, and if we know that they are illegitimate, why are we obeying them, and is there another more legitimate Royal family, which there is, and I’ll talk about that in the next chapter.

So this theme of illegitimacy in the Royal Family carries on. The person who became King Edward VII, when he was the Prince of Wales, he married Princess Alexandra of Denmark. And they had a child, Prince Eddy, who was involved in the Jack the Ripper murders. He married a catholic girl in a catholic church, and then she was abducted and the child was abducted – this is just glossing over briefly – and then Prince Eddy’s death was faked, he burned down two castles, first his death was faked, and then he was sent to Balmoral Castle. Then Prince Eddy was taken to Glamis Castle. It is called Glamis Castle everywhere else, but within an hours drive of Glamis Castle it is called Glance. And he was taken there in 1892, and he lived there at least until 1933, there is a photograph from him taken there.

King George V was Danish and Russian
and not English.

So because his death was faked, his younger brother who became King George V, he was placed on the throne from 1910 to 1936. But King George V was illegitimate. King George V was the son of the Princess of Wales, Princess Alexandra, and the man who became Tsar Alexander III. And that was actually done in a black moon month. And a black moon is when you have two no moons in the same month. And amongst the Wiccans, the Russians, the Danish and a lot of the Scandinavians, a Royal who is conceived in a black moon month is considered a true king.

So King George V of England, who reigned from 1910 to 1936, was Danish and Russian and not English. And King Edward VII, who reigned from 1901, 1902 til 1910, he was also illegitimate and from a bigamous marriage.

So that leaves us with a situation where there is an alternative Royal Family, and that that Royal Family is hidden, and we are looking at discussing that in another chapter.

Which is going to be part 2 of chapter 2.  

Who were Queen Elizabeth II’s parents?

The real parents of Princess Elizabeth were
'The Maid' of Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (the 'Whipping Boy')
and Winston Churchill

King George V, who was Russian and Danish, gave birth to the person who became King George VI. King George VI had an IQ of 67, which is one point above retarded. He had knocked knees, he had a terrible stutter and he didn’t have an attention span long enough to be photographed, he just wandered off . . . So there is a movie made about that recently called ‘The King’s Speech’ which is a bunch of propaganda how he was an E for ‘Achievement’ and an A for ‘Try Hard’.

So he had a child with Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, the person called Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, and that was a boy, and that boy was epileptic and was left to die on the gurney. So it became a question whether they could allow King George VI, the person who was to become King George VI, to sire another child. So he was replaced in favor of Winston Churchill, and Winston Churchill had been the Home Secretary, and he was the illegitimate son of King Edward VII, which meant that he still had royal blood and he was young enough to sire. Maybe we should go on to a little bit on Winston Churchill’s conception.

The person who was to become King Edward VII was notorious for his affairs. And he had an affair with Jenny Jerome Churchill. She was Jenny Jerome, she conceived with King Edward VII and then she immediately married Randolph Churchill, who then became the Master Magistrorum, which is the spiritual head of the Freemasons, based in the Royal Albert Lodge, which is in the base of Kensington Palace in London, which doubles as a nursery for illegitimate children.

Winston Churchill was the illegitimate son of King Edward VII and that’s why he was promoted so heavily. So Winston Churchill was brought in to sire a child with Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. However, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, before she was engaged to the man who became King George VI, she was engaged to the man who became King Edward VIII. Now King Edward VIII abdicated in 1936. He was crowned in 1936 in about January and he abdicated in December 1936. And he did absolutely everything he could to sabotage his rule.

Wallis Simpson was a bisexual

Wallis Simpson was Androgen
Insensitivity Symptom Grade 4.
Here pictured with
King Edward VIII,
who abdicated.

Now, the person who became King Edward VIII married Wallis Simpson, who was three times divorced, absolutely sabotaged, and she was considered bisexual. She was considered a drug dealer, she was considered completely unsuitable, she was having affairs with every second second hand car salesman in London, and she was Androgen Insensitivity Symptom Grade 4, which means that she was conceived as a male, and didn’t quite fully transition into a female, which would be Grade 7. Grade 1 for male, Grade 7 is a female model.

So she had both bits, which King Edward VIII liked because he was bisexual himself. So when Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon became engaged to the person who became King Edward VIII, he said: “I am going to abdicate”. So a week later she was engaged to the person who became King George VI. She realized that he was one IQ point above retarded, had knocked knees, a terrible stutter, and just couldn’t really cope. So she swished herself, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon swished herself with her maid who was known as ‘The Whipping Boy’. Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon and her maid were both born in 1900, and in 1907, when they were about 7, they went to Ireland to a place around Galway or Waterford in County Waterford and found a girl of likeness, and ordered her in as a maid, and called her ‘The Whipping Boy’, because whenever Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon did anything wrong, the Whipping Boy would get the punishment. So when Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon was engaged to the person who became King Edward VI, she went – augh, I’m out of here. So she put the Whipping Boy in place, and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon married someone else and moved to France and died around 1950 of a congenital heart condition, which her brother also died of at the same age.

So that meant that Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon wasn’t, she was Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon’s maid, and she had a child by artificial insemination – it was one of the first cases of artificial insemination – with Winston Churchill as the sperm donor. And that was the only trace of royal blood. Winston Churchill was also the sperm donor for Princess Margaret. So during World War II Winston Churchill used to take Princess Elizabeth when she was 14 years old into the war room, and the other war cabinet ministers used to say “Why have you got Princess Elizabeth here” and Winston Churchill’s reply was “Well, the war might go on for another twenty years, she needs to be briefed”. But really it was, because Winston Churchill was the father of Princess Elizabeth.

Now if you look at Queen Elizabeth now walking around, she moves exactly the same as Winston Churchill and looks very very similar. But Winston Churchill’s deeds don’t stop there. And we probably talk about Winston Churchill and his affair with his daughter-in-law Pamela Digby Churchill, which resulted in a son. He was born in 1946 and was transferred to America by RAF Supply Pilot Max Aitken II and that child grew up to become Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton is english, he is the biological son of Winston Churchill, he is the half-brother of Queen Elizabeth II and he is the grandson of King Edward VII, and King Edward VII’s byline was ‘The Peacemaker’, and Bill Clinton’s byline is ‘The Peacemaker’. So it just goes on and on and on.

King Edward VII, also called 'Bertie',
was a son of Lionel Nathan Rothschild

And part of the reason, going back earlier in time, that King Edward VIII abdicated was that he knew that his uncle Prince Eddy was still alive. His father King George V’s kingship from 1910 to 1936 was a fraud, because his older brother Prince Eddy was still alive.

So we’ve got illegitimate monarchs,
and we've got fraudulent monarchs
and we've got them accepting that
they are a fraud and running with it.

So we’ve got illegitimate monarchs, and we’ve got fraudulent monarchs, and we’ve got them accepting that they are a fraud and running with it. So King George V was Danish and Russian, so he wasn’t legally a British Royal, and he married Mary of Teck and produced the person who became King Edward VIII and the person who became King George VI, and Mary of Teck was the only one out of that parentage who was supplying the royal blood. So the royal blood from Queen Victoria’s second child, who is King Edward VII, who was known as ‘The Father of Europe’, his royal blood is vastly diminished. He was a quarter royal at most, and then by the time it came to King George V he was no royal at all, when it came to King George VI, he was only getting his royal blood from Mary of Teck who was the Queen consort, and when it came to Queen Elizabeth II, she was getting her royal blood a little bit from Mary of Teck, but just a tiny amount, and then via Winston Churchill, who had half the royal blood of King Edward VII who was illegitimate, bigamously born and was half-Rothschild and half Queen Victoria, who was also half-Rothschild. So from King Edward VII on we have three quarter Rothschild blood and one quarter royal blood, and it wasn’t the strong side of the royal bloodline.

What we have in existence now is a royal family which is existing outside of the current British Royal Family and is vastly more royal.

What has Prince Philip been involved in?

Well, Prince Philips is not good. He is not a good character. He is virtually going down in history as ‘The Black Prince’. His family were kicked out of Greece and he was brought over from Greece in an orange box when he was just a baby a few months old, and when he met Princess Elizabeth, she was 14, he was 18, as he just joined the navy. He had two suits and twenty quid in his pocket. And the introduction was done by Lord Louis Mountbatten, who was then 39, and Winston Churchill, the father, was about 64.

Wallis Simpson was a bisexual

Prince Philip got involved in
heroin trafficking and paedophilia.

Those who supplied Prince Philip with children
were then invited into his heroin trafficking ring,
and that was called ‘The Triumvirate’.

Now Prince Philip got involved in heroin trafficking and he got involved in paedophilia. So now which first? Now Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip were due to go on a world tour, and they were due to go to New Zealand in 1952, but King George VI died, so she got crowned and the Royal Tour was delayed a year. They went to New Zealand, and they went to Lake Rohutawiti, and stayed in Moose Lodge from the 1st – 4th of February 1954. Now the paedophilia and the heroin go hand in hand. Those who supplied children to Prince Philip where then invited into the heroin trafficking ring. And the heroin trafficking was done through the navy, and it was done using sonar boys which were called sea horses.

So the paedophilia story that I’ve heard from intelligence in 1954, 1st til the 4th of February at Moose Lodge in Lake Rohaturiti, is that Prince Philip used to wear a rabbit suit and the children were given scopolamine, which is an inhibition inhibitor and a memory loss agent, and the children were selected from parents who were compromised or could be compromised. And after that, when they left New Zealand and you could see them at Auckland getting onto the Sunderland plane, Queen Elizabeth was walking ten paces in front of Prince Philip, and it was generally considered at that time, two years after they had been married, that the marriage was over.

Those who supplied Prince Philip with children were then invited into his heroin trafficking ring, and that was called ‘The Triumvirate’. Triumvirate is latin for three people who are running a loosely organised organisation with no particular rules in its affiliation, but in this case it is essentially a mafia. So Prince Philip was involved in heroin trafficking using the navy. What they did is, they developed something called a sea horse, which was a device that would sink under the sea and would rise up at night and scream high speed morse code and it would stay on the surface for about two or three hours, and the Navy would have to record the morse code and then play it back at half speed to interpret it and then rush to the location of the sea horse. And if they weren’t there in time, then the sea horse would sink after two or three hours. And the sea horse had heroin on board.

So they were activating the sea horse, the sea horse would rise up, they would put the heroin on it and drop it down, then another ship would come, and then the sea horse rose up and scream its morse code, they get the location and rush to it, take the heroin off it and then drop it back down, and that is how it was transferred.

The attack on the Shadow V was blamed on the IRA,
but it is generally considered by intelligence
that it was an MI-6 hit,
and the person that controlles the MI-6 is
Princess Elizabeth and in particular Prince Philip

And in New Zealand there was a similar thing to a sea horse called a Sonarboy, and that was dropped off the Sunderland airplanes. The Triumvirate was led by Prince Philip, the others involved were Lord Porchester the 7th Earl of Carnarvone, Lord Plunket, and when he died in 1972 he was replaced by Lord Louis Mountbatten. Now Lord Louis Mountbatten was got to and started to be influenced by Airey Neave who was a British soldier. He was the first or second person to escape from Colditz. He was a barrister and politician, and he was also Margaret Thatcher’s bondage lover, and she used to dress up in her black leathers with her whip.

So Airey Neave was getting in with Lord Louis Mountbatten and convincing him to turn tables and expose the royal heroin trafficking. So then Airey Neave’s car, as he was driving it out of the House of Commons  in London, Parliament Buildings, it exploded. It didn’t kill him, and then Airey Neave was taken to a hopital and he was killed there. That was the 30th of March 1979, and then Lord Louis Mountbatten was murdered on the 27th of August 1979, so that was 5 months later. And that was blamed on the IRA, and it was considered a 6 man team that did it, but only one person was caught, and that person had supposedly put the 50 pounds explosives on the Shadow V, which was Lord Louis Moutbatten’s fishing boat, and he was out fishing with a local boy and with his grandson and his son’s wife’s mother. So all four of them were killed on the boat, and Lord Louis Mountbatten didn’t die immediately, he was seriously injured and drowning, and then he was pulled from the water and then he died.

But Thomas McMahone, who was blamed for it all, he was seen at the peace checker post the night before, and that was reported to Lord Louis Mountbatten the next day, or so they claim. But it’s generally considered by intelligence, and this is confirmed, it’s an IRA opinion as well, that it was an MI-6 hit, and the person that controles the MI-6 is Princess Elizabeth and in particular Prince Philip. Prince Philip was raised by Lord Louis Mountbatten, and it appears that is was Prince Philip who ordered the hit on Lord Louis Mountbatten in order to cover up the heroin trafficking triumvirate, and especially the use of the navy, of which Prince Philip is the head, and using sea horses to transfer heroin from one ship to another. Now Winston Churchill was not immune to this, after World War II he became almost a live-in friend with Aristotle Onassis, and Aristotle Onassis had been transferring heroin from a very early part of the war, from about 1940, and he saw the sea horses in operation.

This is the greek . . .

Wallis Simpson was a bisexual

Winston Churchill, the British Prime Minister,
and Aristotle Onassis, a Heroin Trafficker.

The greek shipping magnate, yeah, he saw the sea horses in operation, and he wanted to buy them off the British, but the British were charging too much. So he ended up getting one off the Italians, and then getting them reproduced, about 20 or 30 of them made in Salfar in Bulgaria, and then he got several hundred of them made, so he became the dominant owner of the sea horse, and he was dropping sea horses in New York harbour and all the way up the eastern sea board, and he was a big heroin trafficker. And whenever he got in strife, he needed to have a high diplomatic person to interfere, to quell the waters, to calm the waters, and he chose Winston Churchill. So Winston Churchill was hanging out with Aristotle Onasis on his boat, the Cristina, and there is photos of the two of them, sitting in arm chairs in the swimming pool on the Yacht, which is really a ship, smoking cigars together and hanging out in a little convertible car that used to drive off to the Cristina.

So Winston Churchill actually became involved in heroin trafficking, as was Prince Philip, who was married to the daughter he sired. So you get the British Prime Minister involved in heroin trafficking. You’ve got a heroin trafficker, who is the biological father of the Queen. Yeah, so, you know, its just astounding.

Is the Monarchy a Mafia? Is it a case of an illegitimate monarchy as mafia, and are they acting in this way because they’re not even royal blood?
Then what happened was, the breeding rights with Queen Elizabeth were given to members of the Triumvirate, so Lord Porchester, who was a member of the Triumvirate, then sired Prince Andrew, and Lord Plunket, who was a member of the Triumvirate, then sired Prince Edward. So now we have Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward who are all sired by three different heroin traffickers.

3 Heroin Dealers, 1Woman, 4 Kids

The breeding rights with Queen Elizabeth
were given to members of the Triumvirate,
so Lord Porchester sired Prince Andrew,
and Lord Plunket sired Prince Edward

So then you’ve gotta ask, is it a case of monarchy as mafia, is the monarchy a mafia, and is it a case of an illegitimate monarchy as mafia, and are they acting in this way because they’re not even royal blood. Surprise is held that they are still there, most of the other monarchies in Europe have disappeared or wound down in their status, but the British monarchy, which appears to have become a mafia operation from 1852 outside Queen Victoria’s control, and the monarchy as mafia was the head of state of the British Empire, which really kicked off in 1852. And, that was with Lord Palmerston who appointed Guiseppe Mazzini as the head of the mafia, and the inner mafia. And we are told that the mafia is some Cosa Nostra from Sicily, but it’s not the case, the mafia is the British monarchy, and then the other mafia is the financial mafia, which is Khazar Jew. And that brings us to the question of the Rothschilds.

What are the Rothschilds worth and how much do they own. Since William the Conqueror in 1066 all of the property of England, Britain and the United Kingdom belongs to the Crown, and when we think we own our property outright, when we have no debts due on, let’s say, a house – we just own license to the title, and it’s the monarchy that actually owns all the property. And with the monarchy being at least three quarters Rothschild from King Edward VII on, the Rothschilds own the British monarchy, and they own the European monarchies. So now we have to reset our thinking as to ‘What is it?’. Is it a financial mafia, is the monarchy just a con. And then we have to go back to True Royal. Find the nearest True Royal, and run with that and present the royal marks given to them to show that they are the True King.
And this marks also come from the Rothschilds . . .

Which we’ll talk about in Part 2 of Chapter 2. Now from your intelligence sources, we also know that Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands is involved in heroin trafficking, and he is known in the mainstream media as a good friend – or was of course, as he died – of Prince Philip. For the people watching who don’t know who Prince Bernhard is, Prince Bernhard is the father of the current queen of the Netherlands Queen Beatrix and is the founder of the famous or unfamous Bilderberg Group. Can you explain to the audience why heroin trafficking is so important, as it’s big money – as far as I know, heroin right now goes now on the market for 400 000 US-Dollars a kilo – and those people, they’ve got all the money in the world. Why is heroin trafficking, big money making business, so important to them if they already got all the money in the world?

95% of the heroin that gets into Britain,
is flown there by NATO

Part of that is the downstream effects. With the war in Afghanistan now, 95% of the heroin that gets into Britain, is flown there by NATO, and it was the head of NATO, Lord George Robertson, that asked for the air-to-air refueling for NATO planes, so they didn’t have to land in a country like Germany and pay tax on the heroin. Lord George Robertson was the one who supplied Thomas Hamilton with the gun for the Dunblane Massacre, and that was on the orders of Prince Philip.

So Prince Philip’s agent in paedophilia Lord George Robertson was then promoted up to the Secretary General of NATO, which then trafficked the heroin. So the paedophilia and the heroin, there again, they are linked. Does that answer that question?

Yeah, sure. As you’ve mentioned before, paedophilia and heroin trafficking goes hand in hand. That’s always the case, isn’t it?

Absolutely. If you supply a royal with a child for paedophilia, you are invited into the heroin trafficking ring. And Prince Bernhard was definetely involved in the heroin trafficking ring, and was more than likely part of the triumvirate, I would say, definetely, more than 99 percent. Now the monarchy of Holland was involved as well, in that there was a massive storm in 1993, and the dikes burst, and I think 80% of Holland was under water?

Something like that, yeah, three quarters.

Yeah, so Holland was financially really dumbstruck and they didn’t know what to do. So what happened is, the company Philips got involved, Philips lighttubes etc., Philips Electronics, which I think is part owned by the Dutch monarchy, and heroin was coming in from South America in the fluorescent light tubes in the actual tubes in cardboard boxes, and they were being shipped to New Zealand and then they were taken down south on the East Coast to Waihi, which was then about 5 hours drive because there were metal and dirt roads, but now it is about an hours drive south of Auckland. And housewifes were working in this one particular house, and they were braking open the fluorescent tubes and pouring out the heroin, getting rid of the light tubes and then sending the boxes back to Philips as measurement that the lamp inside had broken and they needed to improve the cardboard casing on their containers. But the boxes going back to Holland were an indication of how much heroin had got through, that is how they were doing the physical accounting. And then that heroin was shipped out of New Zealand.


And then the people who were involved in that heroin trafficking in Waihi then sold the house to Terry Clark, who was the head of the Mr. Asia heroin trafficking ring, and then Terry Clark sold it to detective inspector Ian Hastings, who was known on the street from his drug dealing as Hastio, he is about 80 now but he is now trafficking Methamphetamine, and he took over from Terry Clark in the heroin trafficking. And the other recipient of the house was detective inspector John Rex Hughes, who died in about 2006. He was a champion naval boxer and came second in the Sidney to Melbourne Marathon run in one year, which is about 600 miles or so.

And Terry Clark sold that house to the two detectives on the 3rd of October 1979, and the two layers – the two criminal heroin trafficking that became lawyers – one was a convicted car thief beforehand, and they sold that house to Terry Clark on the 3rd of June 1979, and then Terry Clark was trafficking heroin for Prince Philip and he went to Australia, trafficked heroin there, and he was caught – he did a murder in Lancashire, on the west coast of England, on the 14th of October 1979, and he was charged on about the 28th of October 1979 with his girlfriend Karen Soich, who was a New Zealand lawyer. And she was a lawyer working for Peter Williams, which is a very very very tight connection.

Website of "The Crown Estate"

When I was in court against Peter Williams in Auckland in the High Court, I said : “Peter Williams is Prince Philip’s agent in New Zealand”, and I was over here, and Peter Williams was here, about 5 paces away, and he looked down to the left and said: “How the fuck does he know that?”, you know, so I’ve got it right on the button, and he was actually looking down towards me, and looking down is kinesetic, looking horizontal is audio, and looking up is visual, and this side (left) is remembering and that side (right) is creating, so he is looking into his kinesetic memory and going “How the fuck does he know that!”


So what happened with Terry Clark is he was convicted and sentenced – in the longest trial in Englands history, it was over 100 days. So he was convicted and sent to Parkhurst to prison on the Isle of Wight, and in 1983 he faked his death. Rocks were put in his coffin, and his parents were given an hour and a half notice of his burial. And he was buried in the grounds in St. Parkhurst prison, and there is three different versions of his death. One is, he dogged an IRA member, and a really fat guy sat on him – it’s really believable . . . another is, that he was strangled with rugs, and another is that he was trying to take certain drugs to fake his own death, and then got out of prison, but he took too much.

Those are the official stories out there.

These are official stories, these are published stories. But what really happened was that he didn’t die, rocks were put into his coffin and he went to Breeze Norton Military Base where he had plastic surgery, and was sent to Perth where he was given a new life as a second hand car salesman, after having successfully trafficked the heroin from about 1972 to 79, and the person who funded the plastic surgery at the Breeze Norton Military Base was Prince Philip.

Yeah. Ok, go to the next question, Lord Hallett. What is Prince Charles’ background?

The English royals in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales
and in Europe acknowledge Queen Elizabeth II as ‘The Maid’
because she is the daughter of Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon’s maid
and she is the artifical insemination daughter of Winston Churchill.

Well, Prince Charles unfortunately is the son of Prince Philip. It doesn’t bode well for him, because Prince Philip is the ‘Black Prince’. Prince Charles has virtually no royal blood in him at all, it is just so diminished. He is virtually disregarded by the English royals, whereas the English royals in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales and in Europe, they acknowledge Queen Elizabeth II as ‘The Maid’, they refer to her as the maid, because she is the daughter of Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon’s maid and she is the artifical insemination daughter of Winston Churchill. So she has got virtually no royal blood and is the daughter of a maid.

Now Prince Charles, he had a child with Camilla Parker Bowles. When they were sixteen, he was sixteen, she was seventeen, Camilla Parker Bowles is about 8 months older than Prince Charles. The child was born on the 5th of April 1966, which places the conception on the 30rd of June 1965 plus or minus 18 days, which is the 12th of June til the 18th of July 1965. Now the 17th of July 1965 was Camilla Parker Bowles’ 18th birthday. So there is a chance that Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles child was conceived on Camilla Parker Bowles’ birthday or the day after.

Now that child was born, and officially born in Gosport, which is across the narrow waterway from Plymouth, and was raised in Gosport, Plymouth, until he was eighteen. His name is Simon Charles Day, he now lives in Australia and he is a telecommunications engineer. When he was seven, his parents were taken he and his school friend, a cousin, to Buttlins Resort Holiday Camp, and she gave them a grapefruit drink on the way there, and it had a drug in it, so they ended up taking 9 hours to drive the 20 miles and he went to hospital in a drugged out state. And they changed his eyes, they injected pigment into his eyes and changed his eyes from blue to brown, and when he woke up, it was like somebody had rubbed sandpaper over his eyes, and he was just screaming.

They also pinned his ears back in another operation, because Charles has completely stick-out ears, and they altered his teeth so they didn’t look like Charles’ or Camilla’s. When he was eighteen, he left, went to Australia, married, got divorced, married again, the drug he was given was Rehypno which is also called Silence or Darken. Simon Charles Day remarried on the 24th of June 2004 to Elvina Durente, and he changed his name to Simon Charles Durente Day, and they have six children, one of them died. He is a telecommunications engineer, was living in Brisbon, and now he is living about 60 miles southwest of Bayron Bay, which is a little southwest of Brisbon. And he actually blogged his status on the 27th of April 2011, which was two days before Prince Charles’ official son Prince William was married to Kate Middleton.

Prince Charles had a child with
Camilla Parker Bowles.

So he was really up in arms, and doing the best he could to say, hang on a minute, I’m their firstborn son. But he is illegitimately born. And since then on, I think, the 9th of April 2005, Prince Charles married Camilla Parker Bowles, but they ignored their child during his wedding, they didn’t help fund it, it cost 135 dollars in a local courthouse, and they won’t acknowledge him. So the challenge is, what was Camilla Parker-Bowles doing and who saw her during the time when she was showing her pregnancy from about five months til about 6 months after the birth, when she would have been breastfeeding.

So the question is, who saw Camilla Parker-Bowles from December 1965 to October 1966, and did she have enlarged breasts, like a pregnant woman would, and did she have a large belly, or was she completely out of sight?

That’s amazing. That’s breaking news, I am sure it is all going to be in the British gossip magazines tomorrow.

Now this is quite interesting, because Simon Day's mother was Jane Bowleden. Her father Ernest Bowleden then got an Imperial Services medal. Since then they stopped handing them out as of 1993, except for in extreme insanitary areas like doing work in Papa New Guinea.


That’s it, guys . . .





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