The Heat Is Rising…
The London Bombings 7th July 2005
By Matthew Delooze

In order to see the symbolism I am about to point out, you will need to rid your mind of the 5-sense prison that the secret rulers of this world have subjected you to, via enforced state education, mass media hypnosis and the use of subliminal messages. Can you start to understand that we are being subconsciously controlled, and we are subconsciously being led down a path that will lead mankind into being totally physically controlled, as well as being spiritually controlled? Are we being ruled by a Serpent Cult? I ask you to look at the London Bombings from another angle – a spiritual one of universal symbolism.

Without lie, certain and most true: What is below is like what is above, and what is above is like what is below, to accomplish the miracle of the One thing.
Here is a map of London where the explosions took place.

Blasts occurred:
Between Russell Square and Kings Cross tube stations
Between Liverpool Street and Aldgate East tube stations.
At Edgware Road tube station.
On a bus at Tavistock Square.

Let’s first take a look at the symbolism connected to the Kings Cross/ Russell Square/Tavistock Square bombings. There were explosions both underground and above ground in this area of London, causing death and the spilling of innocent blood.

Note that two of the explosions took place between the Kings Cross and the Russell Square. Let’s start with Kings Cross symbolism. Most intelligent people are aware that the King or Royalty is/ are known as the ‘Crown’. All law courts in the UK are also known as the ‘Crown’ and symbolise total control. So the symbolic Crown and Cross symbolism below simply mean King and Cross or Kings Cross.

The crown and the cross are still used today as a Masonic symbol. ‘In Hoc Signo Vinces’ simply means – In this sign you will conquer. Kings Cross? Pretty simple symbolism there then eh? Let’s now move on to Russell Square. I point out that the Square is a symbolic tool used by Freemasons. What about Russell? How’s about this then for coincidence?

The tomb of Charles Taze Russell, founder of the Jehovah’s Witnesses cult.

Now let me point out that some folks claim RUSSELL was NOT a freemason. That is his tomb pictured above (note the crown and cross). I think the pyramid and the eye give us just a bit of a clue about whether Russell was a Freemason or not – don’t they? More on Russell here:

So lets us move on. I think we can link a king’s cross to Russell as Russell formed the Masonic Jehovah’s Witness religion. The Kings Cross (crown) is the official Templar and Freemason symbol. Please look at this picture of outside the underground station at Russell Square. Arches are widely used as Masonic symbolism.

Inside Russell Square station

Outside and inside Russell Square station.

The other picture is showing the tile work inside Russell Square tube station. The cross is unmistakable. Let me also repeat that the symbolism used by the Knight Templar, modern day Freemasons and other secret organisations, was originally used in the ancient Middle East for sun god worship. Can anyone see or feel a spiritual link to some sort of blood ritual that may have taken place on 7/7/2005 yet?

Let’s move on to Tavistock Square. Again the Square is a symbolic TOOL of freemasonry. Tavistock Clinic in Tavistock Square founded the now famous Tavistock Institute. Tavistock Clinic deals in mental trauma and Tavistock Institute is well known in conspiracy circles as the world centre of subliminal mind control. A friend of mine sent me this picture, further down below, showing a blood-splattered Tavistock Clinic. Coincidence is it?

Or could it be negative esoteric symbolism? The “Passover” is just one example of blood being used in ritual in which door posts and lintels are daubed with sacrificial blood. Though lamb’s blood is officially used for Passover ritual and not human blood. That said, couldn’t innocent humans purposely led to the slaughter be described as lambs?

Please see : (warning the original link has been left here, but the site is reported as unsafe to visit and may have been hijacked sometime after this article was written)

A blood splattered Tavistock Clinic: Coincidence or a planned ritual? The Tavistock Institute was funded by Rockerfeller Foundation. The official site is here: / index.php
But a more truthful site is here.

Let me also focus on the bus for a moment. It was a number 30 bus. Both the numbers 3 and 30 are important numbers in Freemasonry. I would like to point out the address of the Tavistock institute to you It is 30 Tabernacle Street. Yes folks the cheeky buggers even use Tabernacle Street along, coincidently, with the number 30. Obviously Tabernacles have great spiritual meanings for ritual. I wrote briefly about Tabernacles in my essay ‘The yellow brick road leads to UR’. Also the fateful number 30 bus route was Marble Arch to Hackney Wick. Most of you will know about the Arch symbolism of Freemasonry and I have no intention of wasting your time on it, but did you know that the Templar have strong links to Hackney Wick? No? They practically owned it and even built a St John of Jerusalem church there. I have only scratched the surface but have managed to link the areas involved at Kings Cross, Russell Square and Tavistock Square to the Illuminati agents of today, the Freemasons, and the Illuminati agents of yesterday, the Templar. Even the bloody bus route has Masonic fingerprints on it. The Tabernacle is also highly linked to such things. So can number 30 Tabernacle Street and blood from the number 30 bus from Marble Arch, splattering the doorposts and lintels of the Tavistock Institute, just be a coincidence?

The No 30 bus

Thirteen people were killed when a bomb exploded on the number 30 bus from London’s Hackney to Marble Arch. Coincidence is it, the numbers 13 & 30? Let us have a look at what really happened.

The bus was directed by the establishment to Tavistock Square.The blue door is the Tavistock Clinic

The debris was concentrated at the Tavistock Clinic (blue door) as though it had been rigged.

The majority of the blast force was directed at the clinic from the back of the bus and the blue door of the clinic got a direct hit.

The passengers at the front of the bus were unhurt. Was it a controlled explosion to carry out blood ritual? Note the white van ‘Kingstar’: A 5 pointed star.

Here is what Kingstar can do:

A lot more good info here: (link is broken)

It is obvious to me that some esoteric knowledge has been used to create and carry out some sort of spiritual ritual, using blood sacrifice, whilst at the same time exploiting our 5-sense reality into creating fear and hatred, creating a deeper connection, literally chaining mankind to the deceptions that will spiritually and physically jail us.

Can you not imagine in your wildest dreams that a secret Cult covertly controls this world and in order for them to do so they have to carry out sacrifices and rituals at symbolic places? If you can’t I suggest you start to think a bit deeper because that is exactly what is going on.

Have you also not noticed that the so-called investigations into these actual bombings/killings are on hold whilst the mass media brainwash us into concentrating on catching 4 people who are alleged to have failed in the act of bombing trains (convicted 2007). This is also very coincidental, and a very good diversion from the investigation of the bombers who actually killed people. The scam is to direct attention away from flaws in the official version of events by creating another event and also to increase the fear factor. Obviously if we can find, convict and jail these ‘failed bombers’ then it takes eyes and ears away from a proper investigation into the real bombings. Well doesn’t it? (two years on it has done)

Anyway I am being directed off the path so let’s get back on it (you see, their scam does work!). Let’s look at the home town of the alleged bombers, BEESTON.

Beeston is a slum area near Leeds United football ground. Bees are strongly connected to Freemasonry etc. Here is a connection from an article by David Icke.

You will find that Mr Icke mentions Russell and the Witnesses but later on down the article there is some very good information about the BEE connection. Here is more for those with gut feelings.

Mind you, Leeds itself has its own symbolism – that of the owl. Obviously the owl has many occult connections. I mention Lilith but maybe Bohemian Grove is the most famous. Isn’t it? I remember hearing of the crowds that formed in places around the country to pay respects to those slaughtered by the London Bombings. Most organised by the authorities. In Leeds people attended a ceremony at their Millennium Square. I point out that Leeds Millennium Square has obelisks and on top of these obelisks are owls. Here is a short explanation from the Yorkshire post.

Gilded owl

The 2.5-metre-high gilded owls on top of the Civic Hall have looked over Leeds since 1933, they are now joined by four more. One pair overlooks Millennium Square and the others guard the Portland Crescent entrance to the Civic Hall. The new additions are based on the original art deco owls and were cast in bronze and gilded by Burleighfield Arts. The four owls stand on Portland stone obelisks designed by city architect, John Thorp. The pair in Millennium Square is approximately two metres high and the smallest pair around 1.2 metres.

Marker obelisk

….Near the Civic Hall steps a small marker obelisk brings attention to the plaque commemorating the inauguration of Millennium Square by Nelson Mandela….

Owls on obelisks and a strange marker obelisk? In Leeds? Leeds? EEE BYE GUM WHATEVER NEXT? Are Yorkshire fish and chip shops and long drop bogs (toilets) to be placed in Giza and Abu Simbel in Egypt then? Some sort of town-twinning going on is there then?

As I said at the start of this article unless you can see beyond the state brainwashing that you and I have been subjected to, you will not see what I am trying to say in this article. I am not trying to educate you. I am trying to point out that subconscious forces (spiritual) really control what’s going on in this world, and they blind people to the practices and rituals that they carry out to keep control of us. I couldn’t point out the symbolic connections if they were not there in the first place. I didn’t put obelisks and owls in Leeds nor did I name Russell Square and Kings Cross. I didn’t fund the Tavistock Institute either, Rockerfeller did!!!

Again I have only scratched the surface, but can anyone see that running alongside our 5-sense reality world is another world. One based on spiritual control of the masses, aided by ritual to strengthen their power and dumb down our awareness?

I have only showed you basic symbolic connections at Kings Cross and Russell Square. It goes far deeper. Let us move on to Liverpool Street and Aldgate. Please note on the map that one of the London Bombings took place in the Liverpool Street /Aldgate areas. This area has a very interesting history.

Firstly let me tell you that Liverpool Street Station was originally a Roman burial ground. It amazes me that time and time again ancient burial grounds or places that were used for ancient ritual continually resurface as the locations for mass murders. Further on down the historic line in 1247, a religious order for St Mary Bethlehem was formed on the same site. The other name for this order is the Military Order of Crusaders of the Red Star. Starts to make a bit more sense to me now, how about you?

The same order was known as the Bethlehemites. More information is available here.

The Bethlehem Hospital aka Bedlam

This site then turned into The Bethlehem Hospital for the insane in the 14th Century. It was better known as Bedlam Hospital where people were allowed to visit the hospital for money to laugh at the lunatics. Yes folks, in those days if you were deemed a lunatic people paid to actually come and laugh at and ridicule you. Hence today people who have alternative ideas are immediately branded as lunatics, and this seems to set off the same reaction in the masses. Anyway the hospital was moved to another location, in nearby Moorgate, and its place was taken by the Great Eastern Hotel, built at the station in 1881 to serve the Great Eastern Railway. It now appears that this is where the Freemasons took over from where the Templar left off. The Templar had taken it over from the Romans so when you think about it, the area where the London Bombings took place has always been used by Sun God worshippers for burials, accommodations for religious orders, mental experiments, and indeed mass murder.

Source (

The Great Western Hotel

The Great Western Hotel contained a lavish Masonic sun god temple (nothing like being brazen is there?). It was used by most visiting Masonic lodges throughout the world. This temple (see picture) was converted to a gym when the Hotel was recently refurbished. Thankfully there is some evidence that the gym may still be used for ritual (see ceiling in picture below). The other picture is just an example of the symbolism used in the function rooms hired out by the hotel.

The Gym – or is it a Sun Temple ?

Function room

The ‘Gym’ and a typical function room. The Sun surrounded by 12 lights. Note two pillars on back wall. I suppose the above two picture may be coincidence, so lets look at a couple more official hotel pictures. How’s about this one?

WTF goes on in here?

Remember we are supposed to be talking hotels here? If that’s too difficult to work out, here’s one for the novices?

Don’t forget to dry your feet sir?

Let’s move on to the name of the hotel. Obviously ‘The Great Eastern’ is symbolic of The Eastern Star (the rising sun or in the female form, Venus.) Here’s a diagram of The Eastern Star.

Can you guess now know why they called it the Great Eastern Hotel? The area around this Hotel is called the Broadgate Circle. Strangely enough the Eastern Star link to Venus is also symbolised in the area by the statue ‘The Broadgate Venus’. If you want to look at it look here:

Another thing I feel I should mention about the area in which the London bombings took place is the name ‘Aldgate’ which literally means ‘old gate’. I am going to mention the Spitalfields area also, and the meaning of this word is simple. ‘Spital’ was a medieval description of the St Mary’s hospital that was there, and the fields in that area were used to dig clay to make bricks. Many Roman urns were found in these fields with the ashes of the dead still in them. Spitalfields is a very interesting area indeed. (website may no longer exist)

The United States’ Liberty Bell was originally cast in the Whitechapel Bell Foundry in Whitechapel Road. Another amazing coincidence is this (from the Whitechapel Foundry official site).


September will see the dedication of not one but two very special Whitechapel bells in the USA. The first of these, a full size replica of the Liberty Bell, was cast here at the Foundry some months ago within yards of where its predecessor was cast a quarter-millennium earlier and commemorates the landing on American soil of the original Liberty Bell 250 years ago in September 1752. The other commemorates much more recent and tragic events and will be dedicated at Trinity Church on Wall Street on 11th September 2002, the first anniversary of the terrorist attack on New York City. (The existing ring of eight bells at Trinity Church was cast here at Whitechapel in 1797.) This bell is 31″ (785mm) in diameter and weighing approximately 650 pounds, bears the inscription:


The casting of the bell on Friday 26th July 2002 turned out to be a larger media event than anticipated. First on the scene (and the last to leave) were the team from Sky TV who turned up at 8am in an outside broadcast van equipped with roof-mounted satellite dishes, followed not long afterwards by advance squads of security and police. The Sky people set up quickly and were soon filming away, their pictures apparently also destined to appear on breakfast news shows in the US. As the time of the cast drew nearer so the media presence increased and at the final count there were reporters present from London News, ITV News Tonight, Reuters, the Press Association, Associated Press, the Times, the Guardian, the Telegraph, the Daily Mail, the Observer, and quite possibly others we failed to make note of. The cast took place at 12.40pm and was witnessed by various dignitaries including US Ambassador William Farrish, the Rt. Hon Alderman Michael Oliver Lord Mayor of London, and Archbishop of Canterbury Rev. Dr. George Carey.


So when they cast the replica Bell, to link London and New York in 2002, they didn’t know the bell would link them with the blood of innocent murder victims did they? Or did they? Whitechapel was also the location of the Jack the Ripper ritual killings. I don’t want to dwell on Jack the Ripper, but do encourage research into the obvious Masonic connection. I will just point this out:

Warren- A trouser leg lifting Freemason.

Sir Charles Warren, head of the London police at the time of the Jack the Ripper murders, and also the first Master of Quatuor Coronati Lodge No. 2076.

Head of Police a Freemason? Nothing new there then eh? Enough said?

I now want to move back to LEEDS. Yes Leeds. Obviously Leeds has been announced as the home or the location of the murderers. I mention it in the first part of my article. My own opinion is that the young men from Leeds did not carry out the London Bombings.

Let me also point out that Leeds is also the location of the Yorkshire Ripper. Peter Sutcliffe was convicted of killing 13 women most of them in Leeds.

The most horrific of these murders (if there can be a scale used to measure the horror in this matter) must be the one of 16 year old (virgin?) Jayne McDonald. Jayne was murdered in the Chapeltown area of Leeds. Is it coincidence that Jack the Ripper in London murdered women in Whitechapel in London, and the Yorkshire ripper murdered in Chapeltown Leeds? Is there any symbolism here?

The so called ’hoaxer’ (Geordie Ripper) story has also coincidently resurfaced shortly after the London Bombings took place. Indeed, a man has been charged with carrying out the hoax. Obviously more news on this is going to come out in the near future. My own opinion is that the ‘Geordie Ripper Taunts’ link the two ripper cases together as the original Jack the Ripper allegedly taunted police in London a hundred years earlier. Are both of these cases simply covert occult announcements? Strange that the police claim to have suddenly caught the hoaxer shortly after blood was spilt in the Spitafields area of London (Jack The Ripper area) and the murderers being located in Leeds (Yorkshire Ripper area) isn’t it? Indeed I find it amazing that the police even bothered to still look for the hoaxer after all this time, and why did it take so long to find him? I point out that the police are symbolically announcing the capture of Jack the Ripper, because that is what the ‘Geordie hoaxer’ called himself. Does that make more sense to you? Is it all Masonic trickery and occult announcements, or is it all coincidence? I’d like to stay in Leeds and return to the Millennium Square. Remember the owls and obelisks located there? I would like to show you a little more symbolism used in Leeds Millennium Square in an area known as Nelson Mandela Gardens.

Take a look at this, The ‘Both Arms’ statue.

Both Arms statue in Leeds.

Could it be that this statue is symbolic of this, the ancient Egyptian KA sign?

Ka Sign

The KA sign is used by the Masons, as a distress signal to fellow Masons, and is strongly linked to ancient Egypt.

I realise that the Both Arms statue does not mean a lot on its own stuck away in a corner in Millennium Square, Leeds but if you add this symbolism to that of the Owls, Obelisks and Pyramid symbolism ,that was previously mentioned, you may start to realise that the ancient Egyptian symbolism is rife and more than just a coincidence in Leeds. Why is this?
Some very good images/info from Millennium Square in Leeds here:
(all posts on this blog have been removed)

The only thing I was taught in the state education system was that Egypt was very hot, had a pyramid or two, and a few camels wander around. I asked other the people if they were educated about ancient Egypt. No they weren’t, so why is our country full of Egyptian symbolism? Why have we not been educated about ancient Egyptian symbolism? Is it because we will understand what is really going on in our cities around the world and actually start asking questions?

As far as I know the people, the working classes of Leeds, have no connection to ancient Egypt whatsoever, so why is their main city square awash with occult symbolism? They are so dumbed down that they haven’t got a clue what’s going on, and the same can be said for many people in other cities around the world.

As I said at the start of this article, unless you can see beyond the state brainwashing that you and I have been subjected to, you will not see what I am trying to say in this article. I am not trying to educate you. I am trying to point out that subconscious forces (spiritual) really control what’s going on in this world, and they blind people, on a 5-sense level, to the practices and rituals that they constantly carry out to keep in control of us. These subconscious, or spiritual forces run alongside our 5-sense reality, no they don’t, sorry, they run slightly ahead of our 5-sense reality because they actually create our reality. I couldn’t point out the symbolic connections if they were not there in the first place. Liverpool street station has a history directly connected to Sun God worship. Aldgate is also rife with symbolism. The ripper murders both in Leeds and London also appear to have strong occult links. The Whitechapel Bell foundry has also very strong connections to both London and New York. Is this all coincidence?

I certainly do not think so. Again I have only scratched the surface but can anyone see that running alongside our 5-sense reality world is another world. A world based on the spiritual control of the masses that is aided by occult ritual to strengthen the power of the cult that covertly controls us. They dumb down our awareness so much that we have become so blind that we cannot see what’s going on right under our noses. I have only showed you basic symbolic connections. It goes far deeper. I believe that it is no coincidence that the locations of the London bombings were Liverpool Street, Aldgate (old gate) Kings Cross and Russell Square.

I believe the blood was spilt there for symbolic and ritualistic reasons. I am convinced that the number 30 bus was purposely guided to the Tavistock clinic and innocent blood was sacrificed for ritualistic purposes. This had nothing to do with a holy war or islamic terrorists. This was smoke and mirrors activities carried out by secret society old boys through their network. We the masses are fed shite day in and day out by puppets for the elite bloodlines who, as daft as it bloody sounds, are serving multidimensional beings that are alien to this world we live in.

Wake up before it is too late.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Matthew Delooze

July 2005 (Slightly edited 2007)