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'Help. He's eating her': Horrific 999 call by halfway house landlady who saw a cannibal killer 'cut open his lover with a screwdriver before chewing on her FACE' is played to an inquest


By Richard Spillett, Crime Correspondent For Mailonline




PUBLISHED: 13:22, 15 March 2017 | UPDATED: 17:26, 15 March 2017

A horrified landlady sobbed 'he's eating her' in a 999 call after seeing 'cannibal killer' Matthew Williams attack a young women in her hotel, an inquest heard today.

Hotel owner Mandy Miles unlocked a room door after hearing screams and saw shopworker Cerys Yemm being hacked at by Williams during the shocking attack in 2014.

Paranoid schizophrenic Williams, 34, was Tasered by police at the scene and died after he had killed and committed an act on cannibalism on 22-year-old Ms Yemm, a coroner has been told. 

An inquest into both their deaths at the Sirhowy Arms Hotel at Argoed, near Caerphilly, south Wales,  heard paranoid schizophrenic Williams was released from custody without any medication or supervision despite being sectioned twice and complaining of hearing voices in his head.

Today a jury was played the 999 call of hotel owner Mrs Miles.

An inquest jury heard the shocking phone call made by the landlady who discovered Matthew Williams (left) 'eating' Cerys Yemm (right) after killing her

The 50-year-old landlady told a 999 operator: 'He's shoving a screwdriver in her face. He's actually chewing her face.

'He's been locked in room seven. I don't know who he's hurting.

'There's a lad in the room. He's actually eating her. It's awful. His name is Matthew Williams and he's in Room 7.'

The tape records Mrs Miles sobbing as she says: 'There was screaming and screaming. Oh my God. It's awful.

'I went into the room and he's killed her. Oh my God. Is this real?

'There's blood everywhere and it looks like a horror film. He was using the screwdriver and stabbing,' said Mrs Miles.

The 999 tape was played to the jury after CCTV images of newly-freed prisoner Williams going into the 'halfway house' hotel.

The operator asked to have all the people inside the hotel to leave as a number of police officers will be arriving. One of the guests at the hotel had been sick, the inquest heard.

The hearing was told officers arrived at the hotel 14 minutes after the 999 call to arrest Williams.

Mrs Miles later told the hearing she saw Williams dripping with blood in the darkness, adding: 'He looked like Darth Maul.'

She described him as looking 'demonic, possessed and eyes black' during the three to four seconds she held the hotel room door open to witness the death of Ms Yemm.

She said: 'He was red and black. He didn't have a clue what he was doing... there was blood dripping from his mouth.

'He wasn't himself. He couldn't have been otherwise he wouldn't have done it.'

Mrs Miles says that there was no sign of life from Miss Yemm in the room when she closed the door to raise the alarm. 

Mrs Miles - who'd run the hotel since 2007 - said that when Williams went sent by the local council to stay with her, he was given a form to fill in.

She said: 'The form asked: 'Do you have any mental health issues. He circled no.' 

Williams, 34, was released from prison just two weeks before he 'horrifically' killed Miss Yemm. He then died himself after being tasered by police.

Miss Yemm was found covered in blood lying underneath Williams, who had been drinking heavily and taking drugs in the days before the incident.

An inquest into both their deaths heard paranoid schizophrenic Williams was released from custody without any medication or supervision despite being sectioned twice and complaining of hearing voices in his head.

His mother Sally Ann Williams told the inquest her son had previously been diagnosed with drug-induced schizophrenia after claiming he was a tree and saying his food was poisoned.

She said he had been placed in foster care as a teenager after being caught stealing to buy drugs.

His his drug addiction was 'set in' after he returned from a young offenders institute, she said.

His mental health then 'deteriorated' further after he split up from the mother of his son about three years before he killed Miss Yemm.

Mrs Williams said: 'At some point he was sectioned once or twice but I don't know the details.'

Mrs Miles (pictured after the incident) told the inquest that Williams 'looked like Darth Maul'

His mother said: 'There was no mental health support whatsoever. He told me he'd been released without any medication.

'He'd been released without license and had no probation restrictions.'

Williams and Miss Yemm smoked cannabis and drank lager at Williams' friend Rhodri Moore's house on the day they both died.

The inquest heard Williams became upset when they started watching a documentary about the psychiatric hospital Broadmoor and said: 'What are you watching these psychos for?'

Mr Moore said he spent nearly every day with Williams, who took amphetamines and mephedrone, following his release from prison and that his friend's mental condition had deteriorated prior to his death.

He said: 'When he came out of prison there was no help there for him. He was alright but further down the line he was saying he was hallucinating.

'He was not getting the help he needed.'

Mr Moore said Williams became more paranoid after seeing a car full of police officers, who he hated, driving towards his hotel and the inquest heard they searched his room there.

From that moment Williams got 'worse and worse' and started looking out of windows and twitching, Mr Moore said.

He added: 'Obviously that was preying on his mind then. He had only been out for two weeks. It weighed on him a lot.'

The inquest in Newport continues.

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