Caduceus & Asclepius

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Caduceus & Asclepius  Syncretism Hermanubis, Greco-Egyptian syncretic diety (Hermes + Anubis...)


Herne. The Irish Hermes, Stag horned keeper of secrets, and guardian of the gates to the spirit world. The Hindu Shiva (Pashupati) is also a variant of the Irish Herne.

Cernunnos The Celtic Horned God.

The name of Hermes, however, is a derivation of the Irish Herne. Herne, also known as Cernunnos, Nikor, or as the Green Man, was the stag-horned forest god. He was seen depicted (like Orpheus and Krishna) sitting tranquilly among the forest animals. Herne was also depicted holding a circlet in one hand and a serpent in another. (As we saw above, the serpent features prominently in the story of Hiram Abiff). The circlet and serpent motif connotes the number 10, now known as ten. When the Greek letters of the name Hermes are added, we get 343, which equals 10. If the name Hiram connotes the mysteries of the number ten, then Abiff, meaning Father or Elder, simply implies that the number ten was considered the "Father Number." Indeed, the ancient architects and geometrists, of Egypt, Greece, and Ireland, held the number in high esteem. Ten was a most sacred number.

Hermes (Mercury) is portrayed as a bearded god with enlarged phallus, winged sandals and caduceus wand.

From the Second Key of Basil Valentine, Hermes is shown as a healing god carrying a Caduceus in each hand, note he is winged,crowned, the symbol of Hermes/Mercury above his head, Sun & Moon are on Earth, along with a set of wings rooted to the ground.

Hermes holds the horns of a ram and a caduceus

Ancient Relief: Hermes, Caduceus and Cornucopia

Hermes and Athena