Orgonite   Orgonite stories (non-forum)

Aug 2011. UK

Well John I bought some pieces from O Africa in feb/mar 09 for our home
and did feel a slight difference like a deeper quiet ? but there was a
difference/change, anyway it was noticeable enough to make me buy some
more so I did, but it wasn't until July when I put an HHG in the garden
just after lunch one day when it really sunk in just how powerful these
cones of resin/metal and crystal were, I got a slightly excited feeling
which strengthened as the day went on. At 22.25 a helicopter flew over the
area not unusual as the Police helicopter are often around but it sounded
more "meaty" it came back about 25/30 mins later and hovered and knew
straight away it wasn't the police one, now I am feeling uneasy as I had
read about gifters experiences of being harassed by helicopters and
"other" things, it went shortly, good job I had an SP + zapper.

Went downstairs to make a cup of tea at 23.50  got half way down when the
hairs on my neck stood up/skin tightened and got a sense of a presence,
felt like I was hit in the stomach which took my breath away .. it made me
walk backwards up to my room sharpish, I couldn't stop looking over my
shoulder expecting something to follow me. Held my SP like a light sabre
while taking tentative steps downstairs all the while feeling like
something was interfering with my breathing (pressure on the solar plexus
area) toward light switches first in each room, turned on kettle and went
to back door, feeling better and invincible now but still shaking.

I'm not ashamed to admit I was slightly terrified for a while when the
copter came back or maybe exhilarated !

That was my rude awakening to orgonite which got me on the road to getting
the gear from you to make my own and start gifting, there was quite a few
changes in our road after that, a kid 2 doors up practically ceased  his
regular temper tantrums, a couple down the road stopped having tear ups,
another family moved out after being investigated for doing unsavoury
things to their kids all coincidences I'm sure :)

But the biggest change was the peace, a deep tranquil pleasing peace and
quiet, like the tension you never knew was there dissipated.

Best wishes