by Greg Hallett

1200 pages, 750 photos

Royal Marks revealed for the first time . . .

Princess Victoria of Kent secretly married Blind Prince George of Cumberland, then had

a legitimate first born son, Marcos Manoel, who was exiled to Portugal

to be kept as the Royal Secret – all in 1834.


In 1850, Victoria presented Marcos Manoel with a Chest full of Royal Marks to

confirm his lineage for future generations –

the Rightful Heir to the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.


Marcos Manoel received the Sword of the Duchy of Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha and was

Crowned King John II of England which Queen Victoria confirmed by opening

Holborn Viaduct & Blackfriars Bridge on the same day in 1869.

As a result, the British Dukes of S.C.G. kept abandoning their S.C.G. position.


The Royal Society codified Kingship ‘Hidden-in-plain-Sight‘,

using instantly recognisable Codes . . . revealed when the time was Right.

Queen Victoria immortalised this, commissioning J.M. Barrie to write ‚Peter Pan’.

Kingship is recorded as such to eliminate all imitators.


Queen Victoria paid £1million for her genealogy and recorded Two Jesuses

who were third cousins – their chronology through England and

the Algarve is recorded and illustrated within

The Hidden King of England