Hilary Benn
Political Mafia

''People ask, 'why do politicians get into power and then ignore the wishes of the electorate'? It's quite simple, the financial backers choose carefully people with character flaws that can be bribed or blackmailed." ~ T. Stokes

[You would have thought the son of Tony Benn wouldn't be up for bombing women and children, and run with the lie ISIS isn't created by us, but Tony Benn was always riding the Tiger's back at the end of the day.  Laughable ignorance or maybe not.  Fascism?  Been a Fascist state here for as long as anyone can recall, just look at the Medical Industrial Complex (Allopathy Inc) ]

Corbyn and Benn have failed to tell us that ISIS works for the CIA and its friends.

''And we are here faced by fascists. Not just their calculated brutality, but their belief that they are superior to every single one of us in this chamber tonight, and all of the people that we represent. They hold us in contempt. They hold our values in contempt. They hold our belief in tolerance and decency in contempt. They hold our democracy, the means by which we will make our decision tonight, in contempt. And what we know about fascists is that they need to be defeated.'' --  Benn

[2015 Nov] Hilary Benn calls for cooperation and engagement with Israel  Addressing senior party figures in Westminster, Benn praised Israel for its “progressive spirit, vibrant democracy, strong welfare state, thriving free press and independent judiciary.” He also called Israel “an economic giant, a high-tech centre, second only to the United States. A land of innovation and entrepreneurship, venture capital and graduates, private and public enterprise.”  Consequently, said Benn, “Our future relations must be built on cooperation and engagement, not isolation of Israel. We must take on those who seek to delegitimise the state of Israel or question its right to exist.”

He certainly proves this one:


Israel control of UK government