Doubt Makes Its Appearance

Chance (?) Saves My Life

The Most Dramatic Moment of My Life

My "Other Self Takes Command

I Receive Strange "Orders" from a Strange Source

"You are now completely in charge of your 'other self.' You

are entitled to know that two entities occupy your body, as in

fact two similar entities occupy the body of each living person

on earth.


"One of these entities is motivated by and responds to the

impulse of fear. The other is motivated by and responds to the

impulse of faith. For more than a year you have been driven,

like a slave, by the fear entity.

"You were directed to select this environment of luxury, in

a good hotel, as a means of discouraging the return to power

of the fear entity. That fear-motivated 'old self is not dead;

it has merely been dethroned. And it will follow you around

wherever you go, awaiting a favorable opportunity to step in

and take charge of you again. It can gain control of you only

through your thoughts. Remember this, and keep the doors

to your mind tightly closed against all thoughts which seek to

limit you in any manner whatsoever, and you will be safe.


"Above everything else, get this fact clearly fixed in your

mind, that your 'other self will not do your work for you; it

will only guide you intelligently in achieving for yourself the

objects of your desires.

The Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn

My "Other Self Makes Good

"Failure": A Blessing in Disguise

Faith Has a New Meaning to Me

The Value of Giving Before Trying to Get

A New Way to Pray

Faith Is the Beginning of All Great Achievement

The state of mind known as faith apparently opens to one

the medium of a sixth sense through which one may commu-

nicate with sources of power and information far surpassing

any available through the five physical senses. There comes to

your aid, and to do your bidding, with the development of the

sixth sense, a strange power which, let us assume, is a guardian

angel who can open to you at all times the door to the Temple

of Wisdom. The "sixth sense" comes as near to being a miracle

as anything I have ever experienced, and it appears so perhaps

because I do not understand the method by which this prin-

ciple is operated.

Here Begins the Interview with the Devil

You should know I control 98 percent of the people of your

world. Do you not think that entitles me to rate as royalty?

My physical appearance? Why, my dear Mr. Earthbound,

I have no physical body. I would be handicapped by such an

encumbrance as those in which you earthbound creatures live.

I consist of negative energy, and I live in the minds of people

who fear me. I also occupy one-half of every atom of physical

matter and every unit of mental and physical energy. Perhaps

you will better understand my nature if I tell you I am the nega-

tive portion of the atom.

My opposition controls positive thought. I control neg-

ative thought.

One of my cleverest devices for mind control is fear. I plant

the seed of fear in the minds of people, and as these seeds ger-

minate and grow, through use, I control the space they occupy.

The six most effective fears are the fear of poverty, criticism, ill

health, loss of love, old age, and death.

 The first and the last— poverty and death! At one time or

another during life I tighten my grip on all people through one

or both of these. I plant these fears in the minds of people so

deftly that they believe them to be their own creation. I accom-

plish this end by making people believe I am standing just

beyond the entrance gate of the next life, waiting to claim them

after death for eternal punishment. Of course I cannot punish

anyone, except in that person's own mind, through some form

of fear— but fear of the thing which does not exist is just as

useful to me as fear of that which does exist. All forms of fear

extend the space I occupy in the human mind

The story is too long to be told in a few words. It began

over a million years ago, when the first man began to think.

Up to that time I had control over all mankind, but enemies of

mine discovered the power of positive thought, placed it in the

minds of men, and then began a battle on my part to remain

in control. So far, I have done quite well by myself, having lost

only 2 percent of the people to the opposition.

I take it from your answer that men who think are your

enemies. Is that right?


A It is not right, but it is correct.

 I live wherever I choose. Time and space do not exist for

me. I am a force best described to you as energy. My favorite

physical dwelling place, as I have told you, is the minds of the

earthbound. I control a part of the brain space of every human

being. The amount of space I occupy in each individual's mind

depends upon how little and what sort of thinking that person

does. As I have told you, I cannot entirely control any person

who thinks.


 I have countless ways of gaining control of human minds

while they are still on the earth plane. My greatest weapon

is poverty. I deliberately discourage people from accumu-

lating material wealth because poverty discourages men from

thinking and makes them easy prey for me. My next best friend

is ill health. An unhealthy body discourages thinking. Then

I have countless thousands of workers on earth who aid me in

gaining control of human minds. I have these agents placed in

every calling. They represent every race and creed, every religion.

Q Who are your greatest enemies on earth, Your Majesty?


A All who inspire people to think and act on their own initia-

tive are my enemies. Such men as Socrates, Confucius, Voltaire,

Emerson, Thomas Paine, and Abraham Lincoln. And you are

not doing me any good either.

 I use the minds of people in all walks of life. As a

matter of fact, I prefer the type of person who makes no pre-

tense of thinking; I can manipulate that sort of person without

difficulty. I could not control 98 percent of the people of the

world if all people were skilled in thinking for themselves.

I can best define the word "drift" by saying that people who

think for themselves never drift, while those who do little or no

thinking for themselves are drifters. A drifter is one who per-

mits himself to be influenced and controlled by circumstances

outside of his own mind. He would rather let me occupy his

mind and do his thinking than go to the trouble of thinking

for himself. A drifter is one who accepts whatever life throws

in his way without making a protest or putting up a fight. He

doesn't know what he wants from life and spends all of his

time getting just that. A drifter has lots of opinions, but they

are not his own. Most of them are supplied by me.


A drifter is one who is too lazy mentally to use his own

brain. That is the reason I can take control of people's thinking

and plant my own ideas in their minds.

I enter the minds of

people through thoughts which they believe to be their own.

Those most useful to me are fear, superstition, avarice, greed,

lust, revenge, anger, vanity, and plain laziness. Through one or

more of these I can enter any mind, at any age, but I get my best

results when I take charge of a mind while it is young, before its

owner has learned how to close any of these nine doors. Then I

can set up habits which keep the doors ajar forever.

My second best trick is not second at all. It is first! It is first

because without it I never could gain control of the minds of

the youths. Parents, schoolteachers, religious instructors, and

many other adults unknowingly serve my purpose by helping

me to destroy in children the habit of thinking for themselves.

They go about their work in various ways, never suspecting

what they are doing to the minds of children or the real cause

of the children's mistakes.

That is where my cleverness comes in. There is the exact

explanation of how I control 98 percent of the people of the

world. I take possession of people during their youth, before

they come into possession of their own minds, by using those

who are in charge of them. I especially need the help of those

who give children their religious instruction, because it is here

that I break down independent thought and start people on

the habit of drifting, by confusing their minds with unprov-

able ideas concerning a world of which they know nothing. It is

here also that I plant in the minds of children the greatest of all

fears— the fear of hell!

One of my favorite tricks is to coordinate the efforts of par-

ents and religious instructors so they work together in helping

me to destroy the children's power to think for themselves. I

use many religious instructors to undermine the courage and

power of independent thought of children, by teaching them

to fear me; but I use parents to aid the religious leaders in this

great work of mine.

I cause the

parents to teach their children to believe as the parents do

in connection with religion, politics, marriage, and other

important subjects. In this way, as you can see, when I gain con-

trol of the mind of a person I can easily perpetuate the control

by causing that person to help me fasten it upon the minds of

his offspring.

Accurate thought is death to me. I cannot exist in the

minds of those who think accurately. I do not mind people

thinking as long as they think in terms of fear, discouragement,

hopelessness, and destructiveness. When they begin to think in

constructive terms of faith, courage, hope, and definiteness of

purpose, they immediately become allies of my opposition and

are therefore lost to me.


Schoolteachers help me gain control of the minds of chil-

dren not so much by what they teach the children as because of

what they do not teach them. The entire public school system

is so administered that it helps my cause by teaching children

almost everything except how to use their own minds and

think independently. I live in fear that someday some coura-

geous person will reverse the present system of school teaching

and deal my cause a death blow by allowing the students to

become the instructors, using those who now serve as teachers

only as guides to help the children establish ways and means

of developing their own minds from within. When that time

comes, the schoolteachers will no longer belong to my staff.

 the system in

most of the schools of the world does not carry out the pur-

pose. School children are taught not to develop and use their

own minds, but to adopt and use the thoughts of others.

This sort of schooling destroys the capacity for independent

thought, except in a few rare cases where children rely so defi-

nitely upon their own will power that they refuse to allow

others to do their thinking. Accurate thought is the business of

my opposition, not mine!

When religious instructors try to teach

children the virtues of my opposition, they generally do so

by frightening them with my name. That is all I ask of them.

I kindle the flame of fear into proportions which destroy the

child's power to think accurately. In the public schools the

teachers further my cause by keeping the children so busy

cramming non-essential information into their minds they

have no opportunity to think accurately or to analyze correcdy

the things their instructors teach them.


Drifting is only one of my tricks through which I

take over the power of independent thought. Before a drifter

becomes my permanent property, I must lead him on and

ensnare him with another trick.

Nothing can stop me except the power of accurate thought.

People who think accurately do not drift on any subject. They

recognize the power of their own minds. Moreover, they take

over that power and yield it to no person or influence.

 I cause people to drift on every subject through which I

can control independent thought and action. Take the subject

of health, for example. I cause most people to eat too much

food and the wrong sort of food. This leads to indigestion and

destroys the power of accurate thought. If the public schools

and the churches taught children more about proper eating,

they would do my cause irreparable damage.

Marriage: I cause men and women to drift into marriage

without plan or purpose designed to convert the relationship

into harmony. Here is one of my most effective methods of

converting people into the habit of drifting. I cause married

people to bicker and nag one another over money matters. I

cause them to quarrel over the bringing up of their children.

I engage them in unpleasant controversies over their intimate

relationships and in disagreements over friends and social

activities. I keep them so busy finding fault with one another

that they never have time to do anything else long enough to

break the habit of drifting.


Savings: I cause people to spend freely and to save sparingly or

not at all, until I take complete control of them through their

fear of poverty.


Environment: I cause people to drift into inharmonious and

unpleasant environments in the home, in their places of occupa-

tion, in their relationship with relatives and acquaintances, and

to remain there until I claim them through the habit of drifting.


Dominating Thoughts: I cause people to drift into the habit of

thinking negative thoughts. This leads to negative acts and

involves people in controversies and fills their minds with

fears, thus paving the way for me to enter and control their

minds. When I move in, I do so by appealing to people through

negative thoughts which they believe to be their own. I plant

the seeds of negative thought in the minds of people through

the pulpit, the newspapers, the moving pictures, the radio,

and all other popular methods of appeal to the mind. I cause

people to allow me to do their thinking for them because they

are too lazy and too indifferent to think for themselves.

Any habit which causes one to procras-

tinate—to put off reaching a definite decision— leads to the

habit of drifting.

There are no self-appointed dictators. I appoint them all.

Moreover, I manipulate them and direct them in their work.

Nations run by my dictators know what they want and take it

by force. Look what I have done through Mussolini in Italy!

Look what I am doing through Hitler in Germany. Look what

I am doing through Stalin in Russia. My dictators run those

nations for me because the people have been subdued through

the habit of drifting. My dictators do no drifting. That is why

they rule for me the millions of people under their control.

The first sign of a non-drifter is this: He is always engaged

in doing something definite, through some well-organized

plan which is definite. He has a major goal in life toward which

he is always working, and many minor goals, all of which lead

toward his central scheme.


The tone of his voice, the quickness of his step, the sparkle in

his eyes, the quickness of his decisions clearly mark him as a

person who knows exactly what he wants and is determined

to get it, no matter how long it may take or what price he

must pay.


If you ask him questions, he gives you direct answers and

never falls back on evasions or resorts to subterfuge.

He extends many favors to others, but accepts favors

sparingly or not at all.


He will be found up front whether he is playing a game or

fighting a war.


If he does not know the answers he will say so frankly.


He has a good memory; never offers an alibi for his



He never blames others for his mistakes no matter if they

deserve the blame.


He used to be known as a go-getter, but in modern times he

is called a go-giver. You will find him running the biggest

business in town, living on the best street, driving the best

automobile, and making his presence felt wherever he

happens to be.


He is an inspiration to all who come into contact with

his mind.


The major distinguishing feature of the non-drifter is this:

He has a mind of his own and uses it for all purposes.

Q What brief message would you send to the typical drifter if

you wished to cure him of this evil habit?


A I would admonish him to wake up and give !


Q Give what?


A Some form of service useful to as many people as possible.


Q So the non-drifter is supposed to give, is he?


A Yes, if he expects to get! And he must give before he gets!


Q Some people doubt that you exist.


A I wouldn't worry about that if I were you. Those who

are ready to be converted from the habit of drifting will rec-

ognize the authenticity of this interview by its soundness of

counsel. The others are not worth the trouble it would take to

convert them.

You fear the opposition

of no individual because you know it will be short, but you

do fear truth. You fear truth and nothing else, for the reason

it is slowly but definitely giving human beings freedom from

all manner of fear. Without the weapon of fear you would be

helpless and entirely unable to control any human being! Is

that true or false?


A I have no alternative but to admit that what you say is true.

A I am powerless to influence or control you because you

have found the secret approach to my kingdom. You know that

I exist only in the minds of people who have fears. You know

that I control only the drifters who neglect to use their own

minds. You know that my hell is here on earth and not in the

world that comes after death. And you know also that drifters

supply all the fire I use in my hell. You know that I am a prin-

ciple or form of energy which expresses the negative side of

matter and energy, and that I am not a person with a forked

tongue and a spiked tail You have become my master because

you have mastered all your fears. Lastly, you know that you can

release all of my earthbound victims whom you contact, and

this definite knowledge is the blow with which you will deal me

the greatest damage.


I cannot control you because you have discovered your

own mind and you have taken charge of it. There now, Mr.

Earthbound, that confession should feed your vanity to the

bursting point.

Man alive! Flattery is one of my most useful

weapons. With this deadly instrument I slay the big ones and

the little ones.

A Flattery is a bait of incomparable value to all who wish

to gain control over others. It has powerful pulling qualities

because it operates through two of the most common human

weaknesses: vanity and egotism. There is a certain amount of

vanity and egotism in everyone. In some people these qualities

are so pronounced they literally serve as a rope by which one

may be bound. The best of all ropes is flattery.


Flattery is the chief bait through which men seduce women.

Sometimes— in fact, frequently— women use the same bait to

gain control of men, especially men who cannot be mastered

through sex appeal. I teach its use to both men and women.

Flattery is the chief bait with which my agents weave their way

into the confidence of people from whom they procure infor-

mation needed to carry on warfare.

Wherever anyone stops to feed his vanity on flattery, I move

in and begin to build another drifter. Non-drifters are not

easily flattered. I inspire people to use flattery in every human

relationship where its use is possible because those who are

influenced by it become easy victims of the drifting habit.


Q Can you control anyone who is amenable to flattery?


A Very easily. As I have already told you, flattery is of major

importance in alluring people into the habit of drifting.


Q At what age are people most susceptible to flattery?


A Age has nothing to do with one's susceptibility to flattery.

People respond to it, in one way or another, from the time they

become conscious of their own existence until they die.


Q Through what motive can women be most easily flattered?


A Their vanity. Tell a woman she is pretty or that she wears

clothes well.


Q What motive is most effective in harpooning men?


A Egotism, with a capital E! Tell a man he has a strong

Herculean body or that he is a great business tycoon, and he

will purr like a cat and smile like an opossum! After that you

know what happens.

Two out of every hundred have their egotism so

thoroughly under control that even an expert flatterer couldn't

get under their skins with a double-edged butcher knife.

A One of my most effective tricks is known to you as propa-

ganda. This is the instrument of greatest value to me in setting

people to murdering one another under the guise of war.


The cleverness of this trick consists mainly of the subtlety

with which I use it.


I mix propaganda with the news of the world. I have it

taught in public and private schools. I see that it finds its way

into the pulpit. I color moving pictures with it I see that it

enters every home where there is a radio. I inject it into bill-

board, newspaper, and radio advertising. I spread it in every

place of business where people work. I use it to fill the divorce

courts and I make it serve to destroy business and industry.


It is my chief instrument for starting runs on banks. My

propagandists cover the world so thoroughly that I can start

epidemics of disease, turn loose the dogs of war, or throw busi-

ness into a panic at will.

A Propaganda is any device, plan, or method by which people

can be influenced without knowing that they are being influ-

enced, or the source of the influence.


Propaganda is used in business for the purpose of discour-

aging competition. Employers use it to gain advantage over

their employees. The employees retaliate by using it to gain

advantage over their employers. In fact, it is used so universally

and through such a smooth and beautiful streamlined tech-

nique that it looks harmless even when it is detected.

A Yes! Millions of my boys are preparing Americans to

become Hitlerized My best boys are working through poli-

tics and labor organization. We intend to take over the country

with ballots instead of bullets. Americans are so sensitive they

would never stand the shock of seeing their form of govern-

ment changed with the aid of machine guns and tank cars.

So our propaganda boys are serving them a diet they will

swallow, by stirring up strife between employers and employees

and turning the government against business and industry.

When propaganda has done its work thoroughly, one of my boys

will move in as dictator and the Nine Old Men on your Supreme

Court with their silly notions of the Constitution will move out!


Everyone will be given a job or fed from the government treasury.

When men's bellies are filled, they drift freely with one who does

the filling. Hungry men get out from under control.  

A What is fear of the Devil except propaganda? You have not

observed my technique very carefully or you would have seen

that I am the world's greatest propagandist! I never attain an

end by direct, open means which I can achieve through subter-

fuge and subtlety. What do you suppose I am using, when I plant

negative ideas in the minds of men and gain control of them  

through what they believe to be their own ideas? What would

you call that except the cleverest of all forms of propaganda?

If the individual's greatest weak-

ness is the desire for money, I begin to dangle coins before him,

figuratively speaking. I intensify his desire and induce him

to go after money. Then when he gets near it I snatch it away

from him.


This is an old trick of mine. After the trick has been

repeated a few times, the poor fellow gives in and quits. Then I

take over a little more space in his mind and fill it with the fear

of poverty. That is one of my best mind-fillers.

I take over the space by filling it with something

which serves my purpose just as well. If my victim converts his

desire for money into large sums, I start over-feeding him with

the things he can buy with it. For example, I cause him to stuff

himself with rich foods. This slows down his thinking capacity,

endangers his heart, and starts him on the road to drifting.


Then I pester him with intestinal poisoning through the

surplus food he eats. That also slows down his thinking and

gives him a nasty disposition.

 If the victim is a male I can usually snare him through his

sex appetite. Over-indulgence in sex starts more men to drifting

toward failure than all other causes combined.

A Protection against drifting lies within easy reach of every

human being who has a normal body and a sound mind. The

self-defense can be applied through these simple methods:


1. Do your own thinking on all occasions. The fact that

human beings are given complete control over nothing

save the power to think their own thoughts is laden with



2. Decide definitely what you want from life; then create

a plan for attaining it and be willing to sacrifice everything

else, if necessary, rather than accept permanent defeat.


3. Analyze temporary defeat, no matter of what nature

or cause, and extract from it the seed of an equivalent



4. Be willing to render useful service equivalent to the value

of all material things you demand of life, and render the ser-

vice first.


5. Recognize that your brain is a receiving set that can be

attuned to receive communications from the universal store-

house of Infinite Intelligence, to help you transmute your

desires into their physical equivalent.


6. Recognize that your greatest asset is time, the only thing

except the power of thought which you own outright, and

the one thing which can be shaped into whatever material

things you want. Budget your time so none of it is wasted.


7. Recognize the truth that fear generally is a filler with

which the Devil occupies the unused portion of your mind.

It is only a state of mind which you can control by filling the

space it occupies with faith in your ability to make life pro-

vide you with whatever you demand of it.


8. When you pray, do not beg! Demand what you want and

insist upon getting exactly that, with no substitutes.


9. Recognize that life is a cruel taskmaster and that either

you master it or it masters you. There is no half-way or com-

promising point. Never accept from life anything you do not

want. If that which you do not want is temporarily forced

upon you, you can refuse, in your own mind, to accept it and

it will make way for the thing you do want.


10. Lastly, remember that your dominating thoughts attract,

through a definite law of nature, by the shortest and most

convenient route, their physical counterpart. Be careful what

your thoughts dwell upon.  

Q What human fear best serves your purpose?


A The fear of death.


Q Why is the fear of death your favorite weapon?


A Because no one knows, and by the very nature of the laws

of the universe, no one can prove definitely what happens after

death. This uncertainty frightens people out of their wits.


People who give over their minds to fear— any sort of fear-

neglect to use their minds and begin to drift. Eventually they

drift into the whirlpool of hypnotic rhythm from which they

may never escape.


Q Then you do not mind what religious leaders think or say

of you when they speak of death?


A Not as long as they say something! If the churches should

stop talking about me, my cause would receive a severe setback.

Every attack made against me fixes the fear of me in the minds

of all who are influenced by it. You see, opposition is the thing

that keeps some people from drifting! Providing they do not

yield to it.


Q Since you claim the churches help instead of hindering

your cause, tell me what would give you cause to worry?


A My only worry is that someday a real thinker may appear

on earth.


Q What would happen if a thinker did appear?


A You ask me what would happen? I'll tell you what would

happen. People would learn the greatest of all truths— that the

time they spend in fearing something would, if reversed, give

them all they want in the material world and save them from

me after death. Isn't that worth thinking about?


Q What is keeping such a thinker from appearing in

the world?


A Fear of criticism! It may interest you to know that the fear

of criticism is the only effective weapon I have with which to

whip you. If you were not afraid to publish this confession

after you wring it from me, I would lose my earthly kingdom.

A When you found a great love in the woman of your choice,

I lost my grip on you.


Q So you are going to accuse me of hiding behind a woman's

skirts, are you?


A No, not hiding. I wouldn't put it that way. I would say you

have learned how to give yourself a solid background with the

embellishment of a woman's mind.


Q The woman's skirt has nothing to do with it then?


A No, but her brain does. When you and your wife began

to combine your two brains, through your habit of "Master

Minding" every day, you stumbled upon the secret power with

which you forced me into this confession.

 I could flatter you if I had you alone, but I cannot flatter

you while you have the use of your wife's mind.

Q I am beginning to catch on to something important. I am

beginning to understand what was meant by the writer of that

passage in the Bible which says substantially, "When two or

more meet together and ask for anything in My name, it shall

be granted." It is true, then, that two minds are better than one.


A It is not only true, it is necessary before anyone can con-

tinuously contact the great storehouse of Infinite Intelligence

wherein is stored all that is, all that ever was, and all that can

ever be.

A No, not exactly. You are where you are and what you are

because of your thoughts and your deeds.

A Emphatically no. Circumstances which people do not

understand are classified under the heading of luck. Back of

every reality is a cause. Often the cause is so far removed from

the effect that the circumstance can be explained only by attrib-

uting it to the operation of luck. Nature knows no such law as

luck. It is a man-made hypothesis with which he explains away

things he does not understand. The terms "luck" and "miracle"

are twin sisters. Neither of them has any real existence except in

the imaginations of people. Both are used to explain that which

people do not understand. Remember this: everything having a

real existence is capable of proof. Keep this one truth in mind

and you will become a sounder thinker.

A All deeds follow thoughts. There can be no deeds without

their having first been patterned in thought. Moreover, all

thoughts have a tendency to clothe themselves in their phys-

ical counterpart. One's dominating thoughts, that is, the

thoughts one mixes with the emotions, desire, hope, faith,

fear, hate, greed, enthusiasm, not only have a tendency to

clothe themselves in their physical equivalent, but they are

bound to do so.

A I operate wherever there is something I can control and

appropriate. I have already told you I am the negative portion

of the electron of matter.


• I am the explosion in lightning.


• I am the pain in disease and physical suffering.


• I am the unseen general in warfare.


• I am the unknown commissioner of poverty and famine.


• I am the executioner extraordinaire at death.


• I am the inspirer of lust after the flesh.


• I am the creator of jealousy and envy and greed.


• I am the instigator of fear.


• I am the genius who converts the achievements of men

of science into instruments of death.


• I am the destroyer of harmony in all manner of human



• I am the antithesis of justice.


• I am the driving force in all immorality.


• I am the stalemate of all good.


• I am anxiety, suspense, superstition, and insanity.


• I am the destroyer of hope and faith.


• I am the inspirer of destructive gossip and scandal.


• I am the discourager of free and independent thought.


• In brief, I am the creator of all forms of human

misery, the instigator of discouragement and


Q In other words, you control people by making nega-

tive thinking and destructive deeds pleasing to them. Is that


Q Why don't you take over the churches and use them out-

right in your cause?


A Do you think I am a fool? Who would keep alive the fear

of the Devil if I subdued the churches? Who would serve as a

decoy to attract the attention of people while I manipulate

their minds if I did not have some agency through which to

sow the seeds of fear and doubt? The cleverest thing I do is to

use the allies of my opposition to keep the fear of hell burning

in the minds of people. As long as people fear something, no

matter what, I will keep a grip on them.

A Yes. That is precisely the major difference between indi-

viduals. The person who thinks in terms of power, success,

opulence, sets up a rhythm which attracts these desirable pos-

sessions. The person who thinks in terms of misery, failure,

defeat, discouragement, and poverty attracts these undesirable

influences. This explains why both success and failure are the

result of habit. Habit establishes one's rhythm of thought, and

that rhythm attracts the object of one's dominating thoughts.


Q Hypnotic rhythm is something resembling a magnet which

attracts things for which it has a magnetic affinity. Is that



A Yes, that is correct. That is why the poverty-stricken herd

themselves into the same communities. It explains that old

saying, "Misery loves company." It also explains why people

who begin to succeed in any undertaking find that success mul-

tiplies, with less effort, as time goes on.


All successful people use hypnotic rhythm, either con-

sciously or unconsciously, by expecting and demanding suc-

cess. The demand becomes a habit, hypnotic rhythm takes over

the habit, and the law of harmonious attraction translates it

into its physical equivalent.

Q In other words, if I know what I want from life, demand

it and back my demand by a willingness to pay life's price for

what I want, and refuse to accept any substitutes, the law of

hypnotic rhythm takes over my desire and helps, by natural

and logical means, to transmute it into its physical counter-

part. Is that true?


A That describes the way the law works.

We have learned, beyond the question of doubt, that

anyone who adopts definiteness of purpose as a policy and uses

it in all of his daily experiences cannot be induced to form the

habit of drifting. Without the aid of the drifting habit you are

powerless to attract people through promises. Is this correct?


A I couldn't have stated the truth more clearly myself.

Imitation becomes a fixed habit. Naturally the child imi-

tates, first of all, its parents! Then it begins to imitate its other

relatives and daily associates, including its religious instructors

and schoolteachers.


The imitation extends not merely to physical expression,

but also to thought expression. If a child's parents fear me and

express that fear within range of the child's hearing, the child

picks up the fear through the habit of imitation and stores it

away as a part of its subconscious stock of beliefs.


If the child's religious instructor expresses any form of

fear of me (and they all do, in one form or another), that fear is

added to the similar fear passed to the child by its parents, and

the two forms of negative limitation are stored away in the sub-

conscious mind to be drawn upon and used by me later in life.


In a similar way the child learns, by imitation, to limit its

power of thought by filling its mind with envy, hatred, greed,

lust, revenge, and all the other negative impulses of thought

which destroy all possibility of definiteness.


Meanwhile I move in and induce the child to drift until I

bind its mind through hypnotic rhythm.


A I prefer to claim them before they come into possession

of their own minds. Once any person learns the power of his

own thoughts, he becomes positive and difficult to subdue. As

a matter of fact, I cannot control any human being who dis-

covers and uses the principle of definiteness.


Q Is the habit of definiteness a permanent protection against

your control?


A No, not by any means. Definiteness closes the door of one's

mind to me only as long as that person follows the principle as

a matter of policy. Once any person hesitates, procrastinates, or

becomes indefinite about anything, he is just one step removed

from my control.


Give me control over a person's fears and tell me what he

loves most and you may as well mark that person down as my

slave. Both love and fear are emotional forces of such stupen-

dous potency that either may completely set aside the power of

will and the power of reason. Without will and reason there is

nothing left to support definiteness of purpose.

A First, let me correct that old saying that all marriages are

made in heaven. I know of some which were made on my side

of the fence. Minds which do not harmonize should never be

forced to remain together in marriage or any other relationship.

Friction and all forms of discord between minds lead inevitably

to the habit of drifting, and of course to indefiniteness.

A "Duty" is one of the most abused and misunderstood

words in existence. The first duty of every human being is to

himself. Every person owes himself the duty of finding how

to live a full and happy life. Beyond this, if one has time and

energy not needed in the fulfillment of his own desires, one

may assume responsibility for helping others.


A There is nothing inconsistent about it. The majority of

people who pray go to prayer only after everything else fails

them. Naturally they go with their minds filled with fear that

the prayers will not be answered. Well, their fears are realized.


The person who goes to prayer with definiteness of purpose

and faith in the attainment of that purpose puts into motion

the laws of nature which transmute one's dominating desires

into their physical equivalent. That is all there is to prayer.


One form of prayer is negative and brings only nega-

tive results. One form is positive and brings definite, positive

results. Could anything be more simple?


Nature's law is, "Know what you want, adapt yourself to my

laws, and you shall have it."

Q Why don't you take over Omnipotence and manage the

whole works in your own way?


A You might as well ask why the negative portion of the elec-

tron doesn't take over the positive portion and run the entire

works. The answer is that both the positive and the negative

charges of energy are necessary to the existence of the elec-

tron. One is balanced equally against the other, stalemated, as

it were.


So it is with what you call Omnipotence and I. We repre-

sent the positive and the negative forces of the entire system of

universes, and we are equally balanced one against the other.


If this power of balance were shifted the slightest degree,

the whole system of universes would become quickly reduced

to a mass of inert matter. Now you know why I cannot take

over the whole show and run it my way.

Q Then the doctrine of predestination is sound. People are

born to success or failure, misery or happiness, to be good or

bad, and they have nothing to do with this nor can they modify

their natures. Is that your claim?


A Emphatically not! Every human being has a wide range

of choice in both his thoughts and his deeds. Every human

being can use his brain for the reception and the expression of

positive thoughts or he can use it for the expression of nega-

tive thoughts. His choice in this important matter shapes his

entire life.

Q From what you have said I gather the idea that human

beings have more freedom of expression than either you or

your opposition. Is that correct?


A That is true. Omnipotence and I are bound by immutable

laws of nature. We cannot express ourselves in any manner not

conforming to these laws.


Q Then it is true that man has rights and privileges not avail-

able to either Omnipotence or the Devil. Is that the truth?


A Yes, that is true, but you might well have added that man

has not yet fully awakened to the realization of this potential

power. Man still regards himself as something resembling the

worms in the dust, when in reality he has more power than all

other living things combined.


Q Definiteness of purpose seems to be a panacea for all evils

of man.


A Not that perhaps, but you may be sure no one ever will

become self-determining without it.

A For the reason that there is no definite plan or purpose

behind any of the school curricula! Children are sent to school

to make credits and to learn how to memorize, not to learn

what they want of life.


Q I deduce from all you say that neither the schools nor

the churches prepare the youths of the world with a practical

working knowledge of their own minds. Is anything of more

importance to a human being than an understanding of the

forces and circumstances which influence his own mind?


A The only thing of enduring value to any human being is

a working knowledge of his own mind. The churches do not

permit a person to inquire into the possibilities of his own

mind, and the schools do not recognize that such a thing as a

mind exists.  


Q Aren't you a little hard on the schools and the churches?


A No, I am merely describing them as they are, without bias

or prejudice.


Q Aren't the schools and the churches your bitter enemies?


A Their leaders may think they are, but I am impressed only

by facts. The truth is this, if you must know it: the churches

are my most helpful allies and the schools run the churches a

close second.


Q On what specific or general grounds do you make this



A On the grounds that both the churches and the schools

help me to convert people to the habit of drifting.

Q Do you realize that your charge is substantially a sweeping

indictment of the two institutions of major importance which

have been responsible for civilization, in its present form?


A Do I realize it? Man alive, I gloat over it. If the schools and

churches had taught people how to think for themselves, where

would I be, now?


Q This confession of yours will disillusion millions of people

whose only hope for salvation is in their churches. Isn't that

a cruel thing to do to them? Wouldn't most people be better

off living in the bliss of ignorance than to know the truth

about you?


A What do you mean by the term "salvation"? From what are

people being saved? The only form of enduring salvation that

is worth a green fig to any human being is that which comes

from recognition of the power of his own mind. Ignorance and

fear are the only enemies from which men need salvation.

Q You seem to hold nothing sacred.


A You are wrong. I hold sacred the one thing which is my

master— the one thing I fear.


Q What is that?


A The power of independent thought backed by definiteness

of purpose.


Q Then you do not have many people to fear?


A Only two out of every 100 to be exact. I control all others.




Q Is that all that is wrong with the system?


A No, that is only the beginning. Another major weakness of

the school system is that it does not establish in the minds of

children either the importance of definiteness of purpose or

make any attempt to teach youths how to be definite about



The major object of all schooling is to force the students to

cram their memories with facts instead of teaching them how

to organize and make practical use of facts.


This cramming system centers the attention of students

on the accumulation of "credits" but overlooks the important

question of how to use knowledge in the practical affairs of life.

This system turns out graduates whose names are inscribed

upon parchment certificates, but whose minds are empty of

self-determination. The school system got off to a bad start

at the beginning. The schools began as institutions of "higher

learning," operated entirely for the select few whose wealth and

family entitled them to education.


Thus the entire school system was evolved by beginning at

the top and working back down to the bottom. It is no wonder

the system neglects to teach children the importance of defi-

niteness of purpose when the system, itself, has literally evolved

through indefiniteness.

Q Describe the changes needed just as they come to you.


A You are forcing me to commit an act of treason against

myself, but here it is:


Reverse the present system by giving children the privilege

of leading in their school work instead of following orthodox

rules designed only to impart abstract knowledge. Let

instructors serve as students and let the students serve

as instructors.


As far as possible, organize all school work into definite

methods through which the student can learn by doing, and

direct the class work so that every student engages in some

form of practical labor connected with the daily problems

of life.


Ideas are the beginning of all human achievement. Teach

all students how to recognize practical ideas that may be of

benefit in helping them acquire whatever they demand of life.


Teach the students how to budget and use time, and above

all teach the truth that time is the greatest asset available to

human beings and the cheapest.


Teach the student the basic motives by which all people are

influenced and show how to use these motives in acquiring

the necessities and the luxuries of life.


Teach children what to eat, how much to eat, and what is the

relationship between proper eating and sound health.


Teach children the true nature and function of the emotion

of sex, and above all, teach them that it can be transmuted

into a driving force capable of lifting one to great heights

of achievement.


Teach children to be definite in all things, beginning with the

choice of a definite major purpose in life!


Teach children the nature of and possibilities for good and

evil in the principle of habit, using as illustrations with

which to dramatize the subject the everyday experiences of

children and adults.


Teach children how habits become fixed through the law of

hypnotic rhythm, and influence them to adopt, while in the

lower grades, habits that will lead to independent thought!


Teach children the difference between temporary defeat

and failure, and show them how to search for the seed of an

equivalent advantage which comes with every defeat.


Teach children to express their own thoughts fearlessly and

to accept or reject, at will, all ideas of others, reserving to

themselves, always, the privilege of relying upon their

own judgment.


Teach children to reach decisions promptly and to change

them, if at all, slowly and with reluctance, and never without a

definite reason.


Teach children that the human brain is the instrument with

which one receives, from the great storehouse of nature, the

energy which is specialized into definite thoughts; that the

brain does not think, but serves as an instrument for the

interpretation of stimuli which cause thought.


Teach children the value of harmony in their own minds and

that this is attainable only through self-control.


Teach children the nature and the value of self-control.


Teach children that there is a law of increasing returns which

can be and should be put into operation, as a matter of habit,

by rendering always more service and better service than is

expected of them.


Teach children the true nature of the Golden Rule, and above

all show them that through the operation of this principle,

everything they do to and for another they do also to and

for themselves.


Teach children not to have opinions unless they are formed

from facts or beliefs which may reasonably be accepted as facts.


Teach children that cigarettes, liquor, narcotics, and over-

indulgence in sex destroy the power of will and lead to the habit

of drifting. Do not forbid these evils— just explain them.


Teach children the danger of believing anything merely

because their parents, religious instructors, or someone else

says it is so.


Teach children to face facts, whether they are pleasant or

unpleasant, without resorting to subterfuge or offering alibis.


Teach children to encourage the use of their sixth sense

through which ideas present themselves in their minds from

unknown sources, and to examine all such ideas carefully.


Teach children the full import of the law of compensation as it

was interpreted by Ralph Waldo Emerson, and show them how

the law works in the small, everyday affairs of life.


Teach children that definiteness of purpose, backed by definite

plans persistently and continuously applied, is the most

efficacious form of prayer available to human beings.


Teach children that the space they occupy in the world is

measured definitely by the quality and quantity of useful

service they render the world.


Teach children there is no problem which does not have an

appropriate solution and that the solution often may be found

in the circumstance creating the problem.


Teach children that their only real limitations are those which

they set up or permit others to establish in their own minds.


Teach them that man can achieve whatever man can conceive

and believe!


Teach children that all schoolhouses and all textbooks

are elementary implements which may be helpful in the

development of their minds, but that the only school of

real value is the great University of Life wherein one has the

privilege of learning from experience.


Teach children to be true to themselves at all times and, since

they cannot please everybody, therefore to do a good job of

pleasing themselves.


Q That is an imposing list, but it seems conspicuous by

the fact it ignores practically every subject now taught in the

public schools. Was that intended?


A Yes. You asked for a list of suggested changes in public

school curricula which would benefit children— well, that is

what you got.


Q Some of the changes you suggest are so unorthodox they

would shock most of the educators of today, wouldn't they?


A Most of the educators of today need to be shocked. A good

sound shock often helps the brain that has been atrophied

by habit.


Q Would the changes you suggest for the public schools give

children immunity against the habit of drifting?


A Yes, that is one of the results the changes would bring, but

there are others too.


Q How could the suggested changes be forced into the public

school system? You know, of course, it is as difficult to get a

new idea into an educator's brain as it is to interest a religious

leader in modifying religion so it will help people to get more

from life.


 A The quickest and surest way to force practical ideas into

the public schools is to first introduce the ideas through pri-

vate schools and establish such a demand for their use that

public school officials will be compelled to employ them.

Q Name some of the common forms of sin.


A It is a sin to overeat because that leads to ill health

and misery.


It is a sin to over-indulge in sex because that breaks down

one's will power and leads to the habit of drifting.


It is a sin to permit one's mind to be dominated by nega-

tive thoughts of envy, greed, fear, hatred, intolerance, vanity,

self-pity, or discouragement, because these states of mind lead

to the habit of drifting.


It is a sin to cheat, lie, and steal, because these habits

destroy self-respect, subdue one's conscience, and lead to



It is a sin to remain in ignorance because that leads to pov-

erty and loss of self-reliance.


It is a sin to accept from life anything one does not

want because that indicates an unpardonable neglect to use

the mind.


Q Is it a sin for one to drift through life, without definite aim,

plan, or purpose?


A Yes, because this habit leads to poverty and destroys the

privilege of self-determination. It also deprives one of the

privilege of using his own mind as a medium of contact with

Infinite Intelligence.


Q Are you the chief inspirer of sin?


A Yes! It is my business to gain control of the minds of people

in every way possible.


Q Can you control the mind of a person who commits no



A I cannot, because that person never permits his mind to be

dominated by any form of negative thought. I cannot enter the

mind of one who never sins, let alone control it.


Q What is the commonest and most destructive of all sins?

A Fear and ignorance.


Q Have you nothing else to add to the list?

A There is nothing else to be added.


Q What is faith?


A It is a state of mind wherein one recognizes and uses the

power of positive thought as a medium by which one contacts

and draws upon the universal store of Infinite Intelligence at will.


Q In other words, faith is the absence of all forms of negative

thought. Is that the idea?


A Yes, that is another way of describing it.


Q Has a drifter the capacity to use faith?


A He may have the capacity but he does not use it. Everyone

has the potential power to clear his mind of all negative

thoughts and thereby avail himself of the power of faith.


Q Stating the matter in another way, faith is definiteness of

purpose backed by belief in the attainment of the object of

that purpose. Is that correct?


A That's the idea, exacdy.


People who eat wisely and keep their body sewers clean

handicap me because a clean body sewer generally means a

sound body and a brain that functions properly.



People who eat wisely and keep their body sewers clean

handicap me because a clean body sewer generally means a

sound body and a brain that functions properly.


Imagine— if your imagination can be stretched that far-

how any human being could move with definiteness of purpose

with his body sewer filled with enough poison to kill a hundred

people if it were injected into their bloodstream directly.


Q And all this trouble is the result of lack of control over the

physical appetite for food?


A Well, if you wish to be absolutely correct you should say

that improper eating is responsible for the majority of the ills

of the body, and practically all headaches.


If you want proof of this, select 100 people suffering with

headaches and give each of them a thorough washing out

of their body sewer systems with a high enema, and observe

that no fewer than ninety-five of the headaches will disappear

within a few minutes after their sewers have been cleaned.


Q From all you say about the intestinal tract, I gather the

impression that mastery over the physical appetite for food

means also mastery over the habit of neglecting to keep the

intestines clean?


A Yes, that is true. It is just as important to eliminate the

waste matter of the body and the unused portions of food

as it is to take the right amount and the correct combinations

of food.


Q I never thought of auto-intoxication as being one of your

devices of control over people, and I am utterly shocked to

know how many people are victims of this subtle enemy. Let's

hear what you have to say of the other two appetites.


A Well, take the desire for sex expression. Now there is a

force with which I master the weak and the strong, the old and

the young, the ignorant and the wise. In fact, I master all who

neglect to master sex!


Q Do I understand you to imply there is a relationship

between sex and poverty?


A Yes, where sex is not under definite control. If allowed to

run its natural course, sex will quickly lead one into the habit

of drifting.


Q Is there any relationship between sex and leadership?


A Yes, all great leaders in every walk of life are highly sexed,

but they follow the habit of controlling their sex desires,

switching them into a driving force behind their occupation.


Q Is the habit of over-indulgence in sex as dangerous as the

habit of taking narcotics or liquor?


A There is no difference between these habits. Both lead to

hypnotic control, through the habit of drifting!

Q Just what damage is there in over-indulgence of sex?


A The greatest damage is that it depletes the source of man's

greatest driving force, and wastes, without adequate compensa-

tion, man's creative energy.


It dissipates energy needed by nature to maintain physical

health. Sex is nature's most useful therapeutic force.


It depletes the magnetic energy which is the source of an

attractive, pleasing personality.


It removes the sparkle from one's eyes and sets up discord

in the tone of one's voice.


It destroys enthusiasm, subdues ambition, and leads inevi-

tably to the habit of drifting on all subjects.


Q I would like for you to answer my question in another way

by telling me what beneficial ends the emotion of sex may be

made to attain, if mastered and transmuted.


A Controlled sex supplies the magnetic force that attracts

people to one another. It is the most important factor of a

pleasing personality.


It gives quality to the tone of voice and enables one to

convey through the voice any feeling desired.


It serves, as nothing else can serve, to give motive-power to

one's desires.


It keeps the nervous system charged with the energy needed

to carry on the work of maintaining the body.


It sharpens the imagination and enables one to create

useful ideas.

It gives quickness and definiteness to one's physical and

mental movements.


It gives one persistence and perseverance in the pursuit of

one's major purpose in life.


It is a great antidote for all fear.


It gives one immunity against discouragement.


It helps to master laziness and procrastination.


It gives one physical and mental endurance while under-

going any form of opposition or defeat.


It gives one the fighting qualities necessary under all cir-

cumstances for self-defense.


In brief, it makes winners and not quitters!



Wise men keep their plans to themselves and refrain from

expressing uninvited opinions. This prevents others from

appropriating their ideas and makes it difficult for others to

interfere with their plans.



 Failure brings a climax in which one has the privilege of

clearing his mind of fear and making a new start in another

direction. Failure proves conclusively that something is wrong

with one's aims or the plans by which the object of these aims

is sought. Failure is the dead end of the habit-path one has

been following, and when it is reached it forces one to leave

that path and take up another, thereby creating a new rhythm.


But failure does more than this. It gives an individual an

opportunity to test himself wherein he may learn how much

will power he possesses. Failure also forces people to learn

many truths they would never discover without it. Failure often

leads an individual to an understanding of the power of self-

discipline without which no one could turn back after having

once been the victim of hypnotic rhythm.


Study the lives of all people who achieve outstanding

success in any calling and observe, with profit, that their suc-

cess is usually in exact ratio to their experiences of defeat

before succeeding.




















A Yes, I mean just that. Definiteness of purpose plus defi-

niteness of plan by which the purpose is to be achieved gener-

ally succeeds, no matter how weak the plan may be. The major

difference between a sound and an unsound plan is that the

sound plan, if definitely applied, may be carried out more

quickly than an unsound plan.


The cause was born on July 4, 1776, when fifty-six men

signed a document which destroyed my chances of control-

ling the nation. You know that document as the Declaration

of Independence. Had it not been for the influence of that

damnable document, I would now have a dictator running the

country and I would stop this right to free speech and indepen-

dent thought that is threatening my rule on earth.