Hollywood Elites Blocking My Book on Hollywood Illuminati! (Burning Down Massa's House)

Dec 2012 http://creoleneworleans.typepad.com

I am so sick and tired of Hollywood and this belief that everyone in Hollywood always has to keep secrets for everyone else.
Not only is John Travolta gay but the man is the most promiscuous person that I know!  And yes I do have John Travolta's Email Address and know all what he is about.
If John Travolta was a typical closet case that had his wife, kids and a long term male lover on the side, that would be different but the fact of the matter, aside from that 3 year fling with his "work out" companion that he even took on Oprah, is that J.T. is the biggest slut that I have ever seen!
John Travolta is so gay that his verifiable male lovers, number over 80!  But for some strange reason, The Church of Scientology, acts like if one talks about John Travolta, that one is talking about their corporation.
While I have a very favorable view of L Ron Hubbard & respect the good that this man tried to bring into the world, it still doesn't mean that I will cloak John Travolta into L Ron Hubbard's legacy of fighting drug corps, pollution and the Illuminati.
If John Travolta doesn't want to be written about as being gay, then he should stop sleeping with a different guy every other day!
I didn't tell Kristen Stewart to sleep with Jodie Foster or one of her mother's boyfriends....BUT SHE DID!
I didn't tell Ben Afflect and Matt Damon to tongue kiss at a party & another party and yet another party (in a serious manner)...BUT THEY DID!
The head of Warner Tv, Roth, was caught up in the Satanic Cult, Church of Process, and they have even murdered kids and dumped the bodies on Staten Island. If he didnt want people to know, THEN HIS MOTHER SHOULD HAVE KEPT HER MOUTH SHUT & NOT TOLD ME IN WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY. In fact, I still have her business card, from her hands to mine.  So, I did speak with her about that cult & Warner Bros Studio.
If Hollywood Actresses don't want people to know about their drug habits (even though they have been in rehab) then don't wonder around high as kite on Sunset and Vine.  But now all of a sudden since the security cameras re-set every 12 to 24 hours, I cant get any evidence.  I assumed that security cameras were like the NSA or cell phone companies where things were stored for years at a time but since it is not, now I am told that I can not expose this person.
Warner Bros and Barry Meyer along with Disney Head (former WB Head), Alan Horn, hold Illuminati Occult Druid Rituals on the studio lot.  Barry Meyer, during the Dark Knight Shooting in Colorado, rubbed his hands together and talked about how the film would make 200 million dollars in under 4 days!
While Warner Bros was releasing statements of condolences for the victims of Aurora Colorado & saying how they felt so bad, Anne Hathaway was worried about how her her tits looked and Barry Meyer was in his office, rubbing his hands together, while talking about his profits from The Dark Knight Film!
Barry Meyer is now even making a film based on the violent video game that the Sandy Hook, Connecticut Shooter was obsessed with before the elementary school massacre (Daily Caller Reported) but even with all of this bold and brazen disregard for the fragile state of the human mind, Barry Meyer is now acting like I cant write about him! Oh yeah I can, Mr. Meyer!
I did not tell the US Government to let in crazy Occult Kooks and model the US Pentagon after Stonehenge and attempt to bring back the Dark Lord by funding Hitler and now these Illuminati People have an entire army of Illuminati Actors, like Anjie Jolie, Clooney, Rihanna, Beyonce & Ben Afflect that simply provide the brain washing tools, so that these cult freaks can sacrifice, to Stonehenge aka US Pentagon Building, by mass murdering innocent people via wars.
When the US was founded we were given freedom by the Freemason Founding Fathers, to free humanity from the bondage of "the church" & European tyranny.  American freedoms and wealth could have never been accomplish via Christianity but instead the United States & Bill of Rights were based on Freemason Principals.
The Founding Fathers left Europe because Christianity was indeed the Government & as a result people were kept in limited boxes and sentenced to a life of ignorance & peasantry.
That entire Bill of Rights, which was given to you idiots, is a Freemason Document and was based off of the original Freemason ideas of freedoms.  But over the past 100 years, the Freemason Lodges have been polluted and taken over by dumb trailer trash that follow the Illuminati.
This is the real shit that is happening and I am not about to take a silly fucking twit pic or tweet, write something on it and then pass it off as real journalism.
I did not wire tap anyone, sneak into your back yards nor did I use spy drones..THIS IS SHIT THAT YOU PEOPLE HAVE DONE OUT IN THE OPEN.  Now they act like I cant put it all together and present it!? Yea, I can.
I'm getting off of this Hollywood Plantation & I am burning down Massa's house before I go!