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The Hollywood Kabbalah Cult Unmasked

By Timothy Fitzpatrick

20 May 2012

The Hollywood Kabbalah Cult Unmasked – Part I
The Hollywood Kabbalah Cult Unmasked – Part II

The Hollywood Kabbalah Cult Unmasked – Part I


Jay Z, Rihanna, Bono, and Lady Gaga demonstrate their allegiance to the Kabbalah cult, also known as the Illuminati.


By Timothy Fitzpatrick


If you ever wondered why the lives of Hollywood stars are so troubled but concluded the reason was nothing more than vanity, substance abuse, and too much money, think again.

Hollywood is ruled by a Kabbalistic cult—also known as the Illuminati—which is wreaking havoc in the lives those on the silver screen and in the music industry, according to blogger 101TheDestroyer in The Wake Up series.

TheDestroyer has created a series of videos shedding light on Hollywood’s deep dark secret, and all the big names are implicated. MK Ultra mind control, ritual murder, witchcraft, Freemasonry, membership at the Kabbalah Centre, and selling one’s soul to the devil are not the exception to the rule to making it in Hollywood but are actually prerequisites.

The proof? The prevalence of dissociative identity disorder (also known as split personality disorder) among the stars and their obsessive use of hand signs and occult symbolism in their album art and in their on-stage theatrics. Then there are the red Kabbalah bracelets that Hollywoodites can be found wearing when they are out of character.

But I am going to let the video presentations do the talking. I have broken down the main points from each of the 42 videos in point form below. (Just click on the parts highlighted in red to go to the videos). The first nine videos are rather dry if you are an avid conspiracy researcher. The good stuff starts at about Part 10. Part 14, where ex-Illuminatus John Todd reveals that every record album produced has a spell cast on it by witches, is the most interesting video out of the entire series in my opinion. The rest reveal some very interesting, little-known facts and piece everything together.

Out of all of the stars examined in The Wake Up series, you will learn that Madonna and Lady Gaga are two of the most loyal followers of Lucifer, and they are not afraid to admit it. Many of the other stars are not so loyal, and when they start to rebel from their childhood-based Illuminati programming or renege on their unspoken contract with Hollywood devils, they wind up dead or demoted.

I guess Randy Quaid isn’t crazy after all.

Rhianna bent over inside a pyramid in the Umbrella music video. The videographers obviously doctored this scene to extend Rhianna’s neck—creating the snout—and to create the eyes at her shoulders—stylized after the Baphomet head on the right. In real time, this particular scene flashes by rather quickly to give it a subliminal effect.


Rihanna doing her Baphomet thing again.


The Wake Up Series


Part 1 

William Cooper explains Illuminati’s method to their madness

Luciferean philosophy and humanism

Part 2

9/11 inside job

Bill Cooper predicts 9/11 June 28, 2001

Part 3

Footage of 9/11

Media fear mongering

Part 4

9/11 as a controlled demolition

Part 5

Bushes and the Bin Ladens

Bush slip up about seeing first plane hit tower

BBC screw up reporting Building 7 collapse

Part 6

9/11 numerology

Bush-Nazi connection

Portions of Bill Cooper shows post 9/11

Part 7

JFK speaks out against secret societies

U.S. presidential swearing in using Masonic Bible

Interview with Anthony Hilder


Part 8

Freemasonry, Bohemian Grove

The Illuminati is all these things….

Zionist shill Alex Jones, Bohemian Grove “infiltration”

Part 9

Bill Hicks

Bush family tree: Obama is Bush’s 11th cousin, etc….

Illuminati bloodlines

Robert Welch of the John Birch Society makes accurate prediction of current world predicament in 1974 speech

Part 10 

What is the occult?

Illuminati all-seeing eye in The Family Guy episode, along with Richard Dawkins. Also owl symbolism

“Freemasons run the country” on The Simpsons

9/11 tease on The Simpsons prior to the event

Symbolism in Simpson’s “Stonecutters” episode; even little Malibu Stacey has a pyramid

All-seeing eye/pyramid in children’s cartoon Arthur

South Park all-seeing eye along with baphomet and pentagram

The X Factor 666 hand sign

McDonald’s commercial pyramid all-seeing eye (CEO makes Illuminati hand sign)

Pyramid all-seeing eye in In Living Color episode with Jim Carey

Reverse psychology with symbols

Mario Brothers movie – 9/11 symbolism

Assassins’ Creed video game Illuminati symbolism

Pyramids in Tom and Jerry cartoon

Part 11

666 hand sign: Black Eyed Peas, Eminem, Emma Watson, Fergie, Beyonce Knowles, Lil’ Wayne, Michael Jackson, George Herbert Walker Bush, Tony Blair, The Pope, Neyo, WWE wrestler John Cena, Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, Gerri Halliwell, Jay Z, Drake, Elvis Presley, Tyra Banks, Ronald Reagan, Steven Tyler, Fidel Castro, Jamie Lynn Spears, Hugo Chavez, Israel’s chief Ashkenazi rabbi, Madonna, Fiasco Lupe, Jean Sarkosy, John Lynden, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty, Johnny Depp, Glee, Gwen Stefani, Hayley Williams, Henry Rollins, Oprah Winfrey, Jason Schwartzman, Robin Williams, Justin Timberlake, The Beatles, Corey Feldman, Pink, Serge Lama, Tila Tequila, John Lennon, t-pain, Marilyn Manson

Devil horns sign: Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Liz Taylor, Silvio Berlusconi, Paul McCartney

The Beatles promote Freemasonry

MTV all-seeing eye contest

Lady Gaga answers question about where her inspiration comes from while simultaneously covering one of her eyes (all-seeing eye symbolism)

Satanic symbols with alien and rock band DIO

Devil horns – Tenacious D and mocking Jesus; all-seeing eye symbolism

Part 12

Glen Beck: pseudo truther makes 666 hand sign

Hidden Jewish star on Glen Beck show, plus wears Masonic patch and triangle

Beck sports skull and bones belt buckle, displays devil horns

Jay Z, Rockefeller, and Illuminati symbolism; Molech, 666, pyramid hands, Masonic handshake

Bill Cooper explains symbolism as a tool to lead men

Bush Jr., Bush Sr. Masonic handshake

Bill Maher devil horns

Queen Elizabeth – Tony Blair Masonic handshake

Ron Paul devil horns

Mikhail Gorbachev – Ronald Reagan Masonic handshake

MTV Illuminati ad

History Channel subliminal imagery

Jay Z subliminal messages

Hackers movie NWO message

9/11 symbolism

Part 13

Education system not teaching independent thinking, critical thinking

Bill Cooper talking about “The Plan”

Number of one-eyed symbols among many Hollywood stars

Music video symbolism: Jay Z, Rhianna

Obama devil horns; “Yes we can” in reverse says “Thank you Satan”

Hitler triangle hands

Stanford Research” Tavistock Institute creates The Beatles as subversive propaganda

The Beatles talk about “backmasking” in their music

Aleister Crowley: speaking backwards in order to gain power over others

Crowley was on Beatles Sgt. Pepper album cover; Was Crowley Sgt. Pepper himself? Backmasking: “It was a fake moustache”, “We’ll all be magic supermen”

Charles Manson talks about his encounter with music industry

Part 14

Zeitgeist movement is an Illuminati scam

Aleister Crowley becomes her in drug subculture

Crowley appears on Led Zeppelin album

Mind control in music

The Tavistock Institute – social science research

Backmasking: “Satan, look at me”, “Satan is great”

Satanist Nickolas Schrek admits using symbolism to “waken dormant aspects of the mind” , “Christian values…that above all is what we seek to eradicate….”

Beatle an Egyptian symbol adopted by The Beatles

Brutal rock music

Former Zodiac Productions managing president John Todd blows the whistle on the music industry, says witches cast spells on all albums

Zodiac was main conglomerate: RCA Records, Columbia, and Motown, etc.

Todd says demons conjured in master temple room “so we can place spells on people that we couldn’t cast spells on,” according to David Crosby of Crosby Stills Nash and Young.

“I’ve been hearing that you must be an initiatied witch now in order to get a record contract,” says Todd.

“That’s right,” replies Crosby.

Albums taken into temple on full moon and put on altar, at which time demons summoned to influence every song

“You can’t cast a spell on a Christian, but you can get a Christian to cast a spell on themselves.”

Britney Spears’ Kentwood, Louisiana property dawns Jewish-Masonic symbols

Use of emotional sequences in movies

Part 15

Timothy Leary (Crowley disciple) leads drug revolution

Leary admits to continuing Crowley’s work

 The Beatles song Come Together written for Leary

Leary on Crowley

“Turn on, tune in, and drop out”

Leary linked to the CIA

Cathy O’Brien, MK Ultra victim, talks about NWO stooges Ronald Reagan and Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, who raped her

Randy Quaid – “star whackers”

Evi Quaid says Heath Ledger murdered as well as David Keridean

“A malignant tumour of star whackers in Hollywood”

Quaid says eight stars he knew died mysteriously

Barbara Bush using repetition brainwashing

The Doors – Jim Morrison’s father George Stephen Morrison was involved in Gulf of Tonkin false flag terrorist attack

Mamas and the Papas also connected to military intelligence

People in alpha state while watching movies/TV

Masonic mind control

Bill Clinton a mind-controlled slave

Britney Spears reveals her split personality; alter ego uses British accent

Part 16

Illuminati mind-controlled sex slaves Brice Taylor and Cathy O’Brien

Dissociation identity disorder; subject used for prostitution, couriers, and assassinations

“Our political leaders are chosen by their moral frailties, blackmailability, and willingness to advance the Illuminati plan….”

Taylor suggests Jon Benet Ramsey may have been MK Ultra victim

More on Britney Spears’ split personality – footage of her bizarre British accent

Fritz Springmeier explains trauma’s effect on the mind

Courtney Love says Britney Spears was molested by her father and that he made her a slave

“Hit me baby” and “I’m a slave 4 u” suggest Britney was MK Ultra victim

Britney’s first tattoo was of a butterfly, symbolizing her Monarch butterfly mind control

Todd Bridges talks about being sexually molested by his publicist at 12 years of age

Mexican elite Carlos Slim; Illuminati slave Gabriela Ric Jimenez breaks free on TV news

Part 17

Britney Spears groomed to replace Madonna as Illuminati high priestess

Madonna, Britney, Christina Aguilera Masonic performance and the kiss

Madonna enters stage down 13 steps

Masonic black and white

Christina initiated

Freemasonry based on the Kabbalah

Girls point at the pyramid as their source

Britney begins to reject her Monarch programming and shaves her head

Britney sports Jewish hexagram and shows Hebrew Kabbalistic tattoo

Red Kabbalah bracelets on initiated Hollywood stars

Britney reads the Zohar!

Part 18

Monarch Butterfly explained

Monarch symbolism in Hollywood: Miley Cyrus, Shakira, and many others

Anna Nicola Smith sacrificed as Illuminati high priestess

Howard K. Stern becomes Anna’s handler; video tapes her in strange clown garb as dissociative identity

Anna’s Monarch double

Part 19

More on Anna Nicole clown video

Anna Nicole’s son Daniel ritualistically murdered

Same coroner as Jon Benet

Cyril Wecht – pathologist

Cyril H. Wecht (Jewish) also oversaw deaths of Lacey Peterson, Nicole Brown, Chandra Levy, and Heath Ledger

Anna at Seminole Hard Rock Café and Casino before she died

Three years after Anna’s death, Howard K. Stern found guilty of two counts of conspiracy for delivering pills to her on a silver platter

Anna, Koch Industries, and the Bush family

Part 20

Mind sciences


TV news reporter Serene Branson hit with electromagnetic weapon to put her in state of confusion? Other reporters examined too

Global News reporter Mark McAllister also blased with EMF weapon—all events happened within weeks of each other

John Phillips, writer for The Mamas and the Papas, a sexual molester for Monarch Butterfly?

Phillips tied to pedophile Hollywood mogul Roman Polanski

Part 21

Casey Johnson sacrificed

Tila Tequila sports Order of the Eastern Star tattoo; also suffers from dissociative identity disorder “Jane”

Casey heir to Johnson and Johnson fortune but cut off

Paris Hilton, Casey Johnson, and Zsa Zsa Gabor

Part 22

David Letterman plays the host to Monarch slave Joaquin Phoenix whilst making hypnotic induction hand signal

Phoenix family groomed kids through cult called The Children of God

Letterman mocks Joaquin’s dissociative identity disorder

New York Attorney General discovered crime among the cult, including child sex abuse and incest

Cult founded by Jew David Berg

Marilyn Manson’s ex Rose McGowan a former child member of Children of God

River Phoenix murdered to prevent him from exposing Hollywood cult

Phoenix died on Halloween, the highest occult holiday to the Illuminati for human sacrifice purposes

Name change from Bottom to Phoenix of occult significance

River’s eerie last scene on camera – footage from Dark Blood

River Phoenix interview reveals he was turning on Hollywood and makes reference to fellatio and Hollywood’s elite

Part 23

Drew Barrymore – Monarch butterfly slave

Corey Feldman displays 666 hand sign and Monarch symbolism

Corey Haim wears Jewish hexagram necklace with padlock—a slave to the Kabbalah?

Footage of Haim and Feldman revealing they were raped by Hollywood moguls when they were children

Two Coreys used for twinning as part of Monarch programming

Fritz Springmeier explains twinning

Lost Boys theme song suggesting incest?

Corey Feldman’s band is called Truth Movement

Lost Boys from Peter Pan

Michael Jackson makes 666 hand sign

Tiger Woods and MK Ultra programmer Bob Hope

Teri Hatcher has ass slapped by George HW Bush on day Anna Nicole Smith died

Teri Hatcher a Monarch butterfly

Part 24 (Back up video for 24 – Parts 10 and 24 on Youtube not working for some users)

Jermaine Jackson suggests Michael Jackson was used by older men on the part of his father

Brice Taylor gives some insight into the rape of male child stars

Black comedian Eddie Griffin calls Michael Jackson’s death a conspiracy

Comedian Dave Chapelle

Latoya says MJ death was murder with many involved

MJ knew he would be killed

Latoya says doctor was the “fall guy”

Numerological significance of MJ’s death with other dead stars, like Farrah Fawcett

Cover of MJ’s This is It album stylized after Baphomet

MJ doctor Conrad Murray a Mason

Rare interview with MJ and Dave Chapelle

Part 25

Michael as Monarch slave, BETA/Kitten programming

A young Michael Jackson displays all-seeing eye, pyramid hand sign

MJ’s dissociative identity disorder responsible for hanging child from balcony?

MJ’s programming forced him to be stuck in time to when he was a child

Peter Pan identity was one

Footage of MJ speaking out against the “evil” music industry

“This is all complete conspiracy,” he said

MJ’s “ghost” caught on camera on CNN “Inside Neverland” with Larry King

Blood on the Dance Floor album shows MJ on Masonic checkerboard floor wearing sacrificial red and pyramids in background

Dave Chapelle suggests conspiracy going on in Hollywood

Part 26

Continuation of MJ footage

MJ calls Tommy Motola “the devil” and Mariah Carey’s Monarch handler

MJ murdered – death certificate amended

James and Adrien Brown died under Dr. Conrad Murray’s care

More MJ album art with Illuminati symbolism

Jermaine Jackson says conspiracy against MJ

MJ video game symbolism

Part 27

Jewish doctor Cyril Wecht performed autopsies on Michael Jackson, Anna Nicole Smith, Daniel Smith, JonBenet Ramsey, Elvis Presley, and John F. Kennedy!

Amy Winehouse as solstice sacrifice

Mysterious death of Winehouse – neighbour hears screaming and howling on night of her death; “sexual game” “violent or unnatural death,” rules a doctor

Winehouse death numerology

Winehouse says in interview, “One of them tried to mold me into a big triangle shape, and I went ‘no’.”

Part 28

Two different sacrifices in music industry: human sacrifice and solstice sacrifice

Professor Griff of Public Enemy exposes the $20-million club

Aaliyah sacrificed by fiancé Damon Dash

Queen of the Damned Masonic symbolism

R Kelly was Aaliyah’s Monarch handler?

Eminem “Like Toy Soldiers” about Monarch programming

Jennifer Hudson ritual killings in Freemason style

Lady Gaga (Stefani Germanotta) became famous shortly after friend and collaborator Lina Morgana died, plunging ten stories from Staten Island hotel roof

Lina’s mother claims murder and that Gaga stole Lina’s whole persona

Gaga video Paparazzi depicts Gaga being thrown from hotel roof (mocking Lina, common after ritual murders)

Part 29

Angelina Jolie as Lucifer’s whore

Jolie promotes bestiality

Jolie daughter of Zionist Jon Voight

Tomb Raider Illuminati symbolism/occurrences

Megan Fox as Monarch slave in the footsteps of Marilyn Monroe

Fox’s boyfriend Brian Austin Green wears all-seeing eye T-Shirt (handler?)

Lindsay Lohan as Monarch slave

Lohan Illuminati commercial Fornarina

Lohan claims “Freemason stalker” trying to kill her

Corey Feldman reveals he was “surrounded” by pedophiles on set and says pedophilia is Hollywood’s number one problem

“They were like vultures”

Part 30

Brittany Murphy sacrificed on Illuminati altar

Simon Monjack refuses autopsy

Numerology surrounding Murphy

Monjack’s photography website sports Jewish hexagram, Pisces, and Freemasonry

Dave Chapelle talks about the industry on Oprah

Stars tend to depict their own death, no different with Murphy in Deadline

Murphy’s possible handler Monjack later died in the same house and same manner as Murphy

Oprah displays 666 hand sign – OWN/NWO

Oprah as Illuminatex with “leadership academy” in South Africa

Young girls end up being raped—for Monarch programming?

Part 31

How brainwashing works

Kayne West Illuminati symbolism

Kayne says, “I sold my soul to the devil…I know it was a crappy deal….”

Fox TV and TV show House occult symbolism

The Kardashians Masonic Christmas card

Khloe Kardashian one-eye symbolism

Kim Kardashian Masonic wedding

Kim’s son’s name is Mason

Part 32 – 1 of 2

Melyssa Ford on fame, celebrity, and selling one’s soul

Katy Perry: “I sold my soul to the devil.”

Bob Dylan: “I made a bargain with the chief commander.”

Rihanna S and M video shows notetaker writing “Princess of the Illuminati Slut” while watching Rhianna perform on stage

HBO show Dexter all-seeing eye symbolism

Lucifer explained

Occult symbolism with Heath Ledger and movie The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

Last movies of dying actors are heavily symbolic

Part 32 – 2 of 2

Footage from The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus

Johnny Depp reveals human sacrifice in movie

Evidence of ritual sacrifice of Heath Ledger

Numerology surrounding Ledger’s death

Michelle Williams and Ledger family members dawn red Kabbalistic bracelets at bizarre funeral where Ledger used to surf

Ledger’s all-seeing eye music video

Part 33

Eminem occult symbolism

Eminem the “transcendentalist” makes pyramid hand sign

Eminem hanged man

Henry Kissinger and Barak Obama talk about New World Order – Bush and Tony Blair

Part 34

Theodre John “Ted” Kaczynski an MK Ultra victim

Dr. Murray of Harvard – MK Ultra

Wayne Williams—Atlanta Child Murders—is asked about his CIA training

Sharon Tate was practicing witch

Oprah guest says Illuminati sent Charles Manson to kill Tate

Tate ritualistically murdered

Footage from 1991 interview with Charles Manson

Manson talks of one world government, one world court

David Berkowitz and the occult

Berkowitz claims murder spree engineered by Satanic cult with many involved

Bush-murder connections – Brownsville Texas mass murder

Part 35

Tool drummer Danny Carey’s father a Freemason

Carey collects writings of Aleister Crowley

Anti-Christian music from Tool

Illuminati symbolism and Tool

Carey into occult and sacred geometry

A Perfect Circle occult symbolism

Puscifer = Pussy + Lucifer

Danny Carey website – Freemason, occult, Kabbalistic symbolism

Tool pushing anti-God, New Age message

Part 36

The world according to Aleister Crowley

“I am god” philosophy

Bill Cooper on the New Age

Ecumenical movement

Zeitgeist director Peter Joseph an Illuminati agent

Venus Project is Luciferean and New Age

Part 37 -1 of 2

Jordan Maxwell a Theosophist

Helena Blavatsky as Luciferean

Zeitgeist is an Illuminati front

Two New World Orders: one just a fall guy

Jordan Maxwell, Acharya S, Peter Joseph, and Michae Tsarion—all Illuminati agents

Part 37 – 2 of 2

Maxwell admits he studies Blavatsky and was friends with Manly Palmer Hall

Theosophy = NWO

Zeitgeist has same goals Blavatsky outlined for Theosophy

L. Ron Hubbard – Aleister Crowley occult connection

L. Ron Hubbard junior says father was deceptive and black magician and says Scientology an occultic “business”

Part 38

Celebrities going public more and more with their allegiance to the Illuminati

Footage of Shaquille O’Neal flaunting his Masonic ring on national television

Beyonce Knowles 666, devil hand signs, and Baphomet ring

Jason Alexander as Britney Spears’ handler

Lady Gaga performs Satanic ritual in hotel room

Gaga makes regular Illuminati hand signs

Korn song “House of Shame” about Illuminati

“I feel that Obama’s an Illuminati puppet.”

Part 39

Kurt Cobain and Nirvana Illuminati symbolism

Metatron and the Kabbalah

Sephirot: the origin of the Baphomet and Jewish hexagram

Freemason square and compass stylized from Jewish hexagram

One-eye symbolism also derived from the Jewish Sephirot

All-seeing eye at WTC ground zero

Cobain associated with CIA operative William Burroughs

Cobain-Burroughs homosexual death ritual

Whitney Houston: Illuminati sacrifice

Whitney-Brandy-Monica connection

Brandy Norwood likely a Monarch asset

Houston’s death – occult symbolism, numerology

Madonna as Babylonian goddess at Superbowl half-time show

Whitney’s daughter almost died in same bathtub 24 hours before her death

Jennifer Hudson’s occult tribute to Whitney

Egyptian sarcophagus at Houston funeral home

Knights Templar crown and cross during funeral service

Part 40

Robbie Williams as an occult double agent

All-seeing eye/666 symbolism: Demi Levato, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Adele, Adam Lambert, Matthew Fox, Celine Dion, Naomi Campbell

Campbell’s home stylized after all-seeing eye

Brian Welch

Robbie Williams interview

Robbie engaged in Theosophy—externalization of the hierarchy, then endorses Zeitgeist

Williams Illuminati symbolism

All-seeing eye tattooed on Williams’ neck

Nicki Minaj as Monarch butterfly

Katy Perry occult symbolism

Monarch butterfly Tila Tequila rebels from her programming and speaks out against Illuminati then suffers aneurysm – media calls for “suicide watch”

Electromagnetic weapon used to cause aneurysm

The Pain Ray, crowd control device

Tila’s twitter account deleted after she exposed Freemasonry/Illuminati influence in Hollywood

The Hollywood Kabbalah Cult Unmasked – Part II


Electronic duo Daft Punk, comprised of French musicians Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, in multiple depictions sporting kabbalistic symbols, including the baphomet and ascendant triangle. Daft Punk, as part of the burgeoning house (techno) music genre, epitomize Hollywood’s robotic agenda in music and motion pictures. The duo is set to release their latest album in May. It is titled: Random Access Memories, an allusion to the integration of man and machine. Virtually every sound from Daft Punk’s music is digitally enhanced.


By Timothy Fitzpatrick

A specific aspect of the agenda of the Hollywood Kabbalah cult is the robotic agenda, many examples of which I will link to following this short article (see below: The Industry Exposed). It involves the externalization onto the masses the goal of trans-humanism, a Kabbalistic alchemical process that purports to elevate man to the status of divinity through the advancement of technology and the integration of man with technology.

A lot of robotic-transhumanistic symbolism and motifs in Hollywood and the music industry today, from Madonna and Beyonce to Queen, Lil Wayne, and Daft Punk, are rehashed elements from Fritz Lang’s 1927 technocratic dystopian film Metropolis. A more overt example of the robotic agenda lies in the digital manipulation of musicians’ voices, which are altered to sound robotic or metallic. This vocal manipulation is becoming more and more common in pop and rap music.

The robotic agenda is based in Kabbalah (Jewish magic), mathematized in the teachings of Sir Isaac Newton, who believed the universe was strictly mechanical. A modern example of this can be found in Larry and Andy Wachowski’s 1999 hit movie The Matrix, in which the film’s star, Keanu Reeves, mystically cracks the secrets of universe, which turns out to be nothing more than a numerical construct. Once he is annointed as the messiah figure, he begins to see the matrix for what it really is: a series of random numbers resembling binary code. This numerical system is the foundation of the Kabbalah through Gematria (numerology).

The integration of man and technology—which is really a form of technocratic tyranny, discussed by such writers as George Orwell (1984)—is for the lower masses, while the chosen, specifically the Jewish people and their Masonic cohorts, are the executors and engineers of technocracy through celestial mechanics and angelic conjuration. By no coincidence, the biggest cheerleader of this transhumanist alchemy is Jewish technocrat Ray Kurzweil.

E. Michael Jones sums up the masonic-Enlightenment agenda behind Newtonian physics in his epic treatise Libido Dominadi – Sexual Liberation and Political Control (1999),

Newtonian physics made morals unnecessary because it reduced the complexity of life and all of its moral considerations to some calculus of matter in motion. What used to be behavior that led to heaven or hell had been reduced by the Enlightenment into a few simple calculations involving fluid dynamics.

This robotic agenda didn’t begin with the Internet age. It has been in effect since at least the establishment of British Freemasonry (late 16th century) and the Industrial Revolution (late 18th century), shortly after the death of Newton and around the time the Order of the Illuminati formed in Bavaria.

Jones writes, in The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History (2008),

The Whigs used Freemasonry and the Newtonian science of the Royal Society against the Bourbons in the same way Walsingham and Elizabeth had used (John) Dee’s angelic technology against the Habsburgs.

As Phillp E. Collins illustrates,  the religion of scientism, specifically through the teachings of Darwin and Newton, are based in the occult. Its “progressive” appearance is, in reality, destructive and bondage.

One wonders if the Luddites of England were revolting against more than just the exploitative nature of the Industrial Revolution. Perhaps they were aware of the occult underpinnings of it.


Without furder adieu, I will get to the examples of the robotic agenda in modern times through the following video series as well as some stuff from the first part of this series exposing Illuminati symbolism and magic in Hollywood. But before I do, I will finish this article off with a couple of quotes from occult-Illuminati expert Michael Hoffman, who eloquently describes the Judaic nature of technocracy and its alchemical aims for mankind.

What was this secret philosophy? It was the unmistakable rabbinic doctrine, expressed in the Kabbalistic texts as tikkun olam (“repair of the world”) whereby Judaic (or Judaized) man assumes God-like powers to “correct” an “imperfect” and “flawed” Creation. The groundwork for the “repair” is rooted in government micro-management of our lives, along Talmudic lines of hair-splitting minutiae (cf. BT Gittin 4). Such unyielding bureaucracy paves the way for the apparatus of total control. Kabbalistic mysticism emerges as the antidote to control, in this dialectical process. Here too is the central contradiction in this doctrine, for it nearly always advertizes itself to its New Age and pseudo-Christian percipients as a means for achieving healing, harmony, tranquility, balance, and bliss. Yet when the magical doctrines of Kabbalism came to ideological dominance in the 18th century, producing the so-called “Age of Enlightenment,” they produced not the path to renewal of the earth and a return to Eden, but the imposition and reign of “the Satanic mills” of the industrial revolution and a foreshadowing of the subjugation of humanity by an esoteric elite by means of machine surveillance control. The dialectical process engendered by immersion in rabbinic ideology of redemption of the world produced a cataclysmic reversal, a “profound irony” missed by most of the historians of modern science. The supposed Kabbalistic philosophy of “harmony” espoused by Kabbalistic, gentile Renaissance occultists such as Pico, Reuchlin, Giorgio and Dee, led to the imposition of the tyranny of rationalism and materialism, in what Frances Yates terms a momentous shift from magic to mechanism: “It is one of the more profound ironies of the history of thought that the growth of mechanical science, through which arose the idea of mechanism as a possible philosophy of nature, was itself an outcome of the Renaissance magical tradition. Mechanism divested of magic became the philosophy which was to oust Renaissance animism and to replace the ‘conjuror’ by the mechanical philosopher.”

Once the principle of the religion of Judaism as expressed in the Kabbalah, of man’s prideful, god-like power and his lofty “right” to tamper with Divine Creation, was established, and scientism began to emerge as a system of thinking and action unfettered by traditional restraints and fear of God, the mystical aspects of the philosophy were discarded, leaving Satanic pride to wed itself to technological prowess.

—Michael Hoffman, Judaism Discovered, 2008, Independent History and Research, pg. 817-819

Hoffman provides a well-known Jewish example of this alchemical process in the Golem in Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare (1989),

Our would be-psychic engineers and human alchemists are well aware of the nearness of midnight in this, their ‘low bottom twelve’ time-cycle. They teeter on the brink of the synthesis of the darkest dream of the Kabbalists, a marriage frantically sought, between E. coli bacteria from the colon of man, the genome code and the power of computer automata, for the creation of the Golem.

A theological conception of the creation of an animate being by man rather than God is found in the Babylonian Talmud (Sanhedrin 65b): ‘Rabbi Rava created a man and sent him to Rabbi Zera.’

According to Emily Bilski and Dr. Moshe Idel of Hebrew University, Jerusalem: ‘Found in a major authoritative Jewish text, this passage (from the Talmud) indicates that Judaism accepted the idea of the creation of an artificial man…At issue was the claim that Jews could attain a major achievement, that Jewish masters possessed the highest magical powers.’

The techniques for fabricating the golem are located in a Kabbalistic book, the Sefer Yezirah…thus it was that the Renaissance magical tradition gave birth to the monstrous world of machines, industrial pollution, ugliness, and the modern ways of death we have come to term, ‘the rat race.’

The Kabbalistic usurpation of Jesus Christ through transhumanism.


The Industry Exposed

Part 1

– Beyonce and Madonna – Metropolis ritual

– story of Metropolis, made by Fritz Lang and Erich Pommer in 1926, would become the foundation of most technocratic movies and songs

– Tower of Babel symbolism

– Moving gears represents mechanized occult source

– Madonna’s Blond Ambition Japan tour in 1990 portrays Metropolis

– Octagons, all-seeing eyes, and workers

– Madonna’s pointy bra is her robotic self

Part 2

– Pentagram (inverted) above robot in Metropolis movie

– robot illuminated

– Beyonce dressed as Metropolis robot like Madonna

– Beyonce alchemical transformation

– Beyonce changed to “Sasha Fierce,”—alter ego

– other artists with alter egos (Kabbalist as above, so below) includes Rihanna, Keyshia Cole, Eminem, 50 Cent….

– Beyonce taken over by demon is song Halo

– Metropolis Illuminati symbolism

– Beyonce as a robotic bee

Part 3

– Madonna’s Kabbalist/Masonic top hat and checkerboard floor

– Rihanna emerges from stargate, puts Chris Brown under her umbrella (control) amid checkboard background

– Beyonce mirrors Metropolis dance sequences

– 666 hand sign flashed by Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and in old movies

– Rihanna umbrella emerges from within pyramid

“It’s like the darkness is the light” in Rihanna song is Kabbala narrative

– Justin Timberlake alter ego: “The old me’s dead and gone.”

Part 4 – missing

Part 5

-Dehumanization of humans and humanization of robots

– robotic propaganda in movies: The Terminator

– Universal Mind Control (U.M.C.), Common, featuring Pharrel Williams. Pharrel dressed as robot

– The Transformers movie part of programming

– T-Pain’s synthesized robotic voice

– Jay Z masonic symbol

– Jay Z gives Kayne West masonic apprentice grip handshake

– Jay Z’s esoteric “glow in the dark” term

– Biotechnology and human engineering

– Beyonce Metropolis suit at 2007 BET Awards

– Kylie Minogue robotic programming

– robotic hand fashion among the stars

– robotic agenda part of Darwinian/Masonic evolution of man

Parts 6 & 7 – missing

Part 8

– Ciara’s alter ego “Super C”

– Masonic checkerboard in Ciara video featuring T-Pain. Robotic movements and sounds. Ciara transformed into Super C while up and down arrows flash (Kabbalah as above, so below motif)

– Robotic diva flashes hand signs and make Hebrew letters with body?

– Super C character explained

– Beyonce and Ciara “evolve”

– More robotic narrative involving Darwinian evolution

– Janet Jackson emerges from pyramid capstone during live performance

– masonic compass and square over fire at Janet concert

– Metropolis allusion during Britney Spears concert “Slave”

– Miley Cyrus walks pyramid, water, sun worship transformation during video

Part 10 – blocked

Part 11

– Madonna and Beyonce ritual

– Lady Gaga series intro

– robotic voice, one eye, hypnotic, psychotic

– Lady Gaga Metropolis connection

– Gaga dances on checkerboard cubes

– Gaga robotic movements whilst covering one eye

– Busta Rymes and Janet Jackson

– Busta transformation from robot into serpent

– rain man

– dancers painted silver, like Rihanna after rainman raped her

– Will Smith robotic transformation – Will2K

– Madonna talks about lucky 13, Kabbalah, and bar mitzvahs

Part 12 – missing

Part 13

– Lady Gaga Poker Face critique

– black and white dogs as Gaga emerges with robotic mask, one-eye symbolism

– Poker Face about oral sex, innuendo examined

– media told not to ask about meaning of Poker Face

Part 13 Update

– Kid cudi featuring Kanye West, common Lady Gaga: “I poke her face”

– Gaga simulates oral sex

– Katy Perry phallus worship

Part 14 – blocked

Part 15

– artists using “I am” to say they are gods

– Kanye West and Lil’ Wayne “I am music” tour

– Alicia Keys, Will I AM, SeanJohn, “I am king,” Nas, I am, 50 Cent, I am what I am (RBK), Rebook, I am what I am, ads; Novel, “I am future black president.”

– “Jay Z’s the truth,” “Hova, hova, hova”

– Jay Z Skull and Bones 322, all-seeing eye

– Jamie Foxx collaboration with Coors beer and alcohol companies, Svedka Vodka

Part 16

– designer babies, animal-human hybrid

– trans-humanism in medical industry

– Myron Blosser, trans-humanism, Kabbalah eternal flame logo

Part 17 – blocked

Part 18

– Dr. Dre devil hand sign

– Been there done that video examined

– Young Black Rockefeller

– Group Therapy – East Coast –West Coast killing illuminati symbolism, divide and conquer strategy, blasphemy, externalization of the New World Order, Revelation of the Method, modern day Babylon

– Dr. Dre sold his soul to the devil according to insider

Parts 19 & 20 – blocked

Part 21

Izza Kizza robotic narrative, pyramids and snakes, baphomet hand sign, alchemical transformation: Ciara to Super C; Rza ti Bobby Digital; Beyonce to Sasha Fierce

– Don Omar – system upgrade robotic  narrative, alchemical transformation to iDon,”I’m the Chosen” (Robotic narrative conditioning us to accept RFID implants, police state, quarantine)

Part 22 – blocked

Part 23

– Eminem Relapse: dualism, deal with the devil, Masonic/Kabbalah dualism, sexual abuse, demonic possession, MPD or dissociative identity disorder, monarch programming, attack of the rain man (Satan or fallen angels)

– Jay Z rain man possession

– witching hour explained (3 a.m.)

– Eminem possessed at 3 a.m. and killing people, alchemical transformation

– numerology, symbolism in rap albums and magazine covers

Part 24

Eminem – Devil’s Night, Demon Inside, his first encounter with the devil; power to change water to rum through Jewish magic

– Satanic sell out, “I was born with a set of horns,” “My soul is possessed by the devil”

– Eminem performs with Satanist Marilyn Manson

– Manson studies Sigmund Freud (Jewish father of sexual revolution), Nietche, Aleister Crowley, Charles Darwin, Anton LaVey; Satanism about “being your own god”

– death of rapper “Proof” predicted in Eminem’s Toy Soldiers two years prior to

– Proof’s death an Illuminati sacrifice?

– Hudson family murders

– The Doors, Jim Morrison possession, shaman, Aleister Crowley

Part 25

– Eminem Relapse lyrics examined; veiled reference to demonic possession, then unveiled

– demonic collecting on Eminem’s fame and fortune

– Be careful what you wish for – price of fame

Part 26

– Slim Shady alchemical transformation and summoning spirits on stage

– “I do whatever the beat is telling me to do,” he says

– slips “in and out of accents” = demonic possession, MPD?

Parts 27 & 28 – Missing

Part 29

– Jonas Akerlund, Satanist director of Lady Gaga

– Robotic narrative in Hollywood: Surrogates, starring Bruce Willis and Rosamund Pike; the Twilight Saga New Moon; Canada’s Next Top Model

– U.S. Army and robotic agenda

Part 30

– Heath Ledger’ s death a sacrifice?

– director Terry Gilliam, The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, Illuminati symbolism

– Gilliam calls Ledger a “magician”

– David Carradine did not kill himself

– six autopsy photos of Carradine put up for sale

– Jay Z releases “Blueprint” on Sept. 11, 2011

Part 31 – Missing

Part 32

– Lil’ Wayne in the three-six mafia? He sings with robotic voice. Illuminati symbolism.

– Ready For the World album and robitic-Satanic narrative

– Lil’ Wayne sold his soul

– Lil’ Wayne portraying devil promising fame in exchange for jazz player’s soul

– 50 Cent and hypnosis, 666, Revelation of the Method

– Murderer Michael Miller screams Eminem song before killing his family. Miller said he was possessed

– Cam’Ron baphomet

– Lil’ Wayne, Kabbalah, As Above, So Below

Part 33

– Professor Griff of Public Enemy talks about conspiracy and Bill Cooper’s Behold A Pale Horse, gender confusion, media distractions, Tavistock Institute

– Canadian documentary The Corporation and consumerism

– Damon Dash, Suge Knight, Irve Gotti, Jay Prince raised by FBI and blackmailed

– Jay Z bought off

– Damon Dash sacrificed Aliyhah; Suge Knight sacrificed Tupac Shakur; Irve Gotti supposed to blood sacrifice Ashanti but she got away

– Pimp C murdered for calling people out

Part 34

– Rap-a-lot’s Jay Prince sacrificed Pimp C?

– Pimp C interview, talks about gay rappers

– Lil’ Wayne kissing Baby

– Whoo Kid and G Unit, Mase

– Griff speaks of Twenty-Million Dollar club

– Michael Jordan loses father; Bill Cosby loses son; Jay Z loses mom

– Jay Z says he never read the Bible in his life

– Jay Z backmasking: 666, “murder murder Jesus”

– Griff says all necessary blood sacrifice in order to gain fame

– Jezzy and Rick Ross drug dealers

Part 35

– Haitian magic and voodoo the same thing; masonic square and compass

– Rockefeller pyramid handshake

– Vybz Kartel, freemasonry and robotic voice

– Dave Chapelle talking about what’s happening in Hollywood

– 50 Cent lies and says he is “high” all the time but on record saying he has never smoked weed

– rapper Houston gouges own eye out

– Houston’s bodyguard says he has dealt with devils since he signed a record deal

– Soulja Boy silenced

– Amil (Jay Z’s protégé) raps against Satan and the New World Order

Part 36

– Lauryn Hill speaks out against the industry on Motives and Thoughts

– The World Is a Hustle (unreleased)

– Michael Jackson talks about elite manipulation

– “Hip hop is holding ancient secrets,” says KRS One

– B.O.B. watches himself for first time, makes baphomet hand signs

– Wu Tang Clan explained

– Ol’ Dirty Bastard talks about music mind control

Part 37

– Dirty on Wu Tang, mind control, programming, and the “clone” taking over

– ODB’s Diesel a cry for help

-Dorrough, Fabulous, Gudda, Ace Hood, Suge Knight, JTG and Shad (WWE) Illuminati symbolism

Part 38

– DMX gets $25,000 speeding ticket, says if you want to rap, don’t become part of the industry

– DMX says new breed of rappers paying DJs to play their music and performing fellatio on record executives to get deals

– DMX says he met the devil in Arizona but says overcame it

– DMX says Barack Obama is a fake name

Part 39

– Fiona Apple – Fast as You Can – sings about struggles against evil

– Apple speaks out against industry during awards speech

– Sony Music alters Apple’s album

– Chumbawumba lyrics examined

– Young Joe outs P Diddy’s gay secrets

– Xzibit claims P Diddy brought him to gay club

– masonic finger over lip

Part 40

– David Bowie uses baphomet hand sign during live concert to salute and follow Kabbalah Sefirot Tree of Life, “one magical movement from Kether to Malkuth”

– Bowie follows teaching of OTO Satanist Aleister Crowley

– David Bowie “Quicksand” honours Golden Dawn and Crowley

– Bowie dons same lightning bold symbol as Lady Gaga

– Lady Gaga and Paris Hilton Revelation of the Method during interview

– Gaga praises Bowie

– Madonna talks about Hilton and Kabbalah Centre

– Lady Gaga Illuminati symbolism

– Lady Gaga a hermaphrodite?

– “p-p-poke her face; f-f-fuck her face”

– Apache Warrior Geronimo and Skull and Bones

– Warrior’s great grandson suing Yale University (grave robber Prescott Bush) for stealing skull…Obama also sued

Parts 41-44 missing

Part 45

– Sweet Dream

– Jay Z demon speaking

– Movie Stargate, one-eye symbolism

– Last Minzy, butterfly wings (transformation), magic

Part 46

– witchcraft in movie The Gate (1987)

– 9/11 mega ritual, masonic stargate

– kids play record backwards in order to open gate

Part 47

– Lady Gaga, beautiful monster

– Gnarles Barkley, Crazy

– New World Order on the Cartoon Network

Part 48

– “Dog days of summer” based on the eye of Horus

– The NeverEnding Story: “People who have no hope are easy to control”

– Janet Jackson Sirius earrings

– The Truman Show

– The Mask: Jim Carrey transforms into Osiris on masonic checkerboard floor

– Carey is Osiris in many movies

– Masonic symbolism with Jim Carrey in Man on the Moon

–  TV Series Lost: “song lyrics mixed with equations (alchemy)”

– John Frusciante

Part 49 – missing

Part 50

– MTV video music awards (VMAs) exposed

– celebrities all wearing black or silver and “the woman in the red dress”

– Jack Black prays to Satan to grant nominees continued success in music industry

– Russell Brand reversal

– VMAs and revolution

– Kayne West used in Hegelian Dialectic to boost career of Taylor Swift

– Timothy Leary and Aleister Crowley

– Jay Z parrots Crowley

– The Beatles wear Crowley uniform, including Michael Jackson and Rihanna

– Red Hot Chilli Peppers thank Satan

– Jay Z, Masonic compass and square camera trick

– Roc a Fella, diamond hands part of masonic ritual

Part 51

– Pink’s checkerboard pants, and hoodwink

– MTV’s Masonic temple

Part 52 

– Kanye west and Taylor Swift exposed at the VMAs

Part 53

– Lady Gaga ritual at VMAs, phantom of the opera mask, black fathers

Part 54 – missing

Part 55

– Lady Gaga doesn’t want your money but wants your soul

– “I want your soul, Singapore.”

– subliminal storyline

– Lady Gaga has no soul

– Fame Factory

– caged whores in music

– “she’s a monster, and she’s turning all of you into monsters”

– Gaga sphere imagery (apocalyptic rebirth)

– phallus worship (disco stick)

Part 56

– honour self-indulgence

– “some say Lady Gaga is a lie…and they’re right, I am a lie…and every day, I kill to make it true”—Lady Gaga, live performance

Part 57

– Beyonce Halo about her “spirit guide” (demon) in the mirror (scrying)

– Beyonce says award show performance came to her in a vision and “something” came into her

– the occult and mirrors

– Ludacris – How Low, mirror ritual

– magician John Dee, “the dark mirror”, and Enochian magic

– Chris Angel masonic symbolism

– Ludacris “Conjure” knows magic

– Pink Grammy performance as occult ritual, Oprah interview, whirling dervish (one who opens the door to the spirit world)

– Madonna dervish

– mirror narrative: Madonna, Eminem

– Eminem sports black and white triple six

– Eminem sings about different forms of devil worship

Part 58

– biggest careers based on foundation of lies

– Is Justin Bieber wearing lipstick?

– Bieber’s music about love and relationships, but his target audience is little girls

– three-year-old girl brought to tears over Bieber mania

– The Cash Money illusion

– Birdman promoting lifestyle

– Aubrey Graham and Young Money sells out

– Lil’ Wayne kisses a man

– B.G. vs. Cashmoney, brainwashing

– Lil Wayne raped when he was child, says he “loved” it and didn’t press charges

– Lil Wayne  then says he will rape 15-year-old boy in the room

– Slim Birdman Brothers tour Grand Masonic Lodge of England

Part 59

– Nicholas Shreck and Zeena LaVey, Church of Satan

– Jayne Mansfield, Marilyn Monroe, Sammy Davis Junior

– Culture war in music

– Church of Satan admits mind control through musical frequencies, “to awaken dormant aspects of the human mind”

Part 60

– Melyssa Ford blasts fame as a goal, says one will sell away their soul

– Michael Jackson, Money

– Andre 3000 “we want your soul”

– Asher Roth on soul selling

– DMX magic ritual

– Tenacious D on selling soul, demonic invocation

– Katy Perry says she sold her soul

– Kanye West says selling his soul to the devil was a “crappy deal”

– Lil’ B “I’m the devil” says he always wanted to be God (Satan talking through him?)

– Gil Scott-Heron, “Me and the devil walking side by side”

Part 61

– children’s cartoon occultism

– The Beast Within

– Miley Cyrus caged dark slave (inner animal)

– exploitation of primal instincts

– Kesha “Animal”

– Animal Gaga

– Rihanna tiger

– Beyonce robotic cat

– Snoop Dogg – Doggystyle

– Kesha – Tik Tok, robotic voice, animal instincts

Part 62

– Dr. Dre molding little gangsters

– molding slang and fashion

– Eugene Levy on subliminal messages in music

– Behind the Music and Revelation of the Method

– Josie and the Pussycats and rock star plane crashes and subliminal messages

– ultimate goal is to waste your life away

Part 63

– Freud and Bernays on primitive forces and its uses in social engineering

– encounter groups and the Esalen Institute

– Frans Anton Mesner and hypnosis

Part 64

– The secret revealed

– Why are some songs more popular than others?

– sensitive female chord progression

– Joan Osborne prime example of this chord progression as well as most popular music in all genres in last 50 years

– four basic chords for pop music

– Christian music also follow same chord progression?

– Pachelbel’s Canon the foundation of this chord progression, even in rap (T.I. Whatever you Like)

– four-chord repetition ad nauseum

– progression sequence= minor 6, major 4, major 1, or major 5

Part 65 – missing

Part 66a

– Hans Rudolf Giger – Alien (1979) oral sex implications, occult themes

– Alien is actually baphomet

– Giger a Newtonian and Kabbalist

Part 66b

– Blondie – robotic narrative with Giger; “paradise for me, it’s hell,” says Giger

– Giger and diamond hands

Part 67

– Parts 1 & 2 – Alan Moore, Hollywood magician

– magical commercial jingles

– association between writers and magic

Part 68

– The machine

– Pink Floyd’s Machine

– Dead Kennedys

– Silibil ‘n’ Brains, faked their way into the industry, eventually found out and exposed the industry

– The Drake, before he was signed

Part 69

– product placement in the music industry

– Run DMC and Adidas

– “We gotta rock the Adidas over everything else”

– “DMC stands for Devastating Mind Control”

– Missy Elliot promotes Adidas

– from shelltoes to Nike Air Force 1

– Nelly and Air Jordans, says shoes are part of culture

– Drake drinks Sprite and transforms

– Lebron James, HP Laptop, pokerstars

Part 70 – missing

Part 71

– Tru – Hoody Hoo

– Go Go’s Belinda Carlisle, magic, spells, and the Church of Satan

– Lips Unsealed excerpts

– Heaven is A Place on Earth = Kabbalist messianism

– electrical projection (high-voltage syndrome)

– I Feel the Magic

– I plead Insanity, one-eye symbolism masonic staircase

– La Luna – moon worship

Part 72

– Baphomet sightings

– scientology –  Ron Hubbard’s connection to Crowley and magic

– The Simpsons and magic, Nancy Cartwright

– DMX and Kat Von D in “The Bleeding”, baphomet

– Wiz Khalifa, one eye, baphomet

– Tom Cruise in leaked scientology video

– Doug E Fresh interview

Part 72 Extra

– KRS ONE – “Hip hop has built its own secret society”

Part 73

– Gregg Alexander, New Radicals interview on Much Music and Break This!

Part 74 – Part 1

– actress Sharon Tate—wife of Jewish pedophile Roman Polanski—occult ritual murder?

– Tate’s first move was “Eye of the Devil” (1966)

– occult whistleblower on Oprah says Illuminati sent Charles Manson to kill Tate, who wanted out of witchcraft

– Tate found dead in hanged man position (twelfth trump or Major Arcana in most traditional Tarot decks)

– all-seeing eye in “Eye of the Devil”

– Tate wears eye of Horus; eye worshipped  by coven of witches

– John Todd on the Manson murders; Manson part of “Process” brotherhood, who practice human sacrifice

– “The Fearless Vampire Killers,” movie in which Tate is a sacrifice

Part 74 – Part 2

– Manson interview about Roman Polanski

– Manson was pro-world government

– Manson cultists speak

– Carey Burtt film on mind control

– Roman Polanski a director of snuff films at Bohemian Grove?

– Manson tells Ronald Reagan Junior that we’ve got to have a one-world government

– Manson parrots United Nations Agenda 21 propaganda

– Revolution 9 written for Manson?

Part 75

-Lindsay Lohan the next Illuminati sacrifice

– Lohan plays role as Sharon Tate

– Lohan and Tyler Shields in murderous portrayals

– Randy Quaid concerned for Lohan’s life

– Lohan has a Masonic stalker threatening to kill her

– The Soul of a Monster foretells star whacking

Part 76

– Easy E death an Illuminati hit?

– victims of the game

– Bone Thugz n Harmony speak of murder conspiracy of Easy E

– Suge Knight makes alludes to shooting somebody with an aids needle

Part 77

– robotic agenda – the electrical retribalization of society

– Jewish technocrat Ray Kurzweil pushes robotic agenda

– transcendental man trailer

– technology and globalization

– The Google Effect

– Marshall McLuhan speaks about electrical retribalizaiton

Part 78

– Frank Zappa interviews

– TV mind control

–  CNN techniques, video news release (VNR)

– AIDS manufactured

Part 79

– Frank Zappa smells a rat

– Obama and the music industry




By Timothy Fitzpatrick


This series has been so successful in terms of blog hits that I decided to continue, now with the third installment. The series has summarized over 100 video presentations made by various people. Part III, a significantly shorter instalment, will examine Hollywood’s ritual requirements and the little-talked-about casting couch that bigwigs, mainly Jewish, use to humiliate and control their willing servants. I must state that the following summaries are not my claims but merely notes on the videos made by others. As in the other series instalments, links to the actual videos will precede the summaries.


Video 1

- Hollywood not really glamourous but all about rituals, demons, and sodomy

- Hollywood parties called “Pandora’s Box”, something out of Eyes Wide Shut

- Hollywood producers bring women to orgy casting couch; when someone is sodomized, it is called “gravy”, which you can here some stars refer to in interviews

- Sodomy ritual just the beginning of abuse

- Male stars allow themselves to be sodomized in order to move up in Hollywood; if they don’t comply with the sadistic requests, they are bankrupted, scandalized, or worse

- Gay sex tapes used to blackmail stars

- John Travolta, Soulja Boy, P Diddy, Stephen Hill, Nas, Bow Wow implicated in sex tape blackmail

- David Letterman sexual blackmail

- Girl’s Gone Wild creator Joe Francis forced to pose in internet extortion video

- Will Smith, Denzel Washington, and other big-name stars not immune from ritual sodomy

- Benny Medina and Quincy Jones sexually initiated actor Will Smith

- If someone in the Kabbalah cult likes the daughter of a star, he/she must relinquish their child in order to move up

- insider claims U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy wanted his 14-year-old daughter

- Queen Latifah initiates Hollywood women using a strap-on

Monster’s Ball movie with Halle Berry and Billy Bob Thorton featured live sex ritual

- Jewish produced “Ghetto Gaggers” not just a porn but also in Hollywood

- Porn stars go to Pandora’s Box Hollywood sex parties, initiate stars

- Tony Braxton driven out of her mind over what she had to give up to be famous

- Cassie is P Diddy’s slave

- Matt Damon in drag, Samuel L. Jackson kisses Jamie Foxx

- Hollywood rituals, hierarchy used to control stars

Video 2

- Celebrities can’t get publicity without obeying the Kabbalah cult

- Stars eat feces, drink urine in some rituals

- Trayvon Martin’s father a freemason, sacrificed son

- The more wealth you have, the more rituals you will have to do

- “98 percent of Hip Hop is gay”; two percent of them got out

- All actors have homosexual sex

- Stars only allowed to hang out with other compromised people, as form of control

- Kim Kardashain and Kayne West—a match made by the Illuminati

- Almost all actors have herpes

- Hollywood donkey rituals with Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, Google co-founders, H. Ty Warner, Derrick Rose, Chicago Bulls, Chicago White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf,  Congressman Mike Quigley, Senators Dick Durbin and Mark Kirk, William Wrigley, Rahm Emanuel, Kanye West, Sam Zell, Rocky Wirtz (Chicago Blackhawks), Groupon co-founder,, Valerie Jarrett, NBC news anchors Allison Rosati and Brian Williams, ABC’s Ron Majors, Wyatt Rockefeller, Hillary and George Soros

- Shaquille O’Neal’s “worthy of worship” masonic ring

- Hollywood stars hate to be alone and have no mirrors in their houses because once someone sells their soul, they see images of demons; this is the purpose of having entourages

- Rituals are constant; Satan demands more and more

Crystal City in Arlington, Virgina a place for politicians to engage in rituals?

- Media groups conspire on editorial direction

- Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie did rituals with U.S. President Barack Obama on Halloween

- Stars’ family members sacrificed to keep stars in fear and obedience

Video 3

- Government cokeheads; former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau a cocaine user

- New World Order usurping world’s resources in preparation for collapse

- Donalt Trump kisses “breasts” of tranny

- Masonic one-finger gesture

- Hollywood red carpet and blue dresses are colours of the Illuminati

- Jay Z doesn’t have to do rituals anymore because he’s “crossed over” and is master mason; but he has to give Satan souls

- Kayne West an apprentice mason; gave up his mother in order to move up in music industry

- Rick Ross also gives souls

- TimWest WUUD TV

- French Montana initiated into Illuminati

- Elton John masonic checkerboard floor and masquerade in Pepsi Cola commercial

- Lebron James part of Satanist weekend group

- Killing babies, eating hearts, bonking donkeys

- Food poisoning by mega corporations part of child sacrifice

- Jay Z and Hollywood’s bible is Aleister Crowley’s Book of the Law

- Jay Z, Easy E say Lord’s Prayer backwards and pray to Satan in return to get inspired to write and perform music

- Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing In the Dark”: demons for dancers

- Hollywood stars and artists turn lights out and summon demons, “friendly spirits,” in order to help them write and perform

- Left Eye from TLC had lot of demons

- Whitney Houston goes to Africa to fight demons

- Star whackers went after Anita Baker after she failed to comply with Illuminati

- Demons and their occult slaves spy on Hollywood stars/artists

- Michael Jackson, Rockwell song “Somebody’s Watching Me” reveals Hollywood demons watching stars; Kabbalist succubus under the bed in this music video

- Joel Osteen consulted by demons, reports Hollywood troublemakers to high priestess/priest

- Moguls pray to Satan over their food

- Tupac (2pac) Shakur and Michael Jackson broke out of their programming early

- 700,000 missing people in America, many used for Satanic ritual

- Satanists and politicians required to eat hearts

- Smuggling of immigrants fuels Satanic rituals in America

- CIA behind illegal immigration

- Hollywood’s stars must obey their Illuminati handlers or their families will die

- Hollywood looking for souls, not talent