Holocaust tattoos
Gas Chambers


Show Me or Draw Me a Nazi "Tattooing Machine" by C.W. Porter  [Porter, Carlos Whitlock ]Of all the multifarious “symbols of the Holocaust” (and EVERYTHING about the Holocaust is symbolic), probably no symbol is more powerful than the “Holocaust tattoos” of the “Holocaust survivors”. Wherever you find Jews, you find “survivors”; wherever you find “survivors”, you find “Holocaust tattoos”. One “survivor” at a public meeting of some sort has the same sort of effect on the audience as a shot of curare or displaying a crucifix in front of a vampire: the “tattoos” (and the sob-stories with which they are inevitably accompanied), have a paralyzing effect on almost everyone who sees them; yet, astonishingly enough, apart from the tattoos themselves, there is not the slightest proof that the National Socialists tattooed anyone, ever, at Auschwitz or anywhere else. Let us examine this matter dispassionately, in a bit more detail.


World’s Record for Continuous Tattooing: 178 Simple Tattoos in 35 1/2 hours!  I don’t know how long it takes to do a wisdom fish (perhaps this is the simple symbol for Christianity with which we are all familiar), but this is pretty much the way I imagine it must have been done at Auschwitz, if it was done at all, which I do not believe. The wisdom fish cannot be very complicated for 20 dollars; they would probably charge almost the same to do a 6-digit set of numbers. Note the number of tattoos and teamwork involved: 178 simple tattoos in 35 1/2 hours, using modern equipment and a team of two people. So one Jew at Auschwitz tattooes 200,000 people with two needles and a pot of ink?

Tattooing poses the risk of infection. Are we to believe this procedure was carried out despite the serious threat of typhus and even during or after the typhus outbreak in July of 1942? Tattooing leaves tiny open wounds on the skin. With typhus a person only need to scratch a bite to rub the contaminated lice faeces into the tiny wound on the skin to become infected. Were inmates allowed to wonder off around the camp and mix with other imates after recieving the tattoo before the skin had healed?

Despite Jews only comprising less than 40% of prisoners at Auschwitz we never saw any non-Jewish prisoners displaying their tattoos for the world to see.


Elie Wiesel