How high does the Luciferian satanic cult go? and how widespread.

Monday, February 11, 2013


HETT sends - This commenter Russ Dizdar knows all about the methods they use.

The abuse of children is widespread.

The victims are programmed to commit suicide.

The programme is well organised, creating multiple personality disorder in the victims.  The victim can be programmed with a codeword, which can be delivered in a phone call.  The victim doesn't even know they are being controlled.  Even tones can trigger a shutdown in a person, or a call to action, a tone which is a speeded up message recognised by the subconscious.

The mind control victims can be the nicest people one minute,  a guided missile killer the next.  Their real personality has been gutted from them at an early age.  Many kill themselves.  Others become mass shooters. 

Here is Russ Dizdar, who has years of direct experience of working with mind control victims, on Rense.  Engaging the victims in discussion helps to break down the programming.  The victims are put through Satanic sexual abuse when very young, under six, which triggers the multiple personalities.  Everyone wants to help them.  The first generation of victims are 55-65.  They then programme their children, and the programming becomes a bloodline.  There are thousands of them out there.

Some are beginning to break down and want to be deprogrammed when they realise they've been programmed.  Russ believes the victims are possessed by a dark spirit, which comes from 'entities', which are not human.  Victims are placed into churches, law courts, military and so on to carry out an agenda.  They are often the most wonderful people you could ever meet.  They want to be your friend.  They are all the while gathering information.  They summon spirits to take you over when they have enough information.

Why are so many of these in so many countries?

They are part of the coming chaos.

See Russ Dizdar's website,

It's a bit like the hypnosis state as seen on TV shows.  The victim doesn't realise they are controlled.  The way to confront the victim is to record their changes and show them what they do.  Then they can start to see the multiple personalities that are possessing them.  Watch out for fractured personality mood changes, behaviours that make no sense.  It's indescribable.  They can be very intelligent people.  They can seem like different people inside the same body, who respond to different names during the same conversation.  The two names follow separate continuities.  Time can go by between the different personalities talking, and they can be told to see that time is missing.

Programmed parents drop off their own children to become victims.  Raping.  Human sacrifices go on.  When parents cannot look in the eye of their own children, it's an indication marker.  The children say things like Mommy's not Mommy.  They can get to know the names of the multiples, and fear the personalities within their parent.

The eyes are the window to the soul.  You can see multiple eyes.  You can actually address more than one personality at once, talk to them as a group.  Males can be made to exist within females, just as the programmer wants.  Many are programmed to commit suicide.  To murder and then suicide.  The multiple personalities can be trained in weaponry to a high standard.

Rense has been told by the Police he's in danger from a programmed multiple - of murder/suicide.  The other multiples are shut down when the active multiple is triggered.   How do the slaughtering people get to do what they do?  There's something bizarre at Sandy Hook, which suggests it was a cult located there.  The people are highly trained.  They have behind-the-scenes handlers.

The victims yearn for normalcy but they can't have it.  The attacks on Rense have made him aware of these things.  The upfront person might be very nice.  They bring you gifts that you really like.  Demonised objects, poisoned foods.  They would observe what you like, first.  They web you.  They observe your connections.  They look and ask what's this person's vulnerabilities?  Usually relatives.  They often want to work with you.

The person doing the poisoning would never know they were doing it.  Never accept food.  Never accept a gift if you are possibly a target.  Food can been adulterated with blood, urine and is used to transfer demons. 

''In this twilight of human history darkness burns its black flame. Soon it will all erupt and fear will fly as the bloodshed begins. The 'Black Awakening' will occur! For them, those who served this long cold secret it has to, its the only way to give the world a desperate reason. A willing but painful reason for the need of a new world order and of a leader who will rule with a power that only the ancients felt.''
The Black Awakening: Rise of Satanic Super Soldiers and the Coming Chaos
Russ Dizdar (Author)

The Jeff Rense Program


Julia said...
If there is one thing that keeps me going, it's wanting to put an end to paedophilia.
Thanks to Bill, and others, for reminding us. It's all too easy to forget, when the subject is so hidden or normalised.