Illuminati  Surgery Inc  Satanism


BY Kerth R. Barker


"The subject of how the Illuminati intends to use surgical mutilation as a form of social control is very disturbing. I've written about this before. I've recently received some more information. So I've decided to revisit this subject. I don't feel comfortable writing about this--yet I feel that I have to. For one thing this subject is personal. I'm missing three toes on my right foot. I did this to myself when I was a teenager as a way of getting out of an occult recruitment ritual. A group of mid-level Illuminati leaders believed that I had certain bloodlines which interested them, and they were interested in the astro-theological significance of my conception and birth dates. So there was a great deal of pressure for me to accept recruitment into a Satanic coven. Days before the annual Marriage of the Beast celebration, I deliberately stuck my foot into a lawn mower so that I would be in the hospital during the day of initiation. Those Illuminati leaders who had shown an interest in me were not fooled. After I recovered I was taken before a secret tribunal. I couldn't see their faces. They were wearing the traditional black robes with hoods, and of course they were naked underneath. They told me to show them my mutilated foot. When I did this one of the men gasped--not with shock but with pleasure. He lifted up his robe and showed the other men his erection. This amused them. They interpreted this as a sign from Lucifer that my life should be spared. So they tortured a dog to death in front of me, as a way of intimidating me into silence, then they let me go.


The Illuminati may have been done with me at that point, but I was not done with them. In those days there was a resistance group within the Illuminati that wanted to undermine the leadership. These were Illuminati members who were secretly dissatisfied with the Committee that runs the Illuminati. When they heard of this story about what I had done to get out of recruitment into a Satanic cult, this resistance group contacted me; and so I joined their movement. Eventually that movement would be destroyed, but I survived. Decades later I started talking about Satanic Ritual Abuse on the radio. But I've never really told this particular story about my self-mutilation before--except privately to a few people. So understand that I find it difficult to write about this subject.


One way that the Satanists intimidate their abuse victims into silence is to threaten them with violence. A film that I was forced to watch as a child was intended to do just that. It was a black and white film of a man being tortured to death over a period of months. I was told that he was an Illuminati member who tried to leave the group with the intention of contacting the news media. He wanted to warn the world about the Illuminati, but they got to him first. I was shown this film in the early 1960s when elaborate special effects were not possible. So I've always known that this film was real. The surgery done to this man was shown in segments as it progressed over time. His fingers and toes were removed one at a time. His legs and arms were systematically removed. By the time they killed him by removing his intestines, he was just a torso. I was told that this surgery was done without anesthetics. I now know that this surgery was done by a Nazi war criminal brought into the USA by the CIA's project paperclip. I remember that in the final segment of the film, right before they started to remove his intestines, you could see the profound look of despair on the victim's face. The doctor performing the surgery didn't always wear a surgical mask. In some of the film segments you could see that he was smiling with glee as he performed the operations. And although he was wearing his surgery scrubs, it was obvious in many of the shots that he had an erection.


When I was working with the resistance group, I was shown a number of films but for a different reason. There were films which showed sexual rituals, animal sacrifice, human sacrifice, and cannibalism. Two of these films in particular indicated that some Satanists are obsessed with surgical mutilation.


The main organizer of this resistance was a man who liked to be called Bob, which was short for Beelzebub. This resistance group, I should explain, wasn't interested in destroying the Illuminati, they just wanted to make it less insane and violent. They were trying to engineer a new leadership for the Committee that runs the Illuminati. Bob worked for the Committee, which is why he had access to a number of films that depicted Satanic rituals performed by different groups. The Illuminati is a complex system. Not all subgroups have the same practices, and the Committee wanted to document the different rituals used by different groups.


One film that Bob showed me documented the results of some surgery that was performed on a beautiful woman to remove her healthy arms. The story Bob told me was that a secret Satanist who worked as a priest in the Vatican once saw a beautiful poor woman visiting there. He instantly became sexually obsessed with her. He found out where she lived and began to stalk her. One day he set aside his garb as a priest and dressed in a fine Italian suit. He approached her at a cafe and made a proposition that she should become his mistress--which she refused. He continued to harass her, but she always refused his advances. One day when this frustrated Satanist was looking at a picture of the Venus de Milo statue, he had an inspiration. He had some of his fellow Satanists abduct this woman who had become the object of his obsession. Then he had her arms surgically removed to make her look like the statue. In a black and white film which Bob showed me, she was dressed and posed like the famous statue. The woman had a look on her face that suggested that she was drugged. Satanists in black robes were bowing before her, worshiping her. Periodically some of them would stand up and lift their robes to masturbate.


The second film Bob showed me of her was in color. In it she was no longer alive. Someone had expertly stuffed her body in the way that taxidermists do with animals. Her corpse was posed like the statue; but now it was held in place with the help of a metal bar behind it. In the film, on a bench in front of this stuffed corpse, was a man and a woman wearing masks who were having sex together. Looking at these films which Bob showed me was like looking at an automobile accident. It was horrible, but you couldn't really look away. However, the point I'm trying to make is that some Satanists are very turned on by the idea of surgical mutilation.


Bob was unscrupulous, but he was opposed to the ultra-violent behavior of some Illuminati members. He showed films like these to members of the resistance as a way of motivating them to oppose the Committee. However, I didn't really need motivation. Back in those days, when I was young, I didn't work for the resistance because I was interested in defeating the Illuminati. I knew that there was a system of Luciferian cults popular among the super-wealthy. Bob told me that these cults had plans to take over the world. Personally, in those days, I doubted that they could. Now that I am older I understand how wide spread and well organized they are. However, back then, my understanding of the Illuminati wasn't really very intellectual. My reason for wanting to hurt the Illuminati was more personal. I thought that if I could create some problems for them, it would be revenge for my having been abused as a child.


Once I was involved in the resistance I did form some friendships with its members. I wasn't a Christian then, and I was fairly immoral. The members of this resistance for the most part weren't Christians, but some were. But mostly they were Luciferians who did believe in the Illuminati system. They weren't disillusioned with the Illuminati so much as they were disillusioned with the leadership at that time. The resistance members didn't like the way the Committee seemed to be turning in the direction of ultra-violent, hard core Satanism. They wanted to put an end to the practices of human sacrifice and extreme child abuse. But most of these resistance members were somewhat amoral. They had rejected Christian morality--and they liked the decadence and wealth that went along with Illuminati membership. And in all honesty, in those days I tended to identify with these Luciferians.


But I did always draw the line at joining a Satanic coven. Once you do that, your soul is pretty much forfeit. I had been subjected to torture and sexual abuse as a child. I had managed to get away from it, but it created emotional health problems for me. What I got out of working for the resistance was therapy. I have described their therapy system as Fabian Therapy. I've written an article on this subject which is available on Basically this approach to therapy is different from conventional therapy in certain ways. Instead of trying to dredge up painful memories, they would rehabilitate the mind's memory system, and thus allow painful memories to discharge their negative energy in a more natural way. This was a very sophisticated system, way ahead of what most therapists are presently doing. The therapy I was receiving then was helping me to survive, and so I did what I could to help them. As a teenager, I didn't have any skills useful to the resistance, except that I had a certain nerve and intuitive wit. So they used me as a courier. Being a courier isn't rocket science, but it requires a willingness to accept risk, which I had in those days. The therapy which they provided me with helped me, and the price I paid for that was that I helped them by delivering messages between members of this resistance movement. Sometimes this process of delivering messages could be complex. The people in this movement were very paranoid--with good reason.


This resistance movement of Bob's was destined to fail. He wasn't trying to stop the Illuminati's global government, he just wanted it to live up to certain ideals. If you've ever read H. G. Wells book, New World Order, this is what Bob and the resistance thought the Illuminati should strive for--a scientific, socialist utopia. But the Committee that runs the Illuminati seemed to be moving in the direction of creating a brutal, Satanic police state. The Committee was then and still is the most powerful group of people in the world. The Committee doesn't want to be reformed. They recruit new members telling them that they are going to create a global government which will turn the world into a utopian society. But what the leaders of the Illuminati really want is to turn the world into a living hell--with them in charge.


Eventually the Committee which runs the Illuminati discovered the existence of this resistance group, and they decided not to tolerate it. Bob and the resistance leaders were killed in bad ways which I don't want to describe at this time. Some members of the resistance acquired false IDs and took off never to be seen again. For various reasons I did not attempt to leave town. Because I was a courier, the Illuminati decided to spare my life for a while. They reasoned that my name and face was known to many members of the resistance; the Committee thought that some of those who ran away might try to contact me. For months, the Illuminati had me under surveillance, hoping that the run away resistance members would contact me.


When nobody from the resistance tried to contact me, some loyal Illuminati members contacted me for another reason. This had to do with blood drinking addiction. Some of the people in the resistance were therapists who worked for the Illuminati. These therapists served the Illuminati, but where they got into trouble is that they were deprogramming people who the Illuminati hadn't authorized them to help--people like me. What you have to understand is that the Illuminati is an organization where many of its members have been abused as children, and this tends to make them insane. If an Illuminati leader becomes insane in a way which works against the interests of the Illuminati, that leader needs therapy. This is why they have psychiatrists and other therapists to keep their members in line. Their therapy systems can be very sophisticated. The problem was that the therapists who knew how to deal with blood drinking addiction were all in the resistance, and when the Illuminati cracked down on our resistance group, such therapists were either killed or they ran away never to be seen again. I was a teenager when I joined this resistance group, but I was nearly thirty years old when the crack down took place. For years prior to the crack down I had received therapy, not to deal with blood drinking addiction, but to deal with my childhood abuse. Nevertheless I had received therapy from the same therapists who dealt with blood drinking addiction. Furthermore, I personally knew some people in the resistance who were recovering from their addiction to adrenalized goat's blood. So I had some knowledge about how the process for recovering from blood drinking addiction works. That's why I was contacted by some loyal Illuminati members; they wanted my help in dealing with their sons who had become addicted to blood drinking.


At this time I was suffering from survivor's-guilt and grief from the experience of seeing so many people I knew either killed or forced to go into hiding. I was very afraid and upset when I was contacted by the agents who worked for these powerful Illuminati members. At first I thought that they were going to torture me for information. Initially they didn't tell me what they wanted. They took me to a house out in the country and hooked me up to a lie-detection machine. They asked me questions about the resistance group and I told them everything I knew. The truth is that I knew nothing which could help them. They already knew the answers to all the questions they asked me. They were just testing me to see if I would be cooperative with them. At that point in time I felt that I may as well cooperate with them since the resistance had been completely defeated. Finally they explained why they wanted my help.Over the years when I was in the resistance I had received therapy. But I had also studied therapy. I had educated myself and been educated by my therapists. Some of the simpler techniques of their therapy system could be easily taught. I had learned those techniques and at times had used them to help out with others needing therapy. I had known some people who suffered from blood drinking addiction and had worked with them some. In fact, I drank adrenalized goat's blood once just to see what it was like. I had a friend in the resistance who was recovering from adrenalized goat's blood drinking addiction. So I had a fairly good understanding of the blood drinking addiction recovery process. This made me of some value to the Committee.


These Illuminati agents explained that they had abducted and tortured some of the leaders of the resistance for information. What the Committee learned from this was that a great many members of the Illuminati had been involved in the resistance if only in small ways. It wouldn't have been practical to kill all of them, so a general amnesty was issued by the Committee. Those former resistance members who performed some act of atonement could have their lives spare. And the Committee wanted a favor from me.


It turned out that there were two important families, connected to the Committee, who had sons who had gotten involved with a Satanic cult which involved itself with adrenalized human blood drinking. Not all Luciferians are the same. In fact, most Luciferians don't sacrifice children and drink their blood. These aristocratic Luciferians didn't like the fact that their sons were addicted to drinking adrenalized human blood. They wanted me to help their sons recover from blood drinking addiction. My choice at that point was to help them or be killed.


Addicts who are addicted to drinking adrenalized goat's body are different than addicts who are addicted to drinking adrenalized human blood. The problem is that when you're in therapy with someone who is used to stalking, abducting, and torturing his victims before harvesting and drinking their blood--that client is always looking at you the way a wolf looks at a sheep. The trick is to never be judgmental, to never show fear, and to figure out how to create empathy. Empathy is the key. People who have lost their humanity to that point have lost the best thing about being human. Empathy is the breath of life. If you lose that, you're lost. Although I couldn't identify myself with the violent acts that they had been committing, it did turn out that I did have something in common with them.


I had been subjected to Satanic Ritual Abuse as a child. This abuse had been directed by a CIA paperclip-Nazi named Shotzy. I had been lucky enough to get away from her, but these two men had not. Although I had some older relatives in the Illuminati, my parents were not members, and they knew nothing about it. So when I started acting strange because of Shoty's abuse, my parents started to notice. They never figured out what was going on, but they did talk with other people in our family about it. My relatives in the Illuminati heard these stories and became concerned. So my Illuminati relatives intervened and Shotzy was forced to back away from me.


However, these men hadn't been so lucky. It turned out that Shotzy had also been their Satanic trainer. Back in Germany, before and during the war, Shotzy had been involved with the Nazi youth movement. The goal of that movement had been to create supermen. The parents of these blood drinking addicts were Luciferians, and they thought that Shotzy was going to turn their sons into supermen. But in reality Shotzy just turned them into serial killers who were addicted to drinking human blood.


So I created empathy with these men by talking to them about what Shotzy had done to me. I got them to remember their own abuse at her hands. In this way I got them to feel empathy for me. Eventually they began to feel empathy for their victims. Their violent behavior had also been related to their addiction to alcohol and cocaine. They received normal substance abuse treatment as well as working with me.


Some of you who read this may wonder why I just didn't go to the FBI or something like that. Actually, my grandfather's brother was a friend of J. Edgar and one of the founding FBI agents. He was also a Luciferian. What I understood then was that the chain of governmental command goes like this. Local government, state government, Federal government--and above that the Committee who runs the Illuminati. These young men were the sons of high ranking Illuminati members. There was no going to the police. If I had come forward to the police with what I knew, I would not have been taken seriously. And the only problem it would have created for the Illuminati is that they would have to make me disappear and maybe make a few bribes.


So I worked with these young men and they recovered. They stopped killing victims and harvesting their blood. But in talking with them I came to realize that this type of ultra-violent behavior among high ranking Illuminati members was becoming increasingly common. However, my clients themselves did recover from their blood drinking addiction. They went on to become important corporate leaders. I feel certain that they were suitably ruthless for the corporate world. Anyway, psychiatrists working for the committee studied my methods and I was set free--more or less. I was warned that if I went to the press they would kill my mother, but if I kept my mouth shut, they would leave me alone. The truth is, in those days, back in the 1980s, I knew that if I went to the press, nobody would believe me anyway.


Even now in these days, with the greater openness in the internet, most people don't believe me now that I am talking openly about it. Of course my mother is long dead, of natural causes, and I am not afraid of being killed by the Illuminati because they plan to kill most of the people on the planet anyway.


What you have to understand is that all of this relates to a plan to create an apocalypse. The Illuminati has a depopulation agenda. They plan to kill off most of the people on the planet so that only half a billion people remain. This isn't to be done to save the environment, they want to do it to turn the planet into a giant Satanic prison.


In order to push forward their massive depopulation agenda, they need to have complete control over their own Illuminati members. And even in the Illuminati system, most members would not necessarily cooperate with the massive genocide that is being planned. Although Illuminati mind control is pretty sophisticated, it does have certain limits. Persons who have been subjected to Monarch mind control may be used as sex slaves, assassins or even entertainment performers. But none of those things require great intellectual skill. It turns out that computer programmers and social organizers don't do well when subjected to this type of trauma-based mind control. So the problem that the Committee faces is how they can have complete control over their intellectual human resources.


The solution that they've come up with is to combine surgical mutilation with certain forms of indoctrination. What they believe is that when surgical mutilation is combined with indoctrination, such persons can retain their intellectual capacity while becoming completely submissive to their masters. What Illuminati psychiatrists believe is that when a person is subjected to extreme surgical mutilation, this creates a permanent feeling of powerlessness. So when such a person is then subjected to indoctrination, that person will accept the indoctrination more willingly.


For example, if a computer programmer who operates predator drones were ordered to kill Christian Americans, that programmer might not comply. But if his legs were surgically removed, and he was indoctrinated to believe that it was a good thing to kill Christian Americans, he would then be more likely to comply. And the loss of his legs would not interfere with his ability to operate a computer. By the way, if you believe that the predator drone program was designed only to kill muslims overseas, you should think again.


When I was younger, when the resistance group I worked with still existed, there was a man I knew named James. He was a Christian and he did not believe in any form of Luciferianism. James worked with the resistance because it was all there was to work with. James considered that this resistance group of Bob's was the lesser of two evils. But what James really believed was that the Illuminati should be disassembled. He wasn't looking to reform it. He was looking to systematically deconstruct it. James and his Christian followers went underground when the crack down began.


After I disconnected from the Illuminati, from time to time, James would carefully contact me. He encouraged me to go to Church and to study Christianity. He was the one person I could talk with about my feelings of loss and grief about the people in the resistance who I had known and who had died. James did not contact me very often, but when he did, I valued the communication. Decades went by and eventually I converted to Christianity. I was baptized and I joined a Church as a member for a year. In recent years I came to know some people who were talking on the radio about politics. On a July 4th show on KOPN, I started talking about my experiences with the Illuminati. James heard of the show and listened to a podcast of it. He contacted me in secret and encouraged me to talk more about these taboo subjects. Eventually some of the people at the radio station became upset about me talking openly about the Illuminati and Satanism. I was pushed off the show. But I kept up posting information on the website.


One day James contacted me and told me that there were people in the Illuminati who were disillusioned with the Committee and wanted an outlet for information. He arranged for a meeting between me and them. And they begin to give me insider information which I put on the website in postings.


One thing that they told me about was the Illuminati's plans to use surgical mutilation as a method of controlling their own members. The people who James arranged for me to meet were what some would call Technocrats. These are people who use computer modeling and social science as a way for the Illuminati to make plans to take over the world.


One of these Technocrats had hacked into a lap top at a Bilderberg Group conference and listened into a conversation between a Rothschild and a Rockefeller. This conversation was about the different ways they planned to use surgical mutilation on their own loyal members. I listened to some of this recording and it was obvious that they weren't joking. It was clear in the conversation that they believe that there is a relationship between surgical mutilation and social control. They believe that more they surgically mutilate the bodies of their own servants and subordinates, the more control they will have over them. What they were talking about was an extremely widespread program of surgical mutilation. In the world culture they are planning, most people, except for the wealthiest aristocrat families, would be surgically mutilated to some degree.


In this conversation they were saying things like, "Gardeners don't really need two eyes. Maids and butlers don't really need both of their eyes--now do they? Computer programmers don't need their legs really. Ordinary male factory workers don't need their testicles. Ordinary female workers don't need their ovaries or breasts. Whatever body part a worker doesn't need in order to do their job, we should have that removed."


They also talked about the use of plastic surgery to identify social class. In their plan, the peasants would have homely faces, the police-enforcers would look fiercely animalistic, but the aristocrats would have plastic surgery to make themselves look handsome or beautiful.


More recently that same Technocrat contacted me again and showed me some very disturbing video images. These were taken in a secret experimental laboratory. I was told that the victims were gathered from the homeless population and third world nations where they wouldn't be missed. There were experimental surgery techniques being developed to quickly and efficiently remove limbs. They had constructed experimental computerized machines that could do surgery. There were disembodied heads being kept alive using elaborate life support machinery. There were experiments which were attempting to interface computers with the human brain. I am unable to express in words how upset I felt in looking at these images. I still feel upset writing this.


What I have to say in conclusion is this. If you are in the Illuminati and you are still cooperating, you are cooperating with leaders who plan to betray you. Even if you don't believe what I am saying, consider how these men came into power. They all have a history of betrayal. If it is to their advantage to surgically mutilate their own servants and employees--of course they will do it. And if you are not in the Illuminati, but have been opposing the Illuminati, perhaps what I've written here will motivate you to spread the word even more than you already have. I pray for the victims of these Illuminati secret experiments."