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How We Stopped the American Hurricane Agenda in 2005/6

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Post How We Stopped the American Hurricane Agenda in 2005/6 
John Scudamore and I have been carrying out some discussions about how to make sure that the information we provide is 'clean' and is not the Trojan Horse vessel for the extremely clever and convincing host of  CIA, NSA, Mossadomite or British Intelligence disinformation pimps.  He does a fine job with that for , which is why I recommend it to anyone who would like to know how the ancient corporate world order carries out mass mind control.

I posted the synopsis of his orgonite efforts in Britain to date, yesterday, and he posted the following on  I had noted to him that many of us have achieved miraculous, large-scale positive results and reported about it thoroughly, years ago, but when the NSA destroyed EW, three times in the first five years of its existence, all of those reports were lost to the public record.  They were automatically archived on the web, of course, and someone explained to me how easy it is to retrieve the  original, sans photos, but I forgot those instructions, of course, and nobody's stepped forward as a volunteer to retrieve them or to retrain me, yet Wink

He said he'd like to post something on about our success in Florida, years ago, stopping the then-escalating and increasingly destructive hurricane agenda.  The last hurricane was thrown directly at us, shortly after we arrived in Florida in the fall of 2005. Cool

He also asked me to write something for about how our psychics work together, so I'll write that this week and send it to him, also will post it here, since I don't think there's a summary available for the record.

Here's the HAARPicane agenda notes:

"Carol and I bought a sea boat when we got to Florida in the fall of 2005 and what mainly got rid of teh HAARPicane infrastructure was most likely the distribution (by dolphins) of hundreds of the TBs we [Carol, Jeff McKinley and I]  tossed in the water for several hundred miles around Florida's coast and the Keys. We tossed thousands of them, also did a trip into the Bahamas to ruin a very large,  storm-generating underground facility east of Palm Beach in the shallows of Little Bahama Bank. It was on our way home that the Coast Guard arrested us in international waters.  I posted detailed reports for the entire year we were there and they're no doubt archived on the web even though the NSA destroyed them on EW.  ***************  abruptly stopped posting my reports on his site after I announced our intention to move to Florida to stop the hurricane agenda.

    We also disabled all the HAARP transmitters, weatherballs and all of the countryside death towers in the southern half of the state.  The death towers in Miami and Ft Lauderdale (the metro area) remain unflipped, mostly.
    They threw a hurricane right at us a few weeks after we arrived.  The manufactured storm came in a straight line across the entire state ot reach us.  It wasn't a hurricane when it reached shore but was built up into a minimal hurricane by the time it reached us.  The cloudbusters in the area prevented it from doing any significant damage, even though we were ground zero but Miami and Ft Lauderdale, where the death towers were still operating, got a lot of damage from that storm, even though they're 50 and 70 miles to the south. Also, 'ground zero' was announced in the newspaper a day or two before the storm arrived and the straight path was shown on a graph.

    Carol and some of the other psychics can track where orgonite is taken by dolphins and whales in the ocean and that often provides us with intel.   The US Navy, probably also the Brit one, has a global agenda to destroy all the dolphins and whales, mostly with sonar weaponry and a lot of that is on the seabed in vortices.  We found death towers on the seabed with our sonar and the fancy sideview sonar on commercial boats can actually see them in 3D.
    The psychics  see orgonite in the sea  as pinpoints of light when they go out of body over the planet. They do it to track where the whales and dolphins have taken it.    A whole lot of our Florida orgonite was evidently taken as far as the sea that's just west of equatorial Africa, which is where Atlantic hurricanes originate.  I hope to drop a bunch in the sea west of Southern Mexico next spring since that's where Pacific hurricanes originate.  Cloudbusters work on the upper atmosphere, mainly, and for stopping violent weather they're only useful in a rather small radius--5-10  miles sometimes.  To stop weather warfare an 'infantry' approach is needed."