Huey Long

[2010] New Orleans Mardi Gras Mystick Krewe of Comus Secrets Revealed By Mimi L. Eustis   My father Samuel Todd Churchill had much to say about the assassination of U.S. Senator Huey P. Long—the Kingfish. My father claimed that there were many players in the Illuminati-Skull and Bones-New World Order-plans to murder and eliminate Huey Long’s Share the Wealth Program. My father stated that to understand the hidden mystery behind the assassination of Huey P. Long, one must first start with the creation of Skull and Bones at the Tulane University School of Medicine. My father stated repeatedly on his deathbed that Huey Long did not die from the gunshot wound but from the hands of a New World Order-Illuminati-Rhodes scholar-Dr. Arthur Vidrine.
........Dr. Rudolph Matas in his capacity as a professor at Tulane University had contact and supervision over Huey P. Long’s alleged assassin Dr. Carl Austin Weiss and Dr. Carl Weiss’s future wife, Yvonne Pavy. Dr. Carl Austin Weiss was selected by doctor Rudolph Matas to travel and to study in Paris, France and Austria. Dr. Carl Weiss spoke fluent French and German. Through Dr. Rudolph Matas Dr. Carl Weiss was incorporated secretly into the cell of the Illuminati. Dr. Rudolph Matas also selected Yvonne Pavy, the future wife of Doctor Carl Austin Weiss, to also travel to Paris, France to unknowingly meet members of the Illuminati stationed in Paris. This is a part of the Illuminati stage of drama. Dr. Rudolph Matas as an Illuminati head could steer and manipulate the lives of people. The power of the Illuminati to influence and bring about potential marriages and sexual relations is part of their mode of operandi. Moreover, as my father Samuel Todd Churchill stated doctors and the medical profession were always needed to play various roles in the assassinations of U.S. political leaders.
.......My father Samuel Churchill Todd stated that Dr. Carl Austin Weiss was ordered to go to the state capitol of Baton Rouge by his Illuminati-Skull and Bones handlers with the following instructions; Dr. Carl Austin Weiss was ordered to strike Huey Long in the face with his fist. My father emphasized again it was like a stage play or drama. His controller director Illuminati Skull and Bones ordered Dr. Carl Austin Weiss to perform a function. Dr. Carl Austin Weiss had to perform this function or suffer the consequences of death to his newly born baby.
    My father Samuel Churchill Todd stated that Huey Long’s bodyguard Murphy Roden was a spy for J. Edgar Hoover and had orders to shoot Huey Long and Dr. Carl Austin Weiss after Weiss had struck Long in the face. My father stated it was no accident that over 60 bullets were pumped into the body of Dr. Carl Austin Weiss.
    My father Samuel Todd Churchill stated that just as doctors and the medical professions elitist are incorporated into the secret Skull and Bones cell-Illuminati-sometimes so are key members of the family of the U.S. politician assassinated. Huey Long’s Brother George Shannon “Shan” Long assisted the assassination of U.S. Senator Huey P. Long George Shannon Long was a member of Tulsa Lodge #425 and a 32 degree. George S. Long as the brother of slain Huey Long assured that no autopsy would take place. George S. Long also played a key role in dumping tons of cement over Huey Longs coffin. This would make it almost impossible to exhume Huey Long’s body at a later date. George S. Long also played a key role in manipulating and mind controlling Huey Long’s son Russell Billiu Long. George S. Long was also able to guide Russell Long into the U.S. Senate as a puppet of his father’s killers-Standard Oil-John D. Rockefeller. George S. Long became a U.S. Representative from Louisiana 8th District, 1953-58. George S. Long died in office in 1958 in the Bethesda Naval Hospital.