Iain Duncan-Smith

“The present system is one of conscious cruelty....It bears down on those least able to bear it. The bureaucratic inefficiency is vindictive and hunger is being used as a weapon. People are being forced to look for work that doesn’t exist.” ~ Ken Loach

[Main player in Iraq war as Tory leader, so massive amount of blood on his hands.]

Voted for Iraq war

[2015 Dec] Children harmed by jabs face cuts in compensation

Glenda Jackson's speech about Iain Duncan Smith and the DWP

Problem Solving with Iain Duncan Smith

[2013 Dec] Watch Iain Duncan Smith SNEAK OUT of food banks debate as Tories LAUGH at stories of starving families

38 Degrees member Tony has started a petition asking the International Criminal Court to investigate Iain Duncan Smith, Chris Grayling, and Maria Miller for their role in the welfare reforms.
You can sign his petition here: http://38d.gs/ICCwelfare