Ian Birrell

[2011 July] Monster behind genocide and rape squads  Rwandan army commander Papy Kamanzi.... ‘We took them instead into the forest and killed them with a small hatchet.’ Kamanzi despatched scores with a blow to the back of the skull. As the bloodbath went on, his soldiers’ methods became cruder. ‘We could kill more than 100 a day,’ he said. ‘We used ropes – it was the fastest way and we didn’t spill blood. Two of us would place a guy on the ground, wrap a rope around his neck once, then pull hard.....This is a man who launched a war with neighbouring Congo in 1996 which led to more than five million deaths and tore Congo apart – and has used British taxpayers’ money to silence his critics.  Papy Kamanzi’s death squad was operating in the Congolese jungle, where it was guilty of acts of genocide. A United Nations investigation found Kagame’s army and its allies killed tens of thousands of innocent refugees.

[2011 June] SPECIAL REPORT: The corrosive legacy of Live Aid