In hoc signo vinces (in this sign you will conquer)

[Usually in Maltese cross, the sign of Baal.]

Red Cross of Constantine

Knights Templar                                              gravestone

Masonry A GOLD KNIGHT TEMPLAR FOB, American Masons, c. 1900, reads "In Hoc Signo Vinces", with gold helmet over cruciform black onyx tablet, the tablet centering an applied cross and cross emblem over a pair of crossed swords.

Masonry Texas Masonic Belt

Masonic grave carving Rosehill Cemetery, Chicago

Masonic Knights Templar symbol showing a cross within a crown inside a Maltese cross, which has the Latin phrase, “in hoc signo vinces.” The phrase means “in this sign you shall conquer” and was used by Constantine as a military motto in the early 4th Century. The phrase was also used by the original Knights Templar military order that was founded during the Crusades. The Freemasons began using Templar rituals and symbols in the late 1700s. mausoleum of Dr. J.G. Locke, Fairmount Cemetery, Denver, Colorado


Color of Dillon's Regiment, Irish Brigade

Insignia of Marine All-Weather Fighter-Attack Squadron 533

Cap Badge of the Royal Army Chaplains' Department

Sample of use of "In hoc signo vinces" in an old Portuguese coin (year 1721)


* IHS is the seal of the Jesuits
* Appears on the Knight Templar Cross in the York Rite branch of Freemasonry.
* Public motto of the Sigma Chi Fraternity.
* Motto of the Royal Black Institution.
* Motto of the Sisters of Charity of Montreal, The "Grey Nuns of Montreal".
* The American Nazi Party.
* English Defence League (EDL)


* Inscribed in Greek on the flag of the Sacred Band of the Greek War of Independence.
* Inscribed in Greek on the coat of arms and flag of the 22nd Tank Brigade (XXII ΤΘΤ) of the Greek Army.
* Inscribed on the banner of the Sanfedismo in 1799[2]
* Motto of the Royal Army Chaplains Department
* In Hoc Signo Vinces appears prominently on four of the six regimental colors of the Irish Brigade that served in the armies of France from 1690 to 1792.
* Former motto of the Canadian Forces Chaplains Branch, which was replaced in 2006.
* Appears on the patches of Marine All-Weather Fighter-Attack Squadron 533.
* Seen on the coat of arms of the second mechanized infantry battalion, Norwegian Army.
* Used by the Lebanese Forces, a Lebanese Christian resistance.
* Motto of 814th Squadron of the British Fleet Air Arm.
* Motto of 7th Scout Ranger Company, Philippine Army
* Motto of 2nd battalion of the Norwegian army
* Motto of the 54th Massachusetts, (African-American Regiment) On their regiment flag showing a gold Cross and star, Civil War
* The motto was used on the regimental flags of certain foreign regiments of the French Army of the 18th Century, most notably the "Wild Geese" Irish regiments (such as Rooth's, Lally's, Berwick's, Dillon's, Bulkeley's and Clare's) and Swiss Regiments.
* Motto of 4th brigade Spiders of the Croatian army
* Motto of 3 Troop, AWG, United States Army.
* Motto of 2050(Leyland)Squadron, Air Training Corps (UK)
* Motto of the US Navy Destroyer, USS Waldron, DD-699
* Motto of the Finnish defense forces reconnaissance


* Motto of Holy Cross College, Kalutara, Sri Lanka[3]
* Motto of the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA.
* Motto of Madras Christian College High School,[4] Chetput, Chennai, India.
* Motto of the Wah Yan College, Hong Kong and Wah Yan College, Kowloon, two Jesuit-run secondary schools in Hong Kong.
* Appears on the crest of Madras Christian College of Chennai, India.
* Appears on the crest of the Royal and Prior Comprehensive School, Raphoe, Co. Donegal, Ireland
* Appears on the Donegal Coat of Arms, Donegal, Ireland.
* Motto of Iona College in Brisbane, Australia.
* Appears on the crest of St. Eunan's College of Letterkenny, County Donegal, Ireland
* Motto of Waverley Christian College, Victoria, Australia
* Motto of Marist Brothers High School (Fiji)
* Motto of Colegio Nacional de Concepción del Uruguay (Argentina)
* Motto of Sacred Heart R.C. Secondary School, London, England
* Motto of Pope John Paul II High School, Hendersonville, Tennessee
* Adapted Motto of Holy Name High School (Reading, Pennsylvania)
* motto of Holyrood R.C. Secondary School, Glasgow, Scotland
* Motto of Santa Clara High School, Oxnard, California, USA
* Motto of Quitman High School, Quitman, Louisiana USA[5]
* Motto of Coal Hill Road Secondary School, Brisbane, Australia
* Motto of Instituto Tecnológico de Mérida, Mérida, Mexico[6]
* Motto of St Michael's, Christchurch, Primary and secondary, New Zealand
* Motto of St Peter Chanel School, Motueka, New Zealand
* Motto of Holy Cross College, Arima, Trinidad[7]
* Motto of Hood Theological Seminary, Salisbury, North Carolina
* Motto of Holy Cross School, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.[8]
* Motto of Georgian Institute of Public Affairs, Tbilisi, Georgia[9]
* Motto of Bishop Simon Bruté College Seminary, Indianapolis, Indiana
* Motto of Liverpool College, Bahía Blanca, Argentina
* Motto of St. Josephs Convent Grammar School, Donaghmore, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland
* Motto of Holy Cross High School, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.
* Motto of Sigma Chi Fraternity.


* Motto of The Estancia High School Football Team, in Costa Mesa, California.
* Latin phrase on the Logo of TEAM C.A.P.A. (Cavite Alabang Paranaque Airsofters) An active airsoft team in the Philippines.
* Crest of the Royal Hockey Club,[10] Antwerp, Belgium
* Motto of Birkirkara, Malta.
* Motto of the Norwegian soccer-team Storkanonan.
* Motto of the Ipswich Brothers Rugby League club, Qld Australia
* Motto of Worthing Chippingdale Cricket Club, England
* Motto of Pirita Jalgpalliklubi Reliikvia soccer team, Estonia
* Motto of Team Arcani, an airsoft team in Iloilo City, Philippines.
* Motto of the Lee Flames Rugby Team in Cleveland, Tennessee


* Is the public motto for Sigma Chi
* George Lincoln Rockwell, the founder of the American Nazi Party, wrote a political manifesto called In hoc signo vinces in 1960.
* Appears on the crest of the O'Donnell clan.
* Is the motto used by Pilsner Urquell
* Is the motto on the crest of the English Defence League.
* Is the motto found on any pack of Pall Mall brand cigarettes.
* Is written under the statue in front of the bank in the game Postal 2.
* Is the sign of the Templar organization Abstergo in the game Assassin's Creed II.
* Is the sign of local political party "Besti Flokkurinn" in Iceland
* Is a recurring phrase in the HBO series "Carnivale"
* Appears on the crest of the House of Di Santis.
* Appears in Thomas Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow
* Appears at the top of a wall in a 1974 piece of artwork by Zdzisław Beksiński