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Inside the British & Hollywood Nazi Illuminati-Helter Skelter.

Inside the Inner Sanctum of the Hollywood Illuminati.

By Nicolas Duplessis

August 14, 2011

When I get to the bottom
I go back to the top of the slide
Where I stop and turn
and I go for a ride
Till I get to the bottom and I see you again
Yeah, yeah, yeah

(Charles Manson was a follower of Helter Skelter, which was his belief that the black and brown people would be so enraged from oppression, that they would rise up and kill off all the whites, which would then leave him and his white apostles to rule over the lesser races of the planet.)

Why does Charles Manson have a Nazi swastika  in the middle of his forehead? Is it for white superiority and to show the dominance of the white race? No.  Even Adolph Hitler was not really apart of the supposedly "Master Race."  Is there a "Master Race"? No.

Look out
Helter skelter
helter skelter
helter skelter
Yeah, hu, hu
Look out cause here she comes

The Aryan is most historically accurate when one uses it to describe Iran. The Iranians are the real Aryans, and being that Iranians are most close in appearance to Arabs than the Nordic Blond Hair and Blue Eyes, which Hitler used to justify the killing of Jewish Tribes in Nazi Germany, we see that this entire Master Race Issue is a man made fanasty.  In fact, Hitler himself, looked like the people which he was mass murdering and not like this fictional Aryan Master Race

Indeed, just as the Roman Catholic Church would pay artist like Davinci to repaint dark skin and Semitic Jews, to give them a more Northern European Nordic Look, in hopes of the Roman Ruling Elite being able to use Christianity on the warring and barbaric white pagan tribes of Europe, was the very first modern incident of fallen demons, possessing rulers and using the power of literature to advance a New World Order of Satan. It was Helter Skelter.

 The entire Nazi Aryan Mythology, that was given to Hitler and added into his propaganda was simply fraudulent in every single way.  What Hitler didn't know, is that if he would have been successful in his tokenism for people, like Prescott Bush, Henry Ford and King George VI of England, then he would be creating a Europe, where even he would not be considered worthy of life on the continent and a Europe that would swallow up all of its white tribes because they also were not apart of the end game.

(Hitler belonged to a Lucifer Cult Secret Order known as the Thule Society)

Demonic Enochian Occultist & Hitler's spiritual adviser, Dedrick Eckhart-" Follow Hitler he will DANCE, but I am the one to blow the pipe. We have given him the means to put himself in communication with them. Mourn me not. I have influenced history more than any other German."

Adolph Hitler was a diseased, drug addict Meth head, who could give six hour speeches while wrapped up in a raving meth high, kinda like David Cameron of present day England. I saw  British Prime Minister David Cameron sitting up and giving three hour speeches about the evils of the under class in the country after the UK "Merchandise" Riots, and has now used these manufactured British riots, complete with many of the rioters admitting that they were paid to burn down homes and businesses, in hopes of advancing an agenda of enslaving the British People in an over powering sociopath police state, while the British (really they are German) "Royal" Family start back up with their fetish of concentration camps and have a repeat of Nazi Germany, in the UK, which is a country where they do not belong.

The British Psychological "racist" Propaganda, is simply a well crafted cover up to advance the agenda of Helter Skelter, which was a concept that was taken out of Egypt, Israel and Timbuktu,Africa during some British Archaeological Digs, when they stumbled upon stone tablets and books of the Bible, that warned of a plot by fallen Angels aka demons, who had the power of possession. They have the power to possess mankind and it is a power that was stipulated in a contract with GOD or the creator. The Fallen have a dominion over mankind, while mankind had dominion over the herbs and animals.

Go helter skelter
helter skelter
helter skelter
Yeah, hu, hu
I will you won't you want me to make you
I'm coming down fast but don't let me break you
Tell me tell me tell me the answer
You may be a lover but you ain't no dancer

The Fallen Ones have the power of the arts, mathematics, literature and science.  The ability to fool mankind and hide in plain sight. 

Well will you won't you want me to make you
I'm coming down fast but don't let me break you
Tell me tell me tell me the answer
You may be a lover but you ain't no dancer

 The Invite to the Illuminati:


It was the year 2001 and I attended an exclusive party in Hollywood, located high up in one of the most secluded parts of the Hollywood Hills and Hollywood Canyons.  I have no idea how I was invited or why this Hollywood Big Wig was able to find out that I was related to a sitcom actress, who worked at another studio and track down my cell phone number but he did.  I was excited and  like Hell Yeah, I wanna go to the gathering but Hollywood Hills has unnamed dirt roads, it was like rural Louisiana, where one had to simply know their way because there is simply no system or Thomas Guide Maps that can ever really navigate one through Hollywood Hills but the Hollywood Big Wig said that he would send a car to pick me up.


So I arrived at this gate in Hollywood Hills, got out the back seat of the car and jumped into yet another car just to get to this home.  It was a typical Hollywood Hills home and had the usual tri-level split step design of floor stories and of course, all Hollywood Hills Homes have lemon trees around the property. 

I walk in and there were about 15 people, all guys and most were naked. I don't even want to get into too much of details but all I can say is that Prince William Windsor was there, came up and hugged me and all I know is that I felt an uncircumcised cock pressing up against my stomach because it was that close of a hug & he's much taller. He really likes jazz and blues, in fact its his favorite type of music and he started talking about jazz and blues, New Orleans and other types of things to make small talk and he was naked the entire time. I am just not gonna get into all of the visuals but seven of these guys are now really, really, really famous and doing all kinds of supposedly great things within the world of media, United Nations, humanitarian causes and putting out all kinds of films but I would like to tell another side. A dark side.

I am not getting into the entire frat thing but it didn't phase me that much because just a few years earlier I was accustomed to living in a military barracks and you see naked guys all day and every day, so I still wanted to know what was going on at this little testosterone sausage fest and I also had to undress and hang out by the pool nude.


So, after an hour or maybe even two hours the so called meeting started.  Now, in this all male Hollywood Hills meeting, with all of these Big Wigs from all over the place, I learned something about Charles Manson and Hitler, at least these are the two that I dedicated to memory, working for this click.  Some people call it Illuminati or Mason or Freemason and attribute all of these complex plots and deeds to these groups but I really don't think that much of what I hear about Illuminati or Freemason ever sums up the root agenda from which everything flows. 

Freemasons and Illuminati are basically a way to communicate via symbols and architecture during a time when Americans were Protestants and Europeans were repulsed by secret fraternities. I assume that it is something like the Jewish Torah, which is coded and made to look very redundant because this truly inspired text would have not lasted if the rulers, through the centuries, would know the story behind the words of the Torah.  The reason that the King James Bible and Quran aren't real books is because they are routinely re-edited to fit the political and military motives of whatever the so called "elites" want to see happen at any given time.

Why Non Jewish Texts are mostly fake?

Bible Satantalisman  

In the U.S., the Christian Churches are just as state owned and fraudulent as a Muslim Mosque. The Christian Churches are usually tied into these central baptist associations, that is itself, funded by the U.S. Government and Special Military Interest Groups, so in return, the congregation in these churches usually now only hear very political motivated sermons that is designed to get them in line with an agenda like going to war in Iraq, spreading deadly vaccines in Africa, polluting drinking water with female hormones like estrogen which does make men less aggressive along with killing women due to cancer rates increasing from the added  hormones, preaching that God was a blond hair and blue eyed space alien(to make God resemble Prince William) via Christian Missionaries or more recently we saw American Senators and Evangelicals helping to pass a "kill the gays" Bill in Africa and even dividing Northern Sudan from the Oil rich Southern Sudan, as a way for Texas based and British Oil Companies to steal oil fields from black Africans.  Now, where this Hollywood angle comes in, is that when Sudan was being dragged into a Western Instigated Civil War we saw Actor, George Clooney and Google on CNN doing propaganda.  George Clooney was also at this gathering in Hollywood Hills along with Mel Gibson, Ben Afflect and I will leave it at that.

Keep in mind, that Hollywood is filled with all kinds of exotic religions and beliefs like Scientology (John Travolta, Tom Cruise and Kirsty Ally) and even I myself, was caught up in Kabalah Mysticism in Beverly Hills at one point in time. So, I didn't take this whole thing as being serious, when I heard what I heard but merely thought that this is something that Prince William Windsor would LIKE to see happen in his little world.  But looking at the events and the way that the propaganda is coming out to advance this agenda, it must be something very real. 

Historych Illuminati


On the History Channel, the British are producing a special on "The Bible" and it is yet another warped version, where Jesus is being pimped out as a salesman to sell an Illuminati Agenda.  We see these books being written by the British and Germans about Anaki Aliens, who were white and lived in the Mid East and about these people designing modern man to be mining slaves? How coincidental.  This is a lie. There's no Anaki and even if there was an Anaki Race of Aliens they were not white and living in Southern Iraq. So, this Anaki mess is just a front to get people used to working in mines as slaves and the mines will be dominated by Prince William.

The British are already on The History Channel telling Latinos and Native People of the Americas, that their ancient recordings say that their gods were blond hair and blue eyes, again like Prince William, when I know that the Native American Tribes (like my grandfather's tribe) say that there were star people that came down to instruct them but that the writings were all in Hebrew and that these people were Jewish. And this is why I do believe that the Mormon faith is a religion, in its original form, that was given to the white man when they arrived into the U.S. Christianity and Islam had been turned into man made writings and a bunch of plagiarism that only lead to war and taking one's mind out of earthly matters. 

So, I know for a fact that Jews were among the Native Americans and that if you look at some of these Native American writings, if you are lucky enough to have some of them like myself, from the South Eastern part of the U.S., you will see some Hebrew letters but the British now want to inject some Aryan narrative into our history!

Edgar Cayce was a prophet from Virginia State and he gave medical advice, using natural DRUG FREE remedies that healed 100% of the time and I read all of his books before the age of 14. I know his writings inside and out and I can mimic his writing style and some how or another, with my two relatives in show business, my military service under Bush Sr and I guess my ability to write advanced spiritual concepts, appeared to have gotten me an invite into the Illuminati this one night in Hollywood.

The Meeting:

Helter Skelter is the Illuminati.  Back in the days of the Beatles, the music labels, especially out of the U.K. used a lot of subliminal messages. Helter Skelter, like Charles Manson believed, was a way to trigger an apocalypse style race war, where the whites would all be murdered and a white man would be on top of the world to rule the dumb blacks.  In essence, Charles Manson basically summed up the long term plot of the Illuminati in a nutshell. 

The Illuminati is a long term agenda, that is tied into blood lines of certain families.  Now being that two people can have thousands of relatives, who descend from the same two people, in under 100 years-I was told that through my slave holding ancestor from Va State and another one on my French Side, that I was related to Prince William Windsor at this Hollywood Meeting, deep up in the hills, once upon of an evening.

So what did they want with me? like the Hollywood Church of Scientology keeps writing and publishing bullshit books, to sell for thousands of dollars, saying that it was written by L Ron Hubbard, knowing that this man is dead and he only wrote two books dealing with Scientology-these people (Scientologist) come out with a new L Ron Hubbard Book every few years to advance their business dealings! 

Sony comes out with Michael Jackson CD's, and uses a sound alike, simply to sell Jackson CD's and make money.  So, I was supposed to be writing a book of doomsday prophecy that would say things about biblical famines and disease, and then they would use their technology of vaccines and weather warfare to create the famines and disease-and the stupid people would think that this is god's will. 

Its the same thing about Jews being attacked and killed in Israel and only if Jews are hated, will Jesus return back to the Earth, according that silly British written King James Holy Bible therefore idiotic Christians feel that attacks on Israel by the EU, US, UN and Arabs are something normal, when in reality Prince William and the Europeans are only after the oil and gas, which is located off of the Jewish coast of Tel Aviv and they want to steal this jewish oil & gas by colonizing the Palestinians and then ripping these dumb arabs off.  This mess being reported in Israel about Hillary Clinton funding Hamas and the PLO or the JPOST publishing that the Europeans (Belgium) were busted funding anti-Israel terror left wing NGO groups to destabilize Israel is all tied in with this agenda out of Britain. 

Illuminati will Kill the White Race. 

The end game is to destroy the white race and most of the black & brown races. The White Race will be destroyed through the immigration of Muslims. The so called "elites" simply adore Islam (at least until they finish demographic shape shifting) because Islam teaches one to be a slave to a made up God and the men even bow down, during Muslim Prayers, with their ass up in the air, called prostration, like they are wanting to get fucked by Allah. 


The so called "Elites" simply love this Islamic symbolism.  Women are not even in the equation because they feel that women were a mistake. The creator made Adam and then slit him to create a deformed and lesser being, which was Lilith and then Eve. 

Blacks are to be killed with famine and disease and Americans (which are naturally rebellious and more street smart) should be killed with famine (US Army Corp flooded out Mid West farm Land, BP destroyed the seafood in the Gulf), Disease (Rick Perry of Texas, Bill Gates, Oprah and Obama) want to force vaccinations that carry time released disease and the US will be destroyed through latino immigration, because they feel that Latin America has enough of genetically engineered food crops, that the latinos are already in a dumb down, sub human and submission state along with Asians.  These people are already less human due to genetic manipulation via the food, air and water supply.


Look out
Helter skelter
helter skelter
helter skelter
Yeah, hu, hu


Illuminati will Kill God.

When word had gotten out that a Jewish King was going to be born the first thing that the Pharaoh attempted to do was kill the kids, specially the male children.  It says in Jewish text (which includes original Christian Texts), also it says something about the return of the messiah in Christian text but the Holy Bible is so re-mixed in such a laughable manner that it is rarely useful to ever cite anything from modern day Christianity, that a messiah ruler would return and end the Illuminati. 

 Most people think that this means a man coming out of the sky on a white horse or floating cloud but even if you believe that Jesus Christ was someone who died for our sins and saved the world, God still sent him as a fetus, who grew into a child and then a human man.  So, god doesn't magically send down people from the sky and in all indications this messiah will be from someone out of the Mid East or Africa, being that East Africa was the very first location where God created man.  Whites say that he would have to be white unless no one will listen to him, at least whites say this in the south. I would ask these whites to look at the fact that in 20 years time, Europe will be a brown Muslim continent and the U.S. will almost have no whites within her borders, with the ability to reproduce due to GMO crops, and this is the agenda of the Illuminati.

Indeed the messiah will not be born to a white person because whites will have absolutely no influence with many blond hair and blue eyed white people becoming extinct all together.

When the whites were dumped in the US and places like Australia, the Royal Families of Europe considered these to be the pawn whites, who were from inferior and bad blood lines that were prone to being dumb, sickly, criminals and worthless.  So, gathering these whites in a place like Australia or the American Colonies can more easily allow the Helter Skelter agenda of destroying the white races except for the chosen families, who will rule the Earth with the brown and black slaves. Helter Skelter is deeper than a Beetles Song or Charles Manson Race War.  Helter Skelter and the Illuminati wants to kill God.

Look out
Helter skelter
helter skelter
helter skelter
Yeah, hu, hu

So, if someone ask you for the answer of Helter Skelter, then you can tell them what I have just told you and maybe, just maybe you can be a dancer or player with these people but even if you think that you are dancing with the elites, you must know that in the end....YOU DIE.

There will be no messiah born nor will souls reincarnate back onto this Earth Plan because the Illuminati will destroy the rights of humans to reproduce via GMO crops and corporate grocery store food, which isnt organic.  No matter what your fake Christian text teaches you or your main stream Judaism tells you,  every single Jewish and ORIGINAL Christian text teaches of reincarnation and the Universal Life Cycle.  This cycle will be ended by the Illuminati, God will be destroyed.  In fact, he may already be dead.






Update:(I guess the use of female hormones is older than I thought)  British Spies claim that they tried to give Hitler Female Hormones to make him less aggressive

Update: The US funded, British Instigated War in Libya is giving way to a new Libyan Al Queida aka "Rebels" Constitution, which includes Sharia Law.