Disease Theory




ISOPATHY. Ever heard of it?

From the book,"Edward Jenner and Vaccination. A.J. Harding M.S.,F.R.C.S. 1974

Page 8. "Vaccination protects us from an acute infectious disease called smallpox. This immunity is achieved by the doctor putting into a healthy person a little of the virus of cow pox taken from the skin of infected calves."

Jim's comment. What he calls virus is pus (infection) they took from the belly of a cow.

"Inoculation means introducing into the body certain products of disease through the skin of a healthy person, so giving "built-in" resistance to the disease."

Jim's explanation. What they did was called Isopathy. isopathy means "the product of disease will prevent disease." The name Isopathy was coined in 1823, the year when Edward Jenner died. Dr. Robert Lux coined the term in 1823. The product Jenner took from the cow was pus. By placing the product of disease (pus) into a healthy person, Jenner claimed this would prevent a disease. It is time to do some serious thinking. The pus (product of disease) was not the cause of itself. The pus was the result of whatever the cause was. If Jenner were here today he would proclaim the cancerous tumor the cause of itself. The cancer is the result of the cause. For example, radiation causes cancer. Chemotherapy causes cancer. Smoking causes cancer, etc. What caused the cow to have pimples on its teats is any bodies guess, but the pimples didn't cause them self. There was a cause.

To take the result of a disease and claim it will prevent disease was and is absurd. Jenner was either a charlatan or ignorant. You can decide. Letís do a modern day experiment which will further prove that any vaccine made with the product of any disease cannot be the preventative of that or any disease. It can only be a cause of disease. Our experiment is one anyone can do. A person has a very clear complexion. For say 30 days that person eats donuts every day. All greasy foods are eaten. Meals are topped off with pie, cake, sweets of all kinds. Now what will happen to the nice complexion in our experiment? That person will break out with a bad case of pimples. Those pimples will be full of pus. Now what was the cause of what I will call pimpilitis? Did the pimples cause them self? Of course not. The cause was the food eaten. The result was the body trying to eliminate the poison created by the bad food.

This is why doctors treat symptoms. They donít understand cause and donít know the difference between cause and effect.

Think about this. When understood, you will be free of medical ignorance forever.

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