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Carol was in Kenya in August and September, 2001, and caused a lot of local rainfall with the orgonite that she brought and gave to her Kenyan host, Atieno, who perhaps engineered (from Seattle) Carol's invitation.   My wife was in a very large village between Kisumu and Migori, where she had taken some zappers to see how they would work curing AIDS.  The zappers quickly cured a lot of AIDS sufferers, in fact.  

She was invited, kind of on the sly,  by an American woman who headed a charity organization and was a friend of Atieno's but Carol was required to pay her own fare. The 'sly' bit was due to the fact that the organization sponsored visits by medical students to Africa as part of their extracurricular education.  Those students were quite unfriendly toward Carol on account of the zappers and they all got malaria, in spite of the prophylactic drug that was handed out to them.  Carol didn't take the drug but she didn't get malaria, of course, because she was using a zapper.  They're probably all serial killers by now Cool

She doesn't even remember the name of the village but she was kept quite busy.  As a reward, her host family took her to beautiful Mombasa for a few days and she rode out to the reef on a big sailing dhow--she was painfully sunburned when she got home Wink

Some years later I got an email from David Ochieng in Migori, asking about orgonite, then within a few months Mrs Odondi emailed me from Kisumu, asking about orgonite.

I would love to someday trace whether there was a connection between Carol's visit and those two pioneers' expressed interest, later on.  Otherwise, I assume that the orgonite, itself, generated their interest in a gradual sort of process.

Carol and I hope to someday get public credit for starting this global movement and for supporting the efforts of David and Mrs Odondi in the early years, though of course others in the West contributed heavily in the months leading up to the initial results obtained by farmers and fishermen.  Then your collective enterprise started to show some profit last July when public demand for orgonite suddenly developed.

We were extremely saddened to hear of the deaths of David, Emmah and Salva in 2009.  Maybe their sacrifice had more to do with your group's success than the Western money did, though.  I pray for them and I'm going to make sure that you guys will always have good zappers to use in case you also get poisoned.  Maybe in a few years the parasitic world order will dissolve, then this grassroot movement won't have dangerous enemies, any more.

The progress in Africa is the most heartening of all, of course, and Carol and I haven't had a direct hand in much of that, though we do wish to visit you and the crew and serve you as well as we can and as soon as possible. I have a passport issue, which I hope to resolve at the end of this year.

Dancan, who has just posted a detailed report on the progress with orgonite in the fishing industry on the main lakes in the region,  reckons that orgonite will be in common demand in East Africa by 2015 but I'll be surprised if it takes that long, considering  how fast cellphones spread throughout the continent Wink

I was tickled to know that the fishermen on the east (not gifted yet) side of Lake Turkana have moved over to the gifted west side, where most of the fish now are.  Tilapia is now a popular food fish in America but it's farmed.  I liked tilapia a lot better in Uganda.