James Franco

http://vigilantcitizen.com/vcboards/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=8433  I think James Franco (Spiderman, Pineapple Express, Milk, 127 Hours) may be an MK victim and I think his book, Palo Alto, is his story. I just finished reading this a couple of months ago, just to see if the dude could write. Borders was going out of business, so I got the paperback for $7. Anyway, I was totally surprised to find the collection of short stories was a depressing tome of sexual exploitation and abuse, drug and alcohol abuse, depression and homicidal/suicidal tendencies.

So, I research and find out Franco grew up in Palo Alto. He also has said that elements of the book are autobiographical. I'm going to list a few reasons why I think he's MK'd. But I also should note Franco himself has spoken about having chronic insomnia, a bout of depression and memory lapses about his childhood. The memory lapse thing is from an amazeballs interview done jointly with his mother where he very flatly states he can't remember what his mom is talking about (she was talking about fostering his creativity as a child) and then refers to his mother by her name as opposed to "mom". Very strange. If I ever referred to my mom as Linda in her presence, that would not go over well. But here's the things in the book that made me go hmmmm...

One story is about a kid who lands a prestigious internship at Lockheed Martin (Franco interned at Lockheed irl because he was a math prodigy). But the internship only involves watching repetitive videos. Hypnosis? Why would a math prodigy only be looking at videos?

Another story involves boys being molested at summer camp. That's self explanatory.

Another story involves a student being groomed into a sexual relationship with a teacher. ANother self explanatory one.

Sprinkled in are stories about depressed aimless kids who drink and drug and get into all kinds of trouble, even considering murder and attempting suicide. Irl, Franco got arrested so many times as a teen that he was one strike away from being made a ward of the state. Acting out due to abuse maybe?

Next is a story about a teen who is passed around for sex without a word of objection (sex magick?). The character pretty much shuts down (or switches to an alter?) during repeated degrading sexual encounters. So by the time this story is told, there's an established pattern of grooming, acting out and escalating sexual abuse, which is how it usually goes down irl.

Based on a blind item (I know, I know, hear me out) believed to be Franco about a star that has sex with anonymous men, but only if a script is followed makes me think he's still being used in sex magick rituals.

His artwork is red flag too. Very adolescent, childish even with a serious fixation on sex. Some of his paintings depict cartoon like people with all kinds of grafitti scribbled all over their faces and bodies (desecration of the mind and body?). Just putting that out there because I started reading and watching interviews of him after I read the book and I think I'm really onto something.