Jews anti Jesus Christ and Christianity
Judaism  Jesus Christ

'Why do the Jews hate Christians so much? It is because the children of the flesh will always hate the children of the spirit'.---- Edward Hendrie

[Judaism is Luciferian anti-Christ, as they tell you themselves, see: Quotes.  Why they rip up the New Testament only, the Old Testament is based on the Talmud/Babylon.  Catholicism is Judaism for gentiles.]

Rabbi quote banners  (racist, misogynist)

See Jesus mocking (Crucifixion)  Jesus mocking (Tongue & horn)

Films: Noah

[2015 June] Burning of Christian churches in Israel justified, far-Right Jewish leader says

Jewish Hatred Against Jesus Christ

[2011] Solving the Mystery of Babylon the Great by Edward Hendrie

Christianity - under Jewish attack...

Israeli MP Ben-Ari publicly tears Christian New Testament to pieces

Yeshivas in Israel teach intense hatred for Christianity. Orthodox Jews spit
when they pass a Christian cemetery and young students spit on the crosses
 of priests in public to show their contempt. Welcome to interfaith dialogue.
American Church Leaders Challenge Israel and Congress

Silverman, Sarah

Paris Shooting, Jan 2015 (Charlie Hebdo)  Sandra Barr  This is a Charlie Hebdo cartoon penned by one of the "survivors" Coco. The press have overplayed how CH frequently attacked Mohammed, they have totally underplayed how CH frequently attacked Christians. I expect that the reason behind this is, they would not of been able to muster sympathy in the US if people had known about the depraved anti-Christian posters that CH were responsible for. It has been inferred that Muslims are too sensitive, taking offense at their satire, of all the Christians I know, they would all be deeply offended at this pic.  The translation at the top is "The name of the Father, son and holy spirit."  "Femen" is a radical Ukrainian feminist group now based in Paris.

Paris Shooting, Jan 2015 (Charlie Hebdo) Sandra Barr  More humour from Charlie Hebdo! The man at the front is being sodomized by Jesus, and Jesus is being sodomized by the Illuminati symbol, the pyramid and the all seeing eye. The caption from the all seeing eye says it is filling Jesus with the holy Spirit! The top caption is something about a threesome, and three papas.
    The millions of Christians all over the world who have been posting the "I am Charlie" slogan, would they have done it had they know that CH held their beliefs in such contempt?  This was painted by Luz, who is one of the surviving cartoonists.

Porn  Edward Hendrie