Jews in porn

by Luke Ford

Secular Jews play a disproportionate role throughout the sex industry.

In his 1992 book "Oh Canada! Oh Quebec! Requiem for a Divided Country," Mordacai Richler writes about Jew hatred in Quebec: The late Abbe Lionel Groulx, patron saint of the sovereignty advocates, is revealed as an admirer of Mussolini who wrote in 1954 that Jews have "a natural passion for money" and could "be found behind all businesses, all shady enterprises, all the pornography operations. . . ."

Leading modern Jewish pornographers include Ron Braverman, John Bone, Wesley Emerson, Paul Fishbein, Herbert Feinberg AKA Mickey Fine, Hank Weinstein, Lenny Friedlander, Bobby Hollander, Rubin Gottesman, Fred Hirsch and his children Steve and Marci, Paul "Norman" Apstein, Steve Orenstein, Jack Richmond (Legend CEO), Theodore Rothstein, Reuben and David Sturman, Ron Sullivan, Jerome Tanner, Armand Weston, Sam and Mitch Weston (Spinelli).

Jews accounted for most of the leading male performers of the 1970s and '80s. Hebrew studs include Buck Adams, Bobby Astyr, (Bobby Charles) R. Bolla (Robert Kerman), Jerry Butler (Paul Siderman), Seymore Butts (Adam Glasser), Roger Caine (Al Levitsky), David Christopher (Bernie Cohen), Steve Drake, Jesse Eastern, Jamie Gillis (Jamie Gurman), Ron Jeremy (Hyatt), Michael Knight, William Margold, Ashley Moore (Steve Tucker), David Morris, George Payne, Ed Powers (Mark Arnold aka Mark Krinski), Harry Reems (Herbert Streicher), Dave Ruby, Herschel Savage (Harvey Cowen), Carter Stevens (Mal Warub), Marc Stevens, Paul Thomas (Phil Tobias), Marc Wallice (Marc Goldberg), Randy West (Andy Abrams) and Jack Wrangler.

A Jewish male performer writes Luke: "Why are most of the men that do porno Jewish? JEWISH MOTHERS!

"Jewish men are taught to respect women and help them (very codependent)... They also are nonthreathening to most women. Let's face it, Ron Jeremy is not exactly Mike Tyson... You'll usually find that the real mean bastards (physically violent) in the industry are NOT Jewish (that includes, producers, directors, boyfriends, agents, etc). Jewish guys are more manipulative...."

Jewish female performers include Avalon, Jenny Baxter (Jenny Wexler), Busty Belle (Tracy Praeger), Chelsea Blake, Tiffany Blake, Bunny Bleu (Kim Warner), J.R. Carrington, Lee Carroll (Leslie Barris), Blair Castle/Brooke Fields (Allison Shandibal), Courtney/Natasha/Eden (Natasha Zimmerman), Daphne (Daphne Franks), Barbara Dare (Stacy Mitnick), April Diamond, Jeanna Fine, Alexis Gold, Terri Hall, Heather Hart, Nina Hartley (Hartman), C.J. Laing (Wendy Miller), Frankie Leigh (Cynthia Hope Geller), Gloria Leonard, Traci Lords (Nora Louise Kuzma), Amber Lynn, Tonisha Mills, Melissa Monet, Susan Nero, Scarlett O. (Catherine Goldberg), Tawny Pearl (Susan Pearlman), Nina Preta, Tracey Prince, Raylene, Janey Robbins (Robin Lieberman), Mila Shegol, Alexandra Silk, Susan Sloan, Annie Sprinkle (Ellen Steinberg), Karen Summer (Dana Alper), Cindy West, Zara Whites (Amy Kooiman) and Ona Zee (Ona Simms).

If the Torah [Pentateuch] commands Jews "to be a kingdom of priests and a holy nation," and Judaism strongly opposes porn, why do Jews dominate porn?

The main answer is simple. Jews in porn, like most Jews in academia, media and entertainment, are Jewish in name only. They do little in Jewish life, rarely belong to a synagogue and ignore the Torah. Neither rooted in their own tradition or in that of the majority Christian tradition, they live in a community of rebels.

Why does porn attract so many non-Jewish Jews?

Used to hatred from society, Jews will do its dirty work - such as money lending in the Middle Ages or porn today - to make money. Persecuted for millennia in the various societies they've lived in, many Jews developed an allegiance to their own survival as their highest value and care little about the survival of the persecuting society. Even when Jews live in a society that welcomes them instead of harassing them, many Jews hate the majority culture.

Because Jews frequently despise the majority culture, and despite being traditional in most of their values and rituals, Jews seem open to new ways of doing business. Not rooted in the status quo that frequently hates them, Jews often lead the way in the application of new technology - such as printing presses, radio, TV, cable television, VCRs and computers. And the most popular application of new technology for millennia has been porn.

Because of Judaism's emphasis on education and verbal dexterity, Jews dominate academia, entertainment and media generally.

Belonging to the "Chosen Ones" brings self-confidence, and it takes a strong sense of self to thrive in an industry like porn that is disdained by the public. Male performers particularly need confidence to achieve on camera erections.

Pornographer Seymore Butts attributes the large number of Jews in porn to the desire for profits. "Jews gravitate towards money.

"We're smart people who've been persecuted throughout time. The weak of our people were weeded out. The strong-willed Jews survived...from Egypt to Germany.

"Blacks, for instance, are athletically superior (more muscle fiber per square inch of flesh) because they were bred that way. We killed the weak ones off. The ones that survived were the big ones, the fast ones, the strongest ones, the fighters, the ones that could work the most, with the biggest cocks... Jews same thing. We network, the one thing that blacks don't do. They're still killing each other. We support each other. The worst that we will do is sue each other.

"If four people compete for a job, and three of them are goyim [non-Jews], the Jew, all things being equal, will get the job. That's the way I work. If I've got three actors going for a part, and one of them is Jewish, and they're all in the same ballpark... Sue me."

In his 2000 book "Bookleggers and Smuthounds: The Trade In Erotica 1920-1940," English professor Jay Gertzman writes about the disproportionate influence of Jews in the sex book trade: "This irrepressible insistence, seen as characteristic of Jewish merchants in particular, and of ethnic middlemen minorities in general, helped confer pariah status on the erotic book dealers. Here, the one-hundred-percent moralist warned, was a tightly knit group of workers single-mindedly driven to material success, an apparently autonomous minority that had chosen to pursue its own "godless, unAmerican" goals with a strange and foreign intensity. When added to the disreputable nature of the business, as attested to by the denunciations of various authority figures, and by police action against the "promoters," as postal inspectors termed them, the identity of the erotica distributor as clannish - employing "their own kind" - and aloof - with their own, ethnic, allegiances - became fixed. Here was a kind of "parasite" with whom one would, on occasion, itch to deal, but would remain chary of trusting, especially because the dealer was so good at what he did." (pg. 41)

Jews participating in the sex trade are not behaving Jewishly. They're acting in a manner contrary to everything Jewish - the Torah, Israel, God, synagogue and everything the Jewish tradition considers holy.

But to be a Jew, you simply have to be born of a Jewish mother, just as you automatically become an American if you are born to American parents. A Jew can hate Judaism and Israel, Moses and the Torah, and still be a Jew. His values aren't Jewish but he's still a member of the people Israel. To be a Christian, by contrast, one must affirm Christ.

This explains how Jews can live un-Jewish lives.

While few Jews are radical, many radicals (and pornographers) are Jews. Writes non-Jew Ernest van den Haag in his book The Jewish Mystique, "Out of one hundred Jews, five may be radicals, but out of ten radicals, five are likely to be Jewish."

Virtually all movements to change the world come from the Jews - Christianity, secular humanism, Marxism, Socialism and Communism, feminism, and the labor movement. That's part of the reason that Jews are hated. The world doesn't want to be changed.

Rooted in nothing, radical Jews frequently seek to make others equally rootless by tearing down their religious, national, communal and traditional allegiances. Such Jews carry on the traditional Jewish hatred of false gods but without offering anything to replace the scorned allegiances.

Jewish domination of porn, banking, entertainment, media and academia does not lead to discrimination against gentiles - most radical Jews marry Gentiles. Nor does it lead to flattering portraits of Jews, as Jews abound in self-criticism. Rather, the most important result of the domination of non-Jewish Jews in these fields is their war on traditional values. Porn is just one expression of this rebellion against standards, against the disciplined life of obedience to Torah that marks a Jew living Judaism.

"I have not yet met a Jewish guy who wasn't a horny rabbit," says Nina Hartley. "Culturally it's ok for Jews to act and for WASPs it's difficult. Many WASP men feel that acting is making a fool of yourself. To go up there and have sex is seen as opening yourself up to too much potential for failure. It's ok for Jews to be actors and many of them are hams. They don't worry about the potential to look silly. There is also a lack of guilt about sex that Jewish men have generally. Plus, they get to have sex with all these beautiful blonde women... Where else are you going to get a succession of shiksas [non- Jewish women] to bed you down?" (Shmate)

The number of Jewish studs is "one of God's little jokes," says R. Bolla who once allowed Jamie Gillis to stay at his New York apartment for a few weeks if he promised "to never bring bacon home."

"Sex is the not the greatest sin in the Jewish religion," notes Bolla. "I hope that porn is the most unrighteous thing I do. If we go out of our way to be scumbags, that's the sin. When I do porn, I offend Shakespeare more than God."

Ten Jewish porn stars interviewed by the late Screw reviewer Dan Shocket in the early '80s, insisted that they maintained some Jewish values. They sought to treat others in a dignified manner and demanded the same treatment for themselves.

"If I'm in the cesspool," says Bobby Astyr, "I may as well be nice in the cesspool. When I first got into the business, I felt the least I could do was to get the dopers off dope and to help where I could. I thought that I'm doing something wrong, so while I'm doing it, I'll also do something nice. Selective morality."

Herschel Savage remembers bringing a girl with him to an interview with a porn director. "This guy looked at the girl and said, 'Take your top off.' She did. He then puts up his hands and says, 'Your tits are too small. I can't use you.'

"I got so angry. I said, 'That's not the way you talk to a person. If you don't like the way she looks, just say you can't use her right now.'

"We're in his basement and he's standing behind the bar. All of a sudden he puts his hand behind the bar as if he's going to get a gun. I keep talking, telling him how to behave with people. I know I lost the job, but I couldn't let him get away with that. The girl was crushed.

"If the producer had said my cock was too small, I could've joked about that. I know my worth. The guy couldn't hurt me. But that girl couldn't defend herself."

Like many pornographers, Richard Pacheco refuses to use the word pornography.

"Working in adult films is the most righteous thing I do. I take enormous pains to treat people fairly, a revolutionary concept in this business, which is hardcore in terms of exploitation. That we've entrusted the sexual film to amateurs, criminals and drug addicts is absurd. My commitment to the industry is to stop doing crap and start doing stuff that elevates the human spirit."

Each of the ten Jews - except Marc Stevens - insisted they were actors first, who happened to perform in X-rated movies.

"I'm feeling more guilty about doing this interview than I am about being a porn star," Bolla told Dan Shocket. "I'm afraid this will besmirch Jews.

"The men in this business are not as down and out as the women... For women, this is sometimes a last resort. I feel it. For the men, it's revenge at their parents."

"Through history, every established order has at one time or another excluded and/or exterminated the Jews," writes Dan Shocket. "This has given Jews a jaded view of the established order. All X-rated actors interviewed bragged about their joy in being anarchic, sexual gadflies to the puritanical beast."

"I like the idea of testing the waters," says Bolla. "In the pond of complacency, I'll throw something in. I like dichotomies. I go to synagogue, I go to Israel when I can; I make porn films; I make straight films; I'll stand for specific causes, and I'll give my life to a cause worth dying for. Those contradictions throw people off."

Bobby Astyr remembers having "to run or fight for it in grammar school because I was a Jew. It could very well be that part of my porn career is an 'up yours' to these people. It's also an 'up yours' to the uncles with the pinky rings who got down on me as a kid for wanting to be musician."

"Five years before I got my first part in an adult film," says Richard Pacheco, "I went down to an audition for an X-rated film with my hair down to my ass, a copy of Wilhelm Reich's Sexual Revolution under my arm and yelling about work, love and sex, which were Reich's three principles. These things have got to be in balance or your life is going to fucked." Pacheco didn't get the job.

"Five years later I auditioned for another X-rated film. That very day, I also interviewed at Hebrew Union Seminary to do rabbinical study. I made the choice that the kind of rabbi I would be, if I became one, was one that could have been performing in sex films as part of his experience."

True-believing communist and porn star Nina Hartley wants everyone to have a piece - a piece of sex and a piece of the means of production. She descends ideologically from the Marxist Jewish philosopher Herbert Marcuse who prophesied that a socialist utopia would free individuals to achieve sexual satisfaction. Nina descends literally from a line of radical Jews. Her grandfather (a physics professor) and her father (a radio announcer) belonged to the Communist party. Her home celebrated Hanukkah, Christmas, Passover and Easter as holidays rather than holy days.

Like most of porn's Jews, Hartley received no formal religious instruction. One of her brothers and her one sister - a doctor - came to Orthodox Judaism as adults and barely relate to Nina, the family's black sheep. In the mid '80s, Nina's parents became Zen Buddhist priests.

"When my parents saw me speaking on the Phil Donahue show," says Hartley, "they were shocked and upset. They are now more accepting. They know I'm happy and healthy and still the person they know.

"One brother thinks my work is a hoot. Doesn't bother him at all. My oldest brother can barely bring himself to say hello to me. He's very upset with what I do. He's a practicing "born again" Orthodox Jew, so we don't speak. Even before he found out what I did, we didn't have a whole lot in common, because of his religious behavior. He's the hardest case to crack."

Socialist Sheldon Ranz interviewed Nina for the Spring 1989 edition of the radical New York journal Shmate. "I don't understand how a family where the parents have a Communist background can raise a kid who grows up to be an Orthodox Jew," said Ranz, a child of Holocaust survivors. "How did that happen?"

Nina: "They're still asking themselves that very question. My brother turned to it the way anyone turns to religion as an adult. Insecurity, fear, a desire for community, a desire for roots, and identity. He started out being interested in the history of Jewishness and Jewish culture. He slowly got into the more religious aspects of it, buying the t'fillin and the whole bit.

"My family doesn't understand exhibitionism or pornography. I'm Jewish culturally but not religiously. I'm generally less subservient than a typical WASP female.

"I grew up in Berkley, which is heavily influenced by [secular] Jewish culture. It's an intellectual town. A lot of the people who set the political agenda are Jewish.

"I'm proud of my heritage's intellectual history and its empathy with the persecuted. But I'm no Zionist. Politically, I'm left wing. I want everyone to have a job, everyone to have food, clothing, shelter, medical care and education. Utopia might be communist but in the meantime we have to have socialism. I want everyone to have a piece.

"I believe strongly in the heritage of Jews as educators. I feel very proud of the fact that if it weren't for the Jews, half the world would still be illiterate. I would like to know about Jewish religion as history, but as an atheist, I see no reason to practice any religion... because it is organized superstition...the opiate of the masses.

"Israel doesn't figure in my identity, but I do think about it. As it is now - a theocracy masquerading as a democracy - I don't think it has a right to exist.

"That Israel denies basic civil rights to the Palestinians in the occupied territories makes me angry at Israel. If Israel does not clean up its act, it will become another graveyard for the Jews." (Shmate)

Nina Hartley's husband Dave, who works as a gardener, and Nina's 'wife' Bobbie, grew up as liberal Methodists. "They like my energy, my ability to be intellectual, which doesn't come easy to many WASP women because they're not taught that it is valuable. My individual will, my refusal to bow down and be subjugated by others is a Jewish trait.

"When I grew up, we had six people around the dinner table. We'd have two or three conversations going on at one time. There'd be diagonal conversations, straight-across conversations, next-to-yourself conversations... When Dave and Bobbi grew up, one person spoke at a time at the table and was finished, and then the next person spoke.... It flabbergasted me when I found this out...

"When Dave goes into a Jewish situation...he goes crazy because everyone talks all at once to everybody else. The interruptions infuriate him."

Hartley met Juliet Anderson at the O'Farrell in 1982 and broke her porn cherry in the first movie that Juliet wrote, directed and produced - Educating Nina. Nina, who looks like Goldie Hawn, moved on to such videos as Amanda By Night 2, Ball Busters, and Rites of Passion as well as the mainstream flick based on the life of John Holmes - Boogie Nights. She usually appears in low-budget hardcore rather than elegant couples fare, notes Steve Brent. "Watching a Nina Hartley tape every once in a while is more an act of supportive politics than a sensual experience."

Bill Margold ranks Hartley as the most popular person in porn. She treats her fans with courtesy. "I validate their desires. Unlike many other women in the business, I don't look on fans as icky perverts. I treat them as full human beings.

"We celebrate sex. I tell them, "Isn't this great?" I've seen my fans through many stages of life, from bacherlorhood to marriage and children."

Hartley became porn's leading star after the retirement of Ginger Lynn in 1986. One of Nina's best known flicks is Debbie Duz Dishes, produced and directed by WASP Damon Christian (Richard Aldrich). She plays a sexually insatiable Jewish housewife who enjoys sex with anyone who rings the doorbell.

Unlike Hollywood producers, pornographers show Jewish women who enjoy sex, a sharp contradiction to the JAP stereotype.

Sheldon Ranz writes: "Prof. Steven Martin Cohen (one-time editor of Response magazine) who surveys trends like intermarriage also surveys poitical affiliations and views of Jewish voters. Years ago, he popped the porn question to Jewish respondents as well to control groups of African-Americans and other Gentiles. He found that US Jews were the only group with a majority opposed to anti-pornography laws.

"At the time, some people with whom I had discussions thought this was due to the strong liberal Jewish commitment to civil liberties. At first, I agreed, but then I noticed something bizarre...the same Jews did NOT support the right of neo-Nazis to march in public. The ACLU crowd does support that right, so how to make sense of the results?

"The explanation that fits all the facts is that most US Jews do not think of pornography as a problem, or at least a big one. And here is where that tiny, hard band of brave Orthodox dissenters may fit in."

After graduating with a degree in photography from the Rochester Institute of Technology, Mal Whorb began work in 1965 at the largest independent film processing laboratory in the country - MovieLab in New York which made the American prints for I Am Curious (Yellow) as well as exploitation fare for such producers as David Friedman. It refused hardcore.

Mal wanted to direct but first he needed to gain experience. So under the name Carter Stevens he made the 1972 porno The Collegiates starring Harry Reems. Two years later Carter directed Lickety Split, which was Screw's number six film of 1974. It ranked among Variety's top 50 grossing films for 1974. One week in New York it was the city's highest grossing movie.

"Before I got into adult, I talked it over with my mother. She wanted to know if it would hurt my career. 'What career?' I said.

"My parents had liberal attitudes. My mother used to say about sex, 'When it's great it's great and when it's lousy, it ain't too bad'.

"Gerry Damiano came from a Catholic background and his films are obsessed with guilt. I'm Jewish. We don't have that problem. You won't see obsessions with guilt in my work or that of other Jews. Damiano and I had fascinating discussions on this theme."

Mal's younger brother practices Orthodox Judaism. Owning a Masters Degree in philosophy, Avraham published two arcane books on Jewish theology.

After moving from New York to Los Angeles in 1980, Bobby Hollander developed the shot-on-video vignette format in the early '80s with such series as Touch, Centerfold Celebrity and Bubble Butts. Bobby discovered Shauna Grant and spoke on a PBS documentary about her suicide, earning criticism for his sleazy appearance and comments. Hollander threw dozens of wild cocaine parties during the 1980s. After years "living the life" he lost his health in the '90s. Though down to one lung, he keeps smoking.

"There are lots of [Jewish] heavies in the industry," says Wally Wharton about tough guys like Bobby, "who know that Jewish guys have a wimpy reputation. And they know that people [in porn] don't necessarily respond to "I'll sue your pants off," because these people [porn business owners] can always file bankruptcy. You can't get blood out of a turnip, right? So instead, they do the strong-arm thing. "I'll have your fucking legs broken, buddy." A lot of them [Jews in porn] pretend to be Italian [Mafia types]. They affect the tan, gold chains, big collars, steel grey hair and open shirts."

Porn-again Jews who wish to be Italian include Hollander, Lenny Friedlander, and Paul Norman.

"The Mafia is a comfortable persona to hide behind," explains Wally, "because then you're able to victimize women... It's your job. Genuine Italians like John Stagliano don't draw on the Mafia phenomenon like the posers do."

What values unite Eden, Alexandra Silk, Mila, Annie Sprinkle, C.J. Laing and J.R. Carrington? Nice Jewish girls, they "love" to be fucked in the ass.

Jewish anal queen archetype C.J. Laing blazed the trail later followed by Sprinkle and company. Many of Laing's movies contain fisting and bondage and hence didn't made it to video. CJ gets raped in Sex Wish, 1974, and Taking of Christina, 1975.

Newport Beach resident and Jewish mother JR Carrington provides for her family by taking big thick ones up her every orifice.

Ambivalent about her work and wild life, she frequently leaves the biz, only to return needing money.

One of the better results of plastic surgery, the big-breasted blonde doesn't mind sucking down an unwashed penis immediately after it pounded her in the ass. "Any porn queen worth her salt in the sex drenched '90s is an anal queen," writes Jeremy Stone. "Sure, there's your actresses in the adult movie industry, but they are so few and far between that they don't turn up in enough videos to satisfy the insatiable thirst the porn consumer has for ass fucking, dick sucking dollies who don't say no and look straight into the camera as they catch a copious pop shot in the kisser... No one personifies that image more completely than JR Carrington... She's a non-stop ass fuckee sure enough about her anal orgasmic potential that she makes vaginal sex seem like a tedious form of foreplay. We love unloading to her in many of her ass-bang best..." (AFW 96D.)

Carrington grew up in Newport Beach with rich, culturally conservative Jewish parents. After her divorce in early 1994, JR lived in South Lake Tahoe and regularly commuted to Reno to strip. Someone sent a photo of her to Mark Carriere at Leisure Time and he invited her back to Southern California. They dated regularly and eventually Carrington spread her legs for the camera.

Beginning nude photography in the late 1950s, Ron Vogel's credits include over 800 porno boxcovers and 1000 layouts in sex magazines, including the first pictorials of Traci Lords and Ginger Lynn. Because the soft-spoken photographer-gaffer rarely uses profanity or says or does anything crude, Ron works with much of the new talent to ease their journey into porn.

Born 10/7/31 to Jewish parents who later converted to Christianity, Vogel grew up in San Francisco. Ron met his future wife Audry Pomerantz at age 14. They dated for four years before eloping.

With the 1956 submission of color photos of his wife in a bikini to a fledgling mens magazine published by Alan Stern, Ron entered the sex business. In Audry's second shoot, published in Escapade, her nipples pop into view.

Ron shot his first Playboy Playmate - Lari Laine - for the May 1958 issue and then shot another nine centerfolds for the magazine over the next decade. Many of them appear in the 1979 Playboy issue that features Ron's nude photos of his daughter Alexis.

"Father Knows Best," reads the headline. "Photographer Ron Vogel has been snapping pictures of his daughter ever since she was a baby. At 21, she's still his favorite model."

Playboy displays a nude shot of three year old Lexi.

"Shortly after he began shooting for Playboy, Ron and his wife Audry had a girl who soon began imitating the poses of the naked ladies in her father's studio.

"Once," Audry recalls, "when Ron was shooting a Playmate, Lexi came into the living room and said, 'You can shoot me now, Daddy.' She was three at the time and she had nothing on, just long red curls down her back. She just decided she was going to be shot in the nude, too. She had the cutest little tush."

Over the years, Ron took "hundreds of pictures of Lexi in various states of undress. She has youth and vitality greater than most of the models I've worked with and her coloring is extraordinary; she has earthy tones and dark penetrating eyes."

Lexi: "I was a ham. I'd try to get my dad's attention away from the models."

As she grew into a woman, Lexi developed few inhibitions about posing nude. "It's always been casual around here. We've always been a nudist family, so I never had any problems posing that way for my father."

"Posing nude for me throughout the years has made Lexi very free about herself," says Ron. "As a child, she was a good actress."

At the time of her Playboy pictorial, Ron and Lexi appeared on many talk shows explaining their behavior. Many persons expressed concern that nude photography violates a child's dignity and displays incestous overtones.

Now married, Alexis runs Playboy's makeup department.

In 1959, Vogel worked his first "adult" movie set for the Ted Paramore softcore flick Not Tonight, Henry. As the sex industry became increasingly explicit, Ron moved with it, zooming in for the demanded gynecological close-ups.

Ron and Audrey separated in 1976 and divorced in 1986.

After the effective legalization of porn production in California in 1989, Vogel built LA porn's first major studio now known as Trac Tech.


Greg Savitt writes to Luke:

Damn, dude - you got a comprehensive site. I especially like the Jewish tangent, where you talk about sluts and studs of the tribe. It always seemed to me that the orientation of every lasting society has been superintended (some would say infested) by its Hebrew portion - be it in communications, finance, etc. - so I find it within the norm that Jesus' relatives should be in the cockpit of anal-bead debauchery. Now 'fess up - you're a convert, so you probably have comparisons - Jewish girls dent the bed, don't they. Hell, a tight-twat, bad-girl Jewess like J.R. Carrington beats some pasty, gingham-apron Baptist any day. There's got to be some greedy son of Abraham out there who's willing to help me propel my secret, fervent dream into 3-day rental reality: get this, Luke, an all-Jew-cast XXX series. Yeah, Ron Jeremy, J.R., eveyone who's willing to reveal their heritages and their asses (not in that order). Tell me this wouldn't be the most popular video franchise in GrindLand . Do you think it's viable? If I run out of Hannukah 'hos, I'll bring the old ones out of retirement, run ads in the Valley, South Florida and Brooklyn. And you know what? Gentiles are gonna lick these things up like ham juice. I mean, who do you think buys
all those black videos and asian flicks... blacks and Asians? No way. It's Joe Johnson who wants to see how people outside of Idaho and Iowa fuck.

Also, triple-eXthnics serve his teenage geisha/concentration camp commandant/border patrol/plantation owner fantasies. JewiX actors are the best, anyway. All the others are damaged individuals and psychos who were molested when they fourteen or have a crack hobby. Most Jews are fucking talented, or are from well-to-do backgrounds - they're in it because they wanna be nasty as hell, take it in the ass, and walk off with something time-honored in their culture - money. Ugly, stinkin' cash. And, as you've pointed out, the check-writers are among their own - even better. The cycle is intact.

Johnathan, a Jew who graduated from Yale, writes Luke: Just wanted to add that I appreciate what you're doing by mentioning Jewish involvement in porn. The usual reaction is to stifle "negative" comments because outsiders will view "us" in a bad light. If black Americans, for example, could talk openly about their community failings, they might actually improve.

I think it's terrible that so many Jews are in porn. It says bad things about so-called secular Jews that their lack of involvement with God - whatever the level of their involvment with tradition - could lead them so far into what is obviously destructive to the psychological and emotional health of the performers, producers, etc. I say this as a reform Jew with a deep, abiding acceptance of God and a reasoned understanding of tradition. One need not be Orthodox or, God forbid, Haredim, but the absence of the central tenets of Judaism from these peoples' lives is both sad and devastating. 

David Segal writes Luke: "I read your section on Jews in porn, which I found riveting, not to mention remarkably encyclopedic. I'm afraid I can't add any original insights to the discussion there. My sense is that Jews are disproportionately represented in just about every money-making, entertainment-oriented enterprise and porn is simply no exception. Don't forget that the Jews built Hollywood, ran all the major studios and were the brains and financial muscle behind just about every great film made before 1960. (Take at look at "An Empire of Their Own: How the Jews Invented Hollywood" by the superb Neal Gabler.) I'm not saying that Steve Hirsch is simply a latter-day, lower rent version of David O. Selznick, but both of these gents are businessmen making a buck by filming and then peddling fantasies to the masses. In addition, Judaism never stigmatized sex the way it is in some forms of Christianity."

Louie writes: "Hey Luke- LOVED your article about Jews in porn, you're pursuing a sociological issue from a thoughtful and intelligent perspective. The marginalization of Jews through both subtle and overt anti-semitism is a clear connection to the subsequent discovery of Jewish influence (disproportionate to pop.) in marginalized and revolutionary fields. How ironic that the more society pisses on Jews, the more Jews give back to society innovations of epic stature (not Porn, heheheh), from Nobel Prize discoveries (I believe 1 in 5 Nobel winners in the sciences is Jewish) to psychology (Freud), philosophy (Spinoza) literature (Kafka) Film directing (Kubrick, Speilberg), etc. etc. etc, the list goes on and on. Would that Jews were accepted/embraced by non-Jews, my guess is a far less interesting race of people (and I call Judaism a race intentionally).

"What I like about your writing is how you're NOT twisting this approach as a slant to boost anti-semitism, as many do (ie: Jews have too much power, lets look at "why" under the guise of sociological critique, but really because we hate them), but to genuinely understand better how our culture works. Porn being an extreme, yet potent example. Anyway, excellent piece, I again salute you. You're asking the questions that need to be asked, and are all too aware of how dangerous words can be. Many will twist any view of Jews being disproportionately successful towards hatred and accusions of collusion, lying, dishonest business practice, manipulation, etc.. However the former can not be denied, and the latter must not be tolerated. For example: Jews "run" Hollywood? Well, there are a lot of Jewish people in Hollywood, but the two biggest powerholders are Rupert Murdoch and Ted Turner. So I think not. It's convenient for the bullshit sociology investigator to find what they "want" to see, ie: Jews in hollywood in power, and overlook what they don't want to see. It's the rocharch test of racism. Hold up any area of society disproportionally filled with a minorty, see if people react to only those examples matching their generalization."

Jewish Pimps Traffic In Christian Flesh

Amalek writes 9/99: I hear that Luke, one of the more painful things that anyone can do is look at his own failings, whether as an individual, or as a member of the larger group(s) to which he belongs. And who better to point out one's shortcomings than one's enemies?

One of the most fanatically antisemitic organizations in the United States today - and clearly the most dangerous, for reasons that I will get into in a moment - is The National Alliance. It was founded, not by some cracker inbreed from the deep south, but by a PhD physicist named William Pierce, who also wrote "The Turner Diaries". This now infamous book, written over 20 years ago, served as a template for the terrorist cell known as "The Order," which was responsible for a number of high-profile killings in the early 80's, as well as a number of bank robberies; the book also inspired the Oklahoma City Federal Building attack of a few years back. If you want to know what Pierce would like to do to Jews and others not to his liking, read "The Turner Diaries", and you will begin to see the thinking that animated the architects of the Nazi death camps 60 years ago. Clearly this man is NOT good For the Jews.

All of which makes the following commentary, taken from his web site, that much more painful. I am a fairly well read fellow - no arrogance or false modesty here - and can affirm that at least some of the assertions he makes in the essay are correct. The media in this country is, in fact, disproportionately Jewish (for example, the recently announced merger of Viacom and CBS is merely the transfer of media assets from one Jewish boss, Sumner Redstone, to another, Mel Karmizan); and the media often do chose not to report the depredations of non-whites on whites, even as they gleefully seize upon any instance of white-on-black crime as proof of white racism in need of further amelioration through affirmative action and the like. The "Russian" mafia is, in fact, wildly disproportionately jewish (my source for this is the disproportionately Jewish Village Voice, and the excellent Jewish newspaper, The Forward, which every serious student of the Jewish world should read for its unvarnished reporting).

Russian-Jewish pimps are indeed trafficking in Christian flesh, importing thousands of blond-haired, gentile girls into what is little better than sexual slavery in Israel and Western Europe. (You are in a better position than I to comment on the prevalence of Jews in pornography, be it as intellectuals defending the practice, or as practitioners.) They are bleeding Russia dry (although on this point, I think Pierce is wrong to ignore the Communist-era nomentaclura of non-Jewish descent who are doing the same) and god knows what they will do when they get established here.

The Village Voice is a weekly publication that should be available at your local or regional library; its articles on the "Russian" mafia appeared (I think) in the last year. You may want to check out their web site. The Forward has run stories on "White Slavery" and the Russian/Jewish mafia also over the last year. Surely some jewish library in the LA area has back issues of this weekly. You might want to call them directly in New York to get particular dates.

Finally, the New York Times has run lengthy articles on the "Russian" mafia and prostitution in Israel and Western Europe, however, I am pretty sure that they did not identify the "Russians" as Jewish. On the other hand, for the informed reader, the inference is there to be had, for how, other than by the Law of Return, which applies only to jews, could these characters have such unfettered access to Israel.

Finally, it bares noting that the vast, vast majority of russian jews who settled here over the last few decades are smart, hard-working, LAW ABIDING people. Whether the good that a majority of people do outweighs the harm that a minority within that group may be responsible for is, as always, an open question.

So, what are we to make of the assertions contained in the following essay? Does the knowledge that its author REALLY wants literally to kill every Jew on the face of the earth (pay heed to the last line of the essay, Luke - he means it) suffice to disprove each and every assertion that it contains?

American Dissident Voices Broadcast of September 11, 1999

Shuffling Toward the Slaughterhouse by Dr. William Pierce

Last week we talked about some specific examples of the way in which the bosses of the controlled media deliberately give most Americans a severely distorted perception of what is happening in the world around them, of what is fashionable, and so on. In particular, I talked about the crooked way in which the media bosses report interracial crime. They heavily overemphasize any attacks on non-Whites by Whites and minimize or ignore attacks on Whites by non-Whites. They do this in order to create the false impression in the public's mind that most interracial crime is White on non-White, whereas in fact exactly the opposite is true. The reason the media bosses deliberately create this false impression in the public mind is to generate a sense of racial guilt in Whites, to keep them on the defensive in all matters relating to race, to keep them off balance and confused as the non-White assault on America continues through immigration and other means. The aim is to persuade White Americans to give up their freedom -- their freedom of speech, their freedom of association, their freedom to keep and bear arms for self-defense -- in order to relieve their sense of White guilt and gain a false sense of security by stamping out dissent on racial matters. In summary, the aim of the media bosses in distorting their coverage of the news is to silence and disarm White Americans and keep them on the defensive.

And that is their aim because they are Jews, and they are reaching for even more control than they already have. This is the historic modus operandi of the Jews. They are outsiders everywhere except in Israel, and when they first appear in any Gentile society and begin reaching for power they are resisted. The society treats the Jews as outsiders, as aliens, and attempts to keep them from gaining control. The Jewish method of countering this opposition is to work quietly to accumulate as much wealth as possible. At the same time they work to corrupt the society's leaders with money and to sow dissension among the masses, to set one social class against another, to break up the society's solidarity and its cohesiveness, so that there will be less resistance to their penetration of the society.

During the latter half of the 19th century and the first part of the 20th century fomenting class warfare has been their most successful technique in Europe. In Russia, for example, they would have had difficulty in corrupting the enormously wealthy aristocracy with bribes, but their technique of fomenting class warfare succeeded in destroying Russian society and letting the Jews seize control through their Marxist movement. In the United States, on the other hand, where the political leaders are essentially hucksters and lawyers and the working class is relatively well off compared to Russia, the Jews have had much more success with corruption than with their attempts to foment classwarfare. Many people who have studied the history of communism and have become aware of the enormously disproportionate presence of Jews in that movement have come to the erroneous conclusion that Jews are inherently communists.

The truth of the matter is that Jews are no more inherently communist than they are inherently capitalist. Jews are inherently acquisitive, ethnocentric, and cohesive, and they have a parasitic mode of existence. They become communists when that serves their purpose of breaking into a Gentile society and gaining control, and they become capitalists when capitalism serves their purpose better than communism.

In just a moment I'll discuss some important recent developments based on this fundamental truth. First, however, I want to add a bit to our discussion of last week. The Jews' aim, remember, is to destroy Gentile solidarity, to sow confusion, to generate feelings of guilt, to morally disarm White society so that it will be easy pickings, and in the last half of the 20th century their principal weapon for this purpose, more important than corruption or class warfare, has been their control of the mass media of news and entertainment. For week after week I've cited very specific evidence of the way in which they use their control of the media to confuse and demoralize the White public. Before I get to the new developments I mentioned, I just want to bring you up to date with another example.

On August 13 a 50-year-old White man, Gregory Griffith, was beaten, kicked, and stomped into a coma by a group of young Blacks in Jacksonville, Florida. The Blacks had been standing around on the sidewalk jiving among themselves, and they decided to kill the next White person who came along. Gregory Griffith was it. Griffith died from the stomping on August 26 in Jacksonville's University Medical Center. Have you heard anything about this murder? I'll bet you haven't, unless you live in the immediate vicinity of Jacksonville. Do you think you would have heard anything if Griffith had been Black and a group of White skinheads had decided to kill the next Black who came down the sidewalk? I'll bet you wouldn't have heard anything but that since August 13. It would have been on network television every single night. Bill Clinton and Janet Reno and the head of every major Jewish so-called "human rights" organization would have been on television too, looking grim and waving a stern forefinger at us and lecturing us about "White racism" and "hate crime."

You remember that last week I told you about the three Indians who tied a rope around a White man's neck and dragged him behind their pickup truck in South Dakota until they thought he was dead. There's been very little media coverage of that dragging since then, and what coverage there has been has consisted mainly of arguments as to why it wasn't really a so-called "hate crime." In the Jacksonville case there can be no doubt whatsoever. The arrested Blacks confessed to police that they killed Griffith solely because he was White, that they had agreed among themselves to kill the next White person who came down the sidewalk. So don't expect to see anything about it on television. They certainly wouldn't want to spoil all of the propaganda they're planning for the upcoming trial in Bryan, Texas, of the second defendant in last year's Jasper dragging case.

So you tell me, why do the Jewish media bosses do this sort of thing if it's not for the purpose of keeping the White couch potatoes feeling guilty and defensive about being White? Really, confusion and moral disarmament and social breakdown are their purpose. Television makes it much easier for them, but they were at it long before television came along.

Let me read you something which has been a part of their tradition for more than 2,700 years. This was written by one of the Jews' most revered religious leaders, Isaiah. In the 19th chapter of the Book of Isaiah he spelled out the formula the Jews always have used to break up a Gentile society and gain control. Isaiah wrote: "And I will set the Egyptians against the Egyptians, and they shall fight everyone against his brother and everyone against his neighbor, city against city and kingdom against kingdom. And the spirit of Egypt shall fail in the midst thereof, and I will destroy the counsel thereof, and they shall seek to the idols and to the charmers and to them that have familiar spirits and to the wizards." That was the formula 2,700years ago.

Now, for some new developments. I've told you on several earlier broadcasts about the growing problem of Jewish organized crime in America. So let me tell you again: it's still growing -- fast. This problem is interesting to us far beyond the interest we might have in, say, a resurgence of the Mafia. A resurgence of the Mafia would simply be a crime story: interesting, but not absolutely critical for our survival. The growth of Soviet-Jewish organized crime -- the "Organizatsiya," they call it -- is interesting to us first, for the same reason the non-reporting by the Jewish media of the racial murder of Gregory Griffith in Jacksonville is interesting. The media bosses simply do not like to talk about the Organizatsiya, despite the fact that its operations in the United States already dwarf those of all the other criminal organizations operating here.

When they do talk about Jewish organized crime they never refer to it as "Jewish"; they always call it "Russian" organized crime. And you know, this refusal to talk honestly about Jewish organized crime is more than an attempt to protect their fellow Jews who happen to be gangsters, just like the refusal to talk honestly about interracial crime is more than an attempt to shield Black criminals. The real aim in both cases is to maintain a false image, a false belief, which they have created in the minds of most White Americans. In the case of interracial crime the false belief is that in most interracial crimes heterosexual White males are the offenders and non-Whites are the victims. In the case of Jewish organized crime the false image is that of the Jew as gentle and inoffensive, as more cultured and more moral than his Gentile neighbors, and especially as a victim rather than as an aggressor orpredator. We all read news stories occasionally about rabbis caught smuggling drugs or laundering money, but the way they're reported makes the offenders seem like exceptions to the rule of Jewish rectitude and inoffensiveness.

However, when one looks closely at what Jewish organized crime has done and is doing to Russia -- and what it is beginning to do to the United States -- an entirely different image of the Jews and their relationship to their hosts emerges. Let's look first at Russia. The Organizatsiya literally runs the country. It is bleeding Russia of its remaining wealth, pulling hundreds of billions of dollars out of the country and stashing it in other countries. The rule in the Russian government today is total corruption. The police know who the gangsters are. The Russian Army and the Russian police could have every organized criminal in Russia, from billionaire media mogul Boris Abramovich Berezovsky on down, hanging from meat hooks within 48 hours, if they were permitted to act. But Russian President Boris Yeltsin and the other politicians around him will not permit it. Yeltsin protects the Organizatsiya, and the Organizatsiya supports and enriches him.

Do you remember back in 1996 how the Clinton government was pushing as hard as it could for Yeltsin's re-election? There were promises of financial assistance for Russia if Yeltsin remained as president, and hints that there would be none if he were defeated. And of course, the big television networks in Russia were solidly behind Yeltsin. Today much is made of the rivalry between media moguls Boris Berezovsky, who controls the largest network, ORT, and Vladimir Gussinsky, who controls NTV, the second largest. But in 1996 both ORT and NTV were 100 per cent for Yeltsin -- and of course, both Berezovsky and Gussinsky are Jews. Gussinsky, in fact, is the titular head of Russia's entire Jewishcommunity. In 1996 the big fear of the media bosses and the Clintonistas here was that a genuine Russian patriot, a Russian nationalist, might win. The Russian people, unfortunately, don't seem to be much more perceptive or farsighted than the American people, and the solid support of Russia's Jew-dominated television plus the promise of more financial aid from America kept Yeltsin in power -- or to be more accurate, Yeltsin remained in office, and the Jewish gangsters around him remained in power.

Whenever any Russian official begins to make a move against the gangsters, Yeltsin fires him and brings someone else in. And the gangsters continue bleeding Russia dry at the rate of hundreds of billions of dollars a year. The Central Intelligence Agency repeatedly warned the Clinton administration that any financial aid money sent to Russia with Yeltsin in office would end up in the hands of the Jewish thieves who are effectively running the country. To the Clintonistas so long as the thieves are Jewish, that's A-OK.

In September 1997 the Global Organized Crime Project at Washington's Center for Strategic and International Studies released a report titled "Russian Organized Crime." The Global Organized Crime Project was headed by Judge William Webster, who formerly had headed both the FBI and the CIA. Both Bill Clinton and Al Gore dismissed Webster's report on organized crime in Russia, and other members of the Clinton administration were ordered to ignore the report and the CIA's warnings. Billions of dollars from the International Monetary Fund kept pouring into Russia and into the hands of the Jewish thieves around Boris Yeltsin. And the Russian people became poorer and hungrier. The Jewish media in this country would have liked to have kept the situation in Russia covered up, but the lid is beginning to come off a bit now. Such huge sums of money are being taken out of Russia by the Jews -- including most of the emergency aid provided by the IMF -- and being laundered in Israel and America that people are noticing.

The scandal involving the laundering by the Bank of New York and BankBoston Corporation of tens of billions of dollars stolen from the Russian people by Jewish crime bosses with the connivance of Boris Yeltsin has made headlines recently, following an FBI sting operation that the Clinton administration inadvertently failed to halt. The stories about the massive money-laundering operation which appeared in the New York Times and USA Today late last month referred to all of the criminals as "Russians" rather than as "Jews," of course. You have to read the Israeli papers like Ha'aretz and Yediot Ahronot to see them identified as Jews. One would think that someone in the Congress would insist on a full-scale Congressional investigation. I mean, here is the Clinton administration solidly tied to massive international corruption, tied to the impoverishment and destabilization of a foreign nuclear power, tied to the bringing of racketeers and racketeering money into the United States on a huge scale, and the Clintonistas cannot claim that they didn't know, that they weren't warned. What a wonderful campaign issue for the Republicans to use! So why are all of the Republican politicians sitting on their hands and pretending not to notice what's going on, just like the Democrats? Are they trying to avoid embarrassing a bunch of crooked -- quote -- "Russians" -- unquote -- ? Hardly. Are they already on the take from the Jewish crime bosses, like the Democrats are? Probably not -- yet. But they all understand -- all of them -- that this is not a "Russian" issue; it's a Jewish issue. They all understand that, and so they're afraid to touch it.

What does this mean for our future? For one thing it means that the Organizatsiya will continue building its presence in America. It's already by far the largest and most dangerous criminal organization in America, and it is now clear that America's government will not move against it, and America's news media will not rouse the people against it. The Jews have softened up America, have broken down American society, have corrupted American institutions, to the point where there will be almost no resistance to their further penetration and takeover. No Republican politician, from George Bush, Jr., on down will stand against them. Instead, the Republicans will have their hands out for their share of the loot, just the way the Democrats do, and just the way Boris Yeltsin does.

One difference between the behavior of the Jewish crime bosses relative to America and their behavior relative to Russia that we will see is that the Jews are pulling money out of Russia and bringing it to the United States. They have bled Russia almost dry, but there's still much blood to be sucked from America. America will be the next center for Jewish organized crime.

And in America we'll be seeing much more of the viciousness and violence with which these Jews operate, as they gain self-confidence here: the same sort of murderous thuggery which characterizes their presence in Russia, in Germany, and in other places where they dominate criminal activity and where they butcher whole families with the same callousness displayed by a slaughterhouse worker butchering a herd of cattle. When they have trouble with some of their White slaves -- with some of the girls they have forced into prostitution -- they think nothing of slitting the throats of a dozen of them in order to terrify the others back into submission. I mean, these girls are only goyim, only shiksas, so why not treat them like the cattle they are?

For a while the FBI will carry on its investigations of the Organizatsiya, and the CIA will issue its warnings, and there will be stories in the New York Times about -- quote -- "Russian" -- unquote -- gangsters, but by and large no real move will be made to stop them or to warn the American people. The American political system already has been corrupted beyond the point of no return, and the mass media which are used to control the thinking and the behavior of the American masses already are almost completely in Jewish hands.

Just to be on the safe side, however, the Jews are continuing to wrap up a few loose ends in the area of media control. An example was the takeover this week of CBS by Viacom and its boss Sumner Redstone. Not that CBS wasn't already thoroughly Jewish, but there was always the danger that some very rich Gentile maverick might try to buy it and change its flavor. Now it's safely in the hands of the Jewish media boss who gave us MTV, Sumner Redstone.

To reiterate: the classic Jewish technique for infiltrating and softening up a Gentile society so that it can be taken over is reaching its final stages in America. No mainstream American institution will put up any substantial resistance to the completion of this process -- not the government, not the Christian churches, not the military leadership, and certainly not the mass media. All have been corrupted or taken over. And the American people will continue shuffling meekly toward the slaughterhouse so that the beast can drain the last drop of blood from them. Just as they were afraid to speak out against the massive non-White immigration which has changed the racial complexion of America for fear of being called "racists," so will they also remain silent and non-resisting as Jewish organized crime spreads its tentacles over America for fear of being called "anti-Semitic." If the beast is to be killed, we'll have to do it ourselves.


Porno's Untapped Pedagogical Value

Amalek writes: Luke, a snippet of dialogue on your web site today suggests certain business possiblities: "Luke: "Do you think Hitler was wrong?" Kendra Jade: "No... I probably would've dated him. My horrible taste in men.""

This suggests an entire line of educational porn videos, in which porn stars have fictional meetings with various figures from history and make sweet romantic love to them (to appeal to the women), while the men lecture them on their role in history. This could be an entire new genre of porn, not involving spitting, slapping, or the like, something edgey Gen-Xers and Y-ers, ever on the lookout for the hip and the ironic, as well as the hanky crowd could appreciate as porn for Smart Hip Intelligent Trendoids (SHIT, for short). S.H.I.T. would really go for this stuff.

If only I had not been raised as I had been, and had more balls, I would move out to the coast and immediately begin production of this line of videos. I am certain that I could sell the entire line to all the public schools that give away condoms to their students. Hey, maybe this is the scam I need to hook up with that heretofore mythical disease-free porn queen! Can you find me one of them with intellectual pretensions equal to or greater than my own who would act in such a video? (Maybe by trolling the co-eds at UCLA?) My identity suitably hidden with masks and makeup, I might consider being the male star of some of them.

Among the possible titles:
"My Dinner with Adolf"
"Das Kapital und die Hookeiren"
"Capitalism and Freedom and Three Nymphos" (Of course, you will recognize that the subjects of two of these initial three videos are jews, but lets keep that under our yarmulkes.)

Luke, the following is not for publication...

Luke: Can I quote you anonymously?

Amalek: OK - but please use the some-what edited down version. I frankly feel somewhat uneasy having this much communication with the people who read your web site (unless it enables me to hook up with the mythical CDC/NIH-approved adult virgin porn chick), few of whom can possibly have any interest in anything that I have written to you.

Luke, I note that from time-to-time you fairly taunt the Jews of Porn (JOPs, who overlap not at all with JAPs) about their yiddishkeit or lack thereof, and the possible consequences to other jews of their deeds. I seldom see any response from the JOPs. Is this because they are conveyed to you in private, or because there are no responses to pass on?

And what about the so-called intellectual JOPs, like some of those older JOPs whose names escape me, (wasn't one of them in Boogie Nights, and then there is that other one - Nina Hartley? who is a self-described communist, according to an interview she gave a few years back to Shmatte Magazine.) - do they ever address this issue? Or do they assume that the dumb goyim (DG's) will never find out, so that it need never be addressed?

Please keep up the good work of rubbing everyone's collective nose in it. (You should legally change your name to Luke Schpielberg and then give unauthorized talks on this topic in Liberal Establishment Temples throughout the LA area.)

Luke: Most of the Jews in porno are highly uncomfortable with it being pointed out that they are jews and that these jewish goyim dominate porno...They are like the jews in hollywood... Nina Hartley does discuss it articulately and some others do too at times.

Chaim Amalek writes: Luke: Will the constant ravaging of Christian girls by swarthy, often diseased, middle aged Jewish atheists turn public opinion against die Juden? Ask yourself - did the disproportionate role played by Jews (Boesky, Milliken, Levine, etc.) in the great Wall Street scams of the 80's turn the hearts of the goyim against the Jews? NO! And why not? Easy - because Jews have control over the very media that might otherwise have drawn attention to the disproportionate presence of Jews among the guilty. (CBS, Viacom, Disney, ABC, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Time Warner - all headed by Jews, all disproportionately staffed by Jews). Also, Jews are smart enough, with enough group cohesion, to know that it would be a bad thing for the goyim to learn the ethnic identity of those involved. For this reason discussions of porners (and I often wish I was one - blow jobs on the job? Where do I sign up!) seldom mention that these malefactors are disproportionately Jewish, just as Jewish criminal gangs from the old USSR are usually referred to as "Russian" instead of Jewish.

Of course, maybe it is for the best that the goyim don't know. Suppose they knew - what good would come of it? Would other Jews, 99.9% of whom are not remotely involved such activity, move to exert pressure on their benighted brethren to change their ways and return to god? Maybe, but so what? Even if they did act, it would have little effect. Most Jewish criminals and sleazoids are secular and just do not give a shit. So nothing good would come of it, and quite possibly a lot that is very bad.

Luke, you know that individual Jews used their influence to get the Romans to kill Jesus Christ (believed by hundreds of millions of people to be their personal lord and savior), invented communism, Freudian philosophy, created havoc in the middle east through their meddling, and are responsible, through the actions of a few Jews, for much of the social decay in the west (as Hitler himself noted and you presently observe) as well as most bad television. Why then do you continue seek acceptance as a Jew? Why not go Mormon (Mormon chicks are REALLY hot, if somewhat clueless), or catholic or Wiccan or Scientologist?

PS - If you were a producer of porn, and chose to suffer the social marginalization that that entailed, wouldn't you seek compensation by getting laid with the paid help? (Actually, I may have described your present position in life.) The moral problem of making porn is making porn, and not in then treating women who copulate for money as though they were prostitutes. After all, aren't they?

Luke Too Many Jews

An employee at Larry Flynt Publications writes Luke: Are there too many Jews on porn? As far as I can tell, there�s just one too many�and, truth be told, that person isn�t even a real Jew. Know who I�m talking about? It�s you, you pathetic excuse for a human being. So do yourself a favor and take your girlie little pistol ( a real man would choose a Glock 9mm. or a Colt .45 and not the pathetic snubnose .38 you�ve chosen), load the chamber, stick the barrel in your mouth or up your ass (two orifices which I�m sure have received other long, hard objects) and pull the fuckin� trigger. With any luck, you�ll be dead by morning.

Anonymous writes: Dear Mr. Ford: There are a few themes which appear repeatedly on your web page that I'd like to comment on.

1. You are preoccupied with Jewish pornographers who have sex with the actresses. You, yourself, do exactly the same thing. Specifically, you have sex with the actresses when they make themselves available to you. How are you any different from the people you excoriate on your web page? The only difference seems to be that you get on a soap box and tell people you abhor pornography. Yet your conduct is not different, in any meaningful way, from those whom you criticize. Is that not so? [Luke: True.]

2. You allege that Jews dominate the pornography industry. Even if this were true, there can't be more than 200 pornographers out of a Jewish U.S. population of 5,000,000. Thus, your reporting creates a twisted image of a people.

I receive newsletters from the Southern Poverty Law Foundation. Their newsletters track racist neo-nazi groups, and describe the racist propaganda published by these groups. They encourage wackos who then go out and shoot up Jewish community centers and the like. Why do you do their propagandizing work for them? Don't you think that's a tad bit irresponsible?

One could argue that Jews dominate certain fields, for example, comedy (e.g. Charlie Chaplain, the Three Stooges, Henny Youngman, the Marx Brothers, Woodie Allen, Seinfeld, Mel Brooks, Milton Berle, etc.) Are we an ethnic group of stand-up comics? Are we an ethnic group of physicists (Einstein, Curie, Bohr, Feynman, Teller)? Classical musicians (Itzhak Perlman, Isaac Stern, Philip Glass, Leonard Bernstein, etc.)? What a bizarre picture of an ethnic group you could paint. You paint an unfair, dangerous and irresponsible picture, sir.

Why the Jews?

I summarize and quote from the excellent book by Dennis Prager and Rabbi Joseph Telushkin, Why the Jews? The Reason For Antisemitism:

For nearly all of Jewish history people recognized that antisemitism was a reaction to the Jews and Judaism. But today Jew-hatred is generally attributed to factors having little to do with Jews and Judaism. The causes of antisemitism are generally held to be economics, political use of the Jews as scapegoats, general ethnic prejudice, the psychopathology of hate, and human irrationality - all of which dejudaize Jew-hatred.

Among those most committed to these dejudaizing interpretations of Jew-hatred are secular and non-Jewish Jews [the Jews of porn] who are committed to the notion that Jews are not essentially different from all other people. Accordingly, they want to believe that antisemitism is but another form of bigotry, that it is not permanent, that in the secular world it will die out, that there are no rational reasons for Jew-hatred, and/or that antisemitism is a sickness...

* Scapegoats... That Jews are merely convenient targets for a society in trouble... Yes Jews have been used as scapegoats but that does not explain Jew hatred. Why the Jews?

* Economics. Because Jews are rich. But then why not hate all rich people? And not hate poor Jews? For instance, Jews were not hated because they lent money. They lent money because they were hated.

* Psychology. While there is little doubt that Adolf Hitler and many of his associates were psychologically disturbed, this fact did not cause antisemitism, let alone the Holocaust. Were the tens of millions of Germans and other Europeans who supported Nazi antisemitism also sick? Did tens of millions of Christians in medieval Europe hate Jews because they were sick? Is Soviet antisemitism a funciton of some psychosis? Is the Muslim world pathological because it wants the Jewish state destroyed?

The ultimate cause of Jew hatred is that which makes Jews Jewish - Judaism.

For thousands of years Judaism has consisted of three components: God, Torah, and Israel; that is, the Jewish (conception of) God, Jewish law, and Jewish nationhood. Jews' allegiance to any of these components has been a major source of antisemitism because it has rendered the Jew an outsider, and most important, it has been regarded by non-Jews (often correctly) as challenging the validity of the non-Jews god(s), law(s), and/or national allegiance.

By affirming the one and only God of all mankind, thereby denying legitimacy to everyone else's gods, the Jews entered history at war with other people's most cherished values. The Jews compounded this hostility by living by their own all-eoncompassing laws in addition to or even instead of the laws of their non-Jewish neighbors. And by continually asserting their own national identity in addition to or instead of the national identity of the non-Jews among whom they lived, Jews have created hatred of Jews.

From its earliest days Judaism's reason for being has been to change the world for the better, (in the words of the ancient prayer Aleinu) "to perfect the world under the rule of God." This attempt to change the world, and to challenge the gods, religious or secular, of the societies around them, and to make moral demands upon others (be it through Judaism, communism, feminism, etc) has constantly pissed off non-Jews.

Judaism also holds that the Jews were specially chosen by God to improve the world.

As a result of Jews living Judaism, they have led higher quality lives than their non-Jewish neighbors. Jews have nearly always been better educated; Jewish family life has usually been far more stable; Jews aided one another more than their non-Jewish neighbors helped each other; and Jews have been far less likely to become drunk, beat their wives, abandon their children...

Chaim Amalek writes about anti-Semitism: Well, to quote Al Goldstein associate Steve Gruber (who was, probably unknowingly, quoting a mayor of Vienna from Hitler's time there - Karl something or another), its "Hating the jews more than they deserve to be hated."

But why hate them at all? One explanation may simply be racial/tribal. Jews are a race, which immediately places them in the minority wherever they go (outside of Israel, Manhattan, and Hollywood). Human beings being tribal, he who is not of my tribe is a potential competitor/enemy. Add to this the fact that despite the fondest wishes of Hollywood jews, we are not all alike - jews are different.

It is an empirical fact that jews have higher I.Q.s than other racial groupings (e.g., negroes, central American indians, the Aboriginal people of Australia). And this is itself a source of trouble. You see, as a highly intelligent race, Jews inevitably come to become a disproportionate presence in every field of interest to them that is open to them, be it banking, porn, media, law, financial crime, etc.

Jews also become a disproportionate presence in the great intellectual movements of the day, left or right, and sometimes (as in Russia during the Trotsky years - ask your communist jewish friend Nina Hartley about it) with horrific results. All of this is certainly going to piss off lots of gentiles on the outside looking in. This is the sort of anger that Patrick Buchanan is playing off of when he suggests affirmative action for white christians at Harvard. Jews and Asians, although together making up only 5% of the total population of the U.S.A., make up about 60% of the undergraduate enrollment at Harvard. Add to that the slots reserved for favored racial minorites, and it is simple arithmetic that white gentiles MUST be severely under-represented at Harvard.

At this time in history, Jews have enough power in the media to prevent an honest discussion of these issues, but that power won't last forever, given high jewish rates of assimilation and the very low birth rates of secular jews. At some point in the 21st century, the demographic map of America will have tipped to the point that sufficient numbers of people who do not give a damn about jews or the lessons of the holocaust will come to dominate once again, and we will be in for a new bout of antisemitism, directed against a much smaller jewish population.

PS You are dead right about the almost comical reaction of many jews to Christian prosletyzers, a reaction I do not see from the rank and file of the really relgious (except regarding "Jews for Jesus", who are engaged in a bit of intellectual fraud via their very name). I think what scares these people so is that having failed to make the case for being jewish, they are terrified at the sight of competitive theologies making the case for not being jewish. And a loss of adherents translates directly into a loss of power, which is what this is really about.

You know Luke, you are fast approaching a cross-roads in your life with this Jewish stuff. Either you will come to see that Jews are responsible for much that is bad in the world and flee the faith and its people in a vain attempt to rid your soul of what you will come to regard as their moral stink, or you will abandon porn, go to rabbinical school, and become a fire-breathing reformer (not a "reform" rabbi!), a jewish Martin Luther (so sorely needed by this moribund, ossified faith).

PPS - If you feel the urge to post this stuff on the web, then you really should set up a web site more suitable to the discussion than one that often seems centered on very weird pet stories.


Jews In Porn

Luke: "Is it tough being a non-Jew in a Jew dominated business?"

Mike South: "You want to know the truth Luke? It is a pain in the ass getting all these Jew cocksuckermotherfuckers to pay me on time."

Chaim writes: I then warned you that there would be repercussions to such hate on the web. Hate is bad. Hate must not go unchallenged. Lawyers are engaged, faxes are being sent - more later. Until then, make yourself a gut yontif. The Jewish persons at the ADL are nothing if not vigilant in the war against hate on the internet. They have responded to your viciously antisemitic canard in advance of the sabbath. (That you continue to publish such filth tells us all we need to know about the validity of your "conversion.")

From the Anti-Defamation League [with sex industry and pornography substituted by Chaim for the ADL's comments on Jews in Hollywood]:

Alleged Jewish 'Control' of the American Sex Industry

For centuries, anti-Semitic propaganda has demonized the Jew as a conspiratorial, manipulative outsider, often with powers and designs of world domination. From the Middle Ages through the Holocaust, fabricated accusations against Jews as poisoners and corrupters have led to horrendous suffering for the Jewish people.

In more recent years, the anti-Semitic notion of Jew as corruptor of the world through mastery of popular culture as resurfaced across the extremist spectrum in discussions of pornography and prostitution. Contemporary sexual anxieties and distrust of national cultural elites have given new life to this timeworn myth. The world of sexual politics is an area of complexity, if not mystery, to most Americans, and confusions can easily be manipulated and suspicions aroused. The bigot�s rationale is often conveyed in inflated images of intricate, stealthy "conspiracies.

Indeed, for the better part of this century, anti-Semites have alleged that American Jews have conspired with their co-religionists to "control" the pornography and prostitution industries in the United States and Europe. (Indeed, one of the first to make this lurid accusation was Adolf Hitler in "Mein Kampf".)

The assertion that Jews "control" pornography, or Hollywood generally, the media, banking and finance, among other things, is an anti-Semitic canard which dates back more than 70 years to an anti-Jewish campaign waged in the 1920s by the Dearborn Independent, a long-defunct publication backed by the late industrialist Henry Ford Sr. The Dearborn Independent had mounted a seven-year anti-Semitic campaign based on the notorious and fraudulent book, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

(In 1927, and again in 1942, Ford apologized to the American Jewish community for the harm done by his newspaper's campaign. Since then, the Ford family and the Ford Motor Company have engaged in numerous projects and endeavors in the public interest that have been supportive of Jewish concerns.)

Conspiracy Theory Persists

To the present day, anti-Semites have continued to allege that Jews are engaged in a conspiracy to "control" pornography. Indeed, the Dearborn Independent's anti-Jewish writings continue to be circulated by anti-Semitic entities such as Liberty Bell Publications under the title The International Jew: The World's Foremost Problem.

Even a reputable British magazine in 1994 revived the stereotype of Hollywood in which an alleged "Jewish cabal" controls the industry. The article, in The Spectator, authored by William Cash, a Hollywood correspondent for the conservative British newspaper The Daily Telegraph, contended that Jews have created an "invidious and protective culture" that denies employment to non-Jews in the making and distribution of pornography.

The Anti-Defamation League expressed outrage at the article, saying that it raised the age-old canard of Jewish control and conspiracy and was reminiscent of classic anti-Semitic propaganda of the past hundred years.

"Those Jews who enter the pornography industry have done so as individuals pursuing the American dream, not as representatives of their religious group," commented ADL National Director Abraham H. Foxman. "Moreover, anti-semites never seem to take note of the fact that the most prominent pornographers in America are Hugh Hefner and Larry Flynt, neither of whom is the least bit Jewish. Finally, though individual Jews may play a role in pornography, Jewishness does not." In fact, the pornography industry is controlled by consumers of pornography through the market place, which is 98% gentile.

While statistics and studies on the subject are not readily available, the Anti-Defamation League believes that the recitation of numbers and percentages is not the answer to the false charges of Jewish "control" of the sex industry, or, indeed, of similar accusations involving the media, banking, finance and other businesses. Reliance on statistics alone plays into the hands of anti-Semites. Generally, Jews involve themselves in non-religious and non-political activity as individuals, not as Jews. ADL takes the position that the number of Jews involved in a particular field bears no relationship to "Jewish power" or "Jewish control" of that industry. ADL does not accept the notion that Jews in any field act in concert with other Jews similarly situated simply because they happen to be Jewish. To believe otherwise is to accept a conspiracy theory that is the anti-Semites' stock-in-trade and relegates Jews to a kind of second-class citizenship.

In other words, American Jews have as much right as any other citizens of the United States to work in the pornography trade, in the banking industry, and in any other profitable businesses. Moreover, it bears repeating that those Jews who involve themselves in the sex industry do so as individuals, not as representatives of their religious group or with an aim to act in some coordinated conspiratorial manner.

The charge that "Jews control the production of pornography" is a classic example of the hatemonger�s paranoid-style exploitation of legitimate concerns � in this case, the nation�s moral health. Moreover, the wide appeal of this anti-Semitic conspiracy theory among all kinds of extremists strikingly demonstrates how the agendas of otherwise opposing hate groups meet on common ground: the scapegoating of Jews.