JFK Video Strips US Leaders of Legitimacy

January 27, 2015

While Francis Conolly's big picture is shaky, 
he conveys one chilling truth effectively: 
a cabal of rich traitors, gangsters and 
psychopaths run the USA.  

by Henry Makow Ph.D.


On the eve of JFK's assassination,
 three future Presidents toasted the plot's success: LBJ, Richard Nixon and G.H.W. Bush. The meeting took place at oilman Clint Murchison's ranch. The Mafia was represented by  Carlos Marcello, Joe Civella and Jack Ruby. The Illuminati bankers sent John McCloy and the Brown Brothers Harriman.  Law enforcement was represented by J. Edgar Hoover and his gay lover Clyde Tolson. Dallas Mayor Earle Cabell, brother of ex Deputy Director of the CIA, Charles Cabell, completed the cast. 

This is one of many eye-opening facts in Francis R. Conolly's gripping video "JFK to 9-11: Everything is a Rich Man's Trick" which was uploaded last November and is only now gaining recognition. 

This video is an inspired but flawed effort. The biggest flaw is its length-- an exhausting three and a half hours. It should have been divided into two subjects, the JFK Assassination and Conolly's view that the Illuminati are Nazis and gangsters who run America and the world. I recommend that you start this video at the one hour and thirty five minute point. That makes it a more manageable two hours and you're not missing anything too critical.

Here are some of the revelations you'll find:

Conolly pins the assassination on the CIA and the Mafia, whom he says are "two sides of the same coin." He argues there were eight shooters firing 16 shots, with two in the sewer firing the kill shots. They include Mafia hitmen and hired assassins, most of whom were later killed. He claims the point where JFK's limo had to stop was marked on the sidewalk, and (very hard to believe) the mark is still there! He says Alan Dulles and David Attlee Phillips of the CIA planned the assassination while George H.W. Bush was the field commander. There is a picture of Poppy Bush in Dealey Plaza. CIA agent Bush also recruited Cubans for the Bay of Pigs invasion.

Conolly solves the puzzle of why Dallas patrolman J.D. Tippit had to die. Apparently he was a JFK lookalike. He was shot by Gordon Liddy and substituted for JFK's corpse because they needed to reconstruct the wounds to fit the official story. His body may be in JFK's tomb. 

Conolly claims that many of the post-assassination "investigations" were actually sponsored by the CIA. These include Oliver Stone's movie, JFK; the documentary The Men Who Killed Kennedy and the book, Blood, Money & Power by Barr McClennan. Actors appeared along with real witnesses in the documentary to steer attention to the "grassy knoll."  Conolly argues that many terrorist acts use actors and that the mass media are traitors. 

Conolly effectively reprises the Kay Griggs interview proving the US military leadership are sexually compromised members of the Masonic gangster cult that runs the US. You rise through the ranks by offering your bum. 

Conolly's grasp of the big picture is not marred by any reading of Henry Makow. As a result, he has a socialist paradigm. He argues naively the rich are trying to monopolize wealth because if we all had more wealth, it would lose its cache! For most of the video he has an image of "a super-rich cabal of secret Nazis protecting their money from the threat of Communism." He falls for the story that the bankers tried to remove FDR in 1934. 

Later on, Conolly shows Anthony Sutton and seems to realize the bankers are behind Communism too. He recognizes they created the CIA for profit but he glosses over the Jewish and Masonic dimension.

While Conolly's grasp of the big picture is shaky, he conveys one chilling truth effectively: the West is run by a cabal of super-rich traitors, gangsters and psychopaths.  

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First Comment from K


Ken Adachi's post is consistent with what was confided to me in an "off the cuff" conversation I had with a physical therapy patient back in 2008.


While in a treatment room, I was treating someone who used to work US special ops in the 80's in Central and S. America. When I met him, he had since retired and "didn't care anymore" what he freely told anyone who would listen.


Anyway he had told me that in their training, they used the JFK assassination example as to "how to execute the perfect assassination". He told me directly that it was secret service (and the driver in the front seat) who ultimately fired the fatal shots, and to look closely at the body positions, head thrust, Jackie's reaction (she was crawling to the back because the shots were coming from the front seat), and other key points that have been discussed.


Made for one of the most interesting physical therapy sessions I've had in my career.



Comments for "JFK Video Strips US Leaders of Legitimacy"

Brian D said (January 28, 2015):

I have not, and probably won't watch "A Rich Man's Trick," as I'm already full of the truth about JFK' death. I've read many books, and watched many videos about this, and have concluded that everyone, in power/control, wanted JFK dead.

The best video about the assassination is 'JFK2' by Hankey, 'the Bush connection.'
The actual murderer of JFK, the head-shot, is James Files. And he has confessed with much knowledge of the crime.

Everyone aware should know that 9/11 was an Israeli Mossad job helped along by Zionists in the US government(No real investigation). With or without ground guided jet airplanes.

JFK started to by-pass the FED, so he had to die.

Hankey's JFK Jr. video is also quite good. JFK Jr. was going to run against the son of the man who killed his father. The civilian flight remarks about the Coast Guard are key.

Dan said (January 28, 2015):

The documentary is fairly correct that the assassination didn't go smoothly. They'd planned for Oswald to be shot trying to escape police, but Oswald knew better than to run or resist arrest. When he said he was a patsy, all the adults in my neighborhood believed him. Then when a strip club owner shot him point blank surrounded by cops, even my grandmother said, "Those two big men are holding him there so he can't dodge the bullet". Nobody believed it wasn't a top level conspiracy.

The problem was how quickly everybody got over it and went on like nothing happened. The Beatles were introduced to America only 77 days after the assassination - Feb. 7, 1964.

They landed at the JOHN F KENNEDY INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, the name had just been changed (from "Idylwild") in honor of the dead President.

Rich C said (January 27, 2015):

I watched that entire video myself about 2 weeks ago. I actually thought the first portion was more valuable and interesting. His idea that the hyper inflation made it easy for bankers and producers to buy up Germany for pennies on the dollar helped explain the rise of Hitler to me. But I had a question about that too. Did Germany ever repay the debt from Versailles? I would think the hyper inflation would have been a way to pay it off rather easily, and one has to wonder if the large debt was given them in order for someone to suggest paying it off with inflated marks, which led to businesses being bought for cheap and then being able to install their guy to eventually build a war machine and make a bigger and better war.

I thought the JD Tippet body switch with JFK was absolute nonsense. And the 911 portion received extremely short shrift.

Ken Adachi said (January 27, 2015):

Essentially, the video is extremely convincing and most people will accept it as gospel, but it's misleading concerning who shot JFK. Fred Newcomb and Perry Hayes got the story right when they researched their book from 1968-74. The Secret Service limo driver, William Greer, shot JFK twice and shot Connally once. There were other shooters but the bullets that hit JFK and Connally came from Greer, and Greer alone. If you have the time, read this article and study the photos carefully. They are very revealing

Murder From Within: U.S. Secret Service Limo Driver, Bill Greer, Shot Both JFK & Connally on Nov. 22, 1963 (Feb. 5, 2013)

The oldest cover story the government uses on JFK is the mob and CIA did it. I remember seeing the David Susskind Show out of NY in the late 60s or early 70s do a show on the "CIA and mob did it."

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