Vaccine victim

Joan Jordan


My 14-year-old Son is mute apart from a single word once or twice per fortnight. He is in nappies and during his worst days has diarrhoea up to seven times per day (few years back that was up to 12 times per day), and he can't help or control that. He is very underweight and it pains for me and his dad to see how much he eats yet is unable to digest enough of it. Although his vaccine damaged alimentary canal is improving thanks to several dietary, biomedical and homeopathic interventions, (none are allopathic interventions, as vaccine damage is not acknowledged yet alone treated in the National Health Service because it is a political issue given that Big Pharma runs the whole government global show), he has a long way to go, yet we WILL get to that point


His big brother in only three years older than him but weighs almost three times as much as his younger brother. That big brother came out of his nappies at the time when neurotypical children do, at under two years of age. He also spoke at a typical age. Both have same biological parents. Neither of us parents, me or their dad, were mute and in nappies at the age of 14, with diarrhoea up to 12 times per day, or did i mum Margareetta Moberg? (Perhaps i forgot?? grin emoticon ).


And STILL there are people who suggest to me that maybe our son's condition is genetic and nothing to do with vaccines at all grin emoticon Ignorance truly is bliss and at this age of information ignorance is a choice. And even if i had NONE of those articles and studies etc etc etc i have raked through since 2007, showed me what i know, i'd STILL know that my son was injured by a vaccine. I know it because i am his mother. I was there. I was the witness.


So there You are. Relative and Friend. Stop telling me to ''accept what is'', ''see him as a gift'', ''he just needs to be taught differently'', ''stop spreading fear mongering misinformation'', ''he chose to come to you in this incarnation and chose this for himself blaah blaah blaah...'' and ''stop blaming vaccines for your misfortune''. Those kind of statements are ALL callously disregarding these childrens' human rights and excusing this travesty and crime which has affected a whole generation of children which is intentional de-population.


P.S. If and SINCE this makes YOU feel uncomfortable STOP looking at my wall and ''newsfeed'' as you put it. Simple. It is REALLY easy to turn off posts from one's newsfeed.  X