Judge Rodney McKinnon
State Murder  'Suicides'

Coroner: Paul Knapman

[2014] Who are the Queen’s Lord Lieutenants?  Another strange death occurred at Dolphin Square and yet again Paul Knapman was responsible for the inquest:  ” In 2007, the Honourable Judge Rodney McKinnon fell 50ft from his Dolphin Square flat.  Despite his family’s protests, Westminster’s creepy coronor, Paul Knapman, recorded a verdict of suicide.  A carefully spun tale of depression and anxiety was woven by Knapman to skew the evidence so McKinnon was portrayed as having suicidal tendencies.  But do the facts really stack up?  Rodney McKinnon’s brother, Warwick, is, by coincidence, also a High Court Judge.  He said at the time of his brother’s inquest:  “I don’t believe it was suicide and neither does anyone in the family or any friends I gave spoken to.  “There is obviously some evidence that could point towards suicide. I am not going to be unrealistic, but there is nothing like enough for it to fill the required standard.”