Paul Kagame

Kagame's Agent Expelled from Sweden After Gasasira Disappears

15 Feb 2012

While Kagame is fooling the world that he is rid Rwanda of poverty, and achieving over 90% of development goals, the serial killer is still hunting for victims to silence. Winning elections by over 90%, achieving development by over 90% and killing people by over 90% precision ‚ the new name for Kagame should be Mr 90%.
In any event, John Bosco Gasasira, the editor of exiled online newspaper Umugugizi is the latest victim of Mr 90%. We trust Gasasira is safe and sound.
What we know so far is that Kagame agent, so-called senior official of the Rwandan Embassy in Sweden has been expelled in connection with subversive activities.
One Evode Mudaheranwa, the so-called Second Counsellor to the Embassy, and intelligence officer aka Kagame killer has been ordered to leave the Swedish territory within 48 hours.
The Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs would not comment on that decision.
The expulsion takes place, almost a month after the disappearance of Gasasira, a brave Rwandan journalist that has consistently exposed Kagame thieving and criminal activities.
Gasasira has not been seen in public since 23 January 2012, a date on which he published the last article on his online newspaper Umuvugizi.
Butcher Kagame is determined to eliminate Gasasira at all cost as the trail of evidence show:
What a pity that Gasasira has been a victim of what he relentlessly sought to expose ‚ he has denounced over and over the presence of Kagame criminal agents sent to Europe to hunt down Rwandans.
Gasasira was among the first to break the story in 2011 on how Britain warned the Kigali regime that London would not allow Rwandan exiles in the UK to become victims  of criminals operating under the orders of Kagame.
More broadly, Umuvugizi is synonymous with exposing Kagame excesses from the butcher‚s $100,000,000.00 Bombardier planes to $20,000.00 a night hotel rooms, and 43-acre farm.
We can see how Kagame will never give up silencing the journalists. We just lost in 2011 Inyenyeri editor Charles Ingabire. We pray that Gasasira is unharmed and that Umuvugizi keeps playing its brave role of exposing the Rwandan butcher‚s thieving and looting.
Lastly ‚ thumbs up to Sweden for not tolerating Kagame agents in terrorising Rwandans on Swedish soil.