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Kagames Caught Red-Handed Again

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AD and pen-fighters, it looks like we have caught the Kagames red-handed again – big time. Look at the story and photograph of Kagame’s wife, Jeannette, in New Times  Saturday 4 February 2012.

Jeannette addressing the 60th Annual Prayer Breakfast – claims New Times

According to Kagame rug, New Times, Jeannette is addressing 3,000 guests including US President Obama, at 60th Annual National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, DC. This is a disaster. How can the Kagames hope to get away with such blatant lies?

What initially made us suspicious is the fact that the attendees of Annual National Prayer Breakfast are formally dressed but Jeannette Kagame is not. This annual event is, furthermore, held in an enormous conference venue to hold over 3,000 members of the American elite.

Attendees of 60th Annual Prayer Breakfast

But as you can see in the Jeannette photograph, she is standing in what looks like a bare classroom near a blackboard with words “Unity Club” written on it.

Next we examined the Prayer Breakfast’s List of speakers. There were two main speakers, namely, President Obama and the Bestseller Author Eric Metaxas.

Besides the two keynote speakers, the following high-level personalities gave brief remarks at the event (see

More bad news! Look at the podium the speakers used to deliver their remarks. It is marked “The President of the United States”. But Jeannette’s podium looks like a coffin made in Nyamirambo.

Eric Metaxas delivering his keynote at Prayer Breakfast

We also reviewed C-Span Video on the 60th Prayer Breakfast. There is no Jeannette anywhere! So where did this liar Jeannette Kagame-Kanjogera speak?

When we goggle “Unity Club” which is seen to the right of Jeannette in the photograph, the first thing we get is According to this site the Unity Club “is a meeting place for members of Alcoholics Anonymous.”

There is another troubling aspect of the phantom speech by Jeannette at an unknown address on planet Mars. Look at this part of her remarks:

“We pray to our Lord for leadership that values life, forgiveness and solidarity among the people.”

Kagame should dump Jeannette into the dungeon because that is what the dictator did to a priest who dared to pray for peace in Rwanda. Kagame jailed the poor churchman for insinuating that there was no peace in Rwanda.

In Jeannette Kagame’s case, it is as we say in Ikinyarwanda that “Umusazi arasara akagwa kwijambo” – meaning that even a mad person sometimes stumbles on the truth. Jeannette has indeed stumbled on the truth. Only the good Lord can save the tired and humiliated Rwandan nation by giving it a leadership that values life – as opposed to a cruel vampire that routinely spills blood.

- Gaston Mutarambirwa