Keyhole, Key

Mithras Lion-headed figure from Mithraism standing on a sunwheel. Notice the key in his right hand, the sceptor in his left, and the snake wrapped around his body.

Lion-headed image holding the keys, representing power to turn the doors of heaven and hell, power over peace or war on the earth. The keys were held by Pluto, "god of hell," and the chief dieties of Asia Minor, Janus and Cybele.

The keys of Peter or the Pope. In 437 A.D., four hundred years after the beginning of the Christian Church, the Pope publicly laid claim to be the possessor of the keys of Peter.

Menat. The Menat necklace and its counterweight is associated with Hathor

hathor with celestial cross in keyhole and her eye is the eye of Horus:

kofun pictures:

It is called a Hilarri:

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