King Hussein

See: King Abdullah

"A good Arab friend of mine, whose wife I helped get into the country from Jordan in the mid-1990s (I lied to the CIA--oops,  I mean the US  State Department--saying she was going to work for me) was kind of astonished when I showed him a photo from Cosmic Conspiracy (Stan Deyo's first book) of King Hussein in 33d degree Scottish Rite regalia.  I explained to him how all the heads of state in the Mideast, including the Israelis, are brother masons in British orders.  Now, I wonder if the old SS (Vryal) men whom the Brits moved into the secret police organizations of those countries following WWII also had to become freemasons."--Don Croft

Apprentice Rabin given the Masonic handshake to grandmaster King Hussein of Jordan.

The Grand Masonic Lodge of  Israel.