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Dear friends of Orgonise Africa,


Again and again new proposals for "improving" orgonite are being circulated on the net. Some of these ideas are driven by genuine motives, some seem to be promoted by those powers that would love to see the orgonite movement disappear rather yesterday. (The notorious agencies and their paid disinformers)

Often the intention of these campaigns seems to be to sow doubt in the minds of those beginning to become interested in the orgonite phenomenon, thereby limiting the spread of this amazing technology of etheric self empowerment and healing. The general aim of disinformation campaigns is confusion - In this case: make it look like there is dissent in the orgonite camp, create the impression that some orgonite could be dangerous to your health and you can prevent a few newbies from taking the first step. (As usual the battle the illuminati are fighting here is a rearguard action as their paradigm is fading fast)

Aluminium vs other metals

So, for years a "fraction" of the orgonite using community is promoting that aluminium as a main constituent of orgonite is harmful. They mostly base it on a small remark by Wilhelm Reich in which he observed some negative effects with an aluminium based orgone accumulator, I think in connection with what he called the Oranur-effect.

Firstly, Wilhelm Reich was constantly researching at the cutting edge of his time. So, many of his observations were later refined or revised by himself. He did that constantly. Even his evaluation of the "Oranur effect" changed over time when he noted that radioactive Uranium after initial violent and sickening interactions could be orgonised (Orur) and be used to tickle the cosmic life energy as he did in his desert greening operations (Orop) in Arizona and elsewhere. 

Secondly, we have never found such negative effects after years of getting fantastic results with aluminium in the orgonite.

shining bright: aluminium orgonite
Kirlian photography of aluminium orgonite

The Kirlian photo above shows the radiant aura of a pendant with aluminium orgonite.

Aluminium in orgonite has some distinct advantages:

  • The filings are much thinner than those normally produced with iron or copper. That results in a finer alternative layering of metal and resin, making the DOR to OR conversion more powerful.
  • At the shearing surfaces (where it has been shaved off), aluminium develops minute micro crystals that add power to the orgonite.
  • The devices are lighter, hence lower shipping cost
  • Easy to get and relatively cheap (that would also be true for iron filings but they are normally quite clunky)

Of course, all metals have different energy signatures. It would be naive to deny that.
Everything has an energy signature. There is no dead matter. That's now pretty much common knowledge.

On a certain level all matter is consciousness, right? (Even a rock has/is consciousness)

But this does not mean that aluminium is "negative" or copper or gold is "positive". Just like the addition of healing gemstones adds "colour" and rich overtones to the basically always positive etheric vibration of any orgonite, using different metals can enhance certain healing aspects of the orgonite.
This is happening on a more subtle level than the actual "raw" energy conversion from DOR to POR which is nothing else but removing a blockage and getting stagnant Chi to flow again.

A distinct warm glow: the aura of copper orgonite
Kirlian photography of copper orgonite
orgonite from gold shows great brilliance in Kirlian photos
Kirlian photography of gold orgonite

The way I understand it is that there are finer and finer levels of perception. (like the layers of an onion or the famous Russian dolls with a doll within a doll...)
Our conventional 3D reality is the coarsest level.

The level of "Orgone Energy" is almost protophysical, it visually affects clouds and has other very easily observable physical effects.

Gemstones and other additions to orgonite - also when used on their own - work on a much finer vibratory level.

For this reason we add copper, gold and silver to personal healing tools in order to bring in these finer healing vibrations where it's appropriate.

The beeswax deception

Another well known stream of disinformation is the "beeswax dis-info" whereby beeswax is promoted as a more sympathetic replacement of synthetic resins in making orgonite.

Make no mistake: Beeswax is of course a lovely material and has a nice and positive energy signature. But just like lovely scented woods or beautiful gemstones on their own don't show the powerful characteristics of orgonite, beeswax has been found to be much less effective in the orgonite mix.  Furthermore it is totally unsuitable for environmental gifting because it will melt and disintegrate under real life weather conditions.
No harm done if you want to make a "beeswax orgonite" piece for your personal indoor space. It'll even work as a weak orgone generator and may just feel good to have around and nice to look at. But is that what orgonite is really about?

Orgonite in the strict sense is the matrix of resin and metal filings, most often aluminium, and some quartz crystals. This material mix has been found and demonstrated to effect some unique and wonderful things.

I think that our expedition reports provide ample demonstration for the efficacy of this simple but oh so effective mix.

Plasterite - the new Orgonite?

One of the latest fads in this line of deceptions is called "plasterite".
Basically it's "plaster of Paris" or simply gypsum with crushed quartz crystal.
Here is a depiction of a (quite nice looking) piece of "plasterite":

plasterite - the new orgonite?
Plasterite - the new orgonite?
just a dull spec: Kirlian photography of "plasterite"
Kirlian photography of "plasterite"

To make a longs story short: Plasterite has nothing to do with orgonite at all. It's just gypsum with some crystals. Any perceived healing effect would be from the crystals added to the gypsum and that would be on a quite weak and very subtle level.

The Kirlian photo above speaks a very clear language in that respect, I think.

The Easter bunny is still at it

Orgonite is what the Easter bunny brings

Yes, the Easter bunny knows that many of you are far away and will not get your Easter orgonite before the actual Easter holiday. So what? It's all about initiating the process and that's why the 20% special Easter discount is still on! (Until including Easter Sunday)

After all Easter is kind of a feast of abundance, awakening life and merriment. So let's not be too uptight about dates, OK? With some of the discount opportunities that are permanently in place, this can work out very nicely for you:

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All this adds up for your savings. Use the shopping cart to find out how it works out. It's much easier than trying to figure it all out off-line. The shopping cart is the ideal calculation tool. You can also get accurate shipping quotes to every destination based on the contents of your shopping cart.

If you order a lot from us you create abundance on our side and we create abundance on your side. That's the true Easter spirit. Abundant orders allow us to spread more happy positive life energy in Africa.

That's what we really love doing.

I hope to see you soon at Orgonise Africa.


and the Orgonise Africa Team


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