Leonard Cohen
Music Mafia

Leonard Cohen- Illuminati Jewish Secret Agent?

Cohen serenading Ariel Sharon during 1973 war

Elisabeth Jane Buchanan  the star of david has been converted to hearts here. when he did the DEAR Heather CD he told me the hearts were due to an experience he claimed we had during sex. unifying hearts. that with other experiences inspired the hallelujah song. note in the CENTRE OF hearts is the Illuminati all seeing eye. he corrupted it as usual. he corrupted all he could that could be good, including sexual assault OF tiny children...Which I am witness too. I have been an anti " violence against women " and pornography activist since the 1970 s. he therefore put a gun to my head, literally, and I was forced on my hands and knees while he brought in camera men and I was gang raped. I am told the film is called the nazi and the dog. was taunted about it many times. Now I have to deal with dale from my last rental putting me naked on line, VIA HER SON RUSTY, and passed around town even on rez bus. she put hidden camera in mobile home. filmed me naked in heatwave. 
Cohen's PORNOGRAPHY , that was around 1978. I had torrents of tears and terror running through my body the whole time. a blond haired child was brought in maybe about 8 years old. he was asking me if I like to be hurt. I SAID NO, AND Cried EVEN HARDER WHEN SHE WAS BROUGHT IN. HE TOLD THEM TO TURN OFF THE CAMERAS THEN. WHY? HE ALMOST KILLED ME LATER BY AN Intentional car hit for telling. THAT was about a decade ago. almost lost leg and life. he said later he only meant it to be a little tap because he claimed I laughed at him and it was pay back..he stood and laughed at me as I was having a heart attack and my veins were bursting according to doctor later. I should be dead. miracle saved me. was told to come back as I am here to kick ass. those words were used. I AM GOOD AT IT!