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"When we believe something is the right thing to do, as we did in the case of Iraq, we give the Government our full support"---Liam Fox MP, Conservative Defence Spokesman.
"Israelís enemies are our enemies and this is a battle in which we all stand together or we will all fall divided." ---Liam Fox MPDeath dealer

[Here is a typical soulless politician with more blood on his hands than most.  Body count: 1-2 million?  The curse of whale seems to be working with this bastard--yes, resigned, time for another dealer in death.  The voters and soldiers would like to know you are fighting Israel's wars on their behalf.]

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Who owns Liam Fox, MP?

[2011 Oct] Fox aide's 'plot to topple Iran chief': Sidekick Werritty 'met dissidents and spies and was even briefed by MI6' In February this year, Mr Werritty arranged a dinner with Dr Fox, Britainís ambassador to Israel Matthew Gould and senior political figures Ė understood to include Mossad agents Ė during an Israeli security conference in Herzliya. Sanctions against Iran were discussed at the meal.

Gilad Atzmon: Liam Fox Is Not a ĎUseful Idiotí Fox, who In 2006 said, "Israelís enemies are our enemies and this is a battle in which we all stand together or we will all fall divided." is a strong supporter of Israel and is a member of Conservative Friends of Israel. Fox also supported the illegal war against Iraq, a war regarded by many as just another Israeli war but fought by American and British soldiers and in 2003 he voted for the invasion of Iraq. He also supports action against Iran.  So Fox and Werritty were not naÔve. They knew exactly what they were doing and who were their donors. They fully understood their role and willingly did what was required. And Iím just as convinced that PM David Cameron and his cabinet knew exactly what they were doing when they amended Britainís jurisdiction laws two weeks ago just so visiting Israeli war criminals could enjoy their stay.  But the tide has changed. The duplicity of our elected politicians and their ties with the Jewish lobby is now being closely scrutinized. The time has come for all of us in this country to put as much distance as we can between ourselves and Jerusalem.

[2011 Oct] The intelligence experts who doubled profits under Dr Fox since he became minister

[2011 Sept] Libyan campaign 'could cost UK £1.75billion' (after politicians told us it would be a few million)

[2010 March] MPsí expenses: Liam Fox becomes highest shadow cabinet repayer

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