Life after Gardasil - Holly's journey

First off I want to say Holly is NOT in hospital. The photo I've posted today was when Holly was in hospital and doctors would not believe there was anything wrong.

Can you imagine if you had a broken arm, or something physical wrong with you that was so obvious, it could not be ignored, then to be told by doctors that actually, there was nothing wrong with you! How would you feel??

sadly thats how it is for all the kids who have suffered at the hands of this vaccine. In this photo, we were told that Holly MUST be bulemic, had I actually seen her vomit? Questions about school, homelife, questioned on her own. Now I completely get that some of this is necessary for child safety issues, however, to still have a conclusion WRITTEN in her notes that she is bulemic, is really not on! We knew this wasnt true, doctors wouldnt believe us for a very long time. 

Last week I invited parents of vaccine injured girls to comment on what doctors had said to them about their sick children. Alot of the comments, we ourselves have had, Holly has been to see a phychologist who asked her if she could hear voices and were people in her head telling her to do things; does she have a secret superpower etc etc etc...... There was no evidence AT ALL that Holly was mentally unstable, yet they still persued that route! 

We parents fight a constant battle to be believed; for our children to get the treatment they deserve, but its hard. Below I thought I would share with you some of the responses I received..... If you knew there was something wrong with you, without a shadow of a doubt, ask yourslef, how would you feel at being told any of the following:

- Its not the vaccine, its just a coincidence
- Anxiety/stress
- ITS IN HER HEAD! – Need to see a psychologist (even when these girls are having seizures)
- Laziness
- She just needs to get on with her life.
- Making herself sick/bulemic 
- School Phobic
- No link to vaccine
- Home issues
- Bullying in school (even when no evidence of anything)
- Shes overweight, this is causing the problems (stomach problems)
- Coincidental Chronic Fatigue
- Indegestion
- Child just needs to get a grip and ~manage~ herself better
- Pubity
-Distract her when she is having a seizure, that should stop it?!
- You will fail your exams because you are lazy by not going to school
- Mothers fault for being an “over achieving parent”
- Ive never heard of anything like this before…… 
- It's just unfortunate that some have to suffer for us to know the effects of drugs/vaccines. Unfortunately there is no antidote. " 

How is this acceptable for our children? When will doctors start to listen? Eventually we will see justice and apologies will be demanded! For any parent who is fighting with this shocking behaviour, keep fighting, your child only has you to believe them and fight for them, NEVER give up on that! x