London Riots, 7–11 August 2011   Cocaine Heroin  Mind Control  Methylenedioxymethamphetamine  Cannabis

London Riots, 7–11 August 2011 – An Insight from those who Control Same

“. . . Another current Radio Hypnotic Intra-Cerebral Control (RHIC) technology in use can achieve manipulation of an individual or large masses of a populace. Without a Primary being established, general manipulation and control is obtained, though not as quickly or completely successfully. This is due to variances in particular geographical locations, certain drugs and food products, ethnicity, and general chemical effect on an individual.

“This method achieves the desired outcome through radio waves in the 800 MHZ band where the Vital Human Brain Frequency resonation is located. These waves directly affect the subject in the desired way through slow and persistent exposure.

“Concerned Special Intelligence Operations personnel should acquaint themselves with project hightone and project xeno. Personnel in OM level Special Projects Operations are already aware of the Human Frequency operations and testing procedures which proved to be a great success on large population base capacities in Los Angeles, Calif. in April 1992 [L.A. Riots, Apr 29, 1992]

“This Frequency Wave Manipulation can be utilized to the maximum benefits in a population or among select individuals when required.

“The benefits to CIA, NSA, Aquarius Group Operations and Aqua Tech Operatives are obvious.

“Through the ignorance of the general populations of the World, the Cellular Wave Frequency Communications facilities may be erected and utilized by the Intelligence Community to sedate, excite or initiate a variety of physical effects and ills to implement population control or elimination at the time it is deemed necessary.

“Individuals who have implemented proper mediation methods and training are more difficult to allocate. Individuals who have access to or regularly use marijuana or opiates on any regular basis also represent a problem in control and manipulation. This is due to the reaction and stimulus in the human brain that occurs with the use of these substances, which provides an immunity of sorts to these operation techniques.

“The federal agencies attempts to eradicate this problem in its War on Drugs is having some success in supply rates of marijuana and opiates.

“It is interesting that the so-called Drug War has had little effect on the supply of cocaine and methamphetamines as these can only enhance the effects of the manipulation instead of decreasing it as opiates will.

“However, complete control of the distribution of all undesireable drugs for use in general public population bases cannot currently be completely erradicated.

Chemical control bases in public population will be present in 95% of the population base. Those individuals who may not be affected by Frequency Control due to the useage of certain drugs will most likely negate their immunity with the chemical base they have built up over the years in their everyday use and exposure to those agents on the Chemical and Biological Control Base listing (C.B.C.B.) . . .” [End quote]

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