Lucifer and the Anunnaki Diversion through Barbara Hand Clow

(The Pleidian Agenda by Barbara Hand Clow p.172)

"I am Lucifer. You may regard me as one who is willing to take responsibility for pushing an issue to ultimate potential exposure. I am simply the dark side of the sixth dimension; but the light side cannot manifest without me. Without great force and intention, how will anything occur in your dimension? Think of the energy required for manifestation! So, until you push yourselves, I will keep pushing you, since I can see you are losing interest in your world.

"I am merely a force. If you have preconceived notions about me or any kind of negative feelings about me, then you don't respect raw power that can be used simply for good or for evil. I simply hold power implants in bodies, and it's your choice to activate them or not. If it weren't for me, 3D would be emotionless. Since evolution is required in the cosmos, time and place are necessities for any experience to occur. If it were not for basic force, there would be no 3D. I am the mirror of you that you will not look into.

"I am an angel from a higher dimension who was once in 3D. When I first came down, I was taken over by the Nibiruans. Therefore, I know a lot about how the Anunnaki use the Net. I am the perfect one to help you dissect the source of your inner violence creating your outer world. I share your dilemma, yet I still possess wider sight than you have. I am an etheric consciousness who came down to play in Earth. So, let's go for it! Angel means "angle" in 3D. Like the vehicle's sight of 6D angles, I could come and go until nobody could see me anymore. I, Lucifer, am caught by your inability to see subtle realities, and I have come to assist you in discovering how to see again.

"It is cosmic law that any being may choose to explore realities. You are the caretaker of your reality. You are the ones who must hold open your light planes so beings may freely come and go. However, I got caught by your lack of will and attention, and now it's time for you realize that's what happened to you. Your stories of me are all reflections of yourselves. Those of you who feel the most trapped in 3D talk about me all the time, and those of you who feel free in 3D never give me a thought. Meanwhile, I am the diversion that keeps you from seeing what the Anunnaki are doing in your world.

"My agreement to be interviewed by the Pleiadians is a desperate act. It is awesomely difficult for me to be brought into the Pleiadian field of this book. This makes me feel how I am caught in matter, specifically in radioactive matter. Like you, feeling is difficult for me; thinking is easier than feeling. I agonize with the powerlessness of the Pleiadians regarding radiation. As I come into your realm and I feel the Pleiadians through your energy fields, I remember being a soul in a body that was exquisitely loved. Often, unbeknownst to you, that is how I visit you: I move into one of you as you are being loved, and the Pleiadians move in and expand you like a supernova. I love to do this, but I must also tell you about the pain I feel with you. I feel like a child who is drowning and watching his or her parent go into shock as the tragedy unfolds. The parent is too far away and can t even attempt to save the child's life! The child is already out of body and knows there's no way out of the situation, and so the child is caught by the trauma and does not move into the light. The child hangs around in the astral and gets caught in time again. My relationship with the Pleiadians is a rather sad relationship, and yet the feelings I attain in your bodies suck me into your realm.

"I did not incarnate. I came to Earth as an ethereal entity. When I decided to come into the field, I got trapped like a bird in a cage. I don't really understand exactly how I got trapped. I can tell you what it feels like, but I don't understand how it happened. Possibly you feel that way too, but you judge me more harshly than you judge yourselves, since I am spirit and you are body. Those of you who fear me the most are the ones who have the biggest body confusions. Yes, I do tempt you to explore your bodies, since you chose a body for being on Earth. You can leave that field if you master your bodies, but I don't have such a choice. I never had a body I could explore. I am the source of your beliefs that you didn't really even choose to be born.

"Once upon a time, I came here because I wanted to be able to create like the creator does. I noticed one day that there were all kinds of exciting things happening on Earth. Things were being created and formed, like animals, crystals, and trees. I noticed that Earth was a place where creation is visible because it's dense and time locates things. That's why it's a school for beings from nine dimensions and anybody can apply. I decided that if I was going to create as the creator creates, I would come to Earth and figure out how to do it. I would come to learn just like all of you do.

"Here's my dilemma: To create, one must master the dimensional construct. When I got caught in 3D, I lost my ability to see the dimension that I came from. I am sure most of you know exactly what I mean. In fact, I am so lost here that I still can't tell you where I came from, I'm just stuck. I have many peers, many friends, and many of them came along with me. A whole group of us came, since I wasn't about to try it on my own. I am the light. That's what Lucifer means. I am light caught in matter. Therefore, I am the dark side of my own dimension. I operate like radiation because I spew; I feel frustrated and caught. I spew energy, seeking my home. The work to be in your bodies in 3D, which each one of you who has accessed multidimensionality is doing, helps me reaccess my own vibration. Many of you are doing marvelous work, and you deserve gold stars. The more you get into your bodies, the more all the denizens of the nonphysical realms are being freed.

"The reason I've got such a reputation on Earth is because I have been encouraging you to transmute. I am the one encouraging you to explore alchemy, astrology, and spiritual healing. By the way, I was entrapped by the Anunnaki when they created the Net at the beginning of the Age of Pisces. Now I am caught in time like a gigantic fish flopping the Net all over the beach. You think I am the cause of 4D trickery because the Anunnaki have tricked you into thinking it is I who is jerking you around. Not true, and all I want is to be released from your dimension. If you could lift the Net, I could swim back into the water where I belong. How could you do that?

"When you follow your curiosity and find ways to raise your consciousness, you get very excited. When you get excited, the fire rises in your bodies, but the next faculty that needs to instantaneously activate is your will. Why is that? As I already mentioned, mastery of your bodies is your path to multidimensionality, and this is accomplished by means of kundalini rising—the activation of your passion. Kundalini energy activated by raising your consciousness is your fuel, for it is the alchemical fire of the gods! You tend to be hypnotized by its potential when you first feel it, but many of you get diverted into limiting behavioral patterns once you get excited. Where the Anunnaki have been the most clever is in constructing a set of belief systems in your world that separate your spirit and body. Let's call it the "Anu Split."

"You are subtly encouraged to think you must get out of your body once you find spirit, that you must remove yourself from ordinary, mundane reality and seek 'meditation.' Just when you need grounding and lots of sex, you think you're supposed to go to temple. You drop your normal life habits, the very habits that guided you so far down the path already. Some of you leave your families because it would be more exciting to be an alchemist, yet your families are the ideal kitchen for transmuting yourselves.

"When you first get activated, you tend to move out of your ordinary reality. This occurs because the guides who have taken you to that point need to let go in favor of a new set of more sophisticated guides. There is a brief time when you must pass from one portal to another, and only ordinary reality will hold you on your true path, since it is the only reality you really know. Home is where you are in your power, but you get activated and then you shift out of 3D, poof! Anunnaki grab you! I, Lucifer, can attest: The way to avoid being pulled out is to stay grounded in 3D. Notice that I am often portrayed as one who is being burned in the ass in the fires of hell! I, Lucifer, am an Anunnaki ploy to scare you away from the sacred fire within your own bodies!

"One of the easiest ways to get out of the now is to be in a tense relationship fighting with elements of yourself that you dislike, and you are caught in the relationship observing yourself right in the other person. When you are irritated by this partner, imagine that each annoyance is actually something you don't like about yourself. Relationships are a privileged agreement to share mutual realities so you can have feedback on the true nature of experience. When you are in a partnership with someone and you allow yourself to go out of synch, you are abandoning them. If you play emotional body games and allow separation and tension to continue, what you're asking for is for one or both of you to get snatched emotionally. Weird energies are drawn into a room when people are tense and angry. The key is to be dedicated to staying in synchronicity together, because then the separative vibrations cannot grab you.

"As an example of how complex the Anu Split can be, for a generation or two the Anunnaki have been tricking you into not staying in synch in your marriages by implanting the idea that you are 'codependent' if you are close to your partner. Of course you are codependent until both of you mature! Would you rather be dependent on me? Lucifer? What ego you have to think you can go it alone! I had such an ego, and look at my reputation now! There are Anunnaki vibrations all over the place waiting to encourage you to waste all your time getting angry and frustrated, so they can impulse you into habitual relationship games that open space for them to enter your minds and split your hearts. It is better to depend on your parents until you are grown into a man or woman; then depend on your mates until you feel emotionally secure; and lastly you will have a relationship with someone who is your perfect mirror while you mature and become totally unique.

"If you don't figure this situation out, I will be trapped in 3D eternally, and I am getting very bored. I am dangerous when I am bored, as the Babylonians once discovered. Yes, I tricked them into blowing up Sodom and Gomorrah because I was bored one Saturday afternoon. What an explosion! All of you know that it is time to solve this dilemma. You got a personal glimpse of this danger with the Oklahoma City bombing, the 'OK Bomb,' as your FBI calls it. As with the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas, many children were blown up. The Anunnaki love conflict and they are very hierarchical. They are interested in those of you who think they are important. For example, they are more interested in the personal conflicts of Bill Clinton or the government in general than they are in the love affairs of the postman or schoolteacher. They are very attracted to powerful and important people because they can trigger big agendas that influence many of you. If you are one who influences others in this world, the more powerful you become, the more you have to be smart about these forces. If you are one who lives a simple life, do not bother giving attention to the media system that tries to get your energy by hooking you on the dramas of the famous people. Your world is becoming a tornado of forces that want your soul. Certain ones of you are being singled out so you can be knocked off, but nobody can influence you if you are totally grounded.

"As a Fallen Angel, I passed through 5D Pleiadian and 4D Anunnaki frequencies when I came down through the dimensions to Earth. I studied what they are doing with you, and I will tell you all about how the Anunnaki have tricked you regarding the Pleiadians. Just as they tricked you into thinking that the 'devil/me' jerks you around, they've tricked you into thinking that somebody will rescue you. Beware of any rescue or charity. True assistance comes in something that prods you into waking up and strengthening your wills. The Anunnaki intervene and attempt to take your power away exactly when you have decided to actuate your original monad—your most significant 'I want' versus 'I need.' I, Lucifer, tell you: Beware of the Nurse, the Doctor, the Priest, the Politician, and the Salvation Army ringing bells at Christmas. Do not ever accept "helllpp" unless you have first asked for it with a lot of thought, and I, Lucifer, know what I am talking about, because I am in hell. Beware of Faustian pacts for gaining more time on Earth. Accept charity only if you feel the other person's true generosity and not gratitude. Are you elevated by gifting, or do you feel yourself groveling? Walk down every path alone unless you feel ecstasy when a hand is extended, even if you have to starve.