Cannabis & Hemp

Marijuana Tea

by Tine van der Maas


1. Although it is illegal to use Marijuana in many parts of the world, many countries do allow it for medicinal purposes.
2. Make sure you use a good quality Marijuana. When you buy it on the streets in the big cities, it may be mixed with other chemicals you definitely do not want to get in your body. The leaves have a distinct “green” and fresh smell
3. If you want to take it to a patient in a hospital, put the tea in a flask. If the doctors or nurses ask you what it is, you can honestly answer that it is Green Tea
4. Who should use it?
a. Anybody who is in pain: it works like magic, and does not matter what type of pain: Backache, pain caused by Cancer, arthritis etc.
b. Multiple Sclerosis patients: it helps against incontinence
c. Emphysema patients: Within a minute, the heavy struggle to get breath (the HHHHUMMM, HHHHUMMMMM sound they make and leaning forward on a table or chair when they are struggling to get back to normal)
d. Asthma patients ditto, their attack will stop in its track without a pump – not to say you should not carry your pump with you
e. TB patients for the same reason as above. We have given it to many patients who had for example AIDS, TB and Multiple Drug Resistant TB and Asthma
f. Cancer patients, not just for the pain, but Marijuana is also a very good anti-cancer agent
g. Terminal patients: We have made this tea for dying people, who were extremely restless, or even screaming. After having the Tea, they were able to relax, say their goodbyes and go in peace with a clear head – instead of being on morphine where you do not even know if you are coming or going
h. People who have lost their appetite: Those of you who have smoked it (or are still smoking it), know you get the munchies after having a joint. I wonder if Bill Clinton had the munchies afterwards, as he had not inhaled
i. It does not work for Neuropathy, but I will post a solution for this on this site


1. You make it like you used to make “normal” tea, before the era of the teabags
2. Fill a big teapot (or any other glass or stainless steel container – no plastic) with boiling water
3. For every mug add 1 heaped teaspoon of leaves, so if the teapot takes 6 mugs, add 6 heaped teaspoons of leaves, and add 1 extra heaped teaspoon (what we used to say) for the pot
4. Stir it regularly and let it cool down. It should become a nice green color
5. If you are in chronic pain, make enough for 3 days at a time, and keep it in the fridge. It will last for about 3 days before it goes off
6. Strain the leaves as you pour a cuppa, and throw the leaves back in the pot. This will make the Tea stronger and you will need less as the tea gets stronger


1. For pain, drink your first mug of Tea. If the pain has not completely subsided, drink a second or even a third or a fourth mug of Tea. Some cancer patients suffer from severe pain
2. When the pain is gone, don’t let it come back. As soon as you feel the pain coming back, take whatever amount of Tea necessary, usually just half a cup. Don’t let your pain levels rise up again to great highs.
3. Take some Tea before you go to sleep, so you will not be woken up from pain. Have some Tea next to your bed so you do not have to get out of bed to fetch some Tea, and you can go back to sleep easily.
4. For lung problems like emphysema, TB, asthma and lung cancer, always have a bottle of Tea with you, so you can take a few sips to get your rhythm back.
5. If you can’t lie down because of shortness of breath, sleep with quite a few pillows under your head, and take some Tea before you go to sleep.