Michael Smith


Cross (broken) 
Tyr  He is forming a runic t with his body...going so far as to lower his head, to round off the top of the t...AND is standing on top of this chair which forms a runic m. "In this pose, Smith is making the sign of Tyr (the Sky God), who (according to Norse mythology) sacrificed his hand to the Fenris Wolf in order to save others. It is also a warrior symbol of great courage, and of overcoming death. He is standing on an M, which is the rune for Mankind. I don't see that as sinister but make of it what you will."  http://themurkynews.blogspot.com/2008/03/wolves-in-sheeps-clothing-research.html 

Lucifer the light bearer  V Sign (W)

Triangle  All seeing eye symbol  (i2 Eye) Eye name on top of triangle/pyramid. All seeing eye (people) (Single eye in corner/top of pyramid)