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Michael Tsarion and the Rosicrucian connection.

The Deceptions of Michael Tsarion

By Kraken

Nowhere to Run - The Many Mistakes of Michael Tsarion

The Show THEY dont want you to hear

October 23, 2007 06:17 PM PDT

Michael Tsarion is wrong on so many levels. This episode exposes some of
the big lies Tsarion promotes, as well as some as the smaller fibs. A two
hour episode, which is part of a series Called Debunking Michael Tsarion,
and it exposes him as at best, totally incompetent as a researcher and at
worst an agent for the Illuminati.

Show Notes:

Jordan Maxwell’s friends list, (a cointelpro extravaganza)

Archeological evidence of the bible

Biblical text integrity

Did Akhenaten Influence Jewish Monotheism?

Duke of Brunswick and Sydney West misquotes

link to a previous Debunking of Zeitgeist

were the Essenes the early Christians?

Other References used
http://www.khouse.org/articles/2005/572/ kabbalah Talmud

Moses - (drawer of the waters) - a name that implies the moon, is a fictive front for the concealed Solar personality - in other words - Akhenaton

Manetho states that Moses received his priestly education and learned all the wisdom of the Egyptians in the city of Heliopolis, in the Delta, the Biblical city of On...the House of the Sun - Godfrey Higgins

Jews believe and state openly that Moses was the author of the Hebrew Torah (the first five books of the Old Testament). He is also known to be the disseminator of the hidden Oral Tradition, that eventually inspired the Babylonian Talmud. But, as the great Sigmund Freud pointed out, and as we re-assert - MOSES WAS AKHENATON - the Bible is not a Jewish tome, but an Egyptian one. This is the great secret that has been kept from humankind for so long. The generations of alteration and re-editing by Josephus and Bacon and others has merely assisted in this truth being kept hidden. But when we understand the true identity of this Moses, we understand also the true authors of the Bible. This is the real reason why Bibles can be found on Masonic altars. It is not because Masons are Christians, but because they are Atonists, as are all Christians and Jews, regardless of what false notions the Vatican spin-doctors have connived and enforced. http://www.irishoriginsofcivilizatio...k2_chap41.html

The Ten Commandments of the Druids were almost identical with those given by God to Moses - Richard Kelley Hoskins http://www.irishoriginsofcivilizatio...symbolism.html

Terms such as Israel, Israelite, Jew, Judite, Yahud, Jehovah, Adonai, Aton, Amen, Elohim, Christ, Jesus, Messiah, Joshua, Isaac, David, Solomon, Moses, and so on, were originally Druidic or Aryan appellations. Some of these terms were titles denoting senior members of Druidic colleges. These terms were plagiarized and deliberately mistranslated to obscure the facts about the origins of religion. http://www.irishoriginsofcivilizatio...symbolism.html

The founder of Atonism was Pharaoh Akhenaton (Amenhotep IV). He appears in Jewish history as Moses, Zadok, and Melchizedek. He was not an enlightener, as ninety eight percent of the world's writers and historians apparently imagine. On the contrary, Akhenaton was a megalomaniac who ravaged Egypt and violently destroyed its many marvels. He was finally ousted from power and expelled from the country. As researcher Ralph Ellis has shown, the rise of Akhenaton's monotheistic beliefs and warped brand of solar theology coincided with an important astrological phenomenon, namely, the precessional transition of the sun out of the house of Taurus into Aries. http://www.irishoriginsofcivilizatio...symbolism.html

As far as we can judge with hindsight, the goal of the strategy was the complete substitution of the ruling class of the Roman Empire with the descendants of the priestly family that had survived the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple. This was achieved in less that three centuries, by which time all the ancient religions had been eliminated and substituted with Christianity, and the primitive Roman nobility had been virtually annihilated and replaced by members of the family of priestly origin that had accumulated all the power and wealth of the Empire - Flavio Barbiero (The Secret Society of Moses)

The supreme head of the Mithraic organization was called the pater partum, or pope, and he resided in Rome in the Vatican grotto - Flavio Barbiero (The Secret Society of Moses)

The god Pan with the hooves and horns of the goat. Pan is yet another variation of the original forest god. Michelangelo depicted his Moses with goat horns. Did the great sculptor know that the horns symbolized godliness and wisdom? Was he letting us know that Moses, the great leader of the "Israelites" was, like his people, from the West?

Michelangelo's depiction of the Israelite Moses with goat horns, signifying the ancient god of the Aryans and Scythians. Let us remember the passage in Samuel (16:1-13), which reads: Zadok the priest took a horn of oil out of the tabernacle, and anointed Solomon. So, we see that kings of the ancient world, as well as Messiahs, were anointed with oil from a sacred horn.

Furthermore, Benjamin Franklin's code name was "Moses." His personal design for the American one-dollar-bill depicted the Israelites leaving Egypt during their exodus. (For more information on this, refer to Volume One, chapter forty two, and to our DVD entitled The Irish Origins of Civilization.)

Melchizedek: Like so many Biblical characters (Enoch, Abraham, Noah, David, Solomon, Joseph of Arimathea, and Jesus, and so on), he was based on the archetype of the Druid. Note the artist's incorporation of the tree and portal, which cryptically refer to Amenism and Druidism. Melchizedek is traditionally connected to the Tribe of Shem, which was made up of fair-skinned types. The word Shem is, however, probably a poor rendition of Khem, meaning Egypt, or of Shmn, meaning Hermopolis, the great city in Egypt. We believe Melchizedek, as he appears in the Bible, truly signifies Pharaoh Akhenaton, king of the Atonists. It might even signify Aton himself. As such, it serves the same purpose as the name Moses. And just as it is clear that there was no such man as Moses, as portrayed in the Old Testament stories, so we can assume there was no such entity as Melchizedek, as the Bible portrays him. Both fictive characters serve as place-holders for another who is not named. Those initiated into the mysteries, the higher members of the Church and the secret societies, know who is signified by these, and other, pseudonyms. In the painting, the figure of Melchizedek bears a solar halo and holds what appears to be a sun symbol, but which is, according to the Bible, an offering of bread. Abel holds the lamb which symbolizes Aries, the sign most sacred to Atonists. The central table is designed to appear like a cube. It is the ashlar, or altar, of Masonry. The ninety-degree "rules" at the base of the "table" also signify the Masonic fraternities.

The name Moses refers to a fictional character and not to a real individual. It is a fictive reference to Atonist Pharaoh Akhenaton. After Akhenaton's fall, his ideological and biological descendents found new homes and bastions of power in lands outside Egypt. It is our belief that the chiefs of Akhenaton's solar cult were welcomed by certain elite families in many countries, including Britain, Greece and Italy.

In Greek history we find mention of a semi-mythical character known as Musaeus. This name is probably a variant of Moses, and most likely denotes a descendent of Akhenaton, that is, a chief of Aton. This link with the Old Testament Moses was emphasized by several historians of antiquity, including the second century Jewish historian Artapanus of Alexandria, himself of Egyptian descent:

Artapanus in particular claimed that Moses stood behind the figure of the Greek Musaeus, the Egyptian Hermes-Thoth - B. E. Colless (Divine Education)

If, like the name Moses, Musaeus was a title rather than a personal name, we may credibly assume that other pseudonyms for Akhenaton can be found in history as well as in mythology. This is certainly the case with the Hebrew name Manasseh, which denotes one of the twelve tribes of Israel. Remove the letters "n" and "h" and we are left with Masse, which closely approximates the name Moses.

It then appears that in the Masoretic Text the name of Moses was changed to Manasseh - Flavio Barbiero (The Secret Society of Moses)

This link between the prophet Moses (Akhenaton) and the tribe of Manasseh is most significant given the fact that the emblem of the tribe is to be found on the American one dollar bill. It is the famous eagle with its arrows. http://www.irishoriginsofcivilizatio...symbolism.html

marks of aton http://www.taroscopes.com/miscellano...ksofaton1.html