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More Fun With the Felonious Feds

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Post More Fun With the Felonious Feds 
I got the following from Jean in California, who is getting some good licks at the corporate world order by busting up some of the weaponry where she lives.

She wonders if he surveillance and intimidation she's gottenis real or if she's just imagining it--what do you think? Cool

Jean, I did post your YouTube link with my comments.  It's not a bad piece of work and we don't need to dun the guy for not understanding the underpinnings of zionism.  He's courageous for making that public offering.

I'm also posting your report, which is a very good description of typical shitbird surfeillane and intimidation.  Now, people pine for that sort of confirmation but in the early years one couldn't piss behind a bush without hitting a fed Wink

Let me know if you want to post your own reports. There aren't enough women on EW, yet.




I'm still only a punter with less than 200 TBs and HHG deployed but I did get what i think was a visit from the TPTW a few months ago.
I live in Browns Valley in the Sierra foothills north of the Yuba River and a large AFB (only a few miles away as the crow flys) that BTW, is  connected with a lot of mischief in the form of a phased array radar station- (pavepaws) that I read somewhere is now being used in connection with haarp. It's my best target but haven't gone after it yet.

Their visit came in the form of a big unmarked black chopper that buzzed the house.  I'm quite used to choppers flying around here and was also when I did search and rescue, firefighting/EMT stuff- but this was very different.

It was REALLY REALLY LOW,SLOW AND SUPER LOUD with a distinct feeling of intimidation.

I actually could have hit it with a rock. The horses were near to running trough their fences. We get regular chopper traffic around here that they never react to at all except  maybe to raise their heads. I live on 20 acres and they flew low and slow, exactly over my little house.

Another time less than two minutes after I had just gifted a large tower and station of some sort, north of Woodland, a uniformed person in a black unmarked sedan appeared out of nowhere on a dirt crossroad sitting waiting and staring at me. This was ten in the morning- in the middle of deserted farmland.
How do they know so quickly and do they actually materialize, Matrix like?

Seems like a lot of expense and effort if  this is really so. Could there actually be some sort of grid that they're tuned into? Is this some of the black ops/darpa stuff that's way far ahead of what they let us know about?

The choppers remind me of the Ringwraiths in Lord of the Rings.

When I first gifted my home property I had a small plane show up shortly after that seemed to be slowly snooping around too (like in Ben's pics) but I discounted it at the time.

The chopper deal did kickstart my heart but then just stoked my warrior nature and made me think maybe my gifting, paltry as it is, is showing up as a distubance in the grid if there is such a thing.
The scare tactics just energize me by telling me organite's effect is likely REAL and that gifting really IS doing something to interfere with their dark plan.
What better confirmation could there be? I mean, really all that effort to intimidate me ?

Sounds delusional to even consider it. But what the hey, I figure it can't hurt and much is pointing to it's doing more than I even might have thought.
My present challenge is keeping it light and staying in my heart. They would be winning if I succumb to lowering my energy to hate them.

In Ayni,

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Post Re: More Fun With The Felonious Feds 
Yea...I think I got a chopper visit just from corresponding with Don by email when I first discovered his Zappers two years ago.

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Post Re: More Fun With The Felonious Feds 
Congratulations Jean on your first low altitude hovering black op chopper visit  Exclamation

Mine came about 5 years ago in Duxbury MA. I had only stood my newly made Don Croft style Cloud buster up for
less than an hour when an unmarked green military chopper with a full crew circled right above my house at maybe 300'.
They were moving at just above stall speed if there is such a thing and I could clearly see the pilot and crew
from where I was in the yard. All dressed in green military uniforms.
The pilot was screaming over the noise of his engine to his crew " It's down there, look down there"

They hovered for 2 minutes and then took off. I became a believer in the power of Orgonite that day  Exclamation

I kick myself for not grabbing my camera as soon as I heard the loud roar of the helicopter, but
I was so caught in the moment that I didn't hussle to get the camera.  Crying or Very sad

If it happened today, I would have videotaped it and I would have put it on youtube within the hour.

 Somewhere near you, I tossed a tb in the Yuba river two summers ago and I  put a few in the Klamath River as well.

Keep up the great reporting.



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Post Re: More Fun With The Felonious Feds 
these are the best conformations

I got mine 30 minutes after putting up the CB, a UH-1 appeared and started circling the generic area

after gifting some places in the mountain, a propeller aircraft, unmarked, appeared and zoomed by the mountain top line for over 30 minutes

disappeared after some attention with the SP

the plane had a visible dark ring around it

We were like  Shocked