More Visible Proof Of Orgonite's Benefits To The Wearer 

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  May 2011
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 More Visible Proof Of Orgonite's Benefits To The Wearer 
over the past weekend, in between setting up greenhouses, I spent  as much time as I could helping man Our Orgonite booth for the annual health expo show in regina...

  attendance was poor compared to other years but the Orgonite sales were brisk!  in fact it was the only booth that had attendees standing in front of it nearly all the time...   most People had never heard of Orgonite before so it was an oppurtunity to introduce it to hundreds of newbies...

Jacki had 2 aura portraits done of Her chakras one without wearing any Orgonite and the other while wearing one of Our new Protector Pendant designs I brought back with Me from Our Orgonite factory in thailand...  You can judge for YourSelf by the pic but I can tell You when You show those before and after pics to a prospective pendant Customer it makes their mind up pretty quick that they need Orgonite to expand Their chakras like that!  the left one is without wearing Orgonite and the right is with wearing an orgonite pendant around the neck near the heart!!

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