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Morgellons 'Disease' --profiling the targets

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This woman in Italy ordered a zapper from us so I referred her to Francisco of so that there would be no interference by the sewer rats in Italy's customs cesspit.

She said she had Morgellons so we dialogued a bit more. I'd never heard of anyone outside the US getting Morgellons so I asked her to consider whether she was targeted on account of something she'd done or accomplished while she was in the US.  Here's her response, followed my mine and I hope you'll send her some heart energy and check out her surviving internet material:


On Thu, Jan 17, 2013 at 10:47 AM, Roberta Maria Atti <> wrote:
Thank you so much Don, I'll try ordering from your distributor and by the way, yes, I've lived in the US for 30 years and I was rather well known in NYC because I was on the radio and did a lot of public speaking etc. At some point I started "seeing" things other people don't notice and I spoke up. My house filled with insects, all my drains got clogged, I got a brain tumor that left me with a semi-paralyzed leg and I lost EVERYTHING!!! from one day to the next practically. My story is so unbelievable that no one believes me. Somehow they also found a way to ship me out of the US! i want to come back so badly, but now it's very difficult. Even my kids seem to have been brainwashed against me. The problem is....yes, I must have stepped on some big toe, but how does one fight something like that? I've got photos that show ALL KINDS OF THINGS!!! Maybe I should really write a book about it and tell my story. Anyway, thank you for the advice. If you have any more I'd be so grateful. If you look me up you'll probably still find stuff about me on the net. My blog used to be It got erased but I found a piece in the net archives that gives you and idea of what I did.
The next day an orca killed her trainer at Disneyworld.

Anyway, if my story is interesting to you I can tell you more. Thank you again, for making this information available to all.

Roberta Maria Atti


Thanks, Roberta.  In fact the Truther Girl, who is a popular international internet and radio talk show host also got nailed with Morgellons after she interviewed us. two years ago.  Then she cured it with one of our zappers and interviewed us again, a year later.   We sold a lot of zappers to Morgellons sufferers after that Wink and haven't gotten any negative feedback in that regard over the years.  I suggested to her that a very big neodimium magnet might 'cure' Morgellons even faster than a zapper but I don't have any experimental or observational data to know for sure.  If Morgellons is nanoweaponry (as Carol and I assume they are) then the little creatures are too small to be shielded from a strong magnetic field, as the tiny implants that we all have also are.

I'm posting your email on our international forum ( so that ought to help gain you a little breathing room from the harassment.  I honestly believe that a lot of us would be dead if not for using zappers & orgonite, boosting our assailants etherically and publishing about our experiences with these walking parasites.  The key word is 'parasites' because they're only able to murder people who are unaware of their activities, don't know how to counteract them or are in denial.  If you'll check out you can see how we all protect ourselves energetically.

There are several committed associates in Italy, by the way, who post on EW.  A lot more of them in Italy simply aren't conversant in English but are well-seasoned 'veterans' in this global campaign against our species by the terrorist states (US, UK, Israel).


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Post Re: Morgellons 'Disease' --profiling the targets 
Looking at her archived link I can see that she was/is a channeler.  Since it's the only bit of her body of internet material that wasn't erased I'm wondering if it was something else she 'said' that got her into trouble about a year ago when she was still in the US.   Channelers generally work for the parasites, after all.

When Carol and I were just getting started with the internet stuff in 2001 we were introduced to a very skilled psychic in Phoenix, named Carole, who told us that she occasionally did contract work for the CIA.  She believed it was patriotic to do so and she even had an American flag decal in a side window of her car.  By then, most of the psychics in the US were also working for the CIA, though they had no memory of it because it was through Monarch programming  Carol and I had the impression that Carole was not one of these and when we attended one of her channeling sessions Carol watched her energy and later told me it was clean. Her impression was that the info/energy was actually coming from benevolent aliens, as Carole claimed.  It felt very good to me to be there during the session. Most other channelers I'd encountered in 3D just creeped me out Cool

Carole got fast cancer shortly after that and was dead in a month.  She refused to wear her zapper after she got sick because (she told us) she felt that she got sick in order to 'reach the nurses who were working on her.'  

In those days the CIA/NSA were systematically murdering all the skilled psychics who were not Monarch programmed, according to what we were seeing.

The funny thing about high psychism is that anyone who has the potential for this can be a sudden 'expert' psychic and ever since that experience with Carole we've been watching out for this phenomenon, also have been pretty good at avoiding the MOnarch-programmed psychics who are essentially guided missiles aimed at disrupting group efforts online.   These are typically so theosophy-soaked that talking to them is like talking to a bornagain chump--no clarity and no character at all and you instinctively watch your back, our should.

That said, most of the people I encounter who seem desperate to 'be psychic' probably don't have the potential to develop this gift in 3D life.  My daughter, Nora, was a 'sudden psychic' at age five on account of her experiencing death and a short coma but she was never comfortable with it and I think it was a blessing that this was taken from her at age 13.  I don't want that gift, either, partly because I see what a hard life psychics have on account of it.  Who would wish that on him/herself?  The reputable 'sudden psychics' I've known weren't seeking it but after it happens they feel responsible for using it with integrity so they usually seek out other reputable psychics for support and for better clarity.  They're all prime targets of the sewer rat agencies' psi corps, after all, so if someone is isolated it's hard to distinguish genuine impressions from implanted ones.

Two 'sudden psychcs' whom we have worked very closely with over the years are Dooney and 'Hawthorne.'  The people who suddenly find themselves called to use this gift for the first time as adults will likely do good with it if they have a conscience and seek personal integrity.  The rest probably already work for the CIA/NSA/MI-6.  In Hawthorne's case it was pretty amusing how she discovered that she's psychic:  In the springtime a few years ago she was under a tree on her property and some fairies appeared and apologized to her for breaking her lawnmower during the previous summer.   I think it was that summer when she and her husband committed to making and flinging orgonite in their region   They explained that they didn't yet know her well at the time Wink


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Post Re: Morgellons 'Disease' --profiling The Targets 
Hi Don,

There are cases of morgellons here, though not as common as in the USA. I know this for sure b'cause I'm a case as well. It was not very severe yet, but it was there and is still there.

I was lucky enough to find a kind person who introduced me to high quality colloidal silver, which made things a lot better. Later I bought zappers from Orgonise Africa. Thanks again for the reminder, I'll use them more regulary from now on.

What I can tell you, the nanotech-stuff (In my opinion it derives from the chemtrails, but I'm always open for other possibilities) corresponds with non-spraing planes that fly in low altitude and probably have some sort of electromagnetic weapons on board. The funny thing is that because I'm very shortsighted I can see the stuff moving in my eye when those planes pass by, and sometimes it causes severe cough.

Some sort of activation of nanotech? Maybe you or carol or any other psychic could have a look into this.


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Post Re: Morgellons 'Disease' --profiling The Targets 
From my study the "floaty things" you see are peices of dead tissue coming free from your eye as it changes shape in an attempt to see far and focus on the plane. The cough will become a sneeze response if you keep "exercising" your eyes. It's a great thing and you should do it more. It's your eye-ear-nose plumbing getting roto-rotered.

 I wrote Brian Severson the author of "Vision Freedom" a letter before Christmas but have not heard back yet. I got a letter from him back in August, Brian has been in prison in Montana for almost 15 years now for writing that little book.