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My encounters with Reptilian hybrids/UFOs

Part I

I'll try to make this as short as possible. I know people like to be given information in a short span of time. However, my situation is complex. It would require a short book to explain everything that has transpired over the last 3 years. To summarize it as best as I can, immediately after I started researching Reptilian shape shifters, representatives from their species made contact with me. I'm still not 100% as to why this has taken place. However, I am 100% sure that it has taken place. It may also be happening with other individuals around the world. In fact, my personal experiences actually confirm this assumption. Hopefully, others with similar experiences will come forward after reading this. I know I'm not the only one.

I first heard of Reptilian shape shifters in late 2005. I was researching 9/11 for a couple of months and came across David dIcke's information. I disregarded it as utter nonsense. As most do when presented with that kind of information for the first time. I was 20 years old at the time. I was interested in conspiracy theories from a fairly young age. I was reading about JFK, Roswell, ETs, Deep Underground Military Bases, etc. as early as 15 years old. This was largely a product of being fans of the comedian Bill Hicks. So, coming across David dIcke's info wasn't entirely surprising. I just needed a lot more than that to be convinced that the world was run by secret bloodlines of Reptilian hybrids. Coincidentally, I was living in a duplex on WINDSOR RD at the time I first heard about the Royal Family being Reptilian hybrids. You will see a lot synchronicity like this as you read further.

Shortly after reading about these theories I was lying in bed one night and witnessed my first UFO. I was watching 2 bright "stars" outside of my window for about 5 minutes. Then, one of the "stars" rapidly moved towards the other and the two objects became one. Not long after this, I came into contact with my first Reptilian hybrid. His name was "Zachery." I won't release his last name in order to keep his identity private. I came into contact with this individual at the job I was working at. I was attending community college at the time and working as delivery driver to pay the bills. Zach came in and filled out application to be a cook. He was student at the University of Texas.

I was huge pothead. Zach could get really good weed. As a result, we became very good friends. He continued working there for a few months. Immediately before Zach quit working there, another individual by the name of "Chris" started working there. Chris had just moved to Austin from Dallas. According to his claims, Chris was formerly a drug dealer for a MAFIA family in Dallas. He actually mentioned the name of this family, but I didn't remember it. I didn't think it was significant at that point and time. Now I do.

Zach stopped working there shortly after, but we remained friends. In June 2006, I started researching the Israeli connection to 9/11. I also came across the claims that Alex Jones was a Zionist agent. I actually went on Alex Jones' myspace page and started accusing him of this in the comments section. 5 minutes after I made this post accusing him of being a Zionist agent I received a phone call from Zach. Zach is Jewish. I didn't answer the call. I disregarded the phone call as a coincidence.

A week later, I was on Dylan Avery's page accusing him of being a Zionist agent. 5 minutes after I posted my first comment I received a phone call from my Jewish friend, Zach. I told myself it was just another coincidental call. A week after this I was on 9/11blogger accusing them of being Zionist agents. I was actually arguing with the people who run 9/11blogger in real time. It was about 1 AM in the morning. I received, yet another, coincidental phone call from Zach.

At this point, I was starting to think Zach may be connected to Mussad somehow. Zach and his older brother, Michael, where the kind Jews that liked to let you know they were Jewish. They originally came from Brooklyn, NY. The first time I met Michael he made a comment about Steinbrenner being a Jew that always exploits the system in favor of the Yankees. To which I replied," Yeah, but everyone does that." Zach looked over at his brother and shook his head in approval of my statement. It was almost like his brother's comment about Jews was a test to see how I would react.

One time Zach was over at my place. My roommate let his tongue slip and made a derogatory remark about Jews while were watching TV. He forgot that Zach was Jewish. The next time Zach came over he had his Israeli Defense Force T-shirt on. You could tell my roommate's statement got on his nerves and he was reaffirming the fact that he was Jewish. My roommate actually has Jewish friends. He likes Jews very much. His statement wasn't meant to be taken literal. It was just one of those quick things that he blurted out without thinking first.

My father is a federal agent for the DEA. Prior to his employment with the DEA, he was an investigator for the Department of Justice under Janet Reno. I started to suspect that maybe they were interested in me feeding information to him. They don't like federal agents knowing about the corruption. So I decided to cut off communication with Zach completely when I moved out the duplex the next month. His phone calls seemed to be too coincidental to simply be a coincidence.

It's now July 2006. I was now working at a different restaurant because the pay was better. Zach was aware of this. Remember the guy "Chris," that I spoke of a few paragraphs back? He comes into the restaurant with a friend of his. I recognized him right away. He made sure I saw him. After he was finished eating, we started talking out front of the restaurant. He asked me," Have you talked to Zach lately?" I replied," No. It's been awhile." Yeah," I was just over at his place last week. He said you were working here. You should give him a call." I replied," Yeah, I do that. See ya later. Gotta get back to work." It was like he was trying to get me to reestablish contact with Zach. I hadn't spoke to Zach in about 2 months at this point. Keep in mind. Chris is the individual that claimed he dealt drugs for a mafia family in Dallas.

A couple of months go by. I was in desperate search of some good weed. I couldn't find anything anywhere. All options were lost. So, I remembered Zach and how good the weed was through him. I caved in after cutting off contact for 4 months. I gave him a call. He sounded extremely relieved to hear from me. He was like," Wow. David (My name) it's really good to hear from you. Yeah, I can help you out on the weed situation." We decided to meet up at the dealer's apartment. I was relieved because I just wanted to get the shit and get the hell out of there. I wasn't looking to sit down with Mr. Mussad and smoke a bowl. However, after we got the weed he persisted on returning to his apartment to split it up. I reluctantly agreed. As we where leaving the dealers apartment there was a song playing. I distinctly heard Zach saying," Hey. This song is terrible. It's about harming young children. That's terrible." Which relates to the theories surrounding Reptilian shape shifters. I didn't know this at that point and time. I was researching Israel,9/11, Mussad, CIA, etc. I didn't start researching David dIcke, and others like him, until months after this.

We returned to Zach's apartment. His older brother Michael happened to be staying there on the couch for a week. So, he was there as well. I could clearly overhear Michael on the phone speaking with a girl when we arrived. He carried on like this for about 10 minutes. Zach and I split up the weed and started smoking. After Michael finished his conversation on the phone Zach sat down on the couch next to him. He asked about the girl on the phone. Michael was clearly trying to spend the night over at her place.

Then things started getting little weird. Zach leaned over to Michael and started to whisper," Hey. Why don't you just beat the shit out of him? You get in bar fights all the time. Just kick the shit out him right now. I've seen you get in fights on cruise ships. Just beat the shit out of him." He was trying to be discrete, but I could clearly hear everything he was saying. Michael sat back on the couch with his hand slightly covering his mouth. I could clearly see him grinning behind his hand. He lightly shaking his head in a "no" motion in regard to Zach's wishes. Zach kept persisting. Michael then proceeded to punch Zach in the arm and say,"NO!" He then said," I should tell him about the time I screwed over the Koreans."

Michael looked over at me and said,"Man. I should tell you about this crazy story. I once played baseball in College. After a game, the team and I returned to my apartment to party. We had all over baseball shoes on. We basically tore the apartment apart. It was demolished." I was like," Yeah, that is pretty crazy." Michael replied,"Yeah, but it was cool though. I knew the guy that owned the entire apartment complex. I just told him to move us into a new apartment and sublease this apartment out to some Korean college students who won't see the place before moving in. We got away with it completely. We didn't have to pay a cent for the damages to the apartment." I was replied," Man. That is fucking crazy." He looked over at me with a grin on his face and said,"Yeah. That is just a little OPEN joke for you." He looked over at Zach and the two of them I started laughing hysterically. I wasn't laughing at all.

Michael then proceeded to ask me questions about my father. Who is a DEA agent. I had received a ticket for accidentally running a red light at work that day. Michael asked me," Why don't you just get your big DEA dad to help you out with the ticket. I'm sure he could get it taken care of." I replied," No way." He started to ask me," What's your dad like. His he stickler for the rules? His the type of person that's anal about following the speed limit and shit like that." I replied,"Yeah. I guess. Just as much as the next person, I guess." He seemed overly interested in my father.

I was ready to leave at this point. It seemed like they were talking about "beating the shit out of me." At least, it seemed like it to me. I don't know who else they could have been referring to. I decided to get out of there. Zach walked me over to the door and unlocked it. As we were shaking hands he started saying,"Yeah man. Just give me call when you need more of that (weed.)" As he was saying this we were face to face. This is when it happened. His eyes went from being dark brown to changing into a light blue color in one eye. They other eye was a light yellow color. His pupils were extremely small. As if a bright light was being shined in his face. It didn't look human at all. It looked evil. The image will always be frozen into my brain. I didn't know what the hell it was, but I knew something wasn't right. I was in a minor state of shock for the rest of the night. I immediately went over to a friend's house following my visit to Zach's place. They could tell I was acting strange. I wasn't talking much. I just kept replaying the previous experience in my head.

When I witnessed Zach shape shift in his eyes, I wasn't aware of the fact that eyes could "shape shift." This was a concept that I hadn't researched yet. However, months later I stumbled across a David dIcke video where he talks about the eyes being the first thing to shape shift when witnessing a Reptilian shape shift. This experience caused me to take David dIcke seriously. Without it, I never would have given David dIcke the time of day.

I should also mention one more strange experience surrounding Zach. When I was still hanging out with Zach on a regular basis, he introduced me to another kid by the name of "Jay." Zach and I smoked over at Jay's apartment on 2 separate occasions. However, it was strange. Jay always seemed like he was uncomfortable with us being there. He never smiled, or laughed, or gave any sign that he was happy about us being there. Jay and his girlfriend painted the walls of the apartment. They had a lot of artwork that pertained to Hindu spiritual beliefs. Which are important when understanding Reptilian possession on human beings. The Reptilians possess humans through certain Chakras. The interesting thing about Jay is this. Zach told me that Jay moved apartments and cut off communication with Zach entirely. Zach actually expressed a desire to go to Jay's job and confront him.

Does this sound familiar? It should. It was the same thing Zach did with me when I cut off communication with him and moved apartments. He sent Chris to my job to see what the problem was. I'm convinced Jay was interested in the subject of Reptilian shape shifters. He was being tracked by Zach just as I was. Starting to get the point yet? The Reptilians are doing this with a lot of people. Some of you are likely being monitored in the same way and you don't realize it.

If you find Part I to be interesting, then pull up a chair. I haven't even reached to the good stuff yet. Part I was necessary to understand the really interesting stuff in Part II.

Part II

On November 24, 2006 I was visiting my parents in Dallas for Thanksgiving. My dad was always mildly interested in subjects pertaining to ETs. He openly displays multiple UFO books (among others) on the shelf in their living room . I started telling him about my experience with Zach. I started telling him about my suspicions of him. I literally told him that he might not be human. We talked for about 2 hours. Between 7 pm and 9 pm. I showed him this recording.

I attempted to turn up the volume I kept getting feedback through the speakers. They kept humming as if a microphone was attached the system. There actually was a microphone attached. It was from the live video connection on the web-cam. Nobody had used the web-cam in years. We failed to realize this, at the time.

The next morning I took my cellphone off of the charger. There was a new voice mail. Coincidentally, Zach had left me a voice mail at 8:13pm. This was right in the middle of my conversation with my father. A conversation where I accused Zach of possibly being a Reptilian shapeshifter. This was an interesting coincidence considering the circumstances. When I returned home for Christmas, the volume on the computer was still pushing feedback through the speakers. I looked at the volume controls. I thought about the web cam microphone. The microphone volume was jacked up all the way and the "mute" box was unchecked. I proceeded to check the "mute" box and the annoying feedback went away. This means the microphone from the web cam was turned on throughout the entire conversation with me father. Even, though we haven't used the web cam in over 2 years. Who turned on the microphone? My dad didn't. My mother is the only person in the house. She doesn't know what a web cam microphone is.

Here is where things start to get really interesting. It was now May of 2007. I was still on the fence regarding the existence of Reptilian shape shifters. However, I was gradually researching that angle more and more. I quit my previous job and started working at another restaurant. It was at this job that the Reptilians revealed themselves to me. All of the employees, including managers where Reptilian shape shifters. In July 2007, I found this video on youtube. It looked exactly like what I previously witnessed in Zach's eyes on that one occasion.

This was proof enough that Zach wasn't human for me. Seeing his eyes shape shift before I ever believed in the existence of shape shifters was enough for me believe in their existence. I was visiting my parents in August 2007. I explained to them that Zach wasn't human. 30 minutes later I received a phone call from Zach! This was the first call I received from Zach since November 24th, 2006. What do you expect me to believe at this point?

This is where things start to get bizarre. The employees at my new job started harassing me. They started making specific references to information pertaining to Reptilian shape shifters. However, I NEVER ONCE MENTIONED AN INTEREST IN THESE SUBJECTS!!!!!!!!

It was as if they could read my mind. Which is precisely what researchers, witnesses, and whistle blowers claim of Reptilian shape shifters. They are extremely telepathic. Every memory, every secret, every thought can be attained by a Reptilian shape shifters. It was as like the reptilians were warning me to back off. Here is a photo of 2 of the individuals I'm accusing of being Reptilian shape shifters.

The girl on the right is named "Arwyn." She has 2 intertwining snake tattoos running up her left arm. She wore snake earrings on a daily basis for the entire 12 months span of time that I worked with her. She would even show up to work with a pair of sunglasses that had snakes as the wire frames. Her purse was snake skinned as well. The redheaded women on the left is Brandy. She has a tattoo of 2 lizards on her right ankle.

In July, 2007 I started to believe in the existence of Reptilian shape shifters. Immediately after this the 2 women in that photo started harassing me. As well as every other employee at that job. They would constantly make references to blood drinking, cannibalism, pedophilia, and even ETs. For example, I overheard the two women in that photo having a conversation one day. Brandy was saying,"The price of everything is going up. Gas, cocaine, BLOOD." She quickly stopped when she realized that I heard her. She then tried to say," I mean cocaine. The price of cocaine has gone up." However, she knew she was caught. I was leaning up against a crate of marinara sauce. Arwyn walked over to me and said," Hey David. Get away from that. That is my weekly supply of blood. I need that to last me all week." To which I replied," Blood?" She said," Yeah. My blood. I need that to last me all week." I was speechless. I just walked off. This took place in May of 2008. After numerous strange things happened with these people.

Here is another example. I was walking to my car to go on a delivery. The manager and 3 other employees were outside smoking a cig. The orders were piling up. I jokingly told them to get back to work. As I was shutting my car door, I distinctly heard the manager say,"Okay. We're gonna go mutilate some pizzas. After that we're gonna go mutilate some children." This was another reference to information pertaining to Reptilian shape shifters.

Here is another example. In July 2007, after I convinced myself this stuff was real, two employees made a reference to this kind of information right in front of me. One of them was named "Patrick." The other was named, "Freddy." Patrick picked up a container of BBQ sauce. There was a picture of a black guy on the front. Patrick picked up the sauce, looked over at Freddy and said," Stubbs BBQ sauce. Secret ingredient WHITE PEOPLE." They both snickered and looked over at me. I'm Caucasian with blonde hair and blue eyes. Patrick was an Italian from Boston and Freddy was from Honduras. This was clearly a reference to Reptilians that prefer the genetics of blond haired, blue individuals such as myself.

Patrick is the lead singer of this band.

In Feb. 2008, I actually started to speak about this on a forum called I explained everything on that forum that I have explained hear. Immediately after making my first post expressing my claims the harassment picked up drastically. I showed up to work one day to get my pay check. It was nowhere to be found. On the dry erase board it said," Thank you David. Thanks for your donation." Employees said they heard my named mentioned on 101.5X. Which is the biggest radio station in Austin. Patrick is good friends with the DJs. Patrick and Brandy took me aside later that night. They told me that somebody heard my named mentioned on 101.5 FM for giving a donation to a BLOOD DRIVE!!!! Keep in mind. My paycheck was missing. Brandy was like," So that wasn't you." I replied ,"No." Patrick said," HMM. That's strange. It must have been your doppelganger."

I was pissed off at this point. Patrick said,"Cmon Brandy. Come outside with me. I need to talk to you." They walk outside. Arwyn was at the front counter. For some strange reason, she decided to bring an X-Files VHS set to work with her that day. It was sitting on the front counter in plain view. Brandy walks back into the restaurant. She comes over to me and says," You better be careful." The X-Files VHS set was sitting on the counter right next to her. She had an extremely serious look on her face. I walked off. They were clearly warning me not to talk about them.

There was a time when I was having a conversation with a good friend of mine about all of this. I was expressing my anger over the situation. I actually said that I wanted to punch that girl Arwyn in the face. The next day I was working with Arwyn. Patrick came over to me and said," Man David. Don't you just want to punch Arwyn in the face sometimes." I was replied," No. What are you talking about?" Brandy said," Oh, there just playing around with each other." I was talking with Arwyn a couple of months prior to this. She said," Sometimes when I watch the X-files, I get all paranoid and start looking for bugs behind the pictures around the house." After this experience I understood the significance of her statement. They could hear what I was saying ( or at least knew that I said it) in a personal conversation I was having with a good friend of mine.

The company that provided the dough for this restaurant is called "The New World Bakery."Their logo is similar to the Royal Family Seal.

This isn't everything, I've experienced. It's only about half of everything that has happened over the last 3 years. I'll be back with more later.


I witnessed my first UFO before ever coming into contact with anyone that I believed was a Reptilian hybrid. The really strange aspect of my UFO sightings is that my personal friends have had their own UFO sightings. For example, within a few months of my first sighting, 3 people I know witnessed a triangular shaped object flying towards the Frost Bank Tower in the middle of downtown Austin. The object had multiple lights on the bottom of it. My friend Matt, actually believed the object was going to hit the tower. He said that he thought he was about to witness another 9/11 style attack. Then the object pulled up and started doing "figure 8" patterns over the tower in the middle of downtown Austin. When Matt explained this to me I honestly thought he was playing a joke on me. As a result of my interest in UFOs, ETs, etc. However, he was dead serious. One of the other people in the car with him was my ex-girlfriend and the other was her current boyfriend. They both confirmed the sighting.

Matt said my ex-gf was freaking out during the sighting. Matt couldn't understand why she was so scared. However, I knew exactly why. This girl is named Lindsay. Her dad grew up in the middle of nowhere in South Texas. He wasn't the least bit interested in the subject of ETs. The guy had never even heard of Area 51 when Lindsay mentioned it to him. Yet, he claims he was abducted by aliens multiple times when he was a child. Lindsay says it is very hard to get him to discuss these experiences. They were disturbing experiences and he doesn't like recall them. This is one of the reasons I believe his case to be so legit. The other reason is that the details he described about the experiences matched up with other accounts I have heard of. He actually describes being paralyzed on a metal table. He distinctly remembers a metal syringe being inserted into his eye, against his will.

Check out this seen from the movie "Fire In the Sky." It is about a famous abduction case involving 4 individuals. The person in this clip described having a needle stuck into his eye while being restrained on a table. Sound familiar?

When Lindsay described her dad's experiences, I immediately thought about that movie. I always wanted to sit down with her dad myself. However, she said that he wouldn't feel comfortable doing that. It's too bad. I would love to get his case documented. It seems legit to me.

Leading up to my employment with the individuals that I described in the previous thread; there were a couple of other strange things that happened. While I was working at another restaurant there was a strange situation with homeless man. I was returning from a delivery. This old homeless man was standing in the middle of the parking lot with an acoustic guitar. I was playing and singing when I pulled up. I started walking passed him towards the front door of the building. As I did this, he stopped playing and started walking right next to me. There was a child playing on the front steps leading up to the front door. The old man said,"Excuse me little buddy" and walked around him. He comes into the restaurant and walks up to the front counter. He asks the manager for a paper cup to get some water. The manager asks me to get it for him. I handed him the cup and said," Here you go sir." As soon as I opened my mouth this guys started freaking out and yelling,"Jesus has just spoke to me!Oh my god. Jesus has just spoke to me!" Everyone in the restaurant was looking at us at this point. I started walking off and thinking to myself in my head," Man. What a crazy old man." As soon as I started thinking that his tone changed. He said," Ah damn boy. You ain't him. Yur with the devil. God is on my side." He walked out the restaurant repeating "God is on my side." It was a bizarre situation.

Here is really strange aspect about this situation. A year later, I'm working at the restaurant with the individuals I described in my previous post. The people I'm accusing of people Reptilian shape shifters. Shortly after I started to perceive these people as being Reptilian shape shifters, this same homeless man from the previous year comes walking out of the restaurant one day, as I show up to work. He looks at me as we walk passed each other and says," Hey man. How's it going?" He had the same acoustic guitar in hand. I recognized him immediately. The way he addressed me was if he already knew me. It was like he remembered me from our previous encounter just as vividly as I remembered him. I replied," Hey. How ya doing?"

This guy started showing up to the restaurant on regular basis. He would always buy food, sit down in the dining area, and watch sports on the TVs. You would constantly hear him preaching to people about Jesus, or ranting about sports. The guy kept up with sports better than most sports fans with a home and television. He almost liked discussing that more than God, or Jesus. The other employees hated this guy. I found him to be quite amusing.

On December 22, 2007 I was working my final shift before going back to Dallas the next day for Christmas. It was about 8:30 pm. I was doing a delivery and noticed a strange bright light that appeared to be next to the moon. It was so close to the moon that I immediately disregarded it as a star. It was stationary. I returned from my delivery and went out on another. The object was now on the opposite side of the moon and a little further away. I never once witnessed the object move. However, I was keeping my eye on it for as long as could while driving around. I returned from the second delivery and went out again. The object disappeared in the short 5 minute time span that I was inside reloading on a delivery. Clearly this wasn't some kind of bright star. Stars don't switch positions multiple times over the course of a 45 minute time period. Obviously, this was a UFO of some kind.

Immediately following this sighting, the homeless man comes strolling into the restaurant at about 9:15 pm. He orders food and sits down in the dining area. We were slow on business at the time, so I made myself some food as well. I took it to the dining area to eat. There was one couple, sitting at a table right next to the homeless man. He was talking about Jesus and stuff like that. Eventually, the couple left. Leaving the homeless man and myself all alone in the dining area.

I expected him to start talking to me about Jesus or sports as usual. However, what he said was very strange. He walks up behind me and says,"News Flash! This just in. Al Qaeda has just attacked again." I looked up at him. He continued to say,"That's all a bunch of bullshit. America isn't under attack from Al Qaeda. America is under demonic attack. People just don't get it." I found this statement to be incredibly interesting. I replied,"I know it is." He continued talking," Most people just don't understand. Most preachers and religious people don't get the point either. I've tried talking to these guys. They don't get it. They don't understand that all of the negative problems are demonic.It's like a virus." People don't realize it." To which I replied," I know they don't."

During this conversation, I could see the other employees in the reflection from the glass windows at the front of the store. They were in the kitchen. There was a wall and a good amount of distance between us. There is no way they could have heard what we were talking about. Yet, I could clearly see them pointing over at us and arguing about it. They seemed to be upset that I was taking this individual seriously. The manager comes walking around the corner and says," Hey David. Cmon. Let's go smoke a bowl outside." I replied,"Cool. Be ready in a minute."

Right before this happened the homeless guy said," Austin is a great place for a spiritual revolution. I replied,"I know it is." He said," Look at me." I looked him in the eye. He smiled and said," Yeah. I'm gonna to set this shit off." I just smiled back at him. That's when the manager broke in. The homeless guy said," Well, it was great meeting you." I replied," Yeah. You too. Good talking to you." It was strange. I was doing a lot of research into the occult aspect of Reptilians. The demonic aspect. So hearing this guy say this stuff seemed far too coincidental for me. It seemed like he may have had something to do with the strange UFO I witnessed just before speaking with him.

A couple of months went by. The homeless man continued to come in from time to time. He would order food and watch sports. One day, he smelled exceptionally bad. As homeless people tend to from time to time. The other employees wanted him to leave. One of them kept asking me if he should ask him to leave. I'm not the boss. I didn't care. I don't why he was asking me. I walked out to the dining area to use the restroom. I walked passed the homeless guy. He looked at me and said,"I'm getting some really bad vibes. Are you getting those demonic kind of vibes from these people?" I quickly replied," Yeah." I mean hell, I was already convinced these people were Reptilian shape shifters. The demonic aspect doesn't seem far fetched to me at all, at this point. I walked back out into the dining room a second time. The old man looked at me and put his hands together in a prayer style position. He said," Can you do this?" I replied,"Yeah." He said," Well, do it." I complied. He asked me," Do you believe these vibes we are getting are the result of demonic energy." I quickly said," Yeah." He said," Okay. Well go tell your friends." I walked off.

During all these strange experiences with these people my UFO sightings progressively picked up. There was one day that I was working with Arwyn. It was about 4 pm in the afternoon. I was driving down Mary St, headed towards the restaurant. I witnessed a metallic orb start to fly perpendicular to the road I was on. It's movements where very controlled. All of sudden, the object made a 90 degree turn and started moving along the road to where it stayed in my field of view. The really strange aspect about the object, is that it started to morph into multiple, non-symmetrical shapes. It looked like a big blob of liquid mercury was floating through the air. That is the only way to describe it. I would almost describe this UFO as being a living organism, as opposed to a craft with mechanical parts. This thing seemed far beyond anything I've ever heard of coming out of Area 51.

In fact, I'm convinced that this investigator caught this object on film.

Based on the UFO I witnessed, they are the same object. However, this guy retracted his claims. MUFON claims the entire sighting was a hoax put on to fool this investigator. They claim they released a bundle of balloons immediately before the sighting. They released this video as "proof."

However, I beg to differ. I'm claiming that MUFON is run by CIA shills, who were trying to cover up a legit UFO sighting. I'm 100% convinced that MUFON filmed the release of the balloons AFTER the original sighting. They are trying to cover up the sighting. This is my claim.

The investigator who captured the UFO on film, was forced to retract his claim as result of the previous video I just posted. Here is his retraction.

I believe the sighting was 100% legit. I have seen the same thing with my own eyes. MUFON is nothing more than a cover up organization that monitors all human contact with ETs. This precisely the reason I refuse to report my sightings to these people. They are nothing more than a shill organization.

I'm gonna take a break for now. I've been typing for a while.

Part IV Magick with a "k"

Thus far, I've discussed the Reptilian shape shifters (Qlippoth for those of you familiar with magick) that have shown up at a couple of my jobs. However, there are others that infiltrated other aspects of my life. Such as my circle of closest friends. Which is probably the main aspect that pisses me off about the entire situation.

Reptilians showing up at my job is one thing. I could have quit that job at anytime. I worked there from May of 2007 to May of 2008. I was aware of the fact that these people at my job weren't human in July of 2007. I voluntarily stayed at the job for as long as I did, because the entire situation was interesting to me.

Once I realized these people weren't human, I took the entire situation as a learning experience to obtain accurate information on Reptilian shape shifters. I wanted to leave the job much sooner than I did. I stayed to get info. They kept feeding me information through their statements. Here is the bizarre aspect. The majority of these individual's statements were made amongst themselves. I was simply overhearing tidbits of their conversations. These Reptilians weren't aware of the fact that I could hear their conversations. They believed they were speaking amongst themselves telepathically.

However, because of the fact that I KNEW(not thought) that they were Reptilian shape shifters; I was able to tap into their telepathic conversations. This is why I was able to hear them make literally dozens of references to Reptilian information in their conversations. They were completely oblivious to the fact that I could hear them.

These Reptilians didn't realize that I could hear them until I openly stated this on the internet in Feb. of 2008. Shortly after this I walked into work one day and overheard Brandy speaking with another employee. They were looking over at me. I distinctly heard Brandy say,"You have to be careful now because he can hear us." The other employee replied,"He can hear us now?" Brandy said,"Yeah. He can hear everything we're saying." As if this was surprising to them.

At this point, I'm wondering what the hell they are talking about."He can hear us now"? What the fuck does that mean? Of course I could hear them. I could hear everything they were saying for the last 8 months. They were speaking. Why wouldn't I be able to hear them? Nothing they were saying made any rational sense, whatsoever. Thinking back on the situation, the only thing that comes to mind is telepathy. The way the Reptilians can read the minds of human beings is the same way we can do it to them. We just don't realize it yet. Due to the fact that I was aware of the Reptilian side of these people meant that they could no longer hide it from me.

So, I was able to listen to numerous conversations they were having without their knowledge of it. I overheard Arwyn say,"I wonder if eating a person that is a vegetarian still makes you a vegetarian." To which one of the employees replied," Of course not. If you eat a cow, that is considered meat. A cow doesn't eat meat." They weren't aware of the fact that I overheard this. Even though, they said it right in front of me. Each time they made a reference like this I just carried on with my business as usual. I didn't even look up to acknowledge their statements.

This is what Brandy was referring to when she said," He can hear us now." After I posted this on the net explaining the things I overheard them say, they finally realized that I could hear their telepathic conversations. Brandy actually came over to me immediately after saying this and said,"What deliveries do you want to take?" I said," I don't care." There were 4 deliveries on the computer screen. That meant 2 a piece. She said,"Cmon just choose 2." I said," I really don't care." She said,"Cmon use your magickal powers to see the future and determine which ones will tip the most." I said,"Magickal powers?" She winked and said,"Yeah. You know, your magikal powers." She starts naming off what the tip amounts are going to be. She was clearly making another reference to esoteric information pertaining to

I can remember one time when I was doing research into the Qlippoth. Which are basically the Kabbalistic version of demons. I was reading around on different sights on the net. All of sudden, there was some sort of explosion in midair about 2 feet from the right side of my head. It seemed like something from another dimension was violently revealing itself to me. I was like WTF?! I immediately closed my internet browser and stopped looking at information pertaining to the Qlippoth. It just seemed like something was warning me to stay away. Suffice to say, I have a profound respect for the power of the Kabbalah.

Also, one of the employees had this tattoo on her left arm. On her right arm she had a pentagram with Hebrew symbols written inside of the pentagram. It's called a "Hamsa." The Jewish Hand of God.

So, there is definitely a correlation between Reptilians and occult magick. I would say literally all ETs, malevolent and benevolent, are masters of Magick. This is the entire point. Everyone needs to start taking this stuff seriously in order for the next step in human evolution to commence.

I'll continue tomorrow. I'm getting tired. I'll get into the other suspicious people tomorrow. There is more information pertaining to magick with these indiviudals.

To be continued........

Continued from Part IV

So, there were definitely references to magick at that job. I should also mention that Zach (from my first post) had various books on Kabbalah on his bookshelf over at his apartment the night I witnessed him shape shift. Keep in mind. Zach and his brother Michael seemed to be talking about "beating the shit out of me" that night. That would have meant that they were very angry with me. Which researchers say causes them to have trouble maintaining human form. As a result of the emotional distress caused from their anger. It seems to fit that situation.

There is only one person, that I'm still in contact with, that I suspect of being a Reptilian shape shifter (Qlippoth.) There is a second. However, I believe my friends have cut of contact with him. These individuals made contact with my friends. Whether through coincidence, or on purpose. As I said before, this is the aspect that pisses me off the most. It's caused a lot of problems between my friends and myself. These are people that I've been friends with my entire life. One of them since I was 5 and the others since I was in the first grade.

The only one I can't cut off contact with is named "Luke." He is connected to fraternal organizations at the University of Texas. Luke became friends with a couple of guys that I've known since the first grade. He met my friend Douglas in a photography course at UT. Luke moved in with Douglas and another really good friend of mine named Tyler. I've known both of them since the first grade.

Luke presents himself as a laid back stoner type. However, he still pushes mainline conservative views pretty hard. He is also pretty racist and so is his family. Luke moved into a house with Douglas, and another friend of mine named Tyler. This took place in August of 2006. Luke started dating a girl named "Renee." She was the sister of the president of Luke's fraternity. Renee's brother is named "Robert."

One night, Tyler, Renee, and myself were watching TV together. Tyler was aware of my critical opinions of Israel. He started joking around and saying,"Don't you hate the Jews, David?" I just laughed. I said,"Shut up dude. You know I don't hate the Jews. I probably like Judaism more than any other religion." When Tyler said this Renee said,"Hey. I'm Jewish. Well, not really." I'm not sure what she mean by "not really." Either you are or you aren't. I thought that aspect was strange.

A couple of months goes by. Renee always seemed kind of flirty with me. Luke was having a graduation party in December of 2006. Renee dragged me around to play drinking games right in front of Luke. Luke was just standing there watching a place a drinking game with a grin on his face. It was strange. Renee looked at her brother and said,"Hey. He(David) knows Ladybug(her dog)." Her brother just kind of looked at her, looked at me, and looked back at her with a grin on his face. It was strange the way her brother and Luke were acting about us flirting with one another. You would think she wouldn't just flirt with me right in front of Luke like that. However, it was almost as if he didn't mind. It was strange as hell.

About 3 months goes by. I was signed up to take a short Sociology course at the local community college. It only lasted 8 weeks. When I arrived in the class Renee was there. She seemed strangely unsurprised to see me walk in the room. It was almost as if she knew I would ahead of time. On the first day of class, the professor divided us into groups so we could get to know the fellow classmates a little better. There were only about 15 people in the class. I was grouped with 2 others.

One of the individuals I was grouped with claimed that he was from Israel. His name was "Chase." He was Jewish. Chase said he had just arrived in Austin the week before the class started from Chicago. He said that his father was a nightclub owner in New York City. Chase also openly stated to the class that after the short 8 week course was over, he would be hitching a ride to Israel for FREE with an Israel military unit that was training here in the states.

Automatically, I'm suspecting that something strange is going on here. Renee claimed she was Jewish on one occasion. Her brother is the president of a fraternity at UT. This kid, Chase, claimed he was from Israel and returning there with an Israeli military unity immediately following the last day of class. I mean, why would Chase come to Austin for 8 weeks, just to take a short Sociology course at a community college? What could possibly be this individuals motive for doing this? It seems to me that he was keeping an eye on me. Sociology is a course where politics can be a large part of the discussion at times. This would give me ample opportunity to push alternative explanations for events such as 9/11.

When I hear about motives for putting cameras in school classrooms, I think about this situation. Chase wouldn't have to fly all the way to Austin and back to Israel if there was a damn video camera in the classroom, would he? Situations like this are probably a large part of the reason the Illuminati creates so many school shootings with mind controlled assassins. It causes the public such panic that they will gladly accept video cameras in the classroom. There was also one other Jewish kid in this class with me. There was also one Muslim girl. In a class with 15 people. Suffice to say, I kept my fucking mouth shut when it came to promoting information pertaining to conspiracy theories. A kid like Chase is not the person I want to ranting about Israeli conspiracy theories in front of. Renee was connected to fraternal organizations at UT through her brother being the president of one.

On the 4th day of this class Renee failed to show up for class. The professor mentioned something about it because she knew I was friends with her. Later that night, I was at Douglas' and Luke's house. Renee showed up while I was over there. Luke went into his bedroom and shut the door. Douglas and I were alone with Renee. Tyler walked in and started playing darts with Douglas. I was playing guitar. I mention to Renee about her missing class. I said the teacher mentioned her in class that day. Renee replied," Oh yeah. What did she about me? Did she say that I totally want to do you? Hmmm." I was speechless. Luke was in the other room. I didn't know what the hell she was thinking.

Douglas wanted to show us some funny video on youtube. He walked upstairs ahead of us. I was walking past Renee to go upstairs. I distinctly heard her say,"YAHWEH" as I walked up the stairs. She had a very sexual undertone to her voice. Almost like she was saying,"WowWee." However, I clearly heard her say "YAHWEH."

She walked upstairs behind me. I sat down on a stool. Renee sat on a chair. We were both behind Douglas, looking at the computer screen. I asked Renee,"Why did you miss class today?" She said,"Well. I was just tired. And I was upset, because me and Luke broke up." Douglas said,"Are you serious?" She said," Yeah." As she said this, she looked up at me and started cocking her eyebrows. She was hitting on me hardcore.

Renee and I remained friends for the rest of the time we were in that Sociology class together. She always wanted me to make a move. However, I considered Luke to be a friend, at this point. I'm not the type to back stab somebody like that just to get some ass. I liked Renee very much. She was beautiful, smart, and fun to be around. However, there was also another side to her. A darker side. Just like Luke, she was extremely racist. So was her brother, Robert, the president of Luke's frat. Her entire family was racist. They weren't shy about it, either. I didn't like it. So, I never made a move on Renee while we were in that class together.

The class ended the first week of May, 2006. On May 11th, Renee and Douglas shared a birthday. So, they decided to have their parties together. This was decided prior to Luke and Renee breaking up. Luke was fine with it. Renee's brother came to the party. He was pretty drunk. At one point, he actually licked Douglas on the ear. As if he wanted to have sex with him or something. Then, 5 minutes later he licked Douglas again on the ear. Douglas is one of those 21 year old adults that looks like he is still 14 years old. When I witnessed Robert do this, I figured he must have been Bush style homo. He represents himself to be strait by having girlfriends, but then fucks guys in secret. Given his fraternal connections, I wouldn't be surprised if he is a part of the Illuminati boy raping network.

Obviously, this is what I was suspecting, by this point. Renee was a complete setup. She was planted in my Sociology class. Just like Luke was planted in Douglas' photography class. It was all done to get to me. The Reptilians (Qlippoth) have now successfully managed to infiltrate every aspect of my life. From my job, to my friends, to my classes, and even my love interest. I'm being attacked from all angles here. This isn't simple coincidence. They have this down to a science.

The night after this party, there was a second party at another friend's house. I was there before Luke and Douglas. When they arrived, they immediately walked up to me and Douglas said,"Man. You better give Renee a call. Wow. You better not pass that shit up." Luke was standing right next to him smiling. Douglas shook my hand and so did Luke. I was speechless. It's strange to have a guy tell you it's cool to have you bang his ex-girlfriend. That was a situation I never thought I would ever be in my life.

So, I decided to give Renee a call and see where things went. She was already dating another frat guy in her brother's fraternity, at that point. My reluctance to make a move earlier allowed somebody else to move in. She didn't tell me this, but I figured it out. However, Renee liked me a lot and we started hanging out anyways. We only hung out twice before I decided to cut it off. There was a strange experience with here the second time we did something together.

Renee invited to her friend's apartment a couple blocks from mine. It was just her brother's frat pack having a little get together. Renee sent me text saying,"I better see you there." So, I was like,"AHHH right. Giggity giggity." Immediately when I walked into the apartment I felt unwelcome. I saw 2 of the frat douches look at each other and roll their eyes when I first walked in. Renee and I played a game of beer pong against 2 of them. I was making shots. Renee didn't hit a damn thing. I'm kind of thinking this was on purpose. It seemed like she was trying to miss.

Later, when Renee and I were almost back to my apartment, she passed out while we were making out in the street. Luckily we were right in front of my apartment. So, I decided to just get her inside and let her sleep it off. I couldn't carry her up the steps.For some reason, I felt like I was about to pass out myself. Which was strange, because I didn't drink more than 6 or 7 beers. Nowhere near enough to cause me to pass out. So, I sat down and gently laid Renee's head in my lap. I figured I would have to get her awake to get her up the steps.

I eventually managed to get her talking. She was awake and fully carrying on conversation with me. Out of nowhere, I decided to confront her. I said,"So, why did you call me YAHWEH that one night?" She wouldn't say a word. I said," Are you gonna answer my question?" I got no reply. I said,"What are you doing? I know you're up to something. Are you not going to answer me?" She refused to say anything. I said,"Ok. That's cool. I don't mind. I still like you." Immediately after this, I blacked out. The next morning I woke up in my made bed, on top of the covers, with all of close on. Renee was gone. The frat douches were pressuring Renee and I to finish our beers after we lost the game to them. We were sitting, drinking our beers slowly. One of them came over to us, pointed his finger at our beers, and said,"Hey. You got hurry up and finish those beers. You guys lost." He was very persistent that we finish those beers. I'm convinced these fuckers slipped something in.

A week later, I'm over at Douglas' house. It is June of 2007. I had been working at the job with the suspected shape shifters for about a month. Luke and I were the only people in the living room. He was eating and I was watching the TV. A commercial for a Christian church comes on. The have a Dove as the symbol for their church. I was thinking about how the Dove represents sacrifice, death, and destruction to the Illuminati. Everything is reverse symbolism for them.

As I was watching the commercial and thinking this, Luke looks up from his plate. Immediately he sees the symbol, tilts his head back, and gives out a laugh. He looks at me and points at the screen. I said,"What. Are you talking about the Dove?" He just simply said,"Yeah." Clearly, this mother fucker was reading my mind. How else to explain him saying that when I was just thinking about it in my head. From that point on, I knew this fucker wasn't human. I also knew Renee wasn't human either. There was no other way to explain it.

At this point, I was done with Renee. Fuck dating her. I wasn't about to start dating a shape shifter. So, I cut off contact with Renee. She wanted things to continue. It was just too weird for me. I knew something was going on with these people, at this point. I wasn't sure what, but I knew it was something.

A few months went by. I was meeting some people at a bar downtown. They were a couple of the employees from the job. They wanted me to meet them at a bar that Renee constantly frequents. Before getting there, I had a feeling that I was going to run into Renee. Sure enough, within 2 minutes of arriving I see Renee hugging her boyfriend. She didn't see me. I kept my distance for obvious reasons. They guy she was hugging was the dude who was pressuring Renee and I to finish our drinks.

Renee left her BF to use the restroom. On the way back, she ran into me. Her jaw dropped and she lost her breath for a second when she saw me. She immediately came to me and gave me a huge hug. "It's so good to see you? Are you hear with Doug and Tyler?" I replied,"Nah. Some friends from work." We talked for second. She said,"I have to get back." She gave me another huge hug and a long kiss on the cheek. As we separated she grabbed my hand. She said,"You better call me." I replied," I will." I then tried to let go of her hand. She kept a tight grip and looked at me with a seductive look. She cocked her eyebrows the same way she did that one night. She said again,"Hey.You better call me." I said," Don't worry. I will." Of course, I had no such plan.

My friends and I walked out back so they could smoke a cig at the outdoor bar. 5 minutes later my phone rings. It was Renee. She was calling me 5 minutes after I was just done talking to her. I answered. She said,"Where are you?" I replied," I'm outside. Out back. Come outside." She came outside. I said,"Hey, what are you doing." She said,"I feel like such a slut right now." I laughed and said," Why?" I knew she was referring to the fact that she left her boyfriend to come hang out with me.

We were out there for about 15 minutes. We having fun. Then her boyfriend came out there. They were going to another bar. His name is Kyle. He wanted her to come. She refused to go with him. She wanted to stay with me. He started getting pissed off. He actually said,"Cmon! You bitch!" Before I could say anything, my friend jumped in. He said,"Hey man. You need chill the fuck!" Kyle yelled back,"No man. You chill the fuck out!" Kyle walked off.

My friends started saying,"Don't worry David. We got your back." I replied," Hey. It's cool. Renee can take care of herself." To which she replied,"That's right! I'm a hardcore bitch!" I wasn't going to stick my nose into their argument. I could understand why Kyle was so pissed. He remembered who I was from a few months back. He knew Renee was interested in me then and he didn't want his girlfriend talking to a pretty boy, like me. I would have been angry if I were in his situation. Which is basically the reason I was always reluctant to date Renee in the first place. Due to situations like this and knowing that I would probably be in his shoes at some point down the line.

Renee said,"I'm gonna go outside and let my friends know that I'm gonna hang out with you the rest of the night." She walked out of the bar to talk to her friends. We decided to leave right after and head to another bar. Renee was coming back in as we were leaving. We waited out front while my friends used the restroom.

While we were waiting outside something bizarre happened. Out of nowhere, Renee said," It's very, very important that I find my MAGICKAL self." I said," What?" She said,"My MAGICKAL self. It's very important for me to find my MAGICKAL self. Do you understand?" I simply replied,"Yes."

My friends came outside. We started walking down the street to another bar. Renee stopped at another bar. It was the bar her boyfriend and friends went to. She said,"My friends are in here. I need to go find my Magickal self." I said,"Okay. Well, I'm gonna go with my friends." She said," No. Come with me." I said,"No. I don't want to leave my friends." I wasn't about to walk into a bar where her pissed off boyfriend was. That would only escalate the situation. Renee replied,"But, it's important for me to find my Magickal self." I said,"I know. You go find your Magickal self. I'm gonna go catch up with my friends." She said,"NO."

She ended up coming with me. As we were walking down the street I said,"So that's magick with a "k" that we're talking about here, right?" Renee said,"Right! Magick is badass." I replied,"Magick is badass." We proceeded to the next bar. We started making out at the next bar. Her brother called her while we were there. He must have received word from her boyfriend that she ran off with me. He was pissed off.

To be continued.....
I haven't seen or spoken to Renee in about 8 months. We never developed a steady relationship between us. She always wanted it. I never felt like it was a good idea. Luke is still around, though. I can't get away from this not a very nice person. It doesn't look like I'll be able to any time soon. Douglas and Tyler are still very good friends with Luke. Unless I cut off communication with them, I won't be able to cut off contact with the Reptilians.

I'm 100% convinced Luke is one of them. To make things worse, my friend Brandon has actually explained this Douglas and Tyler. Which has only damaged our friendship as a result. I always told Brandon to keep his mouth shut. However, Brandon is a meat head. He loves to run his mouth and get into fights. So, he has caused the situation to get pretty peculiar.

There is one other person that I'm concerned about. However, Douglas and his roommate Brian don't like this guy too much. He is actually Brian's friend from high school. He is a FREEMASON. I don't mind telling releasing this person's actual identity. Being that he will likely be a public figure some day, regardless. His name is "Lance Kennedy." He as aspirations of becoming a Republican Congressman. Recently, Lance was accepted to Law School. The Republican party is already putting money into this kid too.

Here is an article about Lance. He is described as being,"The Future of the Republican Party."

Lance is a total ****ing psychopath. In some ways, I'm glad my friends are associated with Lance. Lance openly validates every critical remark or statement have made about the freemasons. Douglas and Brian openly see what a corrupt organization they are, just from talking with Lance. Anyone who is skeptical of conspiracy theories pertaining to freemasons should sit down and have a 5 minute discussion on politics with Lance.

Lance is a ****ing poster child for the Illuminati. He will openly tell that he is a Nazi. Douglas actually called him out on masons participation in ritual human sacrifice. Lance replied,"Well, yeah. The higher up freemasons do, but you don't have to support it to be a freemason." He openly admitted it. As if it were no big deal. Lance constantly states that we should go back to serfdom. He says poor people are too stupid to make decisions for themselves.

Lance's father is the head of the Orthodox Christian Church. Which, from what he said, is the only Christian church that is acknowledged by the Vatican as being a legitimate branch of their religion. Other than Catholicism. His father is the elected head of 300+ churches in the United States. I would definitely say there is insider connections surrounding this kid.

The GOP is already putting money into him. They payed for him to fly to a couple of McCain conventions during the election. It looks like this not a very nice person may actually make it into to Congress someday. Which is terrifying. Douglas actually remarked to me one time that,"Lance is definitely Satan." Brian and Douglas are both convinced that he will probably be the type of guy to murder somebody some day.

He will fit right in. I haven't seen this not a very nice person in a while. Oh yeah, from what Lance told me, Chuck Norris is about to run for Governor of Texas. You heard it here first. Lance's father is the Pastor at the Church that Norris attends. He actually married Norris to his wife.

So, you heard it here first. Make way for Governor WALKER TEXAS RANGER.


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i have read your comments and find it all particually interesting

i believe that recreational drugs can unlock some of the deeper understandings and thoughts of the mind that have not been affected by education or condtioning

however - you are also discussing what could be some paranoid thoughts, unfortunately canabis is proven to be related to mental illnesses particually paranoid schizophreneia

my advice is to stop taking it and see if the insights go away


i spoke to a expert in the metal heath education area and he was telling me about an epidemic of people witnessing shapeshifting, however when these people were analysed there was nothing wrong with them at all

it could be the drugs are making you more open/spritual and able to witness things, but they could also be giving you some unwanted side effects
Did you read through part 2? Trust me buddy, this is the real deal.

I wish drugs were responsible. However, it isn't a plausible explanation. I didn't hallucinate these two women having reptilian tattoos and making references to blood drinking and cannibalism. They started making those references all on their own. I never once mentioned my personal interest in the subject of Reptilian Shape Shifters. They started making these references as I started taking the information surrounding these subjects seriously. It was as if they could read my mind.

The Reptilians entered my life at the precise moment that I acknowledged their existence. They had their operatives place at my job, my classes at school, and even infiltrated my closest circle of friends.

The one on the right is named Arwyn. Notice the Snake tattoos. Arwyn wore snake ear rings to work on a daily basis for 12 months. She has a snake skin purse. She even wore sunglasses with snakes as the wire frames. The one on the left is named Brandy. She has a tattoo of 2 lizards on her right ankle.

The 2 women, among 10 other employees, started making direct references to the information I was researching in the "privacy" of my own home. I started to fully acknowledge the existence of Reptilian Shape Shifters in July, 2007. This based on research and a previous shape shift I witnessed in the suspicious individual I described in my first post (Zach).

Immediately after I started to believe in Reptilian Shape Shifters these individuals started making direct references to the information I was researching in the privacy of my own home. The harassment continued for the next 10 months, until I quit the job in May of 2008.

Read through my post FULLY. It is important in understanding my situation. Especially, Part II.

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i used to live in austin years ago. what a bummer that so many negative critters are running around there now, but i think i know why they are. they will never be able to get what they want, they are a day late and a dollar short, poor lizards. but, there is a little bookstore in a old wooden house in downtown austin across the street from an indoor mall. that bookstore used to be the coolest place in texas. i'm not sure who the owners are now, but i'm sure you could synchronystically get some assurance there even now. theres a few of us who care not one jot about any slitherers.

may the blessings be
It's funny you mention the bookstore. It is a central focal point of my story.

There is a conspiracy bookstore 10 blocks from my apartment called Brave New Books. It might be a different store. Prior to working at the job with the Reptilians, I synchronously worked with one of the owners of this book store.His name is Harland. After he quit the job, he opened the bookstore.

This was coincidentally taking place at the same time I was having my encounter in the first post. With the person named Zack. I had no idea Harland was into conspiracy information. Much less planning to open a bookstore. I didn't talk about my interest in these subjects. Which is part of the reason it was so strange that these two women (among 10 other employees) started making references to the information I was researching. They both had Reptilian tattoos and made references to blood drinking and cannibalism.

In my opinion, the Reptilians don't want me getting into contact with the owners of the bookstore. They entered my life and started harassing me right around the time I first met Harland. They want me to stay away from those people.

This is the entire point. They don't want me getting into contact with those people. The Reptilians entered my life around a time that would have been key in making contact with these individuals and sharing information. There are numerous people affiliated with that bookstore who know about the Reptilians.

Harland isn't into the Reptilian aspect, but Freeman from the Freeman Perspective is. I ran into Harland at the job I was working with all of the Reptilians. I "coincidentally" delivered a pizza to Harland's house while working at the restaurant with all of the Reptilians.

Harland actually offered to introduce me to Freeman. After this, the harassment from the Reptilians increased exponentially. I stayed away from the bookstore, as a result. Starting to get the point?

The bookstore is the reason the Reptilians were harassing me so much. They were afraid of me making contact with like minded individuals and sharing my story. My story validates the information people like David Icke, Stewart Swerdlow, Alex Collier, etc. have to offer.

Did I mention? My father is a federal agent for the Drug Enforcement Administration (D.E.A).
Well, I started the thread on in the last week of May. Within a week my email was hacked and I was locked out. I started having situations with cars (mainly pick up trucks) following me and flashing their headlights. On top of that, I received about 10 phone calls in 3 nights from the Freemason I mentioned at the end of my story. That took place from June 21st to June 23.

I believe the Freemasons that are monitoring GLP contacted Lance and started asking him questions about me. Every time he called me he wouldn't respond to my "hello." On one occasion, I finally heard him speak. Only he wasn't speaking to me. It seemed as if there was a 3 way connection set up. Except, I couldn't hear the person that Lance was speaking to. I could only hear Lance say," It's a friend of mine. He is obsessed with researching this stuff."

Clearly Lance was speaking to his Masonic superiors about me. He wouldn't reply, so I just hung up. In early August, I saw Lance at a friend's party. Which almost led to us getting into a fist fight. I called him a "Nazi," he called me a "pussy." It almost escalated into a physical confrontation. However, neither one of us was going to throw the first punch. I wasn't going to punch a Law Student with Illuminati connections. He wasn't going to risk admittance into Notre Dame by punching me.

I would imagine that whomever Lance was speaking to on the 3 way connection was probably angry with him. Freemasons aren't supposed to openly admit that higher level Masons participate in ritual human sacrifice, demon conjuring, etc. I think I probably got Lance into trouble when I presented his statements on GLP. Oh well, he shouldn't have opened his big mouth. There is very little chance that I will ever see Lance again.

Another strange experience happened last week while attempting to share my story on It sounds crazy, but I think a Reptilian may have paid me a little visit. One night, I heard what sounded like some kind of screeching dinosaur type noise. Almost like a Raptor was outside of my front door. Then, I heard it move around the side of my apartment. I looked out of the window, but couldn't see anything. However, I could clearly hear it. It sounded like a damn dinosaur to me. Whatever the noise was, I know it wasn't a human or some kind of animal. Jorden Maxwell actually mentioned a similar experience in his most recent interview with Project Camelot. He spoke of a witness that he interviewed. It was a women that was the daughter of an Air Force Kernel. She had an encounter with a Reptilian and recalled that it made screeching noises like dinosaur.

That interview came to mind when I started hearing the screeching dinosaur like noises outside of my apartment last week. It was very creepy. Between this and the strange pysop harassment, that is about it for recent occurrences. UFO sightings have been non-existence for me over the past few months.

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inspiration? nah, it's just the ongoin battle tween good and not-so-good. look, i smoked pot for years and i'm aware that it kinda shreds our aura and makes one suseptable(sp. ha!) to negative influences. you need to go where the nice people are. there is an answer, there are fine people around that will help you. thats all...
Don't get me wrong. I would love to get into contact with these individuals. However, I've been warned not to do that. I'm taking those warnings very seriously.

The harassment has drastically decreased since I've decided to keep my distance from these individuals. I quit that job with the suspicious individuals back in May of 2008. Ever since then, things have been fine.

However, the harassment picked up again when I posted this information on GLP 2 months ago. My email was hacked into and I was locked out. A few days after posting the thread, I started receiving harassing phone calls from an individual that is a FREEMASON. For 3 nights in row, this person called my phone 3 to 4 times a night. Each time he would refuse to answer me when I said "hello."

One time, I actually heard him speaking about me. It seemed as if a third party was connected to the line. As if this individual were speaking to somebody that I wasn't able to hear. His exact words were this," It's one of my friends. He is obsessed with researching this stuff." He was clearly referring to me. This person has constantly made references to demon conjuring and has openly admitted to me that higher level Freemasons participate in ritual human sacrifice. HE IS A FUCKING POSTER CHILD FOR THE ILLUMINATI.

He was clearly having a conversation with somebody else on the line. I couldn't hear the third party's replies, but I could definitely tell he was speaking to somebody.

This person is an aspiring Republican Congressman. He is already receiving financial backing from the Republican Party. The GOP payed for this kid to fly out to couple of McCain conventions during the election. He is, by his own admission, a "Nazi." He has blond hair, blue eyes, and pale skin.

I actually just found out tonight that this person was accepted to Notre Dame Law School. I'm convinced that he will be a Republican Congressman some years from now.

Receiving harassing phone calls from this individual doesn't help the situation. Furthermore, the original forum I posted this information on was A few days after posting this information on GLP, that forum was hacked and shut down by an outside party for over a week.

The people on that forum started taking me seriously after the entire forum shut down because of my story.

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All sounds very interesting... you don't seem like a paranoid schizo to me... seems to me your been targeted by TPTB and your being monitered. I definitly believe that halucigens shift our conciousness into other dimensions allowing us to see through the programming. It is very strange that the 2 chicks have them kind of tattoo's. Also The homeless person could be a lightworker... perhaps not human also... Mabye he puts on a front and was there for your protection?

I'd like to hear more of the story, Is everything ok lately???
I hope so buddy.

Thanks for the positive feedback.

Yeah, I suspected the homeless man of being a lightworker, as well. I'm fully convinced that he wasn't human. I kept seeing UFOs around the times that I would come into contact with him. On the night of our strange conversation about our species being under "demonic attack", I actually witnessed a UFO 20 minutes before he walked into the restaurant and told me this.

In the middle of that conversation, I could tell the other employees weren't happy. They couldn't hear what the old man and I were talking about, from where they were standing. I was sitting at a table in the dining area, eating some food. The homeless man was in the dining area with me. We were alone. There was a wall in between the dining area and kitchen. The other employees were located in the kitchen area.

During our conversation, I could clearly see the other employees in the reflection on the window, at the front of the restaurant. Arwyn (girl with snake tattoos) was arguing with the head manager named Dennis. Through the reflection of the glass, I could see them pointing over at our table and arguing with each other. They were clearly upset over the conversation I was having with this guy.

Dennis actually came out of the kitchen and said,"Cmon David. Let's go outside and smoke a bowl." He was pretty persistent. I could easily tell they were trying to break us apart.

It was a strange experience, to say the least. I'm sure these kinds of extra-dimensional surveillance tactics are being used on numerous individuals around the world. I actually came into contact with one of these individuals. I described him in my first post.

In all probability, it's happening with some, if not, all of you and you don't even realize it yet.

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This is an incredible story, thank you for bringing it here.

I have deduced through observation of my own close friends that there are reptilian entities within some people that they aren't aware of. So they say and do things without having the capacity to inspect their own actions. My 'friend' jokes about killing babies. Haha, how funny - you're angry so you want to stab babies? Even as an expression, it's just not funny (sort of like 'if you eat a vegetarian are you a vegetarian.') These are cues from within the people that they have a darkness inside them.

When someone comes along and shines a light (or is aware) of this part of their body of consciousness, all of a sudden the reptilian consciousness within these people will start to lash out at us, or will even push us out of their life.
I know exactly what you mean. Anyone can be possessed by one of these entities. When they are, it has the same effect as putting a person into a hypnotic state. The entity can force that person to do things that are within the realm that person's own morals. Making fun of a person is something everyone does. The entity can force the person to do that.

However, getting that person to kill, or perform some other kind of immoral act, isn't possible.

With that being said, I should clarify, this is NOT what is happening in this situation. It is far more complex than that. My situation actually does involve gang stalking by extra-dimensional entities, combined with clandestine agencies like the CIA, FBI, Mussad, etc. On top of Reptilian tattoos, references to blood drinking, etc. there were other aspects about that job that were little too "coincidental" to be a "coincidence."

For example, as I was finding out about child kidnapping rings, a "random" person walked into the restaurant one day with a container. It was full of candy and a picture of a MISSING CHILD on the container. There was a money slot for people to donate money. The children on the container were kids that were missing since 1995 and sometimes older. This would make these kids about 28 years old.

You really think that is a random "coincidence," because I don't? This person asked my manager if he could leave the container there for people to donate. He said he would return each week to fill it with more candy. He changed the picture out each week. Each week I had to walk past this container and be reminded of this shit.

Obviously, somebody was letting me know that they were paying attention to my internet activity. DO YOU GET THE POINT?

GANG STALKING. Look it up. My situation is a textbook example. Only it involves extra-dimensional entities, instead of just people. It's much more complex than what traditional researchers into Gang Stalking tactics understand. Most people perceive Gang Stalking as being NAZI in origin.

Keep in mind, these were the same Nazis forming societies like the Vril Society, etc. Organizations that revolved around occult teachings and the opening of multi-dimensional portals. Gang Stalking isn't human in origin.

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That's a very odd logo for a bakery.

I know. That shit tripped me out when I saw that logo on the truck. Especially, considering the circumstances.

The amount of subconscious symbolism that was being thrown at me the entire time was unreal. It was one synchronicity after another. Here is another funny coincidence that pertains to this information. This one always tripped me out.

David Adair was Disclosure Project eyewitness that worked on UFOs. He claimed that the film Independence Day actually had fairly accurate depictions of the inside of Area 51. Meaning that the makers of the film were insiders or insiders worked on the film.

Here is the synchronicity that applies to my situation. My screen name is dsl22. My name is David Steven Leakey. In the film, Independence Day, Jeff Goldbloom's character was named "David." Will Smith's character was named "Steven." So, "David Steven" saved the human species from the malevolent extraterrestrial entities.

In the film, Men In Black II, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are looking for the "Light of the Zartha," which ends up being Rosario Dawson's character. She is built up as being some kind of messianic figure in the film. In the film, WS and TLJ show up at her job to find a KEY to a locker. My last name is "LeaKEY." The malevolent ET also shows up Rosario Dawson's job looking for her.

Rosario Dawson's character was working at a PIZZA JOINT. That is where I was working when all these strange things happened with these people.

Trippy, huh?